Red Lobster Corporate Office Headquarters

Red Lobster Corporate Office Headquarters
Darden Restaurants, Inc.
1000 Darden Center Drive
Orlando, FL 32837 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-407-245-4000

  • Good evening my name is Denise HIMPLE I am the wife of Charles C HIMPLE who had worked with your cooperation for over 14yrs he also became the face of your firm making a T.V. commercial also conning up with the slogan WE SEE FOOD DIFFERENTLY. I know that he did some thing that were not right but things happen well to let you'll know my husbshd was laid to rest on November 10th and it would be nice to receive some words of comfort from you maybe even a card would be nice humbly submitted from his wife Denise HIMPLE

  • We really enjoy eating at Red Lobster in Provo, Utah. We drive 90 miles to have one of their delicious meals. We were in that restaurant a few days after Red Lobster started giving retired & active military discounts, which made us very happy that it was starting. Recently we visited a Red Lobster in Layton, Utah and when we went to pay the bill we were told that the military discount was only for active military! Can you tell me the reason for this difference? Is each restaurant owned independent of each other? It would be nice if all had the same 'rules', we enjoy visiting RL when we are traveling….

  • March 28, 2017 My husband & I decided to give Red Lobster another try after about 10 years or more. That was the worst $90 ever spent in a restaurant. We were at the Address: 309 Rocky Run Pkwy, Talleyville, DE 19803;Phone: (302) 479-5582; Staff was great, cleanliness good it was; EST 4:30PM. The Food Was Frozen Petite Lobster Tail you get at the grocery store for $5-$7 No Flavor, I had the Ultimate Feast served with rice used to be baked potato, that has to order separate now, shrimp scampi no flavor shrimp another grocery store small petite shrimp no flavor. A small shrimp ring cost about $10 and I had four placed in dish with butter, 1 small crab leg section 4 small legs maybe $5 being gracious again no seasoning at all. My husband had the Admiral's Feast. The Flounder was very small, Gorton's Frozen Fish Filets are so much better, the scallops & clam strips are boxed dumped on cookie sheet and baked. Fried shrimp on both platters. the best Red Lobster We Have Ever Eaten was in Orlando 20 years ago and Not One Red Lobster In Delaware from Newark, Talleyville, Dover Ever Served Seasoned Seafood that Was Not From Frozen Box Or Bags Taste Like That. NOTHING. Things could have changed but for the worse is not a good sign.

  • DO NOT..I REPEAT DO NOT eat at the Red Lobster in Longview Texas. Most of the staff are meth addicts. This is just not from my observation. There is so much drug activity among other things going on its crazy. The sad part is that management knows about it. They steal money during transactions. They drink alcohol while working. I think it's absolutely pathetic the staff they have waiting tables and cooking your food. I would NEVER eat there. Like i said, i haven't just observed this, but I've been told so much from an inside source. They need to fire everyone or close their doors if these are the kind of people they want to hire.

  • Hello Red Lobster Corporate,
    I've finally decided to take my experience as an employee and still an employee working for Red Lobster 108. Being a loyal and hardworking employee for this company for 4 years now I have a lot on my chest. So many unethical things happen in my work area everyday that its becoming a shame to work for such a company. A place where hardworking employees can't move their way up in the company, having all the credentials needed but because the GM laughs in your face and brushes your dreams off like its unimportant. Where one or two employees mingle with female managers outside of work and are given the right to sit in the office and not do any work throughout their shift. A place where the GM is at work all day but does not once acknowledge HIS employees or customers as he walks around the restaurant. A place where I call off once because I had an accident and the GM decided to schedule me ONE day for the NEXT THREE weeks as a "punishment" not thinking ever once that I am human and I live off of this job and pay my life with it. A place where servers are to be assigned a 3 table section, as company rules say but because the management wants to save money and not pay employees they put one server in an entire back room and one server in the entire bar area where we serve alone a 9 table section. The management gives you two days a week to work and then compares your sales to someone who they schedule 5 days a week. Management throwing servers on large parties of 15 or more alone. I have worked quietly everyday for this company but I no longer can keep my silence in what is going on in my work area, things that corporate are unaware of. Ever since we have gotten our new GM Rich, I'm sure the numbers and money looks much better in those corporate offices but you are unaware of all the things going on in the restaurant itself how the employees are being treated, and the unethical ways. I hope something is done about it soon, too many are scared to speak up but I will speak up for them and I hope I am heard. Thank you,
    A hardworking, dedicated employee of red lobster for 4 years.

  • Just left our local Red Lobster 2/28/16 my husband ordered a New York strip steak. After waiting over 30 min. with our 5 yr old granddaughter when we asked for A-1 steak sauce we were told they ran out at lunch time. We asked to speak to the manager as we were not told when we ordered they had no steak sauce we could have ordered something else. Lets face it would you order french fries without ketchup? The mangers only response was" do you want me to go over to Oliver Garden and borrow one from them now that your half way through your meal" what a pitiful excuse for a "manager". As we eat out over 5 nights a week we will no longer be going back to that restaurant. Like I said PITIFUL

  • I want the entire world to read this comment. I want to hand out compliments to 2 employees of Red Lobster in Eau Claire, WI. Brian is the manager that was on February 13,2016 and our waiter was Lucas. I don't know where to begin…. If they handed out an award for employees of the century these two men would get it. My husband and I live on a very tight budget, he is retired and I am on disability. We very seldom go out to eat. Yes the prices were high and the food was so-so. We took our neighbors out for Valentine's Day. Thank god I had made a reservation. They had almost a 2 hour wait when we arrived at 5:30 pm. The hostesses were very kind and friendly. We were seated and then began our best evening we have had in our lives. I can describe it in one word, LUCAS. Every restaurant should have a clone of this young man. I was in a goofy mood and he played right into it. I would complain about something (just teasing to see his reaction) and he would start to offer whatever he could do to make it better and we would break out laughing. He took so much harassment (fun) from us and always played right back. At the end of the night I wrote on his ticket for the tip .01 and told him he really needed to work much harder. He apologized, we laughed, he turned red and earned himself a $50.00 tip on a $200.00 order. We also decided to play a trick on the manager and see how he was. When he came to our table the first thing he said was I'm glad you came to visit us this evening. Is there something more I can do for you? I told him he needed to talk to Lucas about being a better server, He looked shocked and stuttered a little as he said he hoped not as this was one of his best trainers. Of course, our reaction, a burst of laughter! He joined in with a big sigh of relief. We will be going back, not because of food or prices, but because of the outstanding service these two men provided. They need to be brought to Corporate Headquarters and be put on the training program for how the service should be in their restaurants. I have been to several Red Lobster and I promise even if I move out of state as long as Lucas and Brian are there we will be back!!!! Please reward them for what they do everyday, naturally!!! Avery satisfied customer, Medford, WI

  • They said it was pepper mace they sprayed, but its had it's feeling disoriented we can barely function what are y'all gonna do about this incident in Mesquite, Tx. That's happened on mother's day to all of us. What was that they sprayed over the whole restaurant.

  • Someone sprayed mace in restaurant in Mesquite, Tx, allot of people went to the hospital including my mother yesterday on mother's day

  • Worked at a red lobster. One in springfield il. Actually. Working there was fun. Until they decided to bring in the new general manager in. She is the worst manager I have ever worked for. She talks down to her employees. Almost as if they are the dirt on the bottom of her shoe. The store ran out of almost everything every single week. She fires people for no reason. Example..she fired a bar tender for making a smoothie for another co worker and holding onto it waiting for him to come and pay for it. And accusing that bar tender of stealing. She talks to the workers in the most condisending tone imaginable. How can one have any respect for her when she doesn't respect the people who are the ones busting their hump keeping that place afloat. The first 2 months of her being a general manager 2 managers quit. Half a dozen employees quit and another half dozen got fired by her for the most ridiculous things. She makes the sweetest girl cry over a dirty table that her lazy butt could have helped clean. Oh but heaven forbid she gets her Manley hands dirty and help her workers. Who the hell knows how she got to the position. Maybe she passed an "oral" exam with flying colors. Anyways. This chick brought down the work morality so bad every night we all would say how much we hated the place. How we all felt like leaving her butt in the cold and no servers to serve the people. Every night something would go wrong and it was because of her. We never ran out of cocktail sauce when the great great gm worked there. Never once did we run out of ceasar dressing. Never once would we run out of shrimp during "endless shrimp" and it's sad that no one in corporate noticed anything. Or did they, and not give a damn. Hmmm. Thank You Ashley Fleming for making me and pretty much every one who does not work there, feel better about ourselves and realize we are better then pieces of sh*t on the bottom of your shoes.

  • Myself and some friends having a late dinner at Red Lobster in Pine BLUFF, Arkansas. at closing time.. getting ready to leave..A Rat ran across my shoes… told manager on duty and only thing he had to say is really and laugh. A nasty place. Don't go Pine Bluff, Arkansas to Red Lobster.

  • Why your meals are sooo salty?? I meant by salty as in taking one piece of body shakes..and had to drink two pints of water? Are you guys trying to kill your customers?? Please train your chefs!!

  • Red Lobster is the worst and i will never spend another dime there. They totally screwed my Valentine's Day dinner plans. I came before the rush about ten minutes to four pm to order to go. I was directed to the bar. I sat there along with another woman who came in right behind me. One manager is over in the corner on break having a drink with a customer or friend. Everyone else behind the bar is going about their business and no one offers a menu. We had to ask for one. Our order was taken and our food took forever. we had to inquire why people who came after us but were eating in were getting their meal before us. we were told there was only 1 person handling to go orders. Seriously? On Valentine's Day? It took half an hr to get my food. The guy threw the bag on the bar and walked away. Im pissed because of the long wait already and now I have to wait yet again because he never gave me a bill. He walked past me twice . After about 10 I got a phone call which distracted me and I started putting my coat on and grabbed the bag and left. I get home and Im getting everything ready and I realized I never paid for the stuff. I immediately call Red Lobster to give them my credit card info. I start to take stuff out the bag so I can tell them what I ordered and guess what? It's not even my order!!! It's not even something we would have ordered or eaten. The phone is busy for 20 minutes so I cant get through and I'm screwed for dinner. We didnt want to go and wait 2 hrs to get a seat somewhere which is why I went early and ordered food to go. Not only that i live a good 20 mins away from the location and now it's at the height of rush hour traffic and I have to drive back to the location. I called all the way there and finally halfway there i get through. I speak to the manager who tells me to ask for her when I get there because she has a restaurant full of people right now. Really? so I wasn't a customer who was there before all of those people? i get there and the place is packed. It took 10 minutes to get parking. i go inside and ask for the manager. I wait 10 to 15 minutes and she is a no show. I left the food with the hostess and left. My original order was at least $80. We ended up having to go elsewhere. I called the general manager the next day and I see why the manager and the whole place is unorganized. The general manager answers and tells me she is going to go in the back office to take my call so she can give me her full attention. She left me on hold for 10 minutes. At that point I call corporate and put in a complaint. They offer me an apology and a gift card. Yeah ok fine. I get the gift card and it's for $25 (well that will cover 1 meal, with all I went through, my time, my gas, my effort, you would think they would pay for a meal for 2) The letter they sent said the card was for $35. i called to check the balance and guess what? The card is invalid. Thank you for NOTHING Red Lobster!!!!

  • I just want Red Lobster Management to know that as a young girl it was always a excititing and great experience to go Red Lobster as well as a treat, for our family, and now I have a son of my own we have enjoyed the experience of Red Lobster dining many times and it has been great. Being a single parent my budget can be tight, so we don't frequent the Red Lobster as often. But being my son's favoite place to eat we headed up to the our local Red Lobster in Buford Georgia. My son and I redding for a Lobster Fest Meal. WOW, I have to say it was the WORSE SEAFOOD meal I have ever eaten! THe Crab Legs on my son's plate (which his favorite) had to be sent back, my feeling was they had been sitting under a hot lamp, cooked hours earlier, drying to almost a crisp inside the shells of the legs. We were brought out more legs they were in the same condition, the the meat I guess have vaporized in the shells, at which that point I complained really how over cooked my main lobster tail was, I was brought another not better. This was the worse experience. not sure what was taken off the bill paid 50.19 left 15 mins into the meal.
    My point is this is a place we use to love to come and have great seafood meal it was very disappointing to us both and I don't believe we will go back. We will find another Sea Food Resturant for our sea food meal. It's ashame that what was once once a great establishment and icon for sea food is a sinking ship, maybe put some serious work in your training or section of CHEF'S/COOKS. Signed: Disappointed

  • Red Lobster restaurants are going down hill fast. Went to the restaurant in Merrillvile IN 1 Never saw manager for about an hour while I was there until after I paid the bill for a terrible meal Place was half full and under staffed. Had to ask 3 people for silverware and plates finally the hostess gave us some. Appetizer was getting cold while waiting for silverware, plates were wet had to wipe them off. Lobster was luke warm shrimp had a funny taste my son spent a lot to time in the bathroom, Had to wait 20 mins for second helping of shrimp. When I talked to the manager he wanted to know who the server was and said what would make it right for you not sorry that's all I wanted. 1. Managers need to walk the restaurant to make sure people are being treated right. 2. More staff and employee's moral needs help. 3. Training for the managers. No one needs to be fired etc because the corporation is responsible for these things I mentioned above. Try undercover boss or secret diners.

  • My wife and I usually go to Red Lobster 3 or 4 times a year to enjoyed rock lobster. The last 2 times I was very dis-appointed in the music that is played. Sure takes away the atmosphere of a nice dinner. Music is Downloaded from a Satellite that Red Lobster selects. Please put some decent music on, elevator music or no music at all would greatly be appreciated. They are playing some funky music, people that can't sing, and band sounds like they are just jamming or something. DO SOMETHING PLEASE otherwise we'll find some other place to enjoy a dinner

  • True or False? All Red lobsters & Olive Garden restaurants do not bleieve in putting decorations up for the Christmas Season.
    True or Flase? Staff are not permitted to wish anyone Merry Christmas or any kind of a seasonal greeting.
    True or Flase? You cater to Staff Christmas Parties
    If true to 2? above and you do not want to offend anyone by doing this you have offended me by not doing it.
    And if you have Christmas Parties you should worn people that you do believe in Christmas.

    • Absolutely, I agree 100%. I'm glad I read this. I will no longer go to Red Lobster. They can stick their restaurant in Hell and see how much business they get there. LOL

  • The food was good and we enjoyed it. BUT, when I went to pay the bill I was surprised and pretty angry that we were charged $2.30 for a cup of coffee. My sister and I were charged almost FIVE DOLLARS for two cups of coffee. SHAME ON RED LOBSTER RESTAUANT!!!!

    • The company does have to pay for the coffee and to pay for water that is used. It is unlimited coffee. If you had one cup of coffee just like if you had one soda or still pay the same price but it is unlimited.


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