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ReachOut Wireless Corporate Office Headquarters

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ReachOut WirelessCorporate Office Headquarters
Nexus Communications Inc.
3629 Cleveland Ave., Suite C,
or P.O. Box 247168
Columbus, Ohio 43224 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-877-870-9444
Fax Number: 1-877-870-9333
Customer Service Number: 1-877-870-9222
Tech Support & Help: 1-888-592-0615

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I have applied for Lifeline three times this year and the last two I was not told that they would stop servicing Lineline in California by 2/24/2015. They did stop and now I have to get Lifeline with another company. I did go online to Assurance yesterday and applied for Lifeline. I was told by ReachOut that I had to put $10.00 on my phone per month under the trational plan (because that was what I was now under since the Lifeline never went through) or risk losing my number. Since that was the reason why I was applying for Lifeline again anyway, because I could not afford to purchase minutes with my below poverty income, I could not afford to purchase $10.00 per month. I had been purchasing $3.00 per time prior to January and was told that that would hold my number for one more month. Yesterday when I went online to do that, the website was under construction and I was not able to do so. This morning I went online and got the same message. I went on chat this morning with Lifeline and most of my questions were not answered and I was provided horrible customer service as I always get unless I get a supervisor and then I am usually told that one is not available and I have to wait for hours to get a call back and then do not get one at all anyway. Today after going on chat, I tried going on the website to purchase more minutes and now I notice that they no longer offer the $3.00 option, only the $10.00 option. I do not have the money to waste on this company for one more month and I cannot risk the possibility of the fact that my Lifeline could go through quicker than anticipated and I would have paid for minutes I will no longer be using since I plan on keeping my number when I change to that other company. I do not know why the federal government allows companies to utilized foreign companys to service accounts of usa companies. This is just plain crazy. I cannot wait to find another company that rivals ReachOut in customer service!!! I plan on contacting the federal regulators and the BBB regarding this company!!!

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