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  • Sears Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Sears Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How to Contact Sears Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Sears Corporate Office Address:

3333 Beverly Road

Hoffman Estates, Illinois 60179 USA

Sears Contact Phone Numbers and Websites:

Corporate Phone Number: 1-847-286-2500

Corporate Fax Number: 1-847-286-8351

Corporate Email: smsupport@searshc.com

Sears Chat and Email: Contact Sears Page

Website: Sears.com

Sears is famous for Sears Retail Stores. The retailer’s stores include Sears, K-Mart, and Lands End. Sears was one of the premier retailers in the USA. Sears’ main competitors include Wal-Mart, Costco, Target, and BJ’s Warehouse.

Sear’s toll-free customer support phone number is 1-800-469-4663. The company does encourage users to use its technical support system and help forums on its website.

Sears Headquarters and Corporate offices are located in the USA. Sears moved from the iconic Sears Tower in Chicago to Hoffman Estates, Illinois in 1992.

Sears Corporate Office

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  1. This letter is in regards to my dispute of a $272 balance with Sears and Citicards for Account # . Unfortunately it has come to this and I am now posting negative and embarrassing stories about the ineptitude and unwillingness of listening/understanding by Sears Customer Service of a LONGTIME loyal customer. I have been contesting this open balance for almost 8 years. I had paid off my credit card with Sears in full as of 6/30/2005. I then did not receive notice that I had an outstanding balance until months after. I did not receive notification from Sears about this (potentially due to a move from 40 Pond St, Waltham MA however Sears could not even produce the invoices). There was a $25 Rewards Participation Fee that I never signed up or knew about. Since then I had been hit with numerous late fees and interest charges totaling $272 and it had been sold off to a Collection Agency. So the only way I find out is through a credit agency rather than Sears

  2. I purchased a WhirlPool Refrigerator from Sears Outlet 3 months ago. The unit began to make a loud sounding noice so we contacted the Customer Service area. Five days later they sent a repairman to our home who said we needed a new compressor for the unit. The unit arrived along with the repairman one week later. At that time the compressor was replaced. One day later the entire refrigerator went out. We contacted Customer service again and was told the earliest someone could come to our home was 2 days later. When the repairman arrived and checked out the refrigerator it was deemed unrepairable and someone would contact us in 3-5 business days. One week later- all of our food has spoiled and we still have not been contacted. This has been the worse customer service I have ever seen.

  3. On 02/16/2013 a Sears Tech came and updated the software for the recall on my washer. Since then my washer hasn’t work right, it keeps on getting unbalance. My washer was working right before the update. A tech came 02/19/2013; he could not work on the washer because he had the wrong work order and did not have the right equipment. He called to have a tech out come on 02/20/2013. On 02/20/2013 we waited for a tech and received an automated message saying that a tech cannot make it today and reschedule to come from 1pm-5pm on 02/21/2013. On 02/21/2013 we waited for a tech and received a phone call from a tech saying that she looked up our file and said she was not the right tech for the job. We had to call again and reschedule. On 02/22/2013 a tech came and reprogram the software, still my washer is not working right. Another tech is supposed to come out today 02/23/2013. My wife and I had to take half days off (unpaid) to wait for a tech to come. Also we spent a lot of time on the phone with Sears. With all of the above explanations, if the tech today cannot fix my washer, Sears owes my family a new washer for time wasted. My family cannot afford to lose more time from work to wait for a tech that cannot fix my washer.

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