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Quikrete Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact Quikrete Corporate Office Headquarters

The QUIKRETE Companies, Inc.
1 Securities Centre, 3490 Piedmont Rd., Ste. 1300
Atlanta, GA 30305
Corporate Phone Number: 1-404-634-9100
Fax: 404-325-8024
Customer Service Number: 1-800-282-5828
Website: Quikrete


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  1. I just got laid off right before Christmas after I was told when I was hired that it was all year round work with no over time during the slow season and took a pay cut and this is after they just hired a guy to do the same job as me but for less money this company is heart less and will straight lie to you I was a good employee showed every day on time and was liked by all my coworkers now I know why they have a big turn around of employees they work you like a dog then kick you to the curb when they don't need you any more like im going to wait 4 months to go back there they are out of there minds

  2. I went to the pep boys that was on liberty rd randallstown md to get a couple things fix on my 98 ford explorer and the employee working there told me it would be there for at least 3 days which ends up turning into 2weeks .when I ask y it was taking so long the manager came an explain what was going on which I can relate being a hvac tech u can end up getting the wrong parts.so I compromise didnt have a problem with that it was going to take longer than expected. So I go up there yesterday 3/10/14 to pick up my truck . So I get to the register pay for my repairs and find out they lost or miss place my keys with my remote . I sat there for a hr waiting for my keys so I had to leave because my kids were getting hungry. So I call back up to the store today the 11th to see about my kids an kno one still dnt kno anything other then the tech may have taken them home with him .and that the tech dnt work again until Friday. Thats in convenient to not only be without my truck for more the 3 days but to lose my keys as well. I like pep boys the manager there is great but I dnt think ill come back again . But first I NEED MY CAR KEYS WITH MY REMOTE .I cant wait till friday for the tech to come to work.

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Corporate Office Headquarters