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  • same problem I booked with quote was around 200 went through dollar rental car company ended up being over 600 both are owned by price line which is the biggest rip off company out there, stay away from anything to do with price line, dollar rental and

  • I booked with these clowns. Some bozo rang me up in the middle of the night trying to sell me extra insurance. When I dazily informed him he had woken me up and that I was on the other side of the world, he kept on going and asked would I be taking the insurance? WTF, I do not give my phone number in order for the site to upsell using it. That is f* out of line.

    So the next day I had a slight change of plans (alternate free transport), so I needed to cancel a reservation. Before doing so, I checked the fees. GBP30 + 3DAYS RENTAL RATE if inside 48h.

    This is extortion, it is the last time I use these clowns or their associated sites.

  • WARNING…WARNING…WARNING Will Robinson!!!! Do not use this Company …they kept my money!!! 321.00!!
    Whatever you do….do not use…someone needs to look into this Company and put this on the BBB….because they are frauds and will ploy you with lies to get your rental and money and then when you get there to get the car
    they tell you, you need 2200.00 deposit!!!! You are officially and gladly warned…I hope this doesn't happen to you.

  • Same thing happened to me, except the hire company WOULD accept my debit card, but had already cancelled my booking (without my consent) and charged me a cancellation fee before we got to the airport. No car and no money. Still fighting for my stolen money but don't know where else to turn. The company is a joke and you get generic and automated email replies from people who haven't even read what you have said. ARGH!

  • I booked a three week rental for Heathrow, London. Five days before the rental I needed to add a day to the tail end of the booking; going through the "change procedure" I was told that there were no cars "available" and that the change could not be made. Hertz inventory is such that Hertz/ cannot add one day to rental almost a month in the future?

    Being short of time, I went on to the site and got the same car for the extended period !!! Obviously, this necessitated my cancelling the original reservation – at a cost of $75; equally obviously, this "no cars available" ruse is just a ploy to generate extortionate cancellation fees. will not be getting any more cancellation fees, or RENTAL FEES from me.

  • How can the public be properly informed re these fraudulent scam artists. I rented a car in Punta del Este Uruguay and paid for it via website Received an invoice with no proper directions except 'Airport Punta del Este'. Arrived at aiport and was pointed by one rental car company to Avis. Avis looked at invoice and proceeded by giving me a new much more expensive rental contract. When I contacted to ask what happened to my original amount of money I paid in full – via their pathetic customer service online – I had to explain the situation to different people over a period of weeks and no proper responsibility was taken. Are these actually real people handling these cases or just random names names assigned to faux operators frustrating the frustrated even more?! Bottom line is I lost the entire 228USD I paid initially and Avis (who should have told me the truth from the beginning)accepts no responsibility. I would gladly contribute some money re class action against these scammers. The world does not need scum in difficult economic times for all. To the 'staff' at – Please join the military!

  • wish i'd read these earlier!

    booked as it was cheap. turned up at the airport, the rep from Thrifty no showed. Tried contacting this mob, not reponse. I've emailed and called them, got fobbed off every time with scripted responses. Now they're claiming we no showed at the airport, not interested in refunding anything. shocking company.

    fyi – i contacted my credit card company, can claim under section 75 in the UK – consumer credit act (over £100). – I explained the transaction to them, the women at the cc company sighed/almost laughed when she heard 'rentalcars'…

  • This company is a scam! They suck you in with a low price then don't tell you that if you book from another country, you have to have a foreign driver's license. I had to rebook another car at twice the rate and now I am trying to get my money back. If I have to, I will go to their parent company, Priceline.Com.

  • does anyone have a number to contact
    wish i had seen this prior to paying a collision damage insurance!!

  • DO NOT EVER USE RENTALCARS.COM! me and my friend tried to rent a car in dubai, when they went to pick up the car, they did not have one ready for us. they then refused to refund as they said it was our fault, and managed to fabricate a whole story about it. they had also taken 2 different amounts from my bank account for only 1 car hire and i am now fighting to get both amounts back! the company is a disgrace!

  • PLEASE DO NOT RENT A CAR ON RENTALCARS.COM!! My husband and I just booked a car yesterday on their website. We were supposed to get a car today, but we did not, since did not give us the necessary information to obtain the car in the agency. Indeed, we were supposed to bring a proof of residence, some bank records and a paper printed flight ticket ( yes, a printed flight ticket, these does not even exist anymore!!). But on, there was no mention of all of this. Result: no car, credit card debited and awful customer service. There is no way to contact anyone who cares and who can help. These people are just thieves so please do not let them steal your money too!

  • Anonymous, DO NOT USE alias traveljigsaw, they are fraudulent, dishonest. I booked a car on the 16th July 2012 through this site, when i got the reservation the details were all wrong, wrong drop off point and the wrong car. Tried to cancell, sent email, after email, requesting cancellation. I never used their service, never picked up any car from them, yet they took $1400.00nz from my credit card for nothing. This is stealing. Why are they allowed to list on the internet.

  • Disgraceful customer service. I strongly advise spending a bit more money and going elsewhere. At least you stand a chance of being treated like a valued customer.

  • Anonymous, we had exactly the same problem. We didn't have a credit card and were told that we had to either hand over a credit card or pay a further fee to cover the risk of 'incidental damage'. It was supposed to be a 'fully inclusive' rate so we hadn't planned for this. We asked if we could cancel but they just said we would lose everything. We had to pay the extra in the end but it made the rental very expensive compared to other companies.
    It is blackmail. Pay the extra or they will charge what they want on your credit card for a tiny scratch that you didn't even know was there. Try to cancel because you object to being blackmailed and they will keep your money anyway. I despise these people.

  • rentalcars is very good if you want to get ripped off.
    Happend to my parents as well.
    They pay the rental fee up front, when they arrive, they suddenly have to pay a warranty (this wasn't in the contract).
    rentalcars only accepted creditcards (so no normal bankcards..), wich my parents didn't have. So my parents tried every possible thing to pay the warranty, but couldn't (no credit card). So they got NO car and NO refund.
    I hope the monsters that run this scam die a painful death.
    They deserve it.
    many greetings 🙂

  • Scammers. Suck deposits out of you and don't refund when canceling (6 weeks before reservation mind you)!!!!! Disgusting pigs. Worst company i have ever come across. Avoid the stress and stay the hell away from these parasites

  • I wish I saw these reviews before these scum thieves took $100 deposit and now wont refund cos we had to cancel. I'm ropeable. They have done absolutely nothing but will keep money. I'm in the wrong job. Stay away at all costs. This is a wonderful scam.

    • Just to be clear, YOU broke the contract that you agreed to and lost your deposit per the terms of the contract you agreed to. Tell me again why they are the bad guy here?

  • Avoid using this company like the plague. If you experience airline delays that keep you from picking up your car on time, you will forfeit 100% of your rental. When you contact them for assistance, they send you fake phone numbers to contact. This is a huge swindling operation.

  • I can agree actually. We tried to hire a car using them, and the end supplier clearly admitted fault when they failed to supply the child seat we ordered. provided a frustrating customer service from then on, and refused to refund our money, even though they were in breach of contract. I would strongly urge you NOT to use them

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