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  • RaceTrac Corporate Office Headquarters

RaceTrac Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact RaceTrac Corporate Office Headquarters

RaceTrac Petroleum, Inc.
3225 Cumberland Blvd., Ste. 100
Atlanta, GA 30339
Corporate Phone Number: 1-770-431-7600
Customer Service Number: 1-888-636-5589
Website: RaceTrac.com


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  1. Your company is known for always greeting the customers when they come in and in the morning that is a great touch to start the day. You just hired a new associate at the Merril Road station in Jacksonville, fl 32277 his name is Alex this young man have no customer service skills period, compared to all the other associates i am not sure if he was sleeping during your training but you may want to evaluate him. I believe this brings your company down, i will not get in details but he is just not there i am not sure if it is because of the midnight shift but he needs to get with the program.

  2. Why are RaceTrac employees asking for the CVV of credit cards and asking OUT LOUD in front of other customers this PRIVATE information from customers. According to Laws – it is NOT needed, NOR required yet customers are told it is a Corporate Policy of RaceTrac – so therefore, a Facebook thread has been started to BOYCOTT for our safety your Store until this matter is cleared up. According to the Bank – can a merchant request your CVV numbers? "Is it safe to give out your CVV?
    For online shopping, the answer is generally yes – it’s just simply a good idea to stick with well-known, reputable companies that you trust. You’ll find that most online retailers nowadays do require a CVV for purchases, which is encouraging because it means that they’re actively trying to prevent fraudulent transactions occurring on their site.

    You may also be asked for your credit card security code when processing a payment over the telephone. As with online transactions, it’s usually safe to do this – you just need to be sure that no one overhears the details you give out (so avoid public places when doing this).

    On the other hand, when purchasing an item or service in person, you should never provide the details of your CVV. In fact, there’s no need for the retailer or service provider to request this – it doesn’t show up when the card is scanned normally and they have other ways of verifying that you’re the authorised card holder (signature or another form of identification) should they need to.

    Handing over your CVV for purchases completed offline serves no purpose other than providing someone with the opportunity to steal the information. Because if they were to do this, they’d have everything they need to go ahead and make a bunch of fraudulent online transactions – on you! " Quote – Please PROVIDE a copy of that Corporate Policy or investigate your store located on Cortez Boulevard in Spring Hill, FL for procedures MISHANDLED and customers' private financial information on May 6, 2017.

  3. After reading all these comments I would be surprised if any good working person would want to work for this company. This is where I checked before being interviewed. I am applauded that they have this board open to the public.

  4. I have been a Racetrack customer for years I have had a ton of request from the people of my town for a E85 pump and the new racetrack that they built had signs for it and everyone was happy now that they are open they said corporate did not want E85 but E15 I would really like for this to be looked at due to the highost demand of E85 in my area I think it would be a better business move then E15 please take a look at this Racetrack Deltona FL 32725 Saxon Blvd

  5. I have been a late night customer of your store at Bolton and Marietta Blvd near the water treatment plant ever since I moved to Atlanta. I have seen some very good employees and some that couldn't care less during my many visits to this store. This is a note about a couple of the great ones that deserve special recognition for a job well done.

    At this store over the past few weeks, I have been greeted by the friendliest, most professional police officer that I have ever met. Everyday that I have seen him working, he always has a smile and kind to word everyone. I am not usually complimentary of the police, but after seeing him in action, felt compelled to let you know. The other night, I even witnessed him diffuse a potentially volatile situation. He handled the business before I could even get my cell phone out to record video. I was very impressed. If all all police officers were like him there would be no need for any protests. I introduced my self to him in an attempt to obtain his name. I believe he said his name was Keith.

    In addition to Officer Keith, I would also like to compliment another of the night shift employees for always being so helpful and courteous. Her name tag says her name is Harris.

    If Racetrac had employees like Miss Harris, and Officer Keith in every store, the world would be a much better place. Please pass on my compliments to them.

  6. The Racetrac store number 548 on Delk Rd. in Marietta, GA just reopened and has a beautiful building. However, the service is still lacking. The last 3 times I have purchased fuel, the pumps failed to give a receipt. Today, I went inside the store and found a "co-manager". I explained the situation. He said that the cashier would give me a receipt. One 1 cashier was working (out of the 3 stations that were available). There was a line of customers waiting to pay for various items. It seems to me that the "co-manager" who was washing the windows at the time I confronted him should have promptly assisted me with a receipt as well as the other customers who were waiting. This speaks very poorly for the new image that Racetrac is trying to portray. QT has them beat hands down when it comes to customer service.

  7. Angry
    Time of the employee shift is 5:00AM, Store at 4751 Sand Lake road is completely awful, Girl behind the counter is either too busy dancing or flirting with the customers to do her work, can't even give back the correct change,place is dirty and also doesn't matter how long the line is the other person is trying to mop the floors around the line, never go there anymore

  8. Hi Anonymous, My name is Cheryl and I was fired from Racetrac in 2008. I was an auditor. I worked from 1986 as a cashier ns worked my way up to auditor. It was my dream job, until I got a new boss Ted Donoughy. I had never been written up for anythin until he came along. He fired me just because he didn't like the fact that I knew more about the job than he did. I never received my 401K, My last 2 paychecks, my vacation money. it was all over 25.000. I went into a coma 2 days later. I had gotten the auditor job because even tho owner recommended me.i"ve been screwed ever since

  9. The Racetrac located just outside of Tampa near Cordova Road has an employee named Sumer. She offered great customer service and she did it with genuine joy. An experience I will always remember.

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