Select Comfort Corporate Office Headquarters

Select Comfort Corporate Office Headquarters
9800 59th Avenue North
Minneapolis, MN 55442 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-763-551-7000
Sales: 1-888-411-2188
Fax Number: 1-763-694-3300
Customer Service Number: 1-888-484-9263 

  • This was my first Sleep number experience
    I purchased a sleep number bed a few weeks ago the bed was faulty, called support
    requesting an entire new unit, was passed around from person to person after the fourth person I was told in a sense my customer experience was not important that I was to conform to what support wanted and not my needs as a customer, I was told a new pump was going to fix my problem, of course anyone that purchases a new item, and finds out that item is faulty then loses the new experience of ownership, I paid over 2000 for a bad product that needs a replacement part.
    I replaced the pump and the problem still exists.. It has been over 3to4 weeks sleeping in misery. I originally planned on buying 3 of these beds. It is my intention to return the unit, just on principal that the customer is never right.
    I did not appreciate being treated this way and will not recommend any product of yours to my family and friends. I am sure there is a company out there that will satisfy and meet my need to be treated as a should.

  • I purchased $5,300 of product for Sleep Number and cancelled the order within 2 days of purchase and 10 days prior delivery because of poor customer service. It took less than 5 minutes to charge to my credit card and now it will take 19 DAYS before they will issue a refund. This company is a rip off and must be in financial trouble if it keeps your money for 19 days. I recommend go with an honest and reputable company.

    • Sleep Number Select comfort please boycott their products…cant deliver in a reasonable time. They are terrible and unacceptable…system sux as well…cant schedule a delivery in a reasonable amount of time.

  • never had such trouble getting what I ordered and then being told they don't have my order or my payment for it! And it shows on my Banking that they got it. They better come up with some thing!! Im bout to be their worst nightmare!!!!!

  • I purchased a sleep number earlier in September. I have been so excited to get it but it's become clear they don't want me to have it. I have been put through the ringer with the delivery of this bed. First delivery confirmed for the 16th; took the day off…called me at 10, delivery tech called in sick: delivery cancelled. That's not acceptable; have someone else take the route- have a manager jump in the truck. That's OK, it's only strike 1. Scheduled again for yesterday for after 4:00. The tech called to say he'd be there at 1:30. Wait what happened to 4:00? Response: well we have a light schedule and we can't sit around for 3 hours…Really?? I just spent a fortune on this bed. Husband cancels meetings to get home, tells the delivery guy at 11:20 he'll be there at 1:30. Delivery guy says he will text to confirm; texts at 1:11 to say delivery rescheduled for the later time I wanted, as he has scheduled another delivery for 1:30. Husband although frustrated thinks right they will deliver at 4:00. Nope. The driver, who was on his route, obviously didn't get another bed to deliver mid-route and obviously felt like taking a half day. What his cryptic message really meant was that delivery was canceled. Strike 2. Then Home delivery tell me the bed will be delivered today between 2 and 6 if they can have the bed moved from one truck to the other and would call me to confirm at 7:30 am. Guess call. I took the day off today to receive my new bed. So excited that finally I will be sleeping on it. I called the delivery center 6 times today confirming delivery each time. First call 8:30 am – told me delivery was scheduled between 8 and 12. Then they told me 2-6. 2nd to last call 4:35 delivery is on its way they will be there by 6:00. Last call 5:45…told me delivery guys went home for the day and we will call you in the morning to reschedule. Really, I just spent a fortune on this bed managing the delivery process because obviously sleep number isn't going to…and had to miss work yet again. Strike 3. I cancelled my order because sleep number just doesn't care about my time or honoring its commitments. I can't even begin to imagine what would happen if I had problems with the bed. Keep the bed sleep number I am moving on. You have stressed out my family – oh and I had already given my old bed away, so I have no bed…thanks clearly you don't care about your customers or your sales. Worst experience ever! Going to look at a Tempur now.

  • My mother, who is a senior citizen, wanted one of these beds forever and finally took the plunge and in 2012 she bought a bed. The bed is leaking now and when I called customer service they told me I had to trouble shoot and repair the bed myself. My mother is a senior citizen, do not purchase one of these fix it yourself beds and the warranty isn't a 20 year warranty is goes down 4% per year. This is not a customer friendly company at all.

  • they will reduce price for some people but not senor citizens
    I was told they gave a friend a discounted rate on a pump
    330 .00 plus shipping and handling regular cost
    they discounted my friends to 150.00
    they would not work with me at all
    then I asked them to prove the pump was made in the USA now they don't want to talk to me
    its on the bottom of the pump "its not" I looked

    • Sleep Number Select comfort please boycott their products…cant deliver in a reasonable time. They are terrible and unacceptable. My sleep number is 40 and I'm pissed. Their Customer Service SUX ass!


  • This bed is a total ripoff!!! I ordered a p6queen over the phone for my wife who has severe back problems. We saw the commercial on TV where it rises up and supports your back when you push the button. This is false advertizing, the bed does not do anything like that. When we got the bed, they set it up, and my wife tried it out. It did not do what it claims to do on the commericial. She felt nothing, I tried it and I felt nothing it only fills up with air like an air mattress. It does not rise up and support your back like in the commerical. We told the delivery men to take it back we did not want it, they refused. They told us we got a closeout model, which I was never told during the purchase. We called Customer Service and tried to maybe exchange it for a differant model. They would not work with us at all. So we told them we wanted to return the bed. They first told us we had to keep it for 30 days before we could return it,but after a long conservation, they agreed to let us return it early. But they also told us we would have to pay a return fee of $199.99 or have UPS return it at our cost. Again I was not told this during purchase, he said it stated it on the invoice, which I was supposed to receive after purchase via e-mail, I never got this invoice. I asked to speak to a supervisor and he put me on with John, he agreed to waive all return fees, but not the $169.66 setup fee,which is a joke they put it together in about 15 minutes. They could have avoided having to come back and pickup the bed if the delivery men would have just simply have taken it back when they were here. After we initally ordered the bed we had placed another order for some pillows for it,hoping they would get here when the bed came. I recieved a statement from the finance company for the pillows and I did not even have them. The supervisor (John) told me to just refuse delivery and they would be returned at no cost. He also generated me a return label for the mattress pad which was also to be returned at no cost.
    So after all that they still refuse to credit me for the setup fees. I feel they should have gave me credit for every penny I was charged for this bed. And I will keep contacting every person I can to get the remaining balance refunded untill they do just that. I plan to send a letter to Salley Ibach the CEO of Select Comfort. I was in management for a Major Retailer for 35 years and we gave away thousands of dollars in free merchandise and refunds just to make a customer happy. I know what can be done. This company needs to learn the number one rule in customer service, The customer is always right!

  • Your customer service sucks.(never said this ever, but the time is right) After nead death experience being hit head on two yrs ago. My wife & I were beat up from head to toe. Lets start with my poor wife. Broken left humorus, femor, & hip. Totally ignored broken L5 (but the broken back went ignored due to hospitla carlessness, It was reperted in the CT narative but went ignored. And they couldn't figure out why she couldn't stand and pivot a comode)

    With that as a background, after her back surgery 8 months later by an outstanding neuro surgeon we began looking for a bed that would conform to her medical needs. I take stock in advertising and people like Rush. We looked at every matress foundation known to man and went with your product by purchasing fro QVC. We got more profound info on QVC than we ever got in the Galleria Mall store. That being said……time for a new paragraph.

    The boxes came via UPS and sat for months. Oh, we were promissed that this was an easy setup. Bulloney or what ever expletive delete you choose. Called your customer service, got a foreigner woh couldn't speak our English Language with an ounce of fluency. Gave me all sorts of excuses about buying fro QVC. The told me for $180.00 plus tax the King XL twins would be put together by their "Pros." So, I paid the price, waited another four weeks for the pros to install the beds. Meanwhile my wife had her L5 remover and fused and caged but the next part of this "professional installation" is a killer.

    The installers came from the Galleria Mall store. They had NEVER put one of thee together, made all sorts of excuses. They didn't install I(build it properly. Left the matterses to drift off the bottom board, didn't even attach the two independent twin frames together. Two more calls to Customer Service got us another usless service call that did nothing to solve the problems.

    To top it off you couldn't even get matress pads, waterproff pads or sheets at the "Company Mall Store". And the prices….Talk about ripoff.

    As for my issues from the accident I am still awaiting back surgery so my wife can be mobile enough to watch after me. But The brain anuerism I got from the steering wheel went undetected by not paying attention to my trauma. And you wonder why we are upset. This is a pathetic excuse for a money grab and not treating customers with respect and showing concern for the products they sell.

  • I hate ur bed. I'm having to go to the chiropractor 2 times a week since buying this glorified air mattress. I see a class action lawsuit building!!!!

  • Worst mattress ever. 3 months in and wake up with pain everyday. Resorted to sleeping in a sare bedroom. Do not waste your money!!

  • This is the worst mattress ever. For 3 months I have been trying to find a comfortable setting and each morning I wake up with pain somewhere else. I've had to sleep in a spare bedroom just to get a decent nights sleep at least once a week. Don't waste your money!!!

  • I do not recommend this bed, I have had nothing but issues and when I go to customer service they do not want to help…I was actually told to hang up and call back , they refused to transfer me to a manager. I have had a defective pump and zipper and they wanted me to pay 300 for new pump and 180 for cover??? warranty? What warranty. Next step is corporate office, I am shocked how they treat customers and they obviously do not stand by their warranty. Cheaper to buy a new bed. DON"T BUY

  • You all sound like sheep. To base your opinion on a product based on someone's political views. BRAVO. Maybe you can still get your recipes from convicted felon Martha Stewart. Good luck,
    or should I say Baah baah.

  • My wife and I are considering a new mattress. If they won't support Rush then my money won't go toward helping them. We will definitely be shopping some place else.

  • Sleep Number had been on my short list for consideration to replace my current "worn out, worthless set". I only heard of the company because of your association with the Limbaugh program. You will notice, of course, the past tense. You as a corporation have chosen to vote against my best interest and, therefore, I have chosen to vote against your product with my money. Rush Limbaugh's words may have been considered over the top by some but, as a husband and father of four daughters, I would be forever shamed if one of them was to imitate Ms. Fluke. She is what she is, and that's all she is, and she was not worthy of this great corporation trying to play politics by cow towing to political correctness. So, you have the satisfaction of being politically correct, but minus yet another potential customer.

  • I have bought three Select Comfort beds and I will NEVER go back to the standard bed! The best three purchases I ever made! And I'm proud that the company got rid of Rush and his negative, hateful radio talk show! Bravo Select Comfort! And I am only too happy to print my name!!)

  • We are building a large new home with five bedrooms, each to get new beds. We have recently looked at your products. As a retired newspaperman and columnist, I know about people who organzie boycotts but especially about businesses who are spineless and can not stand on their own. Limbaugh's words, while harsh, were words of free speech just as Miss Flucke's words were both false and damaging to her future. I am not responsible for either of them, but I am responsible for how my family's money is spent. While I like your product, we will not buy from a company that would bow to something that destroys free speech like Media Matters. Hope you reconsider.

  • Thank you for dropping your adverting on Rush Limbaugh. I will support you. Thank you for supporting women! Keep it up!

  • I had thought of doing business with your company. However, after the recent imbroglio concerning Rush Limbaugh, I will not, nor will I ever.


    Matthew Thomas

  • I have had a select comfort mattress for 15 years. Thought it was time for a new one maybe an upgrade. Due to your decision to drop Rush…Tempur-Pedic will be getting my business. After all it was the advertising on Rush's show that enticed me to buy in the first place.

  • I have had a select comfort mattress for 15 years. Thought it was time for a new one maybe an upgrade. Due to your decision to drop Rush…Tempur-Pedic will be getting my business. After all it was the advertising on Rush's show that enticed me to buy in the first place.

  • Your decision to drop your advertising with Rush Limbaugh because of leftist "Brown shirts" seek to silence Conservative political speech has cost you my business. Further, I intend to aggressively influence as many other consumers within my sphere to boycott your products as well. Fecklessness has consequences and yours look to be a loss of sales.

  • You have the freedom to advertise with whom ever you please. Thankfully, I have the right to buy from whom ever I please. That will not be you. I assume you made your decision based on your stockholder's interest. If that proves to be a bad decision, you have only yourselves to blame. If it works out to your betterment then good for you. If any of you attempt to come back, I hope he does not accept you as advertisers. BTW, as a student of the EIB Institute for Advanced Learning…shouldn't I be entitled to free stuff from you advertisers? Some of your products, "as you know, can cost a woman over $3,000 during law school."

  • Add my family to the list of those who will no longer purchase your product. We have one Select Comfort bed and were in the market for a second. We have instead purchased a tempur-pedic bed. The ironic thing about your decision is that you have alienated millions of Rush listeners, many of whom could probably afford your expensive mattresses, unlike Ms Fluke and her "friends" who say they can't afford their contraceptives. That makes it highly unlikely that they will be looking at a sleep number bed anytime soon. As I tell my 18 year old son when he does foolish things, "it's not wise to cut off your nose to spite your face."

  • As a Company your success is not based on public opinion but on public spending and as such one must be careful not to publicly expose your political standing by taking one side against the other but that is just what you did by pulling your ads from the Rush Limbaugh show. First of all I must say that I do not agree with the terminology that Rush used in discussing Ms. Flukes speech and I told him so but he is not the first person to use derogatory statements regarding women. I am sick and tired of the double standard that exists. If you are a Liberal then you can say whatever you want about whomever you want and it goes unnoticed but if your aren’t a Liberal and you do the same thing then Advertisers pull their ads. Why is that? Truth be told, if Companies pulled their ads every time someone said something that wasn’t up to their standards then there would be no ads and if there was fairness in doing this then that is how it should be right about now. Your actions have sent a message loud and clear to the American public and the results of those actions won’t be helpful in keeping your numbers in the black. When people listen to talk shows whether it be on the radio or on the Television they don’t always agree with what they hear but they continue to watch or listen and the fact that you pulled your ad won’t stop me or many other people from listening to Rush Limbaugh but it will stop me from purchasing your product and I’m not the only one. I am very disappointed in the stance you took. It’s your loss not mine!

  • Pulling my support of Sleep Number mattress. My husband planned on buy a new mattress and was torn between you and Tempur-Pedic . Well I think you know now what we will buy. When you side with one side and to stop free speech, this is what happens , you piss off the other side! I will make sure how you support the left calling conservative women names and stand by and do nothing!!!

    Becky Trousdale
    Baytown Texas

  • BIG MISTAKE on your part! You dropped Rush over the liberals' efforts to make this so big they could hurt him with it? WHO do you think your ads are reaching on Rush's program? Liberals? They've been drooling over the idea of trying to get him off the air & silence him, and now YOU'VE chosen the WRONG SIDE. We've bought 3 of your beds — yes I love them, but I can do without them. Tempurpedic is looking real good to me now. I hope your company goes broke in this economic crisis brought on by the liberals you've now sided with. You'll reap what you sow and deserve it.

  • Although what Rush said was wrong, he apologized. But if Select Comfort can't forgive him and continue advertising, then I will wait for them to do so before I buy your product again. And I will encourage all I know, to do the same.

  • The only reason I gave SelectComfort a chance was because of Rush Limbaugh's endorsement. We have purchased 3 of your beds because we support Rush's advertisers and what he said about your product was true. How unfortunate that you would drop him so unceremoniously after his comments last week. Did you know that the first bed we purchased from you was sent with a defective air bladder and had to be returned and replaced? And still, we did further business with you. At one time, everyone of us has said or done something regrettable and apologized. Shame on you for your knee-jerk, politically correct response. Now you can remove me from all your mailing lists, I won't be needing your services because obviously, if I buy your product I am making a public statement that I side with you. How insincere would that be…

  • My husband and I have been shopping around for a new mattress, and we have made a decision on which we will choose..COMFORTAIRE!!! After you yanked advertising from the Rush Show, we have decided to drop you! Good ridance fair weather sponsor! Shame on you for not having a spine!

  • Why was the comment I posted yesterday never allowed to appear? It was pointed but certainly not insulting nor poorly written. So now we are being rejected for our views?

  • i think it's fine that there are apparently going to be some really great deals for those people fortunate enough to purchase all these suddenly available, slightly used, sleep number beds. we recently purchased one from you and are EXTREMELY pleased with your product. IT IS WONDERFUL! (it's funny that those who are criticizing your beds, NOW, have ALL purchased them in the past!)
    your brave rejection of the misogynistic, crude, and unfortunately typical remarks of the ditto-head pied piper are what was needed in this situation. don't worry about losing these ditto heads, there are many more people who will buy your products because of your stand

  • thank you for your principled stand against ignorance, misogyny, and hate speech. these unforgivable comments supporting limbaugh's ravings only serve to define the lack of character and moral fiber of the posters.
    they are the ditto head, mindless, lemming, mindset of limbaugh's followers trying to save him from his own mess.

    March 6, 2012 12:37 AM

    • Ah. Well. Thanks for all the name-calling while condemning Rush for the same. I believe there's a name for that too. Can we say "hypocrite?"

    • I agree with the comment above. Looks like Sleep Number's new customers are people I would not want to be associated with.

  • Bravo, it is great to see that there are still people left with standards and morals.(and possible daughters,moms,sisters)Rush can have any opinion of what he thought this woman said at the hearing but she did not mention her sex life or anyone elses. He should do research first and then consult a dictionary before he speaks. There were many ways of expressing an opinion without using such language. I already had not used his sponsors but I will use the ones that dropped him.
    Thank you again

    • Yes, BRAVO! You picked up one new customer and LOST how many? Brilliant. Just keep up your current strategy, you'll be bankrupt in no time.

  • CANNOT believe your knee-jerk reaction in caving to the gods of political correctness re Fluke issue. Compare the vile, relentless name-calling of Sarah Palin by Bill Mahr and other leftists to Rush's comments (and btw, leftists spew their venom randomly and at will and NEVER apologize…nor are they ever REQUIRED to apologize). Rush, of course, class act that he is, has apologized in full. You people are lilly-livered cowards, scrambling under your desks over a few tweets. For shame (go watch real men in "Act of Valor". Grow some nads)
    I actually have a sleep number bed…(sorry now) but now won't be buying one for my daughter as planned! And certainly will never recommend one to friends. YOU BLEW IT!

  • I will never use or purchase any of your products again… There is always two side to every issues… You have pick which side you are on.. You obviously do not care what they call the Republican women and their families… They were not asking for anything free either…. You shall repeat the benefits of you choice……

  • The fact that you even advertised on that drug-addled Rush Limbaugh's show displays a complete lack of corporate character on Sleep Number's part. No problem….I've bought my last Sleep Number bed.

  • We need to replace our Tempur Pedic bed and I was leaning toward getting another Sleep Number. But, since you have become a tool of the hypocritical liberal fake rage machine, I'll look elsewhere.

    Consequences are great aren't they.

  • You don't seem to understand the fact that many people considered your product because of your association with Rush. Once you break with him there is no longer any reason for his fans to maintain a connection with you. I have no loyalty to you, but I do have loyalty to him. Rush is "family" you are not…Cya.

  • So the 30 year old activist who champions free sex changes gets called out for her nonsense and YOU drop the best way to reach millions?
    Guess we won't be looking at your company for that much needed new bed.
    Foolish to cave to the screaming fools who pretend they are the majority, I assure you, they are not.

  • Shame on you for turning tail on Rush Limbaugh without even waiting for him to explain himself. Rush has more class in his little toe than "that woman" has in her whole body, mind, and soul.

  • You have the right to drop Rush, and we have the right to drop you. My husband and I were in the market for a new sleep number bed. Forget it now–and we won't even give our old one away!

  • I bought a Select Comfort bed over ten years ago, based on your advertising on Rush Limbaugh's show, and was in the market to buy a new bed. I will not be considering your product any longer. If you don't support free speech and the talk show host largely responsible for your access to millions of customers, I will no longer support you. We also recommended your product to another family member who also purchased one of your beds; there will be no more "word of mouth" support for Sleep Comfort from us.

  • I will be looking elsewhere for sleep products… oh wait, I hear Rush Limbaugh has some advertisers I should purchase from! Too bad Sleep Number can't compete anymore!

  • Well I guess I can live without one of your beds although my brother in law had convinced me to get one. however we'll see how long you last in a world without freespeech.Why would this woman be offended by what Rush says when she was not one bit embarresed to go in front of the world and tell us how often she has sex? I find it hard to believe she was all that offended.Your foolish to do this. The comment will soon be forgotten and Rush has a huge audience,Which you will no longer have access to. Bad business decision,go look at the liberal shows they can't compare.

  • They are basically camping mattresses with a layer of foam and a small compressor. Rush should have been ashamed of this company!

  • I have bought 5 sleep number beds and after your ridiculous, childish cave -in to some disgruntled women activists and pulled your advertising from Rush Limbaugh's show, I will get rid of all my sleep number beds and turn to another company.

  • We are no longer considering purchasing any Select Comfort products,
    even though we were looking at one we liked out in the Tyson's area recently.

  • Their so called mattresses are air-mattresses covered by foam. Ugh… I have one and I can't wait to get rid of it. You could make one of these in your garage with 1 camping mattress, a compressor, and a layer of memory foam.
    This is one company that needs to go. Oh, think Rush does not have advertising power? Remember Snapple?

    • Sleep Number Select comfort please boycott their products…cant deliver in a reasonable time. They are terrible and unacceptable.

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