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  • Rebecca Minkoff Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Rebecca Minkoff Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How to Contact Rebecca Minkoff Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

33 West 17th Street, Floor 6
New York, NY 10011 USA
Email: contact@rebeccaminkoff.com
Corporate Phone Number: 1-212-677-7829
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-212-677-7829


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  1. This company is horrific. I returned an item a month ago and no credit. I have sent 4 emails and no reply. I have called and their message is that there is no one to take your call. I have never dealt with such ignorance. Horrific experience with them.

  2. I have had the same horrible experience. Can not get ANYONE to respond to emails or phone calls. Will never order from her again and I will not order her merchandise from any retailers handling her product line.

  3. I've ordered 4 item and 2 haven't been fulfilled yet
    No one's answering the phone
    This is ridiculous and unprofessional
    I can't believe this
    I've been ordering from them for years
    This is crazy
    I just want a refund of the items that they haven't shipped yet it's been 2 weeks
    There not dependable and I can't trust them anymore

  4. I was asked as a customer to complete a survey and my reward was “25% of full price items excluding watches and accessories”. I chose the Julian Backpack and the discount did not ring through. I called 1-866-838-6991 and was told by a lady that the coupon does not apply to “classic items”. Yet the coupon I received from Rebecca Minkoff does not indicate that classic items are excluded. I am not pleased. I believe you should honor the 25% off which expires today on July 25, 2017 because this was not stipulated prior to the survey or after I completed the survey in the slip that I was provided.

    I then called the NY corporate office and was told by the receptionist that I would transferred to customer service in the corporate office. I left a message for “Raymond” since that’s the line that I was transferred to. He spoke so fast on his message that I was unable to hear his last name. I was given the name of Angela as the customer service manager who I emailed and the email came back "with no person in the company has this email). So they lied again. The internet complaints on the customer service through your company are concerning. Comments like ”they never return your call” or “they don’t even answer the phone”, This is sad. I was hoping that someone could resolve the issue and not give me the 15 “I’m sorry’s” that I have begun to accept as “lip service” when no one really wants to help you. I look forward to a response as I would still like to purchase the bag and believe your company should honor the discount. Thank you.

  5. Never order from this company there is no online customer service. One hour trying to find customer service for an online order.

    1. I totally agree! NO CUSTOMER SERVICE! They don't return emails or calls, no matter how many times you leave a message or send a message. BOOO!!!

    2. i have been trying to contact this company for weeks – for an order placed first week of August, never delivered but charged to my card. have called 16x – emailed probably 20+ times. NO RESPONSE. NO-ONE EVER ANSWERS IN "CUSTOMER SERVICE". DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY

    3. I am sooo frustrated with this company! I have tried to call 25 plus times about not receiving a credit for a bag I sent back 3 weeks ago and no one answers! They call that their customer service phone line, boy do they have a lot to learn about customer service! No more RM for me!

    4. Horrible Customer Service!!!! No one answers any numbers, answers any voicemails or customer service e-mails!! I cannot track my missing items, I have been a loyal customer- BEWARE before ordering!!! Going to the BBB next. More bad reviews as well. A reputable brand should seriously reconsider their customer service options….. BECAUSE THERE ARE NO OPTIONS!!! You are at their mercy, waiting & wondering- TOTALLY dissatisfied!!!!!!!

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