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Raymour & Flanigan Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Raymour & Flanigan Corporate Office Headquarters

Raymours Furniture Company, Inc.
7248 Morgan Rd.
Liverpool, NY 13088 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-315-453-2500
Fax Number: 1-315-453-2570

  • Do not buy anything from this store.I purchased a bedroom set and dining room set from the Garden City store. They did not deliver my table on time. The dresser was deliverd damaged and when I called to tell them I wanted a new one immediately, they said I had to wait 2 weeks to have an inspector come to look at it to see if it could be repaired first. I called again and spoke to someone else who had a new one delivered in a couple of days.Then I realized that the support post under the bed was missing the part that touches the floor. After many phone calls, they could not even figure out which part was missing. They don't know their own products and have no way of looking them up. The delivery people knew very well the piece was missing and tried to hide it. The problem is still not resolved after almost 1 month. I am going to take them to small claims court. This company has no integrity whatsoever. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM RAYMOUR!

    • I agree,Do NOT buy anything from any raymour and Flanigan.
      I was suppose to have my Living Room set before Thanksgiving and it January 2 and nothing but a run around of damaged goods!!!!
      im so sick of this place, I spent countless hours on the phone and days off work for delivary. I am sick and tired of them

  • We ordered a sectional sofa from you that has manufacture defects. We followed your policy of having a repair man come to our home to look at the issue. It was from him we learned there were manufacture defects in the sofa and he told us he would have a new one swaped out. Instead, Andrea from your local store here in Roch called to have another repair man come out and fix the problem! We were told by the 1st one it couldn't be fixed! Apparently his report said otherwise. Funny! You say your priority is to satifiy your customers well I am one very unhappy customer! The recliners in this new sofa are making unimaginable noises after being in our home a short period of time. Also asked that same repair man to look at, NOT FIXED. I have filed a complaint witht the BBB and will tell everyone I know not to go here. I will use facebook and and anyother outlet I can to get anyone to listen to take money out of your pocket. You do not stand by your products after the sale and the cosumer is left to their own devices! This is unacceptable!

  • I had a sofa and table delivered on Saturday and found a drawer in the table broke. The store wants to repair the drawer. I didn't buy a used table. I don't want a repaired table. they refuse to pick the damaged table up and send a replacement. What a way to run a business.

  • Raymour and Flannigan in Iselib, N.J., has the worst customer service that I've expierienced. Usually, Raymour has treated me with good service , but when this I had an issue with my financing, they didn't give me what was promised, they said they couldn't help and to call corporate. Issue is still not resolved because corporate told me to call regional manager. So basically they are giving me the run around about $278, but I've $10,000 worth of furniture from Raymour.

  • I had a wonderful experience while purchasing from Raymour and Flanigan's store number three located on Erie Boulevard in Syracuse, New York. The sales representative, Barbara Karazuba, was exceptional. She was professional, experienced and knowledgable, very positive persona, and very accommodating, patient, and helpful with ensuring that I found what was best for me an what would likely make me most comfortable and happy. Price was not a factor; I shopped using comfort as a criterion, not cost.

    Ms. Karazuba was foremost patient and showed great courtesy in what was a rather involved process of decisionmaking on my part. Once the right bedding was selected, costing in the thousands of dollars, I was guided through the purchase and delivery process by her along with two other Raymour representatives. Ms. Karazuba did not leave me alone, but guided me through and oversaw every detail of the process, and made it easy. She also explained all options and policies to me; it sounded like a conversation, not a rule-reading, as if I were now a member of Raymour and Flanigan's customer family.

    My delivery was perfectly well on time. In the end, I exchanged my bedding, under Raymour's generous and unique return policy. Their policy cannot be bettered by any retailer in the northeast; certainly not by any mattress store. But then again, Raymour has a reputation for quality, excellence, service, reliability, and reasonableness; lesser mattress and furniture stores do not. There is no comparison. Patronize quality furniture houses, and you'll be treated well, as they have a reputation at stake and built their businesses based not only on the quality of goods they offered, but also on the quality of their services, policies, and personnel.

    With Raymour, they provide an unbeatable combination of these.

    In the end, I made two exchanges under raymour's excellent policies. Each request was met with courtesy and respect, and it was made clear that my accommodation and satisfaction were paramount over profits. I was treated with professioalism, courtesy, and respect, Ms. Karazuba ultimately, in applying her analytical and product skill sets untimately found the right sleep set for me, and I have been happy with it ever since.

    I applaud Raymour and Flanigan for its selectivity in associating with professionals who know their inventory and its characteristics, who know pricing, store policies, and most importantly, how to work well with people from any variety of walks of life.

    My experience with Ms. Karazuba was an absolute pleasure, despite a number of complexitites I and my situations presented her with. She was thoroughly professional during every moment of our interaction. I attribute this to her personality and desire for excellence, and to Raymour and Flanigan's selectivity in making its associations.

    I would, and have almosy solely as a result of my experience with Ms. Karazuba, as well as Raymour's policies and quality, referred purchases to Raymour, and plan to continue doing so in the future.

    I can testify to many facets of their ecellence, as I can to their represetative, Ms. Barbara Karazuba.


    Richard Risman
    Syracuse, New York

    • he is a liar R/F are a disgrace they should be out of business the way they treat the customers omg if 500 people tell you they have been wronged by R/F they all can not be telling lies I also will never do business with them they lost a good customer .you get back what you put out it is called KARMA

  • I ordered a full bedroom set, I took off 2 days, no deliverly.

    I am very upset I was told that my address was not comfirmed, I ordered my furniture Sept 15, I asked the salesman, John Ruggerio, if it was going to be a problem to deliver to Yonkers, he said no. So my wife took out a store credit and we made the purchase. We were told it would be delivered on Sept 19. I took off work, cleaned my bedroom out, so the delivery could go smooth. The morning of Sept. 19 I get a call saying my delivery was on it's way. By Delivery time I get a call saying they can not find my home, the customer service rep repeats my address and they messed up my zip code. So I was told that because of the data entry error I would receive my delivery for free and $100 gift certificate. It was rescheduled for Sept 21, So along with my hectic schedule picking up my daughter, meeting my wife on metro north, my in laws coming in on Saturday morning, sleeping on the floor in the livingroom for another 2 days, I get a call on Friday Sept 21 my order was incomplete the main pieces were missing. I actually bought my parents a living room set ( cash )from your company, my wife wanted to go to Ashley Furniture, I convinced her to go to R/F. So I did Speak with Candice from Garden City, Al Velez G.C., and Delivery Manager John. At the end I canceled my order I had taken 2 days off, with my out of town guest I had to pay for a hotel. Your customer Service really was disappointing. I work for the city, my wife works on wall street, I spent more time and money waiting on your delivery and at this point I would not recommend R/F, PLEASE HAVE COPORATE CALL ME my offer of free delivery and $100 gift card was insulting, cause there is nothing in the store for total $100

  • I walked into the Garden City store to buy a sofa and did using my credit card. I never use this card except for large purchases. The next day my bank called me to say that someone was using my card and tried to charge $5,000. The ONLY place that I used my card was at the Raymour & Flanigan store in Garden City. I reported to the store, but just got the run around. DO NOT USE ANY CREDIT CARDS AT ANY RAYMOUR & FLANIGAN STORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • A BAIT AND SWITCH scenario at the Valley Stream Store. I walked into the store b cuz of the Ads. IN THE STORE THE BED ADS SHOWED PICS WITH FIRM,PLUSH, PILLOWTOP.THE BED TAG was PLUSH.A PLUSH FIRM BED was delivered and i am now getting physical therapy as a result of sleeping on that bed. I wake up to partial blindness and nunbness. The sales people in their SECOND BAIT AND SWITCH says I CAN GET ANOTHER BED BUT I HAVE TO PAY APPROX $300.00 for the new one since they dont have a comparable bed that is in that range. I dont want to have a stroke with this nerve problem so they have me where they can extort more money. That is BIG STORE with SUPER DUPER NAMES…THEY can do anything they wamt without consequences.One of the salespersons had the nerve to tell me that is the way it is and wish me GOODLUCK when i say that i will write to the CONSUMER DEPT.I guess that they have them in check too.

    • I purchased over $5000.00 in furniture from Raymour and Flanigan and I was unhappy with the quality of the Loveseat I received. They sent someone to look at the piece and the first man said that it met with the Company standards. I was unhappy with that response so they sent a second representative and he agreed with me that the Loveseat was not suitable and the cushions were not firm enough. Unfortunately when I received a call from Customer service they said that the second representative said the Loveseat was up to company standards and I was astonished because to my face that was not what he said. I am very upset with the way the Company handled this matter. I have called the store where I purchased from and asked for the manager and the salesman to give me a call and that was over a month ago without any response from them.

  • waiting 6 months for a desk. repeatedly given bad dates. im furious.. now im told it will be in the factor on sept. 7th..what's that suppposed to mean.. how about when will i get it!!


    • Ordered furniture from Ramour and Flanigan and third party used for delivery their representatives plagiarized money from my home and their Boss tried to coerce me into furniture that did not fit with a 40% restocking fee which was not in contract.

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