Ratner Companies Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Ratner Companies Corporate Office Headquarters HQ:
Ratner Companies, Inc.
1577 Spring Hill Road Suite 500
Vienna, VA 22182 USA
Email: info@ratnerco.com
Corporate Phone Number: 1-703-269-5400
Fax Number: 1-703-876-2897
Customer Service Number: 1-703-269-5400
Ratner Companies Salons:
1. Hair Cuttery
2. Bubbles Salons
3. Salon Cielo
4. Salon Plaza
5. Cibu

  • I wanted to send you this email regarding my experience on ordering 117.00 on your website. It was November 1, I had a 20 off coupon and ordered 2 of the Urban Decay pallets for 29.00 and 2 Smooth Operator finishing powders as well as 2 NYX lipsticks. I purchased through PayPal and received a pending order through them. I waited to see if you were going to process my order and nothing happened. I called your customer service dept. and Alexandrea looked up my order and said that the money had been put back in my account and the order was not processed because of your 3rd party verifier. She said you use them as a security measure to benefit Ulta and myself. I said why do I need a 3rd party verifier to benefit myself from your website, unless I should beware of using it. She said this happens all the time and there is nothing she can do for me, she has asked managers before if she can honor orders and they always say no. She wouldn’t let me talk to anyone other than her. I said I understand using them to verify if people don’t have money on there card, or something like that, but my order was just not processed for no reason and PayPal has it as pending and I’m out my items because the coupon and sale are over. I didn’t think to check if Ulta has had any issues before I ordered my items, because you’re a large reputable company, so I thought. I could not believe the amount of complaints you have online, one website has 256 complaint on ordering from your website alone. There are pages and pages and websites and websites of complaints regarding your company, from very poor customer service, to my problem exactly. There has been no resolution to any of these people who are spending their money to buy from your company…..nothing. I am just curious how long your going to let this bad press continue before you do something. I guess I will be the next thousandth customer to stop shopping at Ulta. Maybe when sales get poor enough someone will stand up for the customer.

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