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Redbox Corporate Office Headquarters

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Redbox Corporate Office Headquarters
1 Tower Ln., Ste. 1200
Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181
Corporate Phone Number: 1-630-756-8000
Fax: 630-756-8888
Customer Service Number: 1-866-733-2693
Support Chat: Online Only

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This company is a joke !!!!! For five days I have been rying to rent "The Freeguy" the first time I went online made the reservation, drove up to the Kiosk only to find out the machine was out of service, even though it let me make the reservation,while I was there a Redbox service person shows up, "Ya that machine is down,bad card reader" it should be up by tomorrow. The next day I make the reservationa again, and again the machine is down, finally gave it another try the next day, and again the machine was down, the fourth time I decided to be smarter and call up Redbox and ask to makes sure the machine is working, I;m told be the Customer service idiot, "Yes it is working" so again I make the reservation, drive up again and agin the machine is down, I waited two days this time, called ahead to Redbox to ask if it was working and once again I'm told "Yes it is working you can make the reservation" so I did, and again I wasted my time and gas to find a broken machine. And everytime I had to call up and cancel the reservation so I wouldn't be charged, this idiots can tell you what Kisok have what movie's, but they can;t make a machine out of service, so people like me won't try to rent from it, I've talked to Stupidvisors, and they give me the same line,"We are sorry for your inconveinence, we will have somebody come right out and fix the machine" and they never do, I wish there was another company out there that cared about the customer,I would dump Redbox in a second,the owner should be watching whats going on and fix the problem, and get some English speaking people to be on Customer Service, and just to answer the question that most of you have, "Why not go to another machine ????", because to fact is, Redbox in all their wisdom, decided to skip my town all together and give the movies to another town, after 5 weeks,a copy of the Free Guy came to my town, in one machine,and they put it in the machine that dosen't work, when I asked "Why not have the service person put this movie in another kiosk so I can rent it " and the answer I got was,"Don't worry sir, this machine will be fixed immediately """ They don't care about the Customer !!!!!!!!

Redbox charged me $30 for a movie I returned within the timeframe allowed. Their customer service & manager refused to refund my money. Wish I would have read the reviews here before using Redbox. Clearly they have a long history of poor customer service and broken machines!

It would awesome if you could redesign your Redbox kiosks, to where it has a returnable box on the side to be able to return movies/games and not having to wait in line until the other person is done deciding which movie or game they want to rent. This would tremendously decrease long lines and the amount of time a person has to wait to make a return. This will be very convenient for your customers and in return will bring more sales to your company.

Was on the phone with and of course he was arab and hung up on me and did not want to help me what has this country come to getting other country's to help the USA on a call

Well it sounds like I have company – Returned a movie the day after I watched it and Red Box charged me $25 17 days later claiming I didn't return it. They offer no return confirmation number or receipt and can at will claim a movie was not returned. Pure snake-oil, highway robbery company. They know that Netflix will put them out of business soon, so they are grabbing every last cent they can before they close the doors for good!! Pathetic. Just another corporation focused on ripping people off for their own enrichment! I can't imagine why any decent person would want to work for a fraudulent company like Red Hoax!!

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