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Roku Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact Roku Corporate Office Headquarters

Roku, Inc.
2980 Saratoga Ave., Ste. D
Saratoga, CA 95070 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-888-600-7058
Fax Number: 1-408-446-1734
Customer Service Number: 1-888-600-7658

  • My Roku got problems. I sent a message to Roku customer service to initiate a return for replacement. I received the below message from Roku customer service which I completed next day. But 3 days so far I still did not receive the RMA number or any instructions to return my Roku Ultra. I sent Roku customer service another message but receive no response. It seems they ignore my messages. My Roku Ultra's still in warranty period.

    Hello Jim Wong,

    We've added an update to your support request #(3690301). To add additional comments, reply to this email.


    Roku Customer Support

    CS/CH-Lekshmi Priya, Aug 25, 2020, 7:04 PM PDT:
    Hi Jim,

    Thank you for contacting Roku. Your Roku device is in warranty, we will honor your replacement request. Please respond to this message completing / confirming the below details to initiate a replacement:

    1. Shipping address
    2. Phone Number:
    3. ESN: YJ00EU595825
    4. Model: 4670x

    Replacement instructions:

    You will need to ship the original unit back to our warehouse. Upon receipt of your returned device, we will process shipping for a replacement device to you within 1 business day. Depending on the distance between you and our warehouse, you should expect transit to be between 3-5 business days. Another email will be sent out with the replacement instructions once it is processed. Thank you!

    Roku Customer Support

    Please review support article here for any other questions about your replacement request:

  • Puchased Roku in May 2017 you turn the service off, I paid for it again. You charged me for a month of Boomerrang only got it for 2 months, when I tried to speak with your customer service first they said I needed to pay a service fee of 69.00 hung up. Called back spoke to another customer rep. stated I needed to pay a service fee of 39.99, but you charged me for a service of 39.99 but did not get to use it. I filed a complaint with the Federal Consumer Commissioner and if anyone else is reading this information, you can file a complaint with the Federal Consumer Commissioner who will do an investigation on the company and will get your money back for you.

  • I purchased a Roku 4 and it is really warm to the touch so I called Roku so-called tech support department:
    1. I didn't really know if it was the Roku tech support because when calling they didn't say a company's name

    2. When I spoke with the first gentleman he was no help and extremely rude and hung up on me

    3. I called back and it sounded like the same person I spoke with previously and I asked to speak with a supervisor and what do you know, it sounded like the same rude person again and on top of that after me conveying to the so-called other tech I couldn't get the person to listen to what I was trying to convey to him he then told me he didn't have time for this and hung up on me

    4. I tried calling the corporate office and the call never connected. If you purchase a Roku device you buy it at your own risk because this company does nothing to assure the happiness of their customers. I WOULD NOT EVER RECOMMEND ANYONE BUYING A ROKU DEVICE

  • BOUGHT A ROKU STICK $50.00 AT WALMART. WIFE CALLED THIS GUY SAID HE WAS A ROKU SERVICE SUPPORT TEAM HOW CAN HE HELP. SHE EXPLAIN WE WAS HAVING PROBLEM INSATLLING OUR NEW ROKU. HE SAID I WILL TRY TO HELP. HE SAID AFTER 2 MINS. OH YOUR HOME COMPUTER IS IN BAD SHAPE WITH VIRUS YOU MUST GET THIS TAKEN CARE BEFORE IT RUINS YOUR CELL PHONE AND YOUR SMART TV. WE DIDNT KNOW WITH THE ALL THE NEW CARP THEY SELL THESE DAYS. AFTER $151.67 AND THEN THEY TRIED TO GET ANOTHER $150.00 on top of that our credit card was nice enough to call us and alert us what was going on. so we stop all payments in time. now this company claims they are roku . but gave a name of can tech solutions from Canada. but most of all they claim they or roku service tech. one big scam and suing another company name to scam people. roku is no better you have no phone # no email nothing like a bunch of thieves will a license to steal from the American people. this why this country is so screwed up. so watch out any from can tech solutions the guys name is gary and jack even called when i stop payment and claim he was the roku company mgr. then I ask why are you wanting payment if your roku he hung up on me.so once again be careful on this scam group. I wish roku would get bsck with me but I bet they slid on by and don't even care. wrong I take this roku stick back and get my money back. then they don't get anything.

  • Foreign customer svs rep used high pressure sales tactics to sell me computer security to fix problem with my Roku. Not sure but seemed too much like a scam. Did not buy the product which was $150!

  • After setting on hold for 45 minutes to reach a customer support agent, ALL SHE could do was read from a prompt. She had me unplug my router for my internet and wait 30 seconds and replug it in. When that did not fix the problem, all she said was, call your internet provider and then call us back. I asked for someone else that could help me, IRA, the customer service respersentative said and I quote "Ma'me, you will be on hold for over 30 minutes, you will need to call back at a later date" and then hung up. I WILL NEVER RECOMMEND this product to anyone. I am sending the corporate a certified letter with a formal complaint. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODCT.

    • Shady customer service reps…called to ask a simple question and the guy tried to charge me $200 for assistance!!?&..wyf!!..asked for a manager and he hung up

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