Samsung USA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Samsung Electronics USA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

105 Challenger Road
Ridgefield Park,
New Jersey 07660 USA
Phone Numbers:
Corporate Phone Number: 1-973-601-6000
Fax Number: 1-973-601-6001
Customer Service 800 Phone Number: 1-800-726-7864

  • I bought a Samsung refrigerator in 2018 and thank God I bought the 10 year warranty because I have had nothing but problems with it since the beginning. I have had the ice maker replaced 4 times in 4 year and now the compressor just went! They tell me the part is out of stock so I need to wait almost 2 weeks for them to come and replace it. All of my food was ruined probably about $200 worth of food and the advise I received from PC Richard was to call the local store and maybe they can give me a loaner fridge.. I asked how I can get it to my house and they said I have to figure that out. No help from Samsung either, what a shame. I am surprised they are still in business. I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER SAMSUNG APPLIANCE AGAIN !! TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE AND TERRIBLY MADE PRODUCTS!!!

  • John Page, 3-10-2022 Purchase Samsung 75" TV Jan. 12, 2022 as of Jan. 17th 2022 the Lips and Voice are out of Sync. Have had 6 Spectrum Reps to check out all the cabling and boxes everything ok, had 2 set of Besy Buys Geek Squad in to see if they could fix it, Nope. Had Samsung Tech in twice and the last one replaced the mother board, no better. Now they want to send in the third Sansumg Tech to see if he can fix it. They will not stand behind their warranty, 5-year. The TV is only 2 months old and issues.

  • Dear Samsung Executive,
    On September 21 I bought and paid for the vacuum and cleaning station on September 21, 2021. I did not receive the product until September 28, 2021. 30 days later after 7 calls averaging 40 minutes in length. Originally, I called for help with cleaning station but found a way around the problem of the power cord pulling out of the receptacle. I had to hold in one hand and run the cord with the other hand through and s curve. I suggested an improvement by having a cli or clamp to hold the wire into the unit at the bottom. Before I tried to use the vacuum, I laid the wall hanger with wire charger connected on the floor. The vacuum worked for about 10 minutes. I cleaned the dirt catcher cylinder in the cleaning station which was remarkably effective, and it worked some more after I charged it. Hanging the unit on the wall did not charge the battery, so I went back to charging the battery hanging on the wall. I asked for a desk charger sent as the wall charger was not working. Then a person from Tampa came suggested a place called AID TV. Upon googling this place to find out how to get there, Aid Audio & Tv Service Corporation, THESE WERE RESULTS: 3/1/2021
    Worst customer service!!! Rude and not helpful!!! I do not know why Samsung recommended them as a service center!!!
    Do not even bother!!! Worst experience ever!!
    Nasty nasty and nasty, Samsung had me drop off my tv for repair, they refused to first take in my tv. I then had to call Samsung to do there job in getting a ticket number. 2 weeks no call, called them told tv rdy. I got no receipt when I dropped it off. Now they are refusing to give my tv back. Lady even said she was here and she gave me receipt and knows it's me. But still refusing to release my tv. Cops
    Most of the reviews were like that: one star or no stars. So, I called again the next day and canceled that ticket and service pro told me that I could send to service station in NJ and that they did not have to send me a box because I had nothing to pack it in. The service pro had me send a photo of all the parts I was to send. I sent the whole number of parts that included wall hanger and charger with a rectangular cube transformer [box like transformer and wall plug} on October 20. I received the repaired unit with a new battery but with no hanger or wall plug on October 26, 2021. Instead of a desk charger, Samsung Care sent a new wall hanger that I received on October 21, 2021, before I received a text message from Jolanta saying that they would start repairing it on October 22, 2021.
    I received a Samsung TV from Amazon the same day as the vacuum package and I am now on my 4th Samsung phone, S21 and got a good deal on Samsung Galaxy 3 watch. I have owned Samsung tablets, a Samsung laptop which crashed, and I could not recover info as the cost was prohibitive. I also own three Amazon Kindles which I believe are made by Samsung. I paid 17.38 to ship the stick vacuum to Little Ferry and still have no ability to use my vacuum. I admit that I failed to research the product before I purchased it as I was confident of the Samsung quality. After the fact, I searched for stick vacuums and Samsung did make the top ten by buyers guide or Consumer Reports. At this point I would like my money refunded as my experience has been less than satisfactory.
    Guy C Kaldis

  • After 10 months my 75" smart TV went out April 8th 2021. Samsung ordered parts and repair person tried to repair it on April 26th, He could not and I was told Samsung would replace it. Since then I have called more than a dozen times, only to get misinformation, told I needed to provide more information, or I needed to revalidate the information I already provided. On May 20th, I was told that I needed to return my TV and that a truck was scheduled to pick it up. On May 26th and truck picked up my TV and I sent a photo copy of the receipt to Samsung. I called Samsung and was told they received my email with the attached copy and that an e-coupon would be sent to me within 2 business days since I've been waiting so long. I called on June 1st and was told that an e-coupon has to be approved and that it takes 3-5 business days for me to get it. I called on June 4th and was told that there was nothing in the system on my e-coupon, and that my case would be sent to the review section and I should get something within 6-8 business day. It has now been 8 weeks since my TV went out. It appears that Samsung's warranty is NO good and that they intend to string me along until I just go away. I do not know why anyone would buy a Samsung TV or appliance knowing that Samsung does not honor their warranty nor provide quick resolution.

  • I wish I had seen these comments firsy. Yes, I am very dissatisfied with the refrigerator I bought. It will not make enough I've to service three people. We are having to buy bag ice. After talking g multiple times to techs they sent a tech out to service my two week old refrigerator. He said it was working. Before he left I called back to Samsung. I was told they would do nothing to call the store I put it. I called Home Depot. The gentleman there told me he would call you. He agreed that that was not right that I was having to buy bag ice. He call back on a threeway call with a Samsung rep. She told us both I would be refunded my money and that someone would call to arrange pickup. After not receiving receiving a call, I call you back. At that time I was told I was not receiving a refund. Luckily I had not yet pitch at a replacement. It is sad that you can't believe what your reps sah, but even sadder that you do not stand behind you productd. It is no right that I am having to purchase ice even though I have a brand new refrigerator. Needless to say I will never buy ano from you again and will tell her I know not to either. Sad that you do business that wah.

  • I bought a Samsung Galaxy Note August 2019. I did not purchase the warranty because I'm very careful with every phone I own and overlooked the technical aspect. I had no idea if I was on the other side of a factor warranty I would not have any recourse for satisfaction with the Samsung phone. According to the technician I spoke with the charging problem was not just on my phone. It was rare but nit so rare he didn't know about it and it's posted on the internet. Verizon offered to trade the phone in and pay another 500 dollars to solve my problem. Spending another 500 dollars for the new Note 20 that's having similar issue…this would force me to purchase a warranty, which I'm not a big fan of. I think Samsung should make me whole by giving me a phone that functions correcting. This is a manufacture defect and was not any fault of mine. I hope to be a long time loyalty buyer of Samsung in the future but right now I'm at a cross road with this issue. Please help if you can. Loyal Samsung customer.

  • • I recently sent my Samsung Galaxy tablet (Model Number: SM-N950UZVAATT
    Serial Number: R38J80DZ18B) in for repairs on 4 May 2020. Over the last month and a half I have been given incorrect and contradictory information by Samsung customer service. I was first told the tablet needed a new circuit board and I needed to pay $159 for repair (which I paid). Several weeks later, I was told the tablet could not be repaired and that my money would be refunded. My third inquiry resulted I was told it was repaired and would be sent in 7 working days. That was over 20 days ago. Since that time, every time I called I am transferred 3 to 4 times with no explanation or long waits (exceeding 30 minutes).
    I have been a dedicated Samsung consumer and user for over a decade. Your lack of customer service is atrocious and unacceptable. This is first time I have had to use your customer service and it most likely is my last. I still have not received the tablet. I am at a point where I may never purchase another Samsung project or recommend them to my business associates, family or friends. Given the level poor customer service and irresponsibility, I am requesting an immediate refund of the money I paid for the repairs.

  • Samsung has the worst if not non existent customer service. I sent in a tablet to be repaired and I cant even get the right person on the phone after 4 transfer and holding for a hour. I never thought I would buy an Apple product but Samsung has definitely turned me away/

  • Just letting off a little steam about Samsung Electronics and Best Buy.
    I'm usually not the type to complain because generally with warranty issues most companies will back a product. On September 14, 2018 I purchased a new TV from Samsung. It was a great TV until July 6th of this year when the HDMI ports on the TV decided to stop working. Initially I thought it was the Xfinity box. Xfinity actually responded quickly and determined it was the TV and not the box.
    Well these Smart TV's have the ability to be diagnosed from the Samsung home base (wherever that is), so I contacted their customer support, lo and behold they confirmed the diagnosis. Bad mother board and HDMI ports not working. They said they would have a service tech out to fix it. Amazingly not one but two different service companies called me and said ,"Sorry we do not do Samsung warranty work and haven't for the past two years because Samsung keeps charging the service companies for the warranty parts. Apparently Samsung is doing this to their service affiliates around the country.
    So I begin my calls to Samsung support, 14 calls to date since the 3rd week in July and keep being told the same thing and even have emails to confirm that they are going to credit me the cost of the TV (Still under warranty ) but they have not done it yet.
    So I think, well Best Buy must be a stand up company, They'll do right by me since the TV is under warranty. So I drive back to the Best Buy in Leominster where I bought the TV with all my reams of paperwork. and Lo and Be'hold, NADA, they won't even exchange it even though it's less than a year ago that I bought it from them.
    Well anyways, I've fired off an email to the CEO's of Samsung, BestBuy , the person in Samsung that sent me an email in Mid August saying everything was all set and the manager of the Best Buy in Leominster. And also to Channel 5 investigates.
    I'll probably get stuck in the end but not with out expressing my feelings about Samsung and Bestbuy.
    "Caveat Emptor" especially if its from Samsung or Best Buy
    The Massachusetts States Attorney General has also been notified

  • I purchased a stainless steel side by side refrigerator 7 years ago. Five years ago I started having problems…water on my wood floor. I had the service man come out over 10 times…repairing and replacing parts that I paid for. Finally he said that the problem is internal and cannot be repaired and to call Samsung directly. I did and they came out 5 times and the same thing happened. The Samsung gentleman gave me an exchange number and said that Samsung will stand by it and replace the refrigerator. Unfortunately Samsung denied it even though I have the exchange number. They said that it was out of warranty. The problem is I am willing to pay to repair it but because it is internal it cannot be repaired. The problem is when it was originally built with the insulation. Therefore, after 6 years I can take my refrigerator and throw it out because it cannot be repaired. Samsung will not stand by it at all. I spoke to a Brittany in customer service and all she did was lie to me because she told me that no one can assist me. I tired numerous times to tell her that the problem started before the end of the warranty but she could care less… is not out of warranty. I told her that I would be willing to pay to repair it, but it cannot be repaired. I am willing to do anything to get this repaired but Samsung will do nothing. I even told them to
    prorate the refrigerator and I will pay the difference towards a new one, but Brittany said NO ONE in the building can assist me. I asked her if there was another building where possible someone who is knowledgeable can assist me but she did not find that funny. Where do I go from here….throw out a 7 year old refrigerator because Samsung will not stand behind it????

  • I have a Galaxy s10+. I recieve multiple telemarketing and insurance daily. I work nights so I have blocked these numbers. Unfortunately someone at Samsung thinks it's a good idea to have a notification alert occur on the phone everytime a blocked number calls. Now just out of
    curiosity, why would I want to recieve a notification that I had a blocked number call my phone? If I wanted to listen to a notification sound off everytime a blocked number called geniuses I wouldn't bother to block the call and I would just let it ring! I like Samsung, this is my 2nd Samsung phone, but if this issue isn't corrected it will be my last Samsung phone and all of my phones hereafter will be iphones!

  • I have been buying Samsung phones for years without a problem, UNTIL now. The reps I have talked to have been very nice. BUT Samsungs policies on phones that are bought that are defective, yes defective when bought is crap. My name is Frances Wall and I bought a phone that wont charge. I have to send them my defective phone and wait to see if it can be fixed takes 9 days I cannot go without a phone that long.and shouldn't have to.A new phone should be sent then I will send you back the defective piece of crap. DO NOT BUY SAMSUNG I know I will never again.

  • I am filing a small claims suit against Samsung for similar issues. My 60" Samsung is a smart TV that is anything but. As you know the SMART TV is the foundation of the tv working. I had purchased a 5 year warranty and about 6 months before the warranty ran out I decided the problem needed to be resolved of the TV freezing when using any app. I would need to shut the tv completely down to have it work. This would happen maybe 2 times per week but still annoying as I wasn't able to go back to a show I was watching. I went through the process of the warranty with Samsung and the warranty company and was shuffled back and forth. Samsung then did an update while I was on the phone and then told me to have my internet provider come and test the signal. I could do that myself and the Samsung was the only tv that froze and was the closest to the router. I had the internet company come and test the signal with nothing else on and then with as well and they determined the signal was perfect. Following the update by Samsung the issues became 120% worst and would freeze up to 5 or 6 times a night. I of course was livid and was finally told they did have an update but it only is available with a new set, they are not able to offer updates for tvs that are a few years old. By the time I was given this answer my warranty was up and I am stuck with a tv that doesn't work which I paid $1499. I think more people need to take the time to sue them for your money back or for access to the update that will allow use of a product. They are greedy jerks and don't care about their customers.

  • Samsung has teamed up with straight talk and these people are doing what is called a port out scam, stealing your banking information and are committing fraud. I discovered this when I went to Walmart and a Walmart employee exchanged my straight talk plan to another number other than the one he assigned to my Samsung plan. This is fact.

  • Brent Boughn…Three weeks ago I purchased a washer/dryer with two pedestals. It was ordered through J C Penney. First I wasn't ALLOWED to make a purchase in the zip-code I'm in, yet the zip-code they do serve is literally right door. But they wouldn't give. So now I have two people trying to complete this sale. The store manager made arrangements to deliver the appliances himself, even though I had paid for delivery and set up. I was forced to purchase the hook-up hoses, dryer vent hose, etc in order to even get delivery. The order was sent to Samsung and the date of March 1, 2019 was made for the delivery. On the first, I called Penney and was told that he had just received a phone call from whoever delivers Samsung that the date had been extended to the 22nd of March…Unexceptional. He called Samsung and they didn't really seem to know what was going on. I called Samsung and was berated by a employer who told me he was just going to cancel the order which is just what he did. He was a total ASS towards me. He just wanted to argue. Now am already paying for a washer and dryer I apparently won't be getting, it's on this months J C Penny statement. I called go get appliances and was basically hung up on. Your service Sucks, and whoever this employee is should be immediately fired! What do YOU PLAN to do about fixing this mess and getting me the items I ordered. This sale was for over $3,000.00.

  • I am currently going through a problem with my Samsung 65' TV. The screen backlight no longer works and the technician came out to fix it. Unfortunately, it could not be fixed, so I was told that Samsung would replaced my TV. I have only had the TV for 6 months. On November 9, the technician came out and informed be that the TV could not be fixed and will be replaced. After several calls and conversations, my TV still has not be replaced. The customer service reps are not trained properly and do not know their own policies and guidelines. Today is December 10 and I am still trying to get my TV replaced. I will not be purchasing Samsung products any longer, especially if I continue to get unacceptable and bad service. There's no use in complaining to management, because nothing gets done. I may have to take legal actions in order to get this matter resolved. I am totally disappointed.

  • I purchased a Samsung 40" smart TV from Walmart Feb. 2018. Purchased as a gift. Because of circumstances, it was never taken out of the box for a few months. Walmart said it was past their return period/policy. The display/colors were defective. I contacted Samsung and a technical adviser helped me determine that it needed repair work other then adjustments I might be able to perform (with his help). Since I live in a smaller city in the Midwest, he said there weren't any Samsung repair facilities near my location. He sent me a electronic return label to send the TV to their repair facility in NJ for warranty. They got it on Sept.27th in the AM. I spoke to them and they finally said they couldn't repair it for one reason or another. On Oct. 17th they emailed me with a offer to exchange my current unit and I should call them to "accept" the offer. I called them as directed accepting the offer. Someone called me back a few days later and asked me for approval again. After not hearing any more from Samsung, I started to follow up by calling them. I have make several calls and spoke to several people in different departments (kept a record of dates and names). In total time, I have been on the phone for hours (mostly on hold). No exaggeration! Most recently, today (Nov. 14th) for 1 hour and 58 seconds. The last four calls were basically the some results. They are waiting for internal approval or "it was just approve yesterday and a trucking company will be picking it up and will notify me" and it will be another 10 days (told me this at least twice). "There is nothing definite." I feel if I wait another 10 days, I'll probably get the same runaround. This is the WORST SERVICE I have ever had. This has been going on for over two MONTHS. What should I do next ????

    • I also am a Samsung consumer who has been given the run around by there consumer help . This is the worst company I have ever dealt with, don,t know how they can stay in business or sell their products in the USA. I to will never buy another Samsung product. $ 3000.00 french door refrigerator lasted 3 years. After 3 months of phone calls and lies from their 1 800 samsung representatives I was told I would be receiving a refund. well after 30 days and numerous calls to them they tell me to wait for their accounting team to contact me about the refund. still waiting after 30 days of runaround. I will never buy another Samsung product.

  • My Samsung TV is defective, the service company was unable to repair the TV on their first visit, and the only thing Samsung has told me to do is continue to wait. My TV has been inoperable for a week and waiting is an unacceptable option. Samsung has failed to provide reliable service via a contractor and will not step up to address the issue themselves. I am unhappy that I have experienced this, and I regret having purchased another Samsung product, the Galaxy S9, as I worry what my wait time will be if my phone should glitch.

    I understand that electronic equipment will fail. That is the nature of manufactured product, and while inconvenient, it is reasonable. I expect that the support system will address the issue promptly, and they every effort will be made to repair or replace defective equipment quickly. This is a substantial financial investment that has been inoperable for over a week.
    • The service visit should have been scheduled within 48 hours of the phone call.
    • All parts should be in stock at the facility, if not on the repair truck.
    • Any part that has to be ordered should arrive next day AM, not by close of business.
    • The follow-up visit should have been scheduled for the next day before the technician left
    • When the TV was not repaired on the first visit and the part was not in stock, the TV should have been replaced immediately.
    Simple things can make the support process more pleasant and provide some measure of comfort and peace during a stressful and frustrating event. Constant apologies from the service personnel while not providing a resolution to the problem do not provide this comfort and peace; they add to the stress and frustration. This is my second weekend without the TV, a significant financial purchase, and I still do not know if the scheduled service on Monday will actually fix the TV or if the TV will ultimately need replaced.

    I cannot in good conscience recommend any Samsung product at this time. The quality may be good, but the support for anyone with a problem is not there. Dealing with the support team will not result in a solved problem, only platitudes and false assurances. Further, dealing with the supervisor making false accusations and rude interruptions only compounds the frustration.

  • Samsung does not stand behind their defective cell phones S9 the 3rd time that we had to continued with this brand as our provider hooks you into buying the defective phones and they won't stand behind them, they want you to send it for repairs and in the mean time you have no phone to make money with!! this is why you make the investment which is expensive to be able to have access to make money but if you are given a defective unit Samsung should replace it quickly with no questions asked, specially if the unit can explode on your face because of the static electricity that is emitting from the device plus turns on by itself!!

  • Do not buy S9 it is a horrible phone causing static on the phone, will not charge and it turns on and off by itself!
    Samsung does not stand behind their products!! they send you on a wild goose chase! and will not replace it with a new one!! consumer be aware!!! is a nightmare!!

  • with respect to the recent media reports regarding lower sales for Samsung cell phones, I believe the main reason for this is the Android operating system and the collection of personal data in order to target people with advertisements. If Samsung produced a phone that was not tied to Google or other companies that do not respect peoples privacy I for one would be a loyal Samsung fan. As it stands Samsung is no different than any other phone company. PS: I wanted a Huawei phone but they were out of stock.

  • My refrigerator is less than 4 years old and I have had nothing but trouble with it. Two weeks ago a service tech came out and asked for the manual to see how to turn the ice maker off!! He was on the phone with a tech for over 2 hours, nearly all the time my daughter was video it with her phone to show me how incompetent the service tech was. He ordered 4 parts and it has been two weeks and they aren't here yet. He knew absolutely nothing about the icemaker. I am going to have my daughter post the video on facebook to make others aware of the service techs Samsung sends out. I will NEVER purchase another Samsung product. They must pick their service techs up off the street.

  • I have two Samsung Galaxy Amp 2 phones, they have been defective, Ive had them replaced with MORE defective phones from cricket wireless….well I had my phone charging last night and I heard a cracking sound in my room last night but was not sure what it was. I woke up this morning. I had a call on my phone, I noticed there were dark lines on my phone…the phone screen shattered while it was charging. I cant use this phone unless I want to cut myself. Called cricket…all I got told was.."you have no insurance tough luck bye" and they hung up. Samsung does not seem to feel they have to take responsibility for this…its bs!!!!!

  • I have been trying to get a refund or exchange from this company FOR FOUR MONTHS , I have enlisted the help of the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU and the NJ AYTTORNEY GEN . If you are foolish enough to buy from Samsung. Don't be foolish enough to think you will ever see your money again !

  • Expensive Products, terrible quality, useless warranties!!

    Spent $2000+ for one of their "top of the line" refrigerators, but within 6 months the problems began with the ice maker. Where do I begin; slush, water, then NO ice at all.
    6 months didn't pass without a service call.. Twice, the ice maker was replaced, only to reproduce water & slush 2 days later. An extended warranty is useless if the product itself is faulty, at which should fall under the LEMON law.
    The "extended" warranty expired 3 months ago, & the tray from the ice maker CANNOT be removed..A service call was made, & repairman said it would cost $500+ to fix because the warranty expired…To FIX WHAT? What you HAVEN'T fixed for the last 2 YEARS! This is an absolute disgrace, you have a LOUSY expensive fridge, that WON'T produce ice
    My wife contacted Samsung for some type of consideration, seeing that this has been an ongoing issue..Their response; there's nothing we can do….If we do it, its considered fraud, to Samsung, it's just BUSINESS! Well, we WERE a Samsung house, but no longer..

    Samsung stands behind their products…FAR, far behind.

  • Never again will I purchase anything labeled Samsung or from Samsung Direct. Ordered a Powerbot Star Wars Limited Edition robotic vacuum before the holidays. Received shipping notification, but never received the product. Immediately called shipping company On-Trac who sent me a message saying the product was delivered which never happened. Have video surveillance around my entire home, and downloaded the video tape of the time they stated delivery was made with 30 minutes on front and backend of the time they said deliver was made. No delivery truck was even in the neighborhood at the time stated. Shipper advised that I needed to contact Samsung to start the investigation as they are the shipper of record. Well, we're now into mid-February and Samsung still hasn't done anything. I have reached out 3 times to them by now, and I keep getting the same answer that their shipping department shows it as shipped and delivered. But no one has yet contacted the shipping company to find out what happened nor can anyone give me proof that it was delivered. I on the other hand have video evidence showing that nothing was delivered as per the erroneous info stated in the shipment tracking. Disputed the charge on my credit card, but Samsung is denying it. Have elevated it to the CEO of Samsung in the hopes that he can get his team in gear and do a thorough investigation of what happened to the shipment and why it was not delivered as they claim. I don't hold out much hope for the non-customer focused organization called Samsung. My next step is to have my attorney contact them and ship them a copy of the downloaded video as evidence that nothing was delivered as stated on their end. Perhaps that will get them to finally issue me credit or actually send me the product I ordered. Never again will I purchase a Samsung product. Lesson learned, and sadly enough it was the first Samsung purchase I ever made. I'm sticking with more customer centric organizations from now on.

  • Oh my what a rip off Samsung is, grr thought I was the only one with problems, I ordered a tv Jan 3rd 2018, cancelled order 1-4 2018, they still tried to send it I refused and they are still holding my $1,078 dollars and its the 16th of January

  • Our glass top range broke mid October. We called immediately and filed a claim. Their people don't know anything about their own warranties. We had to inform them that we are in fact covered under warranty. They also told us that we live too far out? But we're actually only 7 miles away from Lowe's AND Home Depot in which they supply product too and also only 5 miles away from Costco. From mid October to now I can't even tell you how many times WE have had to call them to get information. They never call you like they say the will. They are very good with "I don't know", "I'm very sorry", "We will call you back in 2-3 business days", in which they NEVER do. They owe us $1055. They've changed the amount of money on us 4 times now. On November 21st we FINALLY got an email to which we could "accept" the amount and sent them all the necessary info they requested that same day. In the email it says you'll receive your money in 7-14 days. Well it's been over 14 days now. I called Monday, talked to 4 different people who didn't have an answer for me, blew me off some more, gave me the "Exchange & Refund Dept" phone number to call that doesn't even work. I've talked to their "Supervisors" if that's what you'd even consider them and they've said they'd forward me internally to their "Exchange & Refund Dept". I bet you can guess what happened next… The call was dropped! BOTH TIMES! I called on a landline too, so it wasn't a matter of me losing service. Now, they are saying our money has been approved and we should have it in 4-6 business days. Again, I tell them I don't believe you, we've heard this many times before. I want to talk to someone who can actually give me answers on why this is taking so long. What was the issue that we don't know about? Why didn't YOU contact us? More hiding and lying. I can't even keep count how many times me and my husband have called them. We've spent hours now at this point. I'm fully prepared to sue these idiots. Do NOT buy Samsung products. We will never buy their product again solely on the case that IF something does happen their customer service department are frauds. It also really great that they want to drag their feet and blow us off right before Christmas. Convenient.

  • Hello, anybody there? Samsung help? You'll transfer me? OK.
    On hold almost an hour, then cut-off.
    What's wrong with this company?

  • I WILL NEVER PURCHASE ANOTHER SAMSUNG PRODUCT AGAIN! I'm VERY disappointed in the Samsung Washer and Dryer that I bought 9 months ago in addition to the 1-year warranty service that you provide. I've gotten the run-around from the warranty department.

    We had these units professionally set up yet, the washer sounds like a jet engine taking off when it's in the spin cycle and your warranty service center refused to send out a technician and wanted me to video the sound it's making and send it to them to diagnose. Tell me how someone can diagnose from a video when the sound quality would not be the same as hearing it in person! Needless to say, I'm waiting for my extended warranty to kick in before I call again – the problem STILL exists!

    Second issue – two weeks ago my dyer made a big clunking sound and just died…Samsung warranty department (it's still within the 1 year timeframe) scheduled the appointment, then canceled it without calling us because the repairman THEY called never responded to them! Then, reinstated it when my husband called to find out what was happening with the repair, and now, after waiting another week for the part they ordered to arrive so we could finally have the dryer repaired, the repair company called to say the part came in damaged and we have to wait yet ANOTHER week. Again, my husband called Samsung Warranty Dept to complain and asked to speak to a manager and they claimed they don't have a manager he can speak to.

    Needless to say, we are VERY upset. We spent a little over $4000 for the washer, dryer and pedestals for these supposed top-of-the-line units and have gotten nothing but grief and a huge pile of dirty laundry that I now have to go to a laundry facility to have cleaned! I will NEVER purchase another Samsung product and hope that anyone reading this will also heed my warning.

    • i just got off phone with samsung and told them that if they dont make the mis information that was given to me yesterday i was to go off on them and now they will b sending me a tech to see what the problem is with the circiut bourd of the washer is

  • I am writing to let you know how very disappointed I am in your product my kids bought me a new washer and dryer for Christmas in December 2011 which is only five and a half years ago we have a small family so I feel this washer should have lasted a little longer than it did well it broke and my husband is looking all over for this part I cannot get it he was told by Sears that Samsung does not make the part anymore we should buy a new product is this what happens with your products they break and you can't fix them do you have any resolution for this problem either a comparable part or compensation for a new washer the part number that was discontinued is DC 92- 00 30 1 J the model number of the washer is WF220ANW/XAA please give me an answer either way my email is thank you William Brennan

  • My mother has tried calling support to get her tv repaired. the tv is less than a year old and still under warranty. She calls the support number she was provided. She is placed on hold until the office close then they hang up on her. They have done this to her twice now! That is the poorest excuse customer service, use that term very loosely, I have ever heard of!!

  • I totally agree with everyone. Simply put – Samsung products SUCK! I purchased a 55" TV in late January & by early April, it broke. To make things worse, Samsung said it was physical damage & would not replace or repair it. The TV sat on a stand in my bedroom & no one moved it. There is no physical damage on the outside or any dents or marks. This is how they make money – they sell you a cheapo product for less than other manufacturers & when it breaks down they say it's YOUR FAULT! I wish someone would sue them!

  • EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED With the way the gift box promotion was rolled out for the new samsung galaxy s8. I purchased my phone on March 30th from sprint and I still wasn't able to get it, despite the numerous phone calls to Sprint & Samsung between then & now. Had the terms been a little bit more clear regarding the proof of purchase, I probably could have solved my problem. However, too little too late. I really hope you find a way to make it up to the many customers who are no doubt just as upset as I am.

  • Fran
    Our 3 year old Samsung French door refrigerator RF263BEAESR leaked copious water in the crisper, coils frozen. 4 calls for repair with repugnant response 4 day wait time and no cost covered. After research,I found 2,986 complaints exactly the same. I would suggest
    not purchasing a Samsung appliance, as our 2 yr. old Samsung dishwasher motor was replaced after 1 year the electric panel failed.
    Samsung takes no responsibility after the consumer purchase.
    Sang-Hoon Lee, Gregory Lee should be very ashamed. I am disgusted with their unprofessional techniques, sell the item then do not help when is a problem.

  • I bought a Samsung washer $1,100 and change.10 year warrantee. Three years lather the washer will not spin water out of the cloths. Samsung gave me the run around for 4 months. After not getting them to fix this washer I went out and bought another washer. NOT a Samsung. I put the Samsung washer in the garage and continued to try to get them to come and fix it. AAA app. showed to work on it but the fact it was not hooked up in my home they would not even look at it. I don't find fault with AAA. I find fault with Samsung. A billion dollar company that does not care about it's customers. I'm going to make a U tube video warning everyone against buying Samsung twice as expensive as say GE, Kenmore and many other brands but do not hold up as well. I advise anyone with a problem with Samsung to do the same. Give them some bad press and see if that has an effect on there Add to dictionary if it hits them where it hurts they will do a better job of caring for there customers. If they see me running over this washer with a tractor maybe it will get some attention. Its worth a try. Samsung is a greedy no caring company that needs a wake up call. I know many people are really upset and will never buy another Samsung product again ,but that's not enough. Get mad, lets tell people what Samsung is all about. Save others the grief we have endured dealing with Samsung. Make a video. Go on line and warn people .I'd like to cast them $1,000,000 or more in sales this year.

  • I will never buy Samsung again. Very bad customer service. Can't get ahold of corporate at all. Nobody will call you back. Been calling since Dec 2016 for the Samsung washer and can't get no answer. They want us to dish out money again. I have email people higher up too and no respond.

  • I have been a long time customer of Samsung we went looking for a new washing machine so we said Samsung has good products so we spent a lot of money on a Samsung washing machine WITCH WAS A BIG MISTAKE. i had recall performed because the other option was ridiculous. witch was loose money on giving the machine back for another Samsung product they wouldn't even replace it straight up with another one or refund my money that i spent for another Samsung washing machine. when the recall was being performed part of it is to put a sticker where the control dial is because they changed some of the settings i spent over $800.00 on the washing machine im not putting a sticker on my machine. I called the guy from Samsung answered the phone and was so rude and unprofessional SAMSUNG LOST A BIG FAMILY OF CUSTOMERS TODAY WILL NEVER GET ANYTHING SAMSUNG AGAIN


  • I am another unfortunate consumer of a Samsung Washing Machine. In addition to the comments made by another consumer, I had my recall repair conducted. A DISH TV tech was sent to perform the recall service. About two hours after the repair, I placed a load of laundry in the washer and began the wash cycle as I normally do. about twenty minutes later, I walked into the garage and there was water coming through my light fixture pouring into the garage. My laundry room is located on the second floor. As I ran upstairs to the laundry room, water was all over the laundry room floor. I immediately turned off the machine and the water valves. The machine continue to empty water onto the floor. I had to use about 15 bath towels to help absorb the water in addition to a neighbor brining over his shop vac to help clean up the remaining water.

    I called Samsung to report the incident. They assigned my repair to a service company and provided me with a number to call them direct to see if I could expedite the repair. When I called the company the following morning, they had declined the repair because they did not perform the recall service.

    Now I am responsible for providing the original purchase receipt before they will send anyone out to repair the machine. I had to contact LOWES Corporate office for assistance, since I cannot locate my original receipt.

    This is totally unacceptable customer service. In addition, the corporate office phone number located on their website has bed disconnected.

    I will be reporting this to the Better Business Bureau.

    I will most likely be without a washing machine for a minimum of three weeks, and I still have to deal with the damages to my home.

  • I am the unlucky owner of one of your recalled washing machine. Your company has been very dishonest in dealing with the public and the press with you "recall". When I purchased this washing machine it was for the promise of being able to use the big oversized tub to wash my bedding and heavy items. This was pushed as a great feature of your product. When a consumer hears the term "recall" they believe that the recalled item will either be refunded, replaced or repaired to make it perform as it was initially promised. Your recall did anything but. I was sent a very unattrative sticker to apply to the front of my machine that changed the setting. According to that sticker I was to heretofore wash all bedding and bulky items on gentle. Still I believed that once the repair was done my machine would be restored to the promised new performance level. Two days after the recall work was completed, I was notified via an automated phone call that I should never again wash bedding and bulky items in my wash on anything other than delicate. WHAT? Who can get these items clean on a gentle cycle intended for handwash type items. You as a company have pulled the wool over the eyes of the press by letting your recall be touted as a good thing. Sadly, taking an item I paid top dollar for and making it useless for the express purpose that I bought it, is not a reasonable nor exceptable practice. I will be fighting this tooth and nail with every consumer agency that I can find. Shame on you Samsung for not doing right by your customers.

    • I am also affected by the Samsung recall repair.

      In addition to the comments already mentioned, my repair was conducted Monday of this week by a Dish TV repair tech. One of the companies Samsung had contracted to conduct the service work.

      Several hours after the repair, I placed a load of laundry in the machine and turn it on as I normally did. About twenty minutes into the wash, I walked into my garage to see water pouring through my light fixture onto the garage floor. I immediately ran upstairs to where my laundry room is located to find water coming out from under my machine. The laundry room was filling with water.

      I tried to turn off the machine and closed the water valves. Grabbed about 15 bath towels to begin absorbing the water, called a neighbor to bring a shop vac to help remove the water I could not get absorbed.

      I have damage to my garage ceiling, I am concerned about mold in the insulation.

      I called Samsung. After 45 minutes, a work order for repair has been assigned to a company. I asked for the phone number so I could call directly to expedite the service call. When I called the company the next morning, I found they had declined the work order since they did not perform the original recall service repair.

      I contacted Samsung only to find out I needed to provide the original purchase receipt before they would assign a Samsung Technician to come and repair the machine.

      I had to contact Lowes for assistance, and it may take up to ten business days for them to provide me with the receipt.

      This is the poorest customer service I have ever received. My machine was working just fine until the recall service was performed and now my family has to be inconvenienced because they will not send anyone to service the machine without the original receipt.

      The Samsung rep stated, I did not have to have the recall performed. Basically placing blame on me instead of the repair technician.

      In addition, the corporate phone number provided on their website has been disconnected. I plan to contact the BBB for assistance.

  • I have the 7 Edge. It over heated so badly that it burned my fingers. This coming from a phone that was supposed to be turned off. When I reported this to Samsung they did not care. They do not care if the phone overheats and sets my home on fire. I got the impression they wanted to see my 2 grandsons, my son, my elderly mother and myself burn to death. If they cared they would have done something immediately. Samsung is not worth it. It is not worth your life or your families lives. Time for everyone to file separate multi million dollar lawsuits. I am not talking class action where the only people who win are the lawyers I am talking individual lawsuits. Please be very careful with any other Samsung products you may have

  • New Samsung French Door Fridge with INTERNAL water dispenser that was DEFECTVE. I called NEXT day to inform Samsung of the Problem and requested a repair or RETURN. Their so-called "Customer Service" at first would NOT even listen, acted like jokester; refused to get Manager–this went on for HOURS. Finally my son was able to speak with Manager to request Repair it or Replace this ONE DAY old Defective Refrigerator. Result? Commitment from Samsung Manager to send Repair person. But, Since 22 November to this day, Repair person NEVER showed up. Weary of promises,Excuses and LIES, I went back to Home Depot out of desperation and like us,salesman was on hold with Samsung for over TWO hours shifted from Dept. to Dept. with Zero results. I later found Samsung COMPLAINTS–was stunned enough to end Samsung fiasco,requested store pickup Defective product. NEVER buy SAMSUNG again. Let's NOT let them move higher on acceptability scale–Samsung does NOT deserve options to mistreat American consumers. 60 years of buying stuff, this was Most frustrating purchase experience in my life. BTW, the Samsung fridge is still here to be swapped Friday with American brand new GE & 3 yr warranty.

  • Samsung:
    This tab was ordered 11/26/26 from Samsung Order# 11078718371. paid $249.00. Recieved on 12/24/16 and opened the box 12/27/2016 for Christmas.present
    from my spouse Len Duncan. The sound defaults to mute. I contacted Tech support on 12-27-16 12-28-16 and 12-29-16. Following are ticket numbers 4337995523,
    4337980805, 4337998101, ticket # 5322817736, 4140007925, 4139997184.
    Samsung Tech Support has been inside my Tab X2 using remote Smart Tutor, 1 update was done, 2 hard factory resets, Safe mode now is in on the screen.
    I agreed to send the Tab in for a repair on 12-29 but due to a computer glitch they coud not generate a shipping label states that the repair dept would issue one the next day.
    On 12-29 no shipping label e-mailed to me so I called again and asked for a supervisor who told me due to the 14 day warrenty thet Samsung would now issue a new Tab thut I was
    transferred to sales who tells me that they can refund my money if I return the pad a then I can reorder a new one. This would be fine but the price has now increased to $279.00.
    Once again I was transferred to a person who tells me that if I take a multitude of photos and e-mail them to her she will issue a refund then tell me how to reorder
    with a price match. So I take 12 pictures with my Samsung Note 4 phone and try to e-mail them back to her but the file is to big to email 12 photos. So I have split
    the photos up as you see and will send this 4 times.
    If anyone can see a way to fix this problem and replace my Samsung Tab A with S Pen in White in a more customer friendly manner I would welcome it. I have
    spent a minimum of 7 hours on my end trying to get this taken care of to no avail.

    Therasa Duncan
    Len Duncan
    7666 NCR 2050 E
    Kilbourne, Il 62655

  • I agree with everyone's comments whole heartedly! Samsung is the worst! I had a top load washer that was under re-call. Samsung sent a Dish TV repair person to fix my washer. TV person to fix a washer??!! Well he fixed it all right. Ended up damaging the cheap nylon water intake on the back of the washer and it ended up flooding my basement. He never turned the water back and we only found the issue after going to do a wash. A pure negligence issue on the part of the technician. That happened on November 28th, 2016. You would think Samsung would bend over backwards to fix the problem that they caused? Nope! They assign another repair technician (again from a different TV repair shop) to come fix the washing machine the following Monday, a week after the first technician broke it. That is service? I fought, to no avail to try to get someone to fix it sooner. Wait, it gets better. The day the new technician is supposed to come, I get a phone call saying they cant make it due to a family emergency. They need to re-schedule, not for the following day but for the following week. Again I am stuck dealing with Samsung customer service, or lack thereof, in trying to get someone to repair the machine sooner. That was a nightmare itself. At one point they tried to assign a technician to come from another TV repair place, but this one was located 283 miles from my house! Crazy does not define it well. All other technicians that they attempted to assign could not make it until well after the first company was supposed to come on their SECOND visit. One had a disconnected phone number. I threw my hands in the air and gave up. I relented to have the first technician that was assigned to perform the repair even tough they cancelled the appointment for a full week later. Today they were supposed to show up. I received a call that the person called in sick and that they will come on Friday, December 16th to repair it. That is 19 days after Samsung damaged the machine. While that date has not hit yet I have no confidence that it will be adhered to. I had a flooded basement, and have been without a washer for what will be at least 19 days due to a Samsung representatives negligence. Do they care? Absolutely not. If you go to their corporate website they have a 'Vision 2020' which is to grow the company and become one of the top 5 brands on the world by the year 2020. Their 'vision' includes strategic approaches, creativity, partnership and talent as their top 4 goals. No mention of customer service or customer satisfaction. They are HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE, and even more HORRIBLE. I too will do everything in my power to let everyone I know of the horrible products and the horrible customer service and total lack of concern for customer satisfaction. They do not care. But if they want to grow their company they sure better change their priorities and put the customer first, because right now the customer is dead last. The ONLY concession that I would make is that their customer services reps were all vey polite and apologetic, but that does not get things done. Do yourself a favor and stay away from ALL Samsung products. Do not help them achieve their goals of being a top 5 brand in the world. They are absolute tops, number 1 in customer dissatisfaction and complaints however. I have already wrote a complaint to the consumer protection agency and plan on sending letters to the Chairman and CEO Oh-Hyun Kwon, Gregory Lee, president and CEO of Samsung electronics in North America and Young Sohn, President and Chief Strategy Officer for Samsung electronics. It will get me no where, I know, as the uncaring attitude is perpetuated right from the top executive level.

  • So wish I had read all the bad publicity that they post right on their website. French Door Fridge about 5 and half years old, and everything that can go wrong happened all at once. Both Control boards are bad, and the compressor, literally all at same time. Repairman gave estimate of 1000 dollars plus. Customer service took information, and said I would be contacted by repair service, 5 days later I had to call a repair service due to no callback. Every comment I have read on here is true to my experience. I agree with Boycotting their products.

  • I purchased a Samsung Multi functional Printer while stationed at Kunsan Air Base last year, started having problems with it and found the Fuser went out sent into Samsung for repair twice now with them telling me they were going to fix. Still not fixed Samsung does not honor its warranty. Contacted Executive Customer Service and they acted like they were being imposed upon, you folks have no customer service skills. DO NOT BY PRODUCTS FROM THIS ORGANIZATION.

  • I bought the Galaxy Note 7 and several accessories on 08/23/2016 and spent over 1k. I then cancelled my full order within 2 days hearing news of the phone problems before it has even shipped out. Samsung shipped the items anyway and charged my credit card 2 separate charges for one order. I refused delivery by the shipper and the items were returned. I have since made a dozen documented calls to customer service. Today is Oct 12, 2016 and Samsung has STILL NOT issued a full credit. I just called the Executive Customer Relations and she said she can't help me because this is a .com order and to go back to the same people at cust svc I have already spoken with a dozen times. UNBELIEVABLE!!! Samsung is the worst company. I will NEVER buy another Samsung product. GO TO HELL SAMSUNG!!!

  • Being deaf and mute and trying to get help with Samsung is an utter joke. After first REPEATEDLY stating I'm hearing impaired and getting told continually I'll have to call in over my Samsung TV model UN65JU670DFXZA I purchased less than a year ago. I followed all the steps I was asked of. Finally Keya D
    Executive Customer Relations Supervisor contacts me.. ha this is her exact words "Hello Kimberly,

    I would like to thank you for being a valued Samsung customer. I am reaching out to you regarding your Samsung TV model UN65JU670DFXZA, I apologize that you have been having an issue with getting the unit repaired.

    At this time I would like to provide a free of charge repair to have the unit repaired.

    If this is something that you would like to move forward with please reply" I state by law it is my right to request a new replacement tv of equal value but I want same one. Again her words in reply "Understood. At this time I am willing to move forward with a replacement. Please provide the serial number from the Samsung TV. Once received I will be able to assist" to that I reply I have provided it 3 times already as well as extended warranty and proof of purchase. I also complied when they told me to take it back to place of purchase originally and have it fixed. They could not fix it as they didn't service them the main board going out. To which I'm told to contact Samsung as I do and they tell me after knowing I'm deaf to call call call finally saying it's not our responsibility your out of luck. So after Kenya d contacts insisting on serial number knowing I'm deaf I have to contact multiple people to locate tv and get serial number. I comply once again sending her serial number here is her response "Thank you for providing me with the serial number. I will move forward to process the exchange. So that we can expedite the exchange process, is the unit still at the repair facility or have it been delivered back to your address? Are you kidding me! The tv is where I was told to take it from Samsung! YOU HAVE THE TV! So now I'm without my money Samsung has that from my original purchase! And now I'm without a tv completely! Because Samsung also has that! But now she emails me her words "I really would like to assist you with your replacement, however with out the defective unit being located there are no accommodations that we can offer." Are you kidding me! So now I bought tv (expensive) main board goes out use my 4 hours there and back twice to get repaired, told send serial number which I did 4 times they lose unit and from what I learned unit is actually on way back to Samsung to be refurbished so they can make even more money of of me! I may be deaf but I'm sure not dumb this is against the law at its finest!

  • I wish we had check this website before. We just bought a Samsung 65" TV when we received it was damage. Received TV on Friday 9/23 and after church on that Sunday my husband and I open and set up tv and found it had line come down on the inside of the tv. it look a crack, but you can not feel on outside. I Call Samsung on 9/25 and speaking with their agent is the worst. Today I was told Samsung does not honor warranty on physical Damage and they don't replace physical damage. They claim the picture I upload look like physical damaged. My husband is still in awe how they can do business like this. "PLEASE FILE YOUR COMPLAINT WITH FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION"

  • I just can't believe that one of the largest corporations is allowed to do business as it does. Like everyone I too have been promised by Samsung that me problems would be handled. I am now 4 months into trying to get Samsung to correct the issues. But the only thing they have done us cause more problems. I purchased a washer and dryer. The first one sounded like it was leaving the planet. The second one was better but ruined a new set of sheets. After insisting and 4 months of torment Samsung agreed to give me an E-Gift card to spend on their site. They have now sent 2 different codes and neither of them work. I'll try the headquarters, Better Business Bureau and Consumers Affairs and see if any of them can help me. If they help or not I will never buy from Samsung again. If I ever get a correct code to use on their internet site I will find something for the price if the gift code only. I can never revoked Sansung to anyone again. I really hate that along with all of you I am having so many problems and having to sever ties with Samsung.

  • I purchased a Samsung dryer from Home Depot and it would not run. Call Home Depot and they told me their responsible stop with them when I bought dryer. Finished with Home Depot. Now as for Samsung they did send out another dryer. Guess what it does not work. I have been on phone trying to get Samsung to do something about this since June. They refuse to replace this dryer even though it does not work either. They tell me I have to get it repaired???. I sent up service the appliance people Samsung sent out admits the company has had trouble with this dryer. Samsung still refuses to replace dryer. Why am I suppose to have to repair a brand new dryer??. I will not purchase anything from Samsung again with their BAD ATTITUDE'S or HOME DEPOT. Never had so much problems before with anybody else!!!

    • I'm having similar issues with Samsung I think that their customer service is lousy. I have a dryer brand new it doesn't dry the clothes properly. Getting an apt is a nite mare. I will never purchase a Samsung PRODUCT AGAIN.

  • I spoke to Kenan about an issue with my phone that nobody in the local Sprint store could fix. He asked me all about the problem, and then proceeded to diagnose it, and he fixed it. He is very professional and intelligent. He is an asset to your company.

  • I'd really appreciate knowing how a person in one of your sales offices can say: unless I see or hear what your phone is doing I can't help you. If they aren't able to understand what you're explaining your phone is doing, then they shouldn't be selling your product. They also should make sure of your customer service number before giving to customers as I was give a wrong number & had to research it myself to have my problem fixed by your wonderful tech service.

  • I have a Samsung Galaxy 5 that I purchased from a Retail phone store. I was having issues with my computer recognizing my phone. Well, after numberous (minimum 10 times) of speaking to many representatives, and countless hours, my cell phone has been rendered useless. Of course speaking to the same representative is out of the question, so the next representative informed me that my phone will not be replaced. Now I am stuck with NO working phone and no contact to the outside world except email. I can definitely see why people are buying APPLE products. Samsung products are junk and to top it off they use product support that are clueless in resolving issues. Needless to say, I am now writing on this Samsung page to which I see the previous complaints have not been replied to or resolved……Samsung, I see you got me again….I also had a Samsung Galaxy 4 which tanked also……what a joke.

  • We purchased all of our appliances from HH Gregg and our microwave has been fixed 4 times and a little over a month of it being fixed the last time they want me to pay for repairs, as it stopped working again.
    After the third time I should have received a new microwave.
    Samsung your products SUCK never ever will I ever purchase another one. It's absolute BS that their CORPORATE OFFICE DOESN'T HAVE A WORKING PHONE NUMBER. What kind of company is this. So tired of hearing I understand, if it were their product at their home they'd be just as aggravated as everyone else that has purchased there products.

  • Complete rip-off. Our samsung washer went out and then our refrigerator is going out. I tried to talk to Samsung and they will not warranty a repair. I will NEVER buy another one of their products. I replaced the bad washer with a Maytag (whirlpool). Even the repairman said Samsung keeps them in business and they have many issues with their refrigerators. They even said they have to BREAK a panel off to get to the parts inside because it's a design flaw. STAY AWAY…We're not sure what we are going to do. This refrigerator was a MAJOR investment and it only cools to 45 degrees and forms ice inside that keeps it from cooling properly.

  • I will never buy your phones again with all those idiot celebrities on your commercial makes me not want to buy that is why we have to pay a high price so you can pay those idios

  • I am in the same sad boat as everyone else. I purchased a frig 2 years ago that has had continuous failure issues with the ice maker. I purchased an extended warranty with Samsung Protection Plus and find myself completely perplexed as to why it took me 7 hours on the phone (over a 2 day period) just to schedule the repair work. In day 1, I was transferred to 15 different people, had repair tickets both opened and closed for some unknown reason, told to call Assurant Solutions and repeatedly sent back and forth from sales people to protection plus people. After 4 hours and 45 minutes, I hung up thinking I'd finally had success. Unfortunately, I got called by the Service Company and told that my frig wasn't under warranty and I'd have to pay for the repairs myself. I explained that I had purchased an extended warranty and he said that Samsung failed to document that on the ticket and unless and until they did, he would not schedule a repair call. The next day I called Samsung again who insisted I call Assurant Solutions who sent me back to Samsung etc. etc. After 2 hours and 17 minutes, I finally found someone (in the wrong department) who set up the repair ticket correctly. Samsung really must train their customer service people on how to handle calls. They have no idea who is responsible for anything and can't properly fill out a service ticket. The biggest joke is paying for an extended warranty with Protection Plus. Those people haven't the slightest clue how to handle the warranty work. A very sad and very frustrating experience. This was my first and last Samsung appliance that I will ever own.

  • Dear Samsung
    I'm very excited about the new galaxy 7s and new tablet that I purchased yesterday. Verizon people were very low key and extremely helpful (I switched from AT&T). The one thing I was disappointed about was that my son got really excited about the free VR after I talked with Verizon on Saturday. When I went back Sunday to make my purchase, I was told the VR promo ended Saturday. Needless to say, my son is very upset. Had we been informed of this, we wouldn't have waited until Sunday to buy. Any compensation for this error would be appreciated. I really like the language conversion feature as will be visiting Europe shortly and figure we will have fun "talking" and translating with the locals.

  • I am never buying a Samsung product again. I had a laptop fixed twice, my phone fixed once and now my tablet fixed 3 times going for A replacement as the issue is still happening. It would take me days to go into detail of the conversations I have had with them. I am not even sure the problem is resolved after being on the phone with them for over an hour today.

  • I have had such a bad experience with Samsung. I would like to contact someone other than customer service as customer service is truly worthless. A contact for a corporate office would be so appreciated. I have the one listed above which does not work. Thank You!

    • Were you able to get an address or phone number? The number above just rang and rang and no one answered. Please share if you know who we can reach out to to get some help. Thanks.

  • Woohoo! A way to vent and hopefully to the powers who can do something! I purchased a "lemon" Samsung Gear Fit on April 30, 2015. It has spent exactly one FULL month in warranty repair since purchase, going back to them for repair every 2-2.5 months. They FINALLY replaced the unit with a refurbished unit, which I was assured would NOT happen. But, when the watchband is on backwards and the "Samsung" badge is all scratched to pieces, along with the fact that the face, badge and hear rate monitor sensor did not have the normal protective coverings = refurbished unit. Not only is the watchband on there backwards, I wore this "new" watch for 45 mins while walking the dog, outside, and other various aerobic activities and it said I only took 13 steps! ARE YOU FREAKING SERIOUS?! When I sent the original unit in for repair for the 3rd time, I also reported and filed a consumer complaint with the North Carolina Attorney General, who sent out a notice to Samsung. I've since reported to them that the "new" unit was indeed refurbished and also did not work, so we are far from done. I own close to $7k in Samsung products in my home! Done!

  • Support people are just stupid. First person in chat used the name Vijayakrishna P. This person left chat without saying anything and another person popped up using the name Anil J.

    The second person, Anil, started asking me the same questions all over again and when I told him to talk to the other person he said to hold on while he looked at what I had told the other person. That is something this person should have done before asking anything.

    Neither person had any idea about what they were talking about. Neither one addressed the problem.

    The problem was with the One Connect box that comes with the Samsung JS9000 and JS9500 TV's. At one point Anil J. finally said he was working on the problem with the One Connect mini. The One Connect mini comes with the JS8500 and earlier models. After I pointed out his incompetency, the fact that I did not have a One Connect mini, he apologized for being an idiot.

    I am glad I printed out the conversation. At the end of the conversation I was asked if I want the conversation e-mailed to me so I selected to have that done, put in my e-mail address and I have never had the conversation e-mailed to me. This was probably not e-mailed to me because I rated the techs as being the worse people I could have possibly talked to for help.

    Anyway my TV is going back for a full refund and I will buy something else. No more Samsung products for me and I have purchased many of them over many years.

    A copy of the chat will be going on many webpages after I scan it.

    Time to get Boycott Samsung T-shirts. Stick with Apple and reliable businesses.

  • LAST time I will buy a Samsung product. This experience has turned me off of the brand. The Samsung refrigerator we bought is a nightmare. We have Samsung phones and mistakenly thought that their refrigerator would be a good product. Wrong!!!!!!! Never, ever buying another Samsung product — phone, appliance, WHATEVER. Will tell EVERYONE to not buy their products too!!!!!
    We bought a Samsung refrigerator and the freezer portion does not work — ice cream was slushy, frozen pizza was pliable, etc. Technician came out and said that the freon was low and that there was a leak. This is a brand new refrigerator!!!!!!!!!!!! Have tried talking to Samsung to get a replacement since the freon can be leaking from anywhere and it will be a nightmare trying to find this leak, while I spend the next few months waiting for service calls and tossing out food. After numerous calls and interminable holds, they have refused to replace it.
    I am seriously thinking of placing this piece of junk in front of the house with a sign that says NEVER BUY SAMSUNG and calling TV news.
    Worst customer service ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Let me add my disappointment to the list. I bought a front load washer in August 2015. Within 6 months the lettering on the front panels was wearing off. Fortunately, I had purchased an extended warranty from Sears (3 years for cosmetic reasons). Both panels were replaced. Now, 6 months after replacement, the lettering is fading again. Seriously? Of course, there is no recourse through customer service, but just beware. When we were looking for refrigerators recently, one major retailer said that they had more repairs for Samsung than other brands.

  • RE: Electric Range FE-R300SX

    On October 13, I called Customer Service to advise them after using the self-cleaning function the first time, the powder coating on the bottom of the oven had blistered in several areas, cracked, and the metal is exposed 1×3” in several sections. I called to see what they could do to correct this since this happened through no fault of my own, and clearly it was a material defect. Tech Support said nothing could be done since it was out of warranty, and I had not chosen to purchase an extended warranty.

    I am a single woman, and use the smooth top range daily, but rarely use the oven except for special occasions and holidays. Therefore, I did not use the self-cleaning function before the 1 year warranty, and discover the oven had a material defect.

    I was not satisfied with the answer, and Samsung’s inability to take care of their customer, who in good faith, purchased four new Samsung appliances in 2011 with an expectation that all appliances were purchased without existing material defects, and would be in good working order beyond 1 year warranty. I asked to speak to “someone in charge,” and was transferred to tech support in Executive Customer Relations department.

    At that time, tech support agreed to send a serviceman from One Stop Appliance Repair to trouble shoot the electric range, take photos of the oven, and write a report. The serviceman came to my home on October 15, and agreed it was a material defect, and not cosmetic.

    October 20, internal email between tech support and One Stop Appliance Repair: Product Issue – lower part of the cavity is scratched (I have a copy).

    On October 20, I received an email, “your repair for service ticket number [4132621582] has been cancelled.” The copy of the communication between me, One Source and tech support shows the bottom line: Unit has defect on material, pics attached. Tech support has denied coverage.

    Again, this is not a cosmetic issue, but a material defect, which serviceman from One Source confirmed. The photo the serviceman took with his camera may look like scratches, but it is not, and the photo only shows half of the bottom of the oven (I have a copy of the photo).

    I would like you to do the right thing, reconsider your decision, and correct the material defect in my oven.

  • Samsung has no customer service, WHATSOEVER!!! I have a 3 months old regrigerator that has been repaired for 6 consecutive weeks. the unit leakes water in to the refrigerator area, to a point that the water starts to run down the front of the fridge. It has been repaired for 6 weeks, Samsung refused to deem it unrepairable. They kept telling the technician to do this, and that, to no avail. Finally, they gave up and deemed it unrepairable, it's been 2 weeks since I sent them all the necessary paperwork. NOTHING!!! I have yet to get an approval for the refund. They are HORRIFIC, I do not recommend this brand. I have a washer and dryer, TV's…..but I will never buy it again. Not after this nightmare. I tried looking for a corporate office to call, the number you find online it's useless. Always busy!!
    I've explined to them I suffer from arthritis, that I can't be picking up that cold water with my hands…..they just don't care!!!

  • Good Day ,
    Samsung has truly raised the bar when it comes to Samsung Note Phones. However I have been let down with my experience with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. I decided to upgrade my Galaxy Skyrocket as the newer apps weren't compatible with my phone. I fell in love with the features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (the bigger screen, picture resolution,fast charger and the stylus pen) I am a customer of A T & T and made sure that I took out insurance on my new phone as it also is covered warranty. Good thing too because I am now on Phone #4 and its not even a Galaxy Note 4. AT &T honored my warranty on the Note 4 (3 )times as I have experienced nothing but defects from Day 1.
    I am starting to lose faith in Samsung Products and in A T & T. what good is a phone if you have to place your callers on speaker phone just so they can hear you, or you cannot leave a detailed voice mail as it comes out garbled on the recipient's end and the phone constantly overheats.
    I have to praise A T & T they got an A for effort except for this last go around. They sent me the wrong model instead of the new Samsung Galaxy 5 Note; they sent me the Samsung S5 Active. It no where comparable to the Note 4. The screen is much smaller and there is no stylus and get this they forgot to send the battery either that or they assumed my battery would fit. I am so disappointed right now; I just lost my job after being employed for 12 yrs due to health reasons and this is just adding to my stress. Please Samsung make this right; I want to be able to sing your praises not just voice my opinion good or bad and right now it is Bad!!


    Teri L. Myers,
    Samsung Galaxy Customer

  • I contacted Samsung, Samsung sent out a technician to repair tv. 5hrs after he left the tv went out again. I contact Samsung again, requesting a replacement tv, Samsung customer service advised me the technician would have to make that call and he would be out to fix the tv again. On July 24 the tech came out to fix the tv which he was unable to do so. He told me he had to order a part, I advised him I wanted a new tv and I was told by Samsung costumer service that he was the one to make that call. He informed me that it is not his call what so ever that Samsung made the call and that's not the first time he's been told that. I again contacted Samsung about the 3 time to repair my new tv again Samsung gave me the run around about who can authorize a replacement tv, I was informed by a Samsung Customer Service Manager that she could not authorize an exchange it would be the Exchanged Dept. which takes up to 5 business days. I have asked to speak to a supervisor and been told I could not speak to one. I asked for the Exchanged Dept. number and was told they don't have a number everything is done via email etc.

  • I purchased a Galaxy Note lll. was working ok till Samsung released an upgrade firmware. That was the end of a good working cell. I called customer service. Got two customer service agents that should not work for CSR. they were completEly not informed with nothing about the upgrade and asked me to contact my service provider. ????? WTF ! SAMSUNG you can add me to your list of never again clients. even if it's offered free i'll give it to the garbage bin with all pleasure. SAMSUNG SUCKS !!

  • I have a samsung french door refrigerator with automatic ice maker in the bottom freezer. Suppose to make ice cubes but since day one the ice maker only makes crushed ice and I mean crushed. You couldn't get ice this small unless you put it in a blender. Contacted samsung and was told to pay someone to come out and fix or replace it. Will never buy another Samsung fridge……NEVER.

  • I have a Samsung Smart 3D purchased in 2012. it is 2 1/2 years old. the set was shutting off and then turning itself back on. this was going on for a while. we called Samsung and like everyone else received a runaround. We finally called in someone to fix the set. It is going to cost us over $600.00.
    We tried to call Samsung and ask if anything can be done. our answer NOTHING CAN BE DONE TO HELP US WITH THE COST. LIKE EVERYONE ELSE,NEVER BUY A SAMSUNG PRODUCT. BAD COMPANY TO DEAL WITH.

  • I have a Samsung Galaxy S4. Ive had it for 6 months, My digitizer went out so I sent it to Samsung for repair. I got a call yesterday that they were not going to cover it because it was an out of warrenty condition. How in the world can the inner workings of a phone with no damage besides a broken digitizer be out of warrenty? I am also sad to say that I have been a long time customer of Samsung products. I am very disappointed in their repair policies and their lack of care to help and hold up their warranty standards. I will never buy another Samsung product!!! I can get cheaper electronics that have great customer service. Apple is the way to go when it comes to phones. I am just sorry I gave my business to Samsung this time.

  • I bought my samsung s5 5 months ago in kuala lumpur,malaysi., this supposed to be water resistance. I accidentally dropped my phone in the water bucket last month and the phone became soundless now. No sound at all. This unit supposed to be under full warranty but when i send to samsung service centre to claim the warranty to repair my phone. I was told to pay rm1300 to change the motherboard. This is ridiculous to ask for this payment since it is still under warranty. So I refused to pay and the phone returned back to me.
    Now I seek the Samsung Management help to provide me my entitlement to claim my warranty. Anyone out there can help my call for help…… I can be reached at I can provide you the full details once you contact me. I believe samsung as a trusted brand worldwide shall honour his warranty for my Samsung S5. Thank you in advance to the Samsung team who is able to see my cry for help….. thank you.

  • Can't vent my frustration enough. We have a full Samsung Kitchen, washer / dryer / dishwasher and fridge. We have had a leak issue with the dishwasher and called for service. the service company associated with the South Florida market is Lakes Electronics. I called and scheduled for yesterday and they assured me I would receive a call in morning from Tech as to approx. appointment time. Call never came so I called them. Spoke to Nicole who at first had no answer then stated their truck was in accident and it had our parts on it. She offered to send another truck to pick up parts and do the service call but it was already after 3 PM so I suggested new call first thing in morning. She promised I would be first call. Morning comes, NO call. I call Samsung Service and they had no alternatives for me. I take 2 days off and get no service and now I am told they are waiting on UPS to deliver parts. 1st no one has been here so which parts and 2nd what happened to parts on truck yesterday ??? Sounds like BS to me !!!! I need help!!!!! Lou Gerak

    • Dishwasher is a problem. after reading 198 reviews of the horror with this product….run and get another brand. they do not stand behind their product.

  • Can't vent my frustration enough. We have a full Samsung Kitchen, washer / dryer / dishwasher and fridge. We have had a leak issue with the dishwasher and called for service. the service company associated with the South Florida market is Lakes Electronics. I called and scheduled for yesterday and they assured me I would receive a call in morning from Tech as to approx. appointment time. Call never came so I called them. Spoke to Nicole who at first had no answer then stated their truck was in accident and it had our parts on it. She offered to send another truck to pick up parts and do the service call but it was already after 3 PM so I suggested new call first thing in morning. She promised I would be first call. Morning comes, NO call. I call Samsung Service and they had no alternatives for me. I take 2 days off and get no service and now I am told they are waiting on UPS to deliver parts. 1st no one has been here so which parts and 2nd what happened to parts on truck yesterday ??? Sounds like BS to me !!!! I need help!!!!! Lou Gerak

  • Its time we as Americans say enough and demand that the products are quality products ,we are not some third world products or people that don't have rights. We let the electronic companies get away with selling us inferior products because they know we want take the time to fight them.If we do fight them we have to wait until the so-called invisible tech arrives or they find one. We have to start taking time to say no more. Boycott Samsung now! Do not buy their products and if any other company does this then let communicate via social media and put a stop to this, we are the USA and we demand better products.

  • I don't own a Samsung phone but I have their appliances. I will never buy another Samsung. Most of the products work fine. The new microwave stops heating. They send someone to fix, but no go. They send the second – takes microwave, comes back with a couple new parts and pronounced OK. another 5 days before it happens again. Spent 2 hours trying to reason with Samsung to simply replace it. I had just spent $4,000 on two other Samsung products. They will not replace a lousy microwave that is $340 retail. The customer service people all read a script. They are unable to sound like anything but a script. The next one up the line – who I waited an hour on hold to speak with – repeats the scripts and tells me that "no one at Samsung is authorized to replace it". The part they have now ordered has not come in and they do not care how long it takes. Lousy customer service in the warranty period equals a bad product and because I am fearful what will happen if another Samsung product breaks, I will never buy any of their products again.

  • I will NEVER buy another Samsung device! They want $159 to repair a device I paid $250 for. I'll just go buy an Apple ipad!!

  • For a 202.93 billion dollar company I expected more. CRAPPY ass product! Do Not Buy! Customer Service Horrible and factory warranty is a JOKE! GO BUY LG!

  • It is with sincere doubt that I write this comment. I doubt that anyone at Samsung will read it and doubt further that anyone cares about this opinion. However never boycott a product unless you make at least one attempt at telling them why.

    Here is why I will never ever buy another Samsung product, period. I own a Note 4 (big mistake for anyone who is security minded and doesn't want updates, tracking, and government or corporate interference with the options or operation of their phone). Samsung like all monolith corporations believe that they have a right to force updates into your phone when they choose. I for one think they do not. However they only know that they can force it in and I can't stop them. So if you are listening Samsung this Note 4 is the last consumer dollar you will ever see from me. Small protest action but I have spent nearly two thousand dollars on phones alone for family in the last eighteen months. I now expect to find an alternative for your product in the next six months. How many consumers like me can you afford to alienate before your profits start to reflect your poor decisions.

  • Their customer service stinks. Remote went out before the 1 year warrenty and it has taken so far 2 months to send a replacement. Which they STILL have not sent. I have reordered this 5 times and get the run around everytime. They say it was never entered, they have no way of tracking my order BLAH BLAH BLAH. Will NEVER purchase another Samsung product. To bad cause they used to be top of the line. By the way needed remote to connect the new Samsung stero, surround and sound bar that I bought. NOT took them all back and now selling the TV too.

  • I am not feeling good about this at all. I have had a Galaxy S4 for about 8 months. It has been in for repairing of the charging port, and it still doesn't charge right. Because of that, it keeps frying the battery. It won't go to sleep mode, the battery drains too quickly, and try to get help.. the only option is to send it in AGAIN.. I refuse.. I want my money back! I have tried calling the headquarters phone number but it is always busy.. What a HORRIIBLE company

  • I just got off the phone with samsung rep I have told them my concerns that I have purchased a samsung microwave which is making sounds the light does not work even though blubs was replaced, what really piss me off is the inside of microwave underneath the plates its strippng and rusting, who makes junk like this " Right" samsung this is not a joking matter, I want it out of my house it is a potential fire hazzard, and all samsung could tell me they will have someone contact me in the next 24 hours, not good at all.I am sick of all these companies out there that does not stand behind there products stop selling them if you can't manufacture them the right way, people work hard for there money no one have the time for this , train your employees to be more respectful, they act like consumers begged the product, samsung its less than a year your product is junk, you need to refund my money or provide a different microwave that is functionable. I dont normally put complaints up but obviously samsung as major issues because there is so much more people that is complaining about your product, do something about this step up and stand behind your product.

  • Our Samsung refrigirator($900) broke after ONLY 3.5 years. Of all the times on Thanksgiving!! Devastated, dissapointed. Will never buy their appliances again.

  • I have called Samsung at least 40 times, chatted on their "Samsung Cares" chat line. That's 10 hours of my life I will not get back. Their customer service is the wost I have ever delt with. Call back? Heck I can't even call THEM without getting hung up on. Sent my Nexus 10 tab back to them because it kept freezing up (three months old) via a call tag THEY sent me. I just got an email back saying they didn't have it!!! Even after they said multiple times it was being repaired!!! They should change their name to "Samsung Knows Nothing".

  • Samsung's customer service sucks. It's been 5 days and their "rep" hasn't even returned my call and no one has serviced my washing machine. There is only one place in Bellevue/Seattle who services Samsung and they have horrible reviews (wash their shoes with dog poop in your kitchen sink). Don't by Samsung!

  • I will never buy another Samsung. I too plan on boycotting all their products. We have a Samsung French Door refrigerator. 10 months ago a new compressor was put in after they charged us almost $300 for a new board which did nothing. Compressor under warranty. That took 5 weeks to get it working after we lost hundreds in food. On Sept 1, 2014 we are out again. Put another board in, did nothing, and we paid for that. Now they are saying we need some sensor which is on order. So 3 more weeks without a fridge. Called Samsung and they are absolutely worthless. I have a Samsung phone and it has been fine. However, I am so mad that I intend to go out and get an Apple product. Also, in the market for 2 new TV's and I will not buy Samsung again. So, in 10 months, I have had this refrigerator out for 7 weeks. Don't make the mistake we made and buy from this company. Let's buy American people. I will never buy another Korean made product from Samsung. I really thing this company needs to be investigated. The way they bounce you around from one customer service department to another smells of fraud. Wish I had seen this blog before we bought a Samsung product. That will never happen again.

  • I have a Galaxy S III. The jeep I bought has a "Uconnect" blue tooth. Worked for a while, and then got the new V.4.4.2 download from Samsung through Verizon. Since then, I cannot call out on Uconnect, rings twice, announces "call completed." There was an announcement from Samsung that this would be corrected by Mid-June or July. LAST June or July. Will there ever be an up/down grade to correct this issue?

  • Executives
    CEO: Oh-Hyun Kwon
    CFO: Ju-Hwa Yoon
    COO: Gee-Sung Choi

    On July 8, 2014, Samsung Electronics disclosed its FY2014.2Q consolidated earnings estimate as follows.

     – Sales: Approximately 52 trillion Won
    – Operating Profit: Approximately 7.2 trillion Won

    These are some greedy men. I listed the names above of the men who own the company. I hope some one has better luck than i did

  • I feel all your pain. We bought a Samsung Home Theater in November of 2013 and have now sent it back THREE times for repair …. every time we get it back something other than what we sent it back for is wrong with it. It started with DVD's stopping in the middle of a movie (VERY aggravating) and now we have received it back for the third time after being "fixed" and every movie we try to play on it is full of static and you cannot hear anything anyone is saying. Just spent four hours of my day on the phone with Executive Customer Service … first person, Elena, asked me if I had my receipt. I told her no and she said that was too bad because without a receipt they could not give me a refund or send me out a replacement. Lo and behold an hour later I found my receipt, called back and was told by the next customer service rep that they never give refunds or send out replacements, they only take things back for repair. Isn't it interesting that the first person said I could get a refund, but once I found my receipt that wasn't their policy? THEY SUCK and are liars. I also will NEVER buy a Samsung product again … my husband is a Superintendent of Local 150 in Illinois and I just told him to get the word out to all the Local 150 workers, their families, their friends, etc. If anyone is going to file a lawsuit please let me know because I definitely want to see them go down

  • I purchased a Galaxy S3 on december 2013 and yesterday the phone went off.
    Sudden Death: beware.
    The customer service is very poor.
    I will never buy Samsung stuff again .

  • Samsung repair. 7 weeks and counting. I have a Samsung front load washing machine. 8 weeks ago the machine stopped working and displayed an error code. I had an appliance company come look at it and told me the motor was bad and it would cost me almost as much to repair as it would to purchase a new machine. So I checked my warranty on the 4 year old machine and found out that the motor is still under warranty. So I called Samsung. Now after 7 weeks of frustrating and long phone calls. ( all of which were initiated by me ) the machine is still not fixed. Not one time has anybody from Samsung the service company ( USSI ) called me. I had to pay for the labor which is to be expected as the machine is 4 years old. Which I gladly paid what I was quoted. 5 weeks ago. It took 2 weeks just to get that far with them. Now here we are, tens of hours of phone calls later, again all initiated by me, and my family is still without a functioning washing machine. The customer service from Samsung as well as their service company has been lacking, to say the least. What makes it worse is that the closet laundry facility from where we live is more than 20 miles away, and we are a family of 6.
    My intentions for writing this is to first hope that someone may read this that is in a position to help us get this fixed. Second, to get the word out regarding the customer service from Samsung. Perhaps someone in a position with Samsung will take note and change their customer service protocol to a better more efficient system. I have read through posts on Samsung's Facebook page of many others that have had the same struggle I have with warranty work from Samsung.

  • I ordered a 60" TV for my son and daughter in law for their new house in Ft. Worth. It was ordered from Digital River Inc.,in Minnesota. I paid $1000.00 for the product. They said that it would be shipped to a third party in FT. Worth and that they would install it. Well they shipped it and agreed to keep it until their house was finished last month.They came, installed it, and it didn't work. They sent a repairman and he said that it was not worth fixing that it looked like maybe it had been hit. The box was perfect, not scratches on TV, just didn't work. Samsung has a 1 yr. guarantee on the TV, however, they blame the shipper, DRI blames Samsung and no one will help. I live in Louisiana. My son is an attorney in Ft. Worth. Where do I have to file the suit against Samsung? Can it be filed in Federal Court since it was shipped across State lines. Can it be filed in Dallas County since Samsung has a corporate office there or what else can I do? I am not going to let them beat me out of $1000.00. Can I contact my Attorney's General about this? Does anyone know? Help

  • I guess I am a lucky one; I bought 2 Samsung smartphones, one after the other; I did not suspect a big name like Samsung of being less than expected; the first phone froze and the memory stopped often times and lost connections and signals in the same locations where I used to have a signal; so, I bought a newer model S3, and a year later, it had the same issues, even after I changed the carrier. I will not cry over spilled milk; it is emotionally and psychologically cheaper to trash the phones and bug another brand name>

  • I bought a samsung 55" Smart T.V. one year ago, within three days a white dot appeared just off center of the screen. Like an idiot I called Samsung, never having dealt with them before, I should have taken it back to the store I purchased it from. It was repaired, they replaced the whole screen. Less than one year later the whole screen needs replaced again, this time is is covered in a checker pattern of little black dots. This time I do not want it replaced I want my money back. A two thousand television should last longer than 10 months. I have been back and forth with Samsung customer service for over one month. The first call I made I was told they would Prorate the price of my television for $1300.80, which i paid more for the t.v. than that but I didn't have the physical purchase reciet. So I accepted. They told me I would have the check in 7-10 buisness days roll around and no check. So I call back. Samsung has the audacity to claim they have no record of such a call and they can't refund anything. After two hours on the phone with executive customer service they tell me I can get a refund when I have my t.v. in my physical posession, it has been at the repair guys this whole time. So I get the tv back and call again. For a second time they call me a liar. They claim they have no conversation of anyone telling me I would get the refund when I had physical posession of my television. This time they said I would be recieving an email on refund instructions, that was two days ago, no email recieved. Samsung out right lies to there customers. I believe everything they have done is intentional. If any law firms are reading this I hope they find grounds for a class action law suit. I will be contacting my lawyer. There products are crap, customers service is useless, and I hope they are not in buisness much longer.

    • Matthew, I am presently feeling your pain! This is a problem and I being hopeful that Samsung will be fair and do the right thing about situation. I have not intention of bearing this expense for part "DLP Lamp or labor". Same problem started with one dot white one and then I noticed multiple ones both black and white; now that are all over the screen. I paid for a 5 year extended warranty and was told that if I saw a white dot to have the lamb bulb replace " That should have been a sign for me then". Ok, had the blub replaced and it did not correct the problem. I researched this on Google – Samsung black and white dots and all kind of stuff came up to include youtube videos. I was shock at how often this was occurring . Found out it is was the DLP Chip Lamb and it has burned out and the mirrors that reflect the light – pixels are frozen in place and this problem can not be corrected other than to purchase a new DLP Chip Lamb and have it installed which is a great expense, My TV is not yet 6 years old and is not played often, 61 inches of junk and dots. I am getting ready as of 7/30/14 to write, email and or call the cooperate office bring this to the attention of the president /CEO Gregory Lee. I am not a happy camper. Wish I had seen these reviews prior to my purchase. I will never purchase another Samsung product again. Never!

  • Samsung galaxy S3 is junk. The charging ports break on them. I called and emailed and havent gotten anywhere with them.

  • CELL PHONE Galaxy S4 buyers: BEWARE.
    I am at the end of my rope with this company.
    I bought a Galaxy S4 and 88 days later, the phone screen went black out of nowhere and the LCD screen has a small (about 1 inch) crack UNDER the screen. The phone was in mint condition and has no other signs of trauma at all. It was laying on the counter at the time.
    I called Samsung and asked if the phone would be covered under warranty. They said to send it into their repair center. About 9 days later, a representative called and informed me the repair would cost 200.00 Dollars because the damage was not covered under the warranty because i had caused the damage MYSELF. I'd sure like to know how….it's been weeks and the phone is not repaired as I am refusing to pay for damage I did not cause.
    After researching this issue, I have since found NUMEROUS consumer complaints about the same identical issue all over the world. The web/you tube is filled with customers complaining about the problem as well. I am therefore convinced this is a defect within the phone. Samsung doesn't want to hear it and keeps insisting that ALL these people caused the damage themselves. It was suggested that I sat on the phone and caused the damage….and at one point it was even suggested that I contact UPS for a possible claim as the damage might have been caused in shipping. Outrageous!!
    I am looking for interested individuals that have the same issue with this phone as I am planning a legal action. Please contact me at if you have this experience as well.
    Again, the problem is with the Galaxy S4, black screen while otherwise still working, a small hairline crack UNDER the screen. Thank you.

    • They did the same thing to me with a $1000.00 TV. Refused to honor the 1 yrs. warranty and blamed it on the shipper. I am ready to join all of you in a class action against Samsung. Apple sued and won.

  • Hello, My name is Joshua Smith. I own a Galaxy Note 2. on Feb 25th 2014, My device wouldn't power up nor would it connect to the charger. When attempting to power up it would freeze on the complete device name "Samsung Galaxy Note 2" when attempting to power up it would freeze with the battery symbol with a circle in the middle, nothing more. I called samsung on the on the matter. I spoke with a Lady in your Philippine Call Center who i informed on the matter. she indicated to me that she would sent me all the information required for me to ship my device to the service center in Plano, TX. I only received an email with my ticket number. I followed the instructions on the in the email. I then proceeded to ship the device to the location, but did not do so until the 27th of Feb 2014. (No tracking Label was sent to me within that time frame either, and i only received one email as well)

    On March 4th 2013, I received a call from a rep, who left a voice mail asking if i am still looking to send my device back, which highly confused me since it should have been received already. I spoke to a gentle by the name of Jonathan @ the Dallas, TX Location (ID #: STAFL2011, in Advanced support). The gentleman informed me that there is no tracking number that was created for my shipment and then went and created one (on 3/4/14). and told me that i need to contact UPS on the matter. I informed the gentlemen, if i contact UPS how am i suppose to identify the package with my device without a tracking number. He informed me he was going to place me on a brief hold as it is late and see what he can do. That was an about an hr and 10 min into the call. He also stated he was doing a claim on my package too. Im writing you this email 3hrs and 12min into the call ( Still on hold).

    I called the support line on another phone to see if i can get additional info and opinion on the matter. I was then connected to a "Supervisor" as she stated by the name of Sabrina in the Colorado Location (ID #: STACL2028) who was very rude and unprofessional. She would cut me off as i am in mid sentence on a question that she asked me or when i was explaining the situation on what i went through. Sabrina then asked me how did i ship the device i informed her UPS as instructed and i attached to the box with my device in it with the ticket number and wrote the RMA number on 2 sides of the box. she informed me that the rep sent me the wrong info for shipment. She then put me on hold and came back stating that i need to CONTACT UPS on the matter as i was explaining tpo her or trying that is, on how am i suppose to ref anything or put a stop to a shipment as she said, without a tracking number. in mid sentence, once more, cut proceeded to talk and from what i could gather she was disconnected the call and hung up on me.

    This is highly unprofessional for your customer to be informed to hold for over 2hrs as the Rep see what they can do as of today and the line disconnects, as well as speaking with a unqualified and rude CSR Supervisor. Not to mention the the Rep who emailed me the wrong information for the device to be delivered/sent. I spent a large amount of money for my device and buying a new device isnt an option as my income is not of that when i bought the phone. and there should be no reason for me to do so when someone from your company has created this dilemma. It seems as though my phone is lost in the wind. What is going to be the solution on the matter, when all parties, UPS & Myself, have all done there parts. he only one that is at fault is your company

  • Hello,
    With the amount of fake samsung S4 all over I feel so insecure with mine.. I got a used samsung s4 from a friend in Africa with IMEI 351612061325350/01 and I'll like to confirm if its original or a replica.. I tried registering the product, but I was told its been registered already.. I just want to be sure I have not been scammed.. My email is Thanks

  • Samsung Sucks! I will NEVER purchase or recommend anything they make. They DO NOT stand behind their products. They LIE and tell me yes its in the mail be patient over and over and over. When I get the 4 th email of LIES they tell me to call and speak with someone. I call they put me on hold 4 mins and hang up on me! I call again abd spend 25 mins repeating the aane thing over that was in the first phone call Jan 14, 2014 and the 4 emails! After all that I get told that it was all Bull $hit and they dont honor those requests in the first place! DISHONEST, DISRESPECTFUL, LIARS, NO CUSTOMER SERVICE, SCRIPTS READ BY MINIMUM WAGE WORKERS!
    DO NOT BUY anything samsung! YOU WILL BE SORRY AND THEY DON'T CARE. "sam sung all the way to bank after he got my money by ripping me off"

  • I love your products and services but in Mexico we have not technical appropriate support in any of your devices, of course I cannot complain about the kind attentions to emails or calls.
    4 years ago I got a beautiful washer machine SAMSUNG type WM1245A, 12kg laundry machine, excellent machine, but when it was installed they broke a small outlet water internally and since the very beginning I cannot use this device for drying, I been waiting for 4 years to get the spare parts from authorized distributor and never arrive, Now I call but guarantee expires and services is not responsible for this little delay.
    2 Years ago I got a Blue Ray player model BD-D5300, serial no. ZS3F6CIB307374F, beautiful and nice device not complain about functions. But 2 months ago I receive a message to actualize my firmware trough internet, I follow the rules which are very easy and installed the new actualization, but now, is not possible to see any picture but only Blu-ray, not DVd not anything else. I call service center in USA they told me not attending problems for México, in México they told me the device is damaged out of guarantee. I only request to give me back or send me the address for the original firmware software installed, I can install back by myself.
    Of course I been calling and sending letters to fix this little problems but never right action, but very kind and respectfully attention.
    I like Samsung products and I have not complained about them, but technical service is very bad whenever and wherever I talk to. Maybe you have an address to technically solve my technical problems with Samsung products?
    Kind regard s for your attention:
    MSc Roman Ramirez Najera
    roman at
    roman at

  • We purchased all new kitchen appliances in Sept. 2012. Because of the high ratings on the Samsung refrigerators, we unfortunately purchased one instead of GE. All other appliances we purchased were GE. No problems ever with them. After only 15 months, the freezer suddenly shut down on Dec. 24th, then a week later (while we were waiting on replacement parts) the entire fridge shut down. Just in time for the holidays. We proceeded to pull out a tiny dorm style fridge out of the garage to get us through for what we thought would be a few days.The service company came out a week later and replaced the mother board which is basically the 'brain' of the fridge…no use, just didn't work. We obviously have a lemon. Same issues with lack of customer service…the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing…every call the issues had to be restated over and over, with no resolution, no follow up, no call back. Finally after 3 weeks, we were told that we would be getting either a replacement or a refund, would find out in 3 days or so from that day. Again, no call back. When following up to see what the hold up was, we were told that the request was denied and the case was closed?!?!? As if today, we still have no fridge. Called back today, got directions from a Samsung customer service rep telling us to now send in all documentation,before any decision can be made. It has been a month without our fridge. NEVER will purchase ANY ITEM from Samsung again, ever. A true disaster in (lack of) customer service, and it is shocking that their products can be so highly rated with no customer support to back them up.

  • { also agree with Samsung being junk. 4 years ago my wife and I purchased a washer and dryer set for over 2,000 dollars. We have had the dryer repaired twice. This time sevice came out and proceeded to inform me that parts are no longer available. Called another tech and he took one look at the dryer and said , I will not even look at at this piece of junk and walked out of the door. So bad he didn dot even charge us for the service call.

  • Wow…same here….I wish I had read the posts before purchasing my washer and dryer set. The dryer – no problem! The washer – 3 service calls under manufacturers warranty, and have made my 1st call under the 5-year extended warranty that I'm glad that I purchased. I cannot seem to get through the circle of customer service calls to get a service call placed! Finally – after 3 calls to HH Gregg, 7-8 calls to the 800-284-7344 number, 7-8 calls to the 866-856-0212 number over the course of 3 weeks, I demanded a name and number of someone that doesn't have an 800# to contact me. I have just set up the 4th service call – different problem. This is a piece of junk! I feel compelled to put my washer on a truck and set it in front of their corporate offices in NJ and let them know (expletives not withheld) exactly what kind of crap they are producing.

  • I am the same person that post the October 31st complaint and the second one to person whose daughter was having problems with service. We are keeping a log of who we talked to. See above. No one knows what can be done, just get put on hold or transferred to someone else. It has been over a month now with daily calls for help. I like the washer & dryer but I will never buy another Samsung product and beg anyone considering it not to. This is a very uncaring company. Imagine a 3 person family trying to keep up with wash. I am going to ask family to let me wash clothes there. I certainly am not going to have my own washer for "at least 7 to 10 days". Really fed up.

  • I want you to know you aren't the only one. I have kept a list of who I talked to and when. It has been weeks! I have talked to Christian, Emma, Rafael, Quay, Lakeisha, Hannah, Russell, Amy, Murna, Elizabeth, Richard, Gary, Best Service Repair, Big Sandy Service Repair. I wash on average 3 loads of clothes a day. That's 84 loads of wash piling up in my wash room if it only was a month! I would only recommend Samsung to my worst enemy. My washer still isn't repaired. I have no hope of it being repaired anytime soon.

  • The customer service is worse than terrible. We have tried to have our washer repaired for 3 weeks and have gotten no where. A service man came today, took pictures and said he would have to have work approval from the company and it would be another week, maybe two, after he ordered the part. We have been told we do not have a guarantee on our washer. We do and it is good till April of 2014. We were told there were no repairmen in this area, we have located 3. It is a broken door latch on a front load washer and this is the second time it was repaired. We have been on the phone daily and on hold 90% of that time. Enough! I would never recommend Samsung and I will never buy another of their products.

  • My daughter purchased a Samsung washer and has had nothing but trouble with it from the beginning. The repair person doesn't know what to do to fix it and has been out numerous times. She borrowed another washer from a friend in order to do laundry and the machines sit side by side. I think she should video this and put it on the internet for all to see. Why would anybody buy something from a country who doesn't want anything from the U.S. except money and the lives of our young men in case of attack.

  • I have to tell you how EXTREMELY disappointed I am with Samsung's customer service.
    We have a Samsung washer and dryer that we just bought less than a year ago. This past June, the washer became defective and caused a serious leak which has in turn ruined our floor covering. The problem is that our washer & dryer are in an area of our kitchen, so not only did the leak ruin the floor around the washer / dryer, but also a major part of our kitchen area.
    Long story short, and believe me it is LONNNNNG story, we were promised by 2 repairmen, and our sales person that our floor would be replaced by Samsung. At that time I was singing the praises of Samsung, so impressed on their customer satisfaction. I am definitely not singing the praises of Samsung anymore. As a matter of fact I tell everyone in our family, every one of our friends, everyone that I work with, every one we know at church, I post it on my FB page, I post it on Twitter, I post it on Instagram….DO NOT BUY A SAMSUNG!! Why, you ask? Well we were asked to submit pics of the damage by email, as well as an estimate of repair and replacement, of which we did. 1 month went by and we had received no word on what was going to happen, so we started calling Samsung, A LOT, I cant even tell you how many phone calls we have made, but it is a ton. Each time we were either told that it was in the hands of Samsung's Insurance company, it was in the hands of the "Executive Customer Relations Dept" or it was being dealt with at the "Corporate Office". We finally became so frustrated that the people we were calling finally told us that they were just a call center and could only document calls. Supposedly our case was being worked on by our "Exec Customer Relation Specialist" whose name is Josh. Just to give you a heads up, JOSH IS WORTHLESS!!! If there even is a real Josh. Never would he speak with us, email us, even acknowledged that we existed.
    Meanwhile, yes, it has NOW BEEN AT LEAST 3 MONTHS, our subfloor is completely breaking up under our floor covering to the point that you can feel it when you walk, our floor looks awful from all the water damage, and WE NOW HAVE A SERIOUS MOLD PROBLEM!! The mold problem makes me seriously pissed off as we have small children and as you may or may not know, mold can CAUSE SERIOUS HEALTH ISSUES!!
    Last week we received a letter from a Senior Claim Examiner (Gary P Korner) from the BroadsPire Company, thinking we may be getting somewhere, HA! I'm convinced this is one more of your lame strategies to put us off!!! We have tried calling numerous times, left messages, and guess what?? you guessed it! STILL NO RESPONSE
    Oh, and by the way….our washing machine has never worked the same as before it was worked on….twice.

    • Please spread the word to everyone. I will. They would not honor a 1 yr. warranty on a $1000.00 TV. I am going to sue them even if I have to do it in New Jersey. We all need to file a class action. They SUCK

  • Samsung products are not only poor but also dangerous. I bought my son a 40 in led tv for Christmas 2012. In august 2013 he returned from vacation, turned the tv on and smelled something burning. As he was checking the odor the unit caught fire near the on / off control. the unit was still under the manufacture warranty. I called CS. They have the worst CS dept I ever dealt with. They won't you give you a supervisor or let you talk to any other department. It's been over a month and over 16 hours of arguing over the phone and they still have not replaced the tv. The tech who came to look at it spent all of one minute. He plugged the tv in, turned it on and stated the customer caused the problem and he could not fix it. I called CS and they said they would not replace the tv. I e mailed the president and got no reply. A week later I received an email saying the tv will be replaced but I'm still waiting. Samsung has poor products, CS and tech service.

  • Samsung is a very conny company. I think they make bad products that way they can break down easily and make people keep buying new ones from them. Their customer service is terrible.

  • Hi,

    This is the second time I'm escalating this issue and there seems to be no response from Samsung teams… This is absolutely frustrating and ridiculous… After 11 days of waiting when I called lakes electronics today they are still not sure when they will receive the part and when they will be able to send a technician to my place to help. Is this what Samsung service is all about… I was speaking to Jen after that and as per the process she explained I need to continue to wait for 14 working days before my case can be put up for "Repair Delay Review"… and even then there are no guarantees that my issue will be resolved… your customer service is a joke… and How non customer focused is that… And you guys call yourself an global organization … which again seems to be a joke… I don't think Samsung has the basic courtesy to acknowledge a customer issue so don't know why I'm even bothered to write this… And my tv is a 8 month old TV…good luck to me…I'm stuck with Samsung

  • All I want is the telephone number to get in touch with the VP Chief Marketing Officer. They claimthey only have the one 800# and that that they can't find the name ofe the VP CMO. I have tried every tick in the book and all I get is put on busy , only to be told they don't know who he is or how to contact him.

  • Never buy a Samsung Product Again!!! Please Let the world know.


    I sent my Galexy Note II back to them for repair 3 times. They have the worst customer service and bad products. They also lied on the tracking notes, hung you up on the phone when they cant solve the problem on the phone and said the line got cut off… when you ask for supervisor, they always said he/or she was the supervisor.

    I hope everone had the same bad experience, please file a complaint with US consumer protection agency. Samsung glaxy note defected products should be banned in USA!!!!!.

  • Never again will I purchase ANY Samsung product!! I bought a 46" Samsung TV 3.5 years ago, and the screen had to be replaced twice. I explain to customer support my repeated issues of the same part, but they refused to help me in any way! Samsung has the most TERRIBLE customer service of any company I know!!
    I actually work in electronic sales (TV's, stereos, etc.), and I am educating, and informing all of my customers and friends to never ever by a Samsung product of any type – no matter what!!!!
    They are just another big corporate company consumed with greed, and they have absolutely no compassion or concerns for their customers, or the consumer in general. Please, please, please, for your own good, do not ever buy any Samsung products!!!!

    April 11, 2013
    -by Timothy Morton

  • You know there is trouble in river city when you dial the US Corporate phone number and all you get is a busy signal. I am missing my remote for a LED TV and it has been over a month now and all Executive Relations can tell me is that it is in "PROCESS". You would think that at this point in time, They would send a person out to the floor, get the remote, and FEDX it to me so I could enjoy the LED TV. Have you ever tried to watch TV today without a remote?

  • Seriously, this will be my last Samsung purchase. If you are reading these posts please make sure you select another brand. Samsung does not deserve your money.

  • Very poor fefrigator, The plastic insides won't support the necessary weight. Samsung support is no help. You would expect a major appliance to last more then a year.

  • If I knew that samsung had all these complaints n problems before hand I would of never purchased a android phone from them. I DO NOT IN COURAGE ANYONE TO BUY ANY TYPE OF PRODUCT FROM THEM. This a worst company ever, then when you call about your product one day they tell you that they have it n another day they don't have it really. I'm trying to get in touch w the corporate headquaters

  • LIKE ALL OF YOU, I purchased a 46" T.V. about 3 1/2 years and every year something goes out on this set, i am now waiting for the repair man to get back to me, on the newest problem and the cost, it would probably be cheaper just go buy a new one, of course not a SAMSUNG!!! CUSTOMER SERVICE IS NOT A OPTION BECAUSE THEY HAVE A PRE WRITTEN SCRIPT, "I'M SORRY YOUR 1 YEAR WARRENTY HAS EXPIRED, AS WELL AS YOUR EXTENDED WARRANTY,SO THERE IS NOTHING WE CAN DO FOR YOU, ANY REPAIRS WILL BE YOUR RESPONSIBILITY!" we would get more emotion if we were to be connected a computer! how sad is that? I do agree everyone needs to voice our concerns to OUR elected public officals, and to the BB Please boycott SAMSUNG!!!!!

  • I remodeled my kitchen and purchased an over the range microwave. The first time I used the baked potato sensor cooking feature, it cooked the potato and it caught the potato on fire and quit working. It has been out for service since mid October, 2012. The authorized repair center tells me that Samsung is giving them the run-around. I will not purchase another samsung product.

  • INDIA SAMSUNG. This is not to seek SAMSUNG reply but to make people aware of its unfair trade practices. I purchased a Tv worth Rs 50,000. SAMSUNG dealer promised to deliver a set of complimentary DVD at a later date, but did not. Wrote to SAMSUNG CEO, who asked me to furnish copy of bill that I submitted: firstly SAMSUNG CEO tells the set is out of stock; then he says this will take 20 working days; finally he says I am not entitled for the gift.


  • I wish I had read these comments before we bought our Samsung refridgerator two years ago. Over the summer, the ice maker in freezer drawer was yanked apart from opening the drawer. Before we got around to fixing that part, I noticed leakage of water on the floor, and on the floor of the drawer. Soon after, the fridge quit working completely. On August 28th, I had a repairman arrive to fix it. The back computer panel had shorted out. He ordered parts. Returned a week later to replace parts. The back panel was replaced, but the Samsung company had sent the wrong ice maker parts. Meanwhile, the fridge still wouldn't work, because it turned out that the front display panel was also shorted out. The repairman ordered the needed parts. Through Sept. Samsung gave shipping dates for the display panel part four different times, and each time it was postponed. I called Samsung headquarters in New Jersey. They told me their parts were handled by the JMJ Company. Gave me the phone #. I called the JMJ company, asking if they could tell me what's happening with the part. They said they needed the order #. I called my appliance repair service, and told them. They called the distributor, who called JMJ. Aparently the part was on back order from South Korea. My husband called Samsung Hdqtrs and talked to a public relations exectutive. He claimed ther was nothing he could do. He told us to use a Samsung authorized repair service. We didn't see the point in doing this. We just need a part. I called Lowe's , where we bought the appliance, and talked to the manager of appliances. He said he'd call their parts department to see if they can get it. I let him know that we were told the part was backordered. He said that usually means they are not manufacturing that part at this time. Into October we were given another ship date, but again no part. The week of Oct. 8th, we were told that the distributor had the part, and was shipping it to our repair service by UPS. Apparently it got lost in transit. No part. Week of Oct. 15th, again the distributor had another they could send. Our repair service said it would arrive on Monday (in 3 days). We even got a date set for the repair to happen ( was to be today). I got a call this morning; the part was not in the shipment received. The distributor claimed that they shipped it, but it wasn't there! The saga goes on. It has been 8 weeks now since I first called in a repair service. What do I do!!!? Spread the word that Samsung has extremely poor customer service on their products. Our repair service had told me that they run into such problems with Samsung all the time. I told the appliance manager at Lowe's the whole story and said if they are to sell Samsung products, they need to tell customers up front about customer service with Samsung. Customers have the right to know! We will be reporting our problem to our state Attorney General, and I highly recommend that anyone having problems with Samsung do the same. Make your voices heard!

    • We are having issues with our dishwasher. I totally understand the frustration of getting the run around by Samsung. I believe something should be done. Thank you for the insight on who to go to next. P Sparks – Kentucky

  • I totally agree with all comments. I purchased a Samsung 32 inch TV. i had to deliver it myself for repairs. The customer Service is horrble and unsatisfactory. In addition,the tv was returned from repair completely damaged.
    I have sent all documents requested and their reply is they have not received it. What a JOKE. Again, Samsung are rip offs. They should be taken to court and boycotted.