San Francisco 49ers Corporate Office Headquarters

San Francisco 49ers Corporate Office Headquarters
San Francisco Forty Niners, Ltd.
4949 Centennial Blvd.
Santa Clara, CA 95054 USA
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Corporate Phone Number: 1-408-562-4949
Fax Number: 1-408-727-4937
Customer Service Number: 1-415-464-9377

  • So sad about the cheerleaders kneeling. This is a generation never who were never taught history in school and do not know about the men who died so they could protest. I doubt most of them could pass an American history exam. Couldn't they find a better way to protest than disrespecting our flag?

  • I no longer watch the NFL since the knee taking started. I have found out I now have a lot more tine to do things that are more fun.

  • Trading for Jimmy Garoppolo was the smartest strategy the 49ers have made in quite some time. I loved Joe Montana, admired Steve Young, was disappointed with Kapernick, but my hopes are high with the signing of Jimmy G. Thanx for restoring my love of football with this one specific move. And we know J.G. is a true American patriot!

  • Well since you can't keep out of politics and can't honor our flag our veterans, alive and dead who gave their lives for the flag then I have no respect for you. Along with our 94 hear old patriarch, of which there are 14 veterans and their family's who watch all your games.


    If i wanted politics I'd contact sick Hilliary and listen to the babble. We now put you in the same category as Lying Hillary

    Chuck and familys

  • Since you are letting the players disrespect the veterans and the flag I will not support or watch any niner game until you have all players stand for the national anthem.

  • I am from Louisiana, A saints not 9ers fan. When the schedule came out we and some friends decided to visit the beautiful city of San Fran, It was beautiful fans were very polite and we had a blast. This was during Military Month that we attended the game and the P.O.S. still took a knee.
    The way that I protested was very simple, I already purchased my tickets before he stated his stupidity so if I did not go to the game I would only be hurting myself. As a Saints season ticket holder I will normally spend at least 100.00 bucks during the game , Did not spend one copper cent in Levi Stadium. After game went to Applebee's across from pier 39 watched the SNF game spent 150.00 bucks and had a blast. The moral of the story is if you are a 9ers fan hold on to your money and spend it in other places and you can have just as much fun, Then they will get rid of that clown once the revenue starts to drop.

  • I have been a long time 49'er fan. I am so disgusted with what Kaepenick is doing and what you are allowing him to do. The disrespect he is showing for those who have died so he can play a game is awful. But the 49'er organization has allowed him to get even worse. He wore a Black Panther tee shirt to an interview. And this organization allowed it. This is an organization that has called for the death of all police officers and their families. I can only assume that by allowing him to wear this shirt, the 49'er organization agrees with him. I hope all police officers refuse to do security at any 49'er games. The team is losing fans all across the board. And all for a quarter back that is mediocre at best. This fan is gone and so are all of the dollars that I spent on tickets, merchandise and memorabilia. I have not watched one football game since this nonsense started and will not watch any more. Shame on you, 49'er organization.

  • Let me just Say that I am Now a Fan of the San Francisco 49ers because of Colin Kaepernick, and so is my whole household, we are a family of 5 that live in Las Vegas. Your team has become a positive role model for a great deal of the LV youth. I and my husband commend you and your front office on handling this. We realize it has NOTHING to do with Patriotism! We are looking forward to becoming Season ticket holders.
    Las Vegas Fans

  • Once again the 49ers corporate office shows that is a gutless group. They don't have the starch to say that Kap is wrong and that they demand that their players show respect for our flag and our anthem. They tried to look tough by cutting Miller after his arrest. This is BS, they cut him because his play was poor. If he had been contributing they would not have cut him they would have acted just like they did with McDonald and supported him until they didn't need him anymore. I would rather see a losing team with a corporate office with ethics and character that a winning team with a bunch of thugs. Look how far they have fallen from the days of Montana and Young.

  • Your player sporting socks which are disrespectful of law enforcement officers is outrageous and an offense to decent people everywhere who are grateful for their service and sacrifice. As his employers you bring shame upon yourselves for tolerating such incivility and childishness.

  • Cut Kap loose to do his political correctness. Then you win and he wins doing what it seems he wants. He has become a mediocre player anyway.

  • Patriotism is not outdated, but apparently it is with the 49ers. Shame on you! I hope that every veteran in the United States boycotts the 49ers. You deserve it. Apparently your no-class quarterback does not know that the country is at war.


  • Patriotism is not outdated, but apparently the value system of the 49ers is. Shame on you! I hope that every veteran in the United States boycotts the 49ers. You deserve it.


  • There is always a right and wrong way to make a point and to express your concerns. Mr Kaepernick has chosen a way in which many feel is inappropriate. While many Americans do not have the advantage of stardom and his financial success to do what he did, and he stated he will continue to do this disgraceful act, Maybe without that $$$$ and fame he may view his actions as a losing situation. Maybe he should go and stand the post like our brave veterans? Maybe the Owner of the team needs to step up and remind him he is expendable. Without his present lifestyle life events take on a different perspective.. Release him!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA !!!

    • I am NO LONGER a 49er fan! It's unfortunate that "Americans" can't understand what they have been given by others who SACRIFICED for them the RIGHT to do what they do. I hope the 49er's LEAVE the NFL. They aren't worthy to play football!

  • wholeheartedly agree with ANONYMOUS, no matter how great the front office managers or coach think of him, YOU NEVER, EVER NOT STAND UP TO PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE FOR OUR FLAG OR PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE TO OUR GREAT COUNTRY. GET HIM

  • Why have Kap on the sideline when he could be the next Jerry Rice?! Can he catch? He can run like the wind! Turn him into a Wide Receiver.

    K.M. in W.C.

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