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Sears Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How to Contact Sears Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Sears Corporate Office Address:

3333 Beverly Road

Hoffman Estates, Illinois 60179 USA

Sears Contact Phone Numbers and Websites:

Corporate Phone Number: 1-847-286-2500

Corporate Fax Number: 1-847-286-8351

Corporate Email: smsupport@searshc.com

Sears Chat and Email: Contact Sears Page

Website: Sears.com

Sears is famous for Sears Retail Stores. The retailer’s stores include Sears, K-Mart, and Lands End. Sears was one of the premier retailers in the USA. Sears’ main competitors include Wal-Mart, Costco, Target, and BJ’s Warehouse.

Sear’s toll-free customer support phone number is 1-800-469-4663. The company does encourage users to use its technical support system and help forums on its website.

Sears Headquarters and Corporate offices are located in the USA. Sears moved from the iconic Sears Tower in Chicago to Hoffman Estates, Illinois in 1992.

Sears Corporate Office

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  1. Ordered a drill press for my husband's birthday. Went to put it together tonight and it is damaged. Called customer service only to be sent to a foreign country where the rep wasn't very helpful. Had to re-order the item, was told to take the item back to sears, and was told that she would honor the price we originally paid. After reordering, the more we thought about it the angrier we got. Then we decided to cancel the second order. Called customer service a second time and had my call magically answered by and english speaking rep named Tiffany. Tiffany informed me that since the item was broken she could have UPS come out to our house to pick up the item. She was very thorough and I had her check to see if the original price was honored as promised and it had not been! So hopefully Tiffany is taking care of that as well. Thank you for being a competant American rep who knows how to do her job. Now we wait to see if the second drill press can arrive in one piece. If it does not, then we are done with Sears.

  2. i went to the santa monica store to buy some white chef pants and asked the clerk and he said he did not know where they were at. I turned around and he was gone. I put in a complaint to sears and they generated a simple non human response. Im going to the media

  3. Sears th all American company from the years of my grandfather . When i have a problem with a product i bought they connect me to a third world country to talk with people with accents so bad they cant be understood . I always got the best service from sears now its a thing of the past

  4. My name is Je'Leesa White and I have a story about Sears. On February 2nd around 3:30, my mom and I went to Sears in Jefferson Mall in Louisville,KY to purchase a washer and dryer for myself. I found the washer and dryer that I wanted and I proceeded to check out. I used my debit card to check out and during the process, their machine froze.I work in customer service so I understood that I would have to swipe it again and that both amounts would be held in my checking account but only one would go through. However, on Monday February 4th,both transactions were still pending in my checking account. I left my job for 20 minutes to go to Sears and speak to the large appliance manager who assured me that both transactions would not go through. On Tuesday February 5th I checked my account and $1,175 had been debited from my account twice, which added up to $2,350. I immediately called Sears and spoke to the General Manager who proceeded to tell me that she was sure that both transactions had not went through. On that same day, I took copies of my bank statements to Sears and gave them to the General Manager. She then tells me that there is nothing that she can do about it because her record of transactions shows that my card was only charged once. At that point she explained to me that she would have to send a help ticket to the company who was in charge of the credit and debit card transactions, and that she would have to wait for a response. On Wednesday I spoke to the general manager once again and she still had not heard a response from the credit and debit card company. Unfortunately she did not contact me at all on Thursday so I had no idea what was going on. During this whole situation I have called corporate and they refuse to give me the district managers phone number so at this point, I am out of options. Today is Friday February 8th and I still have not received my my money back in my account.The Sears corporation has stolen $1,175.12 from me.When I do get my money back, I am still going to

    Je'Leesa White

  5. I will NEVER order anything from Sears again!! Such horrible service!!! I laid away 4 pair of jeans and a shirt on December 28, 2012 online. I paid the layaway in full on January 10,2013 and have yet to receive my order or a refund!! Every time that I call I get a different excuse from a different agent or case manager. The last time I called I spoke with a case manager named Marie-#82775 on 02/01/13 and she told me that my order had been cancelled because a few of my items were not in stock! I asked why didn't anyone notify me and she couldn't give me an answer. She then told me that a refund was credited to my account on 01/24/13….I have yet to receive it!!! I just spoke with another case manager named Jim and he told me that Marie told me a lie because my refund was being RESEARCHED!!!! That's funny because noone researched it when they took it out of my account!! I have never experienced such incompetence with an order and then, they don't want to give me my money back!This has been going on since 01/10/13 and I tell anyone who will listen about my terrible experience with Sears!!

  6. To:
    Stephanie L.
    Social Media Moderator

    I am extremely displeased with my experience to seek a refund on an online purchase pick-up at store option. The store associates and the phone customer service people were clueless and could not handle a simple refund. I need a responsible adult from Sears to contact me to resolve this issue. Is there someone there who can help with customer concerns?

  7. I never thought I would be here writing a complain but here I am I scheduled a repair appointment for my washer and dryer last week 29 Jan 13. Mind you they had sent a technician to my current address once before anyways I schedule the tech is calling me asking where I'm at come to find out they sent the tech to my old address but shipped the part to my current address and when I tried to fix the issue with all this it took over an hour with being connected to this person then this other person then finally to someone who did help but couldn’t schedule something until a two weeks after my original date which was 04 Feb 13 but now it's on the 15th of Feb 13 and even though I'm in the Army and work over 12 hrs a day I’m on standby for when there is a cancellation So I’m beyond annoyed for the lack of training and the lack of customer satisfaction I’ve been a customer since 2006 but after the experience I had today I doubt I will renew my warranty ..

    Unsatisfied Customer

  8. Is it really necessary to have those Fresh Scents air fresheners in the stores??? They are very strong; and not only do the customers choke out but the employees do as well. I hate going in the bedding area because the smell is so strong.

  9. Horrible customer services, each departments not communicate well , just play games with customers, transfer cumtomers phone calls from this department to the other, and no one from the departments can provide you the solution, my order not delivered on the set up date, I call to complain, they then emailed me and told me my order was cancelled and without telling me a reason, oh well, Sears should have closed down and end up its business, why they can treat the customers this way, very, very horrible, stop thinking Sears, do not be a fool, will tell everyone not to purchase anything from Sears again !!!!!!!!!

  10. Hi my Name is Wayne I just found out on MSN.com that Sears is going to close the rest of there Kmart stores this is a bad idea we have so many walmart stores here and the prices are going up high at Walmarts and targets that if Kmart stays open they should do what I would do to bring up there profits and get a lot of Costumers back I would lower my prices just under Walmart prices this would bring in a lot of people, there is a lot of money here to make in my town and Kmart would do great here if they just lower this prices, by going out this would cost a lot and Sears would lose big time there are thousands of people here and by droping the prices just under what Walmart this would start a price war like the gas stations but I think in the long run Kmart would come out on top Ever since Sears brought out Kmart the stores been going down hill Sears is a money maker but you can not high price a more or less a discount store Kmart is and has been a discount stor but now it is a high price store. anothe thing is buy lowering the prices this would make more jobs for the town and bring more Customers in to the store and make the profits go up for Kmart. The people at Sears better think a little better then this as far as I am I think I could do better if I worked in a corp. office Sears products are good but if Sears does this to the Kmart store Then I will rethink of buying anymore stuff from sears. Please I hope sears rethinks about what they are doing with Kmart stores drop the prices and put a killing on Walmart you will do good with this plan and it won't cost Seras a lot of money.

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