Sensa Corporate Office Headquarters

Sensa Corporate Office Headquarters
SENSA Products, LLC. Address:
2301 Rosecrans Avenue #4100
El Segundo, CA 90245 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-866-514-2554
Customer Service Number: 1-866-514-2554
International Callers: 1-310-683-0952
Fax Number: n/a
Email: Online Form Only

  • Well, well, well, I am so not the only one completely discusted with this company! That's good to know! I haven't even fully been able to try the product but the customer service at this company is completely HORRIBLE I spoke with a Jennifer and a Leslie and they were completely rude, I was trying to explain my situation and the fact of the matter is I was only requesting the 1 month supply yet they send me a 2 month instead, then want to automatically charge me $80 a month! Then when I try to tell them I can't do that Jennifer was rude, kept trying to sell the product to me, then when I finally said look I don't need you selling it to me, it's not that I'm not interested it's that I can't afford it then she was completely snooty with me and rude. Then I try to return it and got the recording that I can keep the 2 month supply for $29 and it would automatically be withdrawn from my card I provided. Well 1 month later, I'm being called by their collection agency telling me my total went to collections. I told them they had automatic authorization to charge my card and so when I spoke with Leslie this morning (who kept interrupting me, the customer and talking over me) she said well it declined, so I said ok where was my call to me then and you could have had your payment in another form and all she could say was we don't make outbound calls. Well is that my problem? NO I am the customer you are the company! I am so FED UP with this so called company who does nothing but scam and screw people over, to top they are charging $9 extra for cancelling my account with them, REALLY?! NEVER USING THIS COMPANY AGAIN! If I do or if anyone else wants to use their product get it through a drug store or something like that! NEVER use them again!

  • I received a call today 7 October 2013 from one of your awful customer care argents who had the most horrendous attitude that I have ever experienced from any agent ever. I completely disagree with you trying to charge me for something I cancelled and having your agents call me threating to “send that to an outside collection agency”. I do not want this to have negative reflection on my credit end because of mistakes made on yours! I do not want any of your company product! I would like this matter to be resolved immediately. I do not want to be contacted by anyone from Sensa Company, in any form after this has been closed out and removed from under my name! I can only image the stress and frustration of others who have been subjected to this type of mistreatment for you!

    • I completely understand & dealt with the same rudeness with their "customer service". Even spoke to a supervisor who was just as rude & kept pissing me off more!

  • I bought SENSA at a GNC store. I used SENSA for 2 months. I used portion control and ate more fruits and vegetables. I got sick in the stomach and had terrible stomach pains from using SENSA. I did not lose any weight. SENSA IS NOT A GOOD PRODUCT TO HELP YOU LOSE WEIGHT

  • Their advertising is false. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee is a joke. Tried to return an unopened box that was shipped to me, customer service was very nasty and they refused to issue an RMA. They didn't mind charging me the $90, a reputable company would have gladly accepted the return and refunded my money. Stay away from this product, the stuff is disgusting and I can't find any outside documentation that shows anyone has ever really lost weight using this product.

  • I ordered SENSA to try for the 30 day trial period, I didn't even use the whole 2 months as I wasn't feeling well after using the SENSA, and todat they charged me $98.00 on my credit card without my permission…..This just isn't right…..they should at least have the decency to ask for your permission, about whether you want to continue or no…..This is ridiculous…..I am pretty sad at this matter'_'-(

  • I ordered Sensa for a 30 day trial period and they charged me today $98.00 out of my bank account without my permission….

  • This is a horrible company to work for, I worked my butt off everyday. I had to get a doctors note to use the restroom, they teat you as if it was a sweatshop! They fired me for getting the flu "from one of their employees" and fried my co worker and friend on her birthday. Something needs to be done about the way they run his business.

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