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Rent A Center Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How to Contact Rent-A-Center Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Rent A Center Corporate Office Address:

5501 Headquarters Drive

Plano, TX 75024 USA

Corporate Phone Number: 1-972-801-1100

Fax Number: 1-972-943-0113

Customer Service Number: 1-800-422-8186

Rent A Center Corporate Office

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  1. Rent a center on bay st Staten island has the worst service I even seen there workers are the worst they need a hole new staff

  2. I would like to know is how you can give credit to ppl with no credit check and when they don't pay the workers have to go find be the ones to go get the stuff and when it's covered by roaches and and bedbugs how can they put right back on the floor that's disgusting and one of the managers takes money out of the draw and pay his bills out of it? I would never ever rent anything from those kinda stores


  4. Went in the store to rent a couch set for thanksgiving. Bought a loveseat and rug off show room floor. Manager of the 162nd and Division St. store wanted me to bring in a copy of my power of attorney for the home I was living in… I am Executor of the Estate. I came back in after the manager told me she was doing me a favor by doing this for me. I was paying for the first two months in cash. To insure the twenty three people coming to my home would be comfortable on Thanksgiving.
    The manager said the couch would be clean and on the sales floor. I was not clean!! Also the new love seat I purchased in cash the day before had returned dirty furniture on top of it!!!! It was to be delivered with the sectional tomorrow. The salesmen told me they would replace the felt that was damaged on the back of the sectional couch. Then the manager said, "I'm sorry we don't do that…" Then the manager sent me away in tears by refusing my money because of the stores poor customer service!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Not only did she ruin my holiday, but I will take my business else where.
    The staff's customer service was terrible!! Rude and unbecoming of sales staff. I was told, "Oh well" by John on the phone. Nasla the Manager is the person that did not understand Executor of the Estate was and requested my power of attorney paperwork. They lost my pay stub with my personal information. I would like to talk to the Regional Management in charge of the store. I'd like to make a formal complaint of discrimination. Don't worry, I'll be calling the complaint line tomorrow to follow up!!!!!!!!

  5. Once again here we go with RAC. I changed my accounts to a different store. If you see above I have another post that gives some background information. Well I wound up losing my job which caused me to get behind on my payments. At this point I am refusing to answer the phone and will not make another payment until the missing items I had been paying for are brought to me or removed from my account. This is the same item I have been waiting on for over a year now. (nightstand). I tell you what if this company was as half as dedicated to customer service as they are to customer harrassment they would be a fortune 500 company. Store is located in Orange Texas. At this point I will not talk to anyone else but the district manager and that fella is gonna have to make contact with me. I wont even pay attention to them kicking my front door anymore. Very poor attitude for a company. You would figure with over 15 years as a loyal customer they would act a bit more professional. Shawn L Volkmann

  6. Here we go again. I still have yet to receive the nightstand I was promised from the last store. I have asked, kept my payments current and still no nightstand. I understand that it isn't the new stores fault but I think it should at least be refunded towards the account. Why should I pay for something I don't have and have never had?

  7. I am writing to let you all know that when i get my stuff all paid for i will never ever again rent form you . i had called the rent a center here in great bend ks to let them know that one of my dinette chairs was broken and he said he just shut the system down this was about 6:50 pm saturday night and he said that i was to bring the chair in on monday morning well i went in there this morning being its monday and i told him that my sister is lucky she didnt fall and break her back from the chair and i asked him if they could replace my chairs with rollers insted and he said he dont think they have rollers on chair what he could have said was let me check and see if i can get some but nope but he decided to tell i was treating him like a kid and he wasnt a kid and that i was repeting myself and he knew what i said the first well the reason i kept saying that is so they would look up stuff for our chairs but than he proceded to make my cry and i decided to walk away before i said something that might have gotten me in trouble. i am tired of the flack we get everytime we have a problem with you all and what manager in their right mind smokes a vapor with pot in it come on who would want that for a manager in their store this manager is down right rude and has no intent to look stuff up for a paying customer come on i am tired of being hurt and i rented before from rent a center in va and i never ever had this problem before if this is how your rent a center gonna treat their paying customers than you just might lose alot of them cause i wasnt the only one that he yelled at ethier i feel that something needs to be done and i think that the customer is always right and that they should proceed their wishes on what they ask for not yelled all to make them cry like he did me i am so tired of this and something has to be done before is gets really out of hand cause i shouldnt have been made to cry so i think you better look into firing this manager here in great bend ks. or lose alot of customers in the long run cause i will not recommend anyone anymore for your store til this is taken care of.. thank you Jill Getchell

  8. I am once again having RAC issues. I am a 15 year loyal customer, with a total of 20 paid off accounts. The store in Orange Texas has been a nightmare to try to do business with. First I was promised a mattress at a set price, before my 90 days were up I went to pay off the balance, the remaining balance was four times what the original price that I was promised this item at, I looked at my contract and realized that the manager told me one price and then typed it up as the other, this was my falt for not picking the paperwork apart, I will never make that mistake again. Next I went to buy a compact dryer, the 90 day same as cash price was told to me to be 275.00. I said please deliver it and it was set to be delivered the next day, when it arrived I was handed the paperwork to sign and because of the last issue, I read it carefully, apon seeing the 90 day same as cash price bing 900.00 I inquired on it, I was told to just sign it and they would fix it in the morning, I learned from the last time, I refused delevery, and had to file a complaint with the district manager about the dishonesty. A few days later the dryer was delevered with the 90 day price showing as 275 like I was promised, but for the next two months or so the store manager ould sit in his office and glare at me and my wife every time we came in to make a payment. Next item was a bedframe and nightstand that was possibly 25 percent there, no slats, broken, and got complained about because it was heavy, I was returned due to horrible quality, it belonged in the landfill, it was not worth over a thousand dollars. We got anothr setup and it was missing the nightstand and the brackets for the tv mount. Over two months later still no nightstand or brackets, even though they have been promised every week for a month and a half. So I had a banking issue and missed a payment on two cellphones. RAC deactivated the phones and left us without a phone. I guess its ok for us to pay for items we never have recieved but its not ok to get your bank account hijacked and to miss a payment, even though I kept in close contact with the store, even after a new employee called and tried to scold me like a child. If this is not dealt with quickly and harshly this time RAC will have lost a 15 year loyal customer, I will not endorse any RAC store, and After I pay off my last accounts, this will happen within the next 30 days, I will never even consider stepping foot in another RAC store again, and will advise everyone to avoid RAC. This is a shame that after me spending over 30000 dollars in the last 15 years with RAC it is going to end like this. I am disgusted with the lies and attitudes of the employees, and I am mad enough to possibly lash out at them for treating me like a piece of crap. I feel I have had a nightstand stolen from me, along with a whole lot of money. After the deactivation of the phones, I will be terminating these contracts and paying early outs on all the others. I refuse to deal with these spiteful, dishonest employees, so the rest of my contracts will have to be transfered to a store without shady managment,and I will fufill them there, I will file a theft report against RAC for the items they apparently have no intention of providing, but they sure dont have a problem taking money from me for things I never recieved. Shame on you rent a center. You have lost my business forever.

    1. Now they are chasing me through town in RAC truck. Catching me at gas stations ect. They called my wife and claimed to have a judgement on me. This is a lie. I wasnt notified of a court date. So I am now going to be filing a cease and dissist order aganst the company. It would have been much easier if they had just given me the nightstand I had been paying for. Now if they show up again they will be ordered off my property. If they refuse I will remove them by force.

  9. The Excelsior Springs Mo store likes to lead people on. They had a mistake in their files from 15 years ago and waited 3 days after I filed a rental agreement to inform me. Then after making me drive 20 miles 2 days in a row because they had the wrong product they wasn't going to rent to me because of their mistake. Corporate office number you get an automated voice and no return call.

  10. This is the worst place to rent anything. My daughter rented a washer and dryer from these idiots and the washer was leaking. She called to have the washer repaired and they kept saying they had no record of her calls. I started to receive calls as her reference that she had not paid her bill and they
    told me they had no record of repair calls from her. My daughter finally got upset and told them to pick up their junk. They have yet to pick up their washer and dryer but continue to call me daily. I send their calls to voice mail and they will keep calling at least 8 times a day within minutes of each call (harassment) and when I do try to have a conversation about what is going on they are rude and talk to me like I am stupid My daughter made arrangements to be home and they never showed up to pick up their junk. This has been going on for months. What is so sad is that my daughter was a few payments from paying the washer and dryer off but when they refused to come out and fix the washer she stopped paying tor the washer and continued to pay for the dryer. The washer should be covered until it is paid for. I am really close to filing harassment charges against these people. How do they stay in business and doesn't anyone at the Corporate level read these reviews????

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