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  1. My husband and daughter stayed at the hotel in Fresno, CA. The rooms were so disgusting. the pool was black, the water out of the bathtub was brown. They had to go and purchase blankets and pillows because it was so disturbing. The doors did not lock. It is horrible. You should be embarassed about this facility. I will likely call the Public Health department because of these conditions. There are several violations.

  2. I'm seeking a credit charge refund for a charge for July 12, 2021 at the Pierre, S.D. Country Inn and Suites. My name is John Rourke. The reservation was made through Hotels.com. We were shown two rooms and both were filthy. We declined to stay there and the clerk said to contact Hotels.com. Hotels.com told us the hotel has the authority to cancel the charge. I spoke with then-manager Jaylene Clifford on July 14, 2021. She said she would look into it and call me back. I called her back twice a day, every day since then. She has not responded to any of my calls. Earlier she had said that July 17, 2021 was her last day as manager at that property. We're very disappointed with Radisson. Disappointed at the horrid room conditions and with the manager's refusal to address our concerns. Please contact me at mike.orourke15@gmail.com – John O'Rourke

  3. We stayed at the Radisson Airport location in SLC, UT. We drove 12 hours to go to my brothers memorial who was murdered in Jan 2018. There was bad weather the seconde night of our stay and the next morning we went to leave to go to the funeral, we could not get out of the parking lot. My husband is handicapped even the handicapped run was iced over, no bother to salt the parking area at all. He fell on the ice, we couldnt go to the funeral. The next day we went to check out and leave and I fell on the ice. We went and complained to staff and they were like oh sorry for your luck, haha. We barely made it out of the parking lot. Im so pissed my knee and ankle are messed up. Staff doesnt care, I complained to the manager and he offered us points like we will ever stay at any Radisson again. Ive been complainig and trying to get a refund but no dice. EVERYONE else made it to the funeral but us. My family hates me….radisson is the worst. Dont stay there if you expect customer service or reasonable amount of safety. They dont CARE.

  4. Where should I start. 1st of all, I booked through Priceline. They rated it a 3 star hotel. If the Radisson Billings is a 3 star hotel, Motel 6 is a 10 star. On the 15th of Nov., after driving 11 hours, I got into my room and it was filthy. I tried to turn on the TV and the batteries were dead on the remote. I went to the front desk to ask for batteries and the desk clerk said she would send them up to the room. 1 1/2 hours later they arrived. I went into the bathroom to use it, and there was no toilet paper. THEN, when I pulled back the blankets the bed sheet had dried blood and off color bodily fluid stains all over it telling me that housekeeping didn't change the bedding. By then, I was grossed out, and too tired to deal with it, so, I slept in my clothes on the couch in the room with this uneasy feeling of what fluids had most likely been on the couch as well. I set the alarm for 7:30 AM, having to be at an appointment at Billings Hospital the next morning. Unfortunately for me when the alarm went off where the clock said 7:30 I picked up my cell phone and it was actually 5:45 AM, so the clock was set forward an hour and 45 minutes. By then I was livid. I went down to the front desk and told the the clerk and she made notes and said that she would refund me for the stay but it was booked through Priceline and I'd have to go through them then gave me a voucher for a free so called "Brunch" as a Chef of 35 years I know a restaurant in crisis. It not only looked horrid(everything…..sausage, bacon, potatoes, etc were obviously cooked in a deep fryer) it smelled "off". This is where the date comes into play…. After turning down the slop they were passing as a $14.99 "Brunch" I decided to just grab a couple yogurts but all were expired ranging from 2 weeks to over a month. Needless to say, I didn't use the voucher. I was told by Priceline after they called the General Manager " GREAT NEWS" the General Manager has ok'd a $10 refund ….1/8th of the cost of the room. I was LIVID. This was absolutely the WORST hotel experience I have ever had. Do yourself a favor. Stay somewhere else

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