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  • Raymour & Flanigan Corporate Office Headquarters

Raymour & Flanigan Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Raymour & Flanigan Corporate Office Headquarters

Raymours Furniture Company, Inc.
7248 Morgan Rd.
Liverpool, NY 13088 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-315-453-2500
Fax Number: 1-315-453-2570

  • Never again. I am sitting with a back brace on because of the faulty mattress I was sold. There is an obvious problem with the Serta line they are selling. The first one sank and the springs could be felt and made a noise. I wanted to upgrade and offered to pay more money for another brand. (this was already a high end mattress that cost $700) That was not allowed. They switched it out. The second did the same. They said it must be the boxspring. They switched that out. It wasn't. Today I called and was told a service technician would contact me to schedule an appointment. They could not tell me when he would call, or how long I would have to wait for an appointment. I will NEVER buy another item from this store. If only I had read the bad reviews on here and on the Better Business Bureau page I never would have walked into this store. It's an outrage that a corporate store has such awful customer service and exchange policy. I will update this post but I am starting to feel my only option is the eat the $700 and buy another from another store. If it comes to that, I will try to warn people all over the internet not to shop here. PS I tried to call the corporate office and the operator said she would escalate it to a higher level of customer service. No one answered. I had to leave a voice mail.

  • I purchased a sofa leather was not happy called the next day to exchange they told me they do not have an exchange policy which I find ridiculous I will never purchase another item there again going to give bad reviews customer service was awful. My Island was scratched up and the delivery guys left a mess. Raymore and Flanigan in Patchouge NY bad business lost a loyal customer.

  • We purchased a leather sectional sofa for $3,500 including service plan and delivery. We believed we were purchasing a new piece, but one of the lounge chairs obviously had an area where the leather had been repaired, and the firmness of the seat of that section was obviously more broken in than the remainder of the sofa. We were offered a replacement and a free delivery charge. Clearly not enough considering this fraudulent situation.

  • Feb.3, 2018, I went with my family, whom did purchase a dining room set at the Flatbush Avenue Store, Marine Park, Brooklyn, NY. I had a picture with the item number, make, model & sale price, was told it would be three(3)weeks before delivery. As my son did pay for this, & did give me the receipt, I didn't read it at the store, however, three days later, after reading the receipt, I realized, there were six(6)additional Ashley chairs, with a drop-leaf round table, underneath the dining set I had ordered, a Berriger 7 pc rectangle table & 6 chairs. I called the store, was told that is what they have in their files, & confirmed that I am to receive the rectangle table & 6 chairs. However, upon delivery of this item, darker, smaller, wobbly, 6 chipped chairs arrived, & low & behold, in came a small round drop leaf table, sized for a kitchenette, not a dining room set. I made them take the table back, & was told I would be in receipt of the rectangle table 3 more weeks, & they will give me a $100. gift card for my troubles. I wouldn't mind, if I didn't call to confirm my order & that the items below it were in error. Why should I be penalized for the error the sales person made on the receipt order, & why should I have to wait another 3 weeks for a table I should've receive after a 3 week wait. Raymour & Flanigan's advertisement is false, as they say up to 3 days for delivery, not 3 weeks. I did order from an on-line dining set from Raymour & Flanigans Outlet. In which, I would believe this item would've been at the Outlet, priced at $581. Upon reading the receipt, the charge was $616., plus I was to get charged $35., not $65. for a 5 year warrantee, & the $65. delivery, plus taxes, which cost over $800. all total. Yet, I am not in receipt of the item I ordered from the picture & am penalized for the Salespersons' error in writing up the order, & for the next person I did speak with to rectify & confirm my order if the 6 Berringer Chairs & rectangle wood table. What is the next recourse? I should have my table ASAP! I had waited 3 weeks to receive it????

  • Don't purchase here. They deliver a product that is inferior to what you tried out in the show room. When my sofa arrived home, 1/3 of the stuffing was missing in the cushions. They send out their inspector who deemed it 'normal' and basically said no returns. I had the sofa for three weeks and the inspector said once a week you have to unzip the cushion and put your hand into the sofa and fluff it up. What?? I also said it sinks in the center. He told me to "sit on the ends, not the center. What???? Such a rip off!!!! No stars here. Disgraceful deception.

  • A special order was placed 5 weeks ago for a love seat and couch combo. We are now on DAY FIVE of our missing love seat. We notified the store immediately but heard nothing back since all the managers "were busy". We then WENT to the store only to find THREE mangers just sitting around chatting and laughing. We spoke to two managers at the Freehold NJ store and one was assigned to our problem. The weekend passed, and WE had to call for an update later on Mon afternoon. The manager returned our call 3 hours later and said she would follow up on it the next day. That very next day, we waited AGAIN all DAY for a call, only to find out the manager was OFF all day. We are NOT getting ANY attention to our problem and someone from corporate needs to intervene ASAP so we don NOT become another one of the "several month" stories that seem to plague this page…

  • i ordered a sofa and 2 chairs, put down 20 % deposit, paid the credit card bill for them, and had a stroke. my family tried to cancel the order explaining the circumstances but they said the agreement stipulated no changes so i'm out $500 which i could sure use to handle my paralysis. they hadn't even started to fill my order. so disappointed with their attitude.

  • Purchased a sofa bed less than 1 year ago. Used the bed this week and now it cannot be closed. Spoke with customer service on 3/24/17 and was told it would be 3 weeks before they could get a tech out to my home. I requested to speak with a supervisor . She told me she could get them out to me on Wednesday. On Tuesday evening did not hear from them with a time so I called again and this time was told I am scheduled for Wed. 4/5.When I complained I was told that they are overwhelmed with service calls and do not have enough technicians. You cannot even contact the service center directly,you have to go through customer service.I now have to live with the sofa bed in the open position and no longer have a sofa to sit on. The BBB better start doing something about this company

  • Raymour & Flanigan Killed my Mother when a sales person refused to sell a Kitchen set which I was going to buy for my mother for her pastor Larry William Kitchens

  • Raymour & Flanigan Killed my Mother when a sales person refused to sell a Kitchen set which I was going to buy for my mother for her pastor Larry William Kitchens

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