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Ryder Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

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  1. We need better management better team leaders that can be the face of the company we have a manager that is never on site and uses her illness as an excuse every week to leave early, it's so embarrassing that she sleeps in a old white Chevy van on site because she lives hours to far from home takes off before Friday comes back after a Monday when it's holiday workers have to come in and she's never around the day supervisors have NO experience on what there doing there quotas during the day are never met we don't have any type of good communication with warehouse due to not having walkie talkies it's hard to communicate with anyone it's been months and still no walkies management here's you out but nothing changes this is at Whirlpool warehouse we are Ryder Logistics employees at 2120 boieng way Stockton CA I hope this msg gets to corporate officials and can make better changes for all employees thank you.

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