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  1. I use to go here every month but in the last year the dishes and utensils over lunch break have been dusgusting they blamed the dish machine but shouldnt the dishwasher be double checking. i will never go there again this been on many occasions.

  2. I ate at their restaurant in Charleston back in May, and not only to eat one for there, but I ordered FOUR to go (to freeze at home). The dish I got wasn't even close to the same thing I had ordered many times. I called the restaurant and spoke with the manager, Chris, and told him about the problem. I told him half of the ingredients weren't even IN the dish and he said they never were. I KNEW BETTER! He did say he would send me a gift certificate for $50.00 WHICH TO DATE I HAVE NEVER RECEIVED. I called back two weeks ago to 'see what happened to my certificate' and spoke with another manager, Jennifer. SHE said Chris was there and HE said he had given the certificate to a server to mail out to me???? HUH??? Jennifer said she was leaving for vacation that day but that SHE would PERSONALLY mail it out to me and again, as of date, that one also has never appeared. HMMMM Either #1 manager lied or gave it to someone else. #2 manager must have gone on an EXTENDED vacation OR it takes well over 2 weeks for a piece of mail to go 50 miles from them to me. Sad, sad, personnel to say the least that they have to lie to customers. I truly hope the corporate office answers this complaint.

  3. I was at the Quaker Steak & Lube in Council Bluffs, Iowa. Our server, Chastity, was so rude I will never go back. The menu was extremely greasy, and when I pointed it out, she didn't believe me. I showed her where and she told me she said she thought I had assumed it was dirty because of the menu color. I then unwrapped the silverware to use the napkin on my greasy hands and the fork was crusted with food. I showed her. She said "disgusting", grabbed it out of my hand and walked away. She did not apologize for either the menu or the fork, which I would, at the very least, expect. I used a different menu, but when she brought back the first one, she told me she wiped it down like she was doing me a favor. There were a few other times during the ordering process where she very rude, speaking so quickly we could barely make out what she was saying. She seemed annoyed when asked to tell us what kinds of soda they had, after she told us they didn't have what we initially asked for. We did receive our meals in a timely fashion, but not once after did she ask if we needed refills or anything. I know it's not right to condemn a restaurant for one bad server, but I'm going to make an exception in this case. I can't imagine that management doesn't know how this server acts. I'm sure we weren't the first people she was ever rude to. Additionally, the cleanliness issues alarm me. If the menu is filthy and the fork is crusty, what does the kitchen look like???

  4. I was just at the Quaker Steak and Lube in Beavercreek Ohio. I went into the men's restroom and in three of the four urinals were pictures of Lebraun James taped inside of them. I asked for the manager. I asked him why he had pictures of black people taped inside the urinals. He said it's Lebraun James, This is Ohio. It's suppose to be a joke. I told him that I found it to be very offensive and walked away.

  5. I worked and quaker steak and lube in Rapid city. For the time I was working there it has been so many managers. Daryl was the best one he was always there with us helping with whatever we need. Everything was going good with JJ and Andrea till they started showing there true color. JJ only works days and Andrea never there. She just leaves and gives the server her card and tell us she will be back. When she does come back is smell like liquor and they both drink all day that they are working. They take money out of the safe to gamble and go drink and put it back later. I don't see how Andrea says she is a Manager when she is never there. They run up spill tabs of 70+ and comp it off or blame it one other people. There are good People that work there that do so much more for the restaurant but want say anything because they can't afford to lose there jobs. Kalvin is the best Kitchen manager they have ever had. Shontavia is wonderful so is Jed. There the ones that keep everybody from leaving. Something need to be done with JJ and Andrea. I writing this hoping that someone does something because the people that work there are scared to talk because they don't want to get fired. Please someone trust in the email and get them out of there. Andrea text the busser telling her to tell Shontavia to give her daughter money out of the safe for cigarettes. They are robbeing you guys blind on liquor. Now that I no longer work there I wanted to be the voice and say what everyone else can't. Hope something is done and not pulled under the rug. Thank you for your time.

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