Shakey’s Pizza Corporate Office Headquarters

Shakey’s Pizza Corporate Office Headquarters
2234 West Valley Boulevard
Alhambra, CA  91803
Corporate Phone Number: 1-626-289-7851

  • I'd like to be part of your team as an any position, i hope someone to contact me. i just want to get a job in your industry. 🙂

  • Good luck. Shakey's just doesn't care. I have stopped visiting, along with 2 other families I know – but they just don't really care. Let your story be known. I suspect they will care, eventually.

  • I don't want to be just another person complaining. I expect somone to contact me to resolve the matter as soon as possible. Your location in Torrence, CA is cheating customers and as a result your reputation as a company is at stake. I have pictures reciepts and witnesses we can use in court if necessary. I will be calling after the holiday. Catalina

  • I don't want to be just another person complaining. I expect somone to contact me to resolve the matter as soon as possible. Your location in Torrence, CA is cheating customers and as a result your reputation as a company is at stake. I have pictures reciepts and witnesses we can use in court if necessary. I will be calling after the holiday. Catalina

    • so went to a location here in riverside off of van buren, loved food but let my girls have 20 dollars to play games and they where ripped off every game payed 1 to 4 tickets off the amount they should of won. very upset pta mom at local school oh ya talked to manager he gave us 12 extra tickets. parents be ware your kids are getting ripped off. family fun? not so sure any more

  • hi there. I know who you talking about and I witness the same thing. my son works for a shakeys and told me an employee was getting complaints for the same thing and when managing investigated they drug test and the person was fired. but I believe it was after so many complaints. hopefully if shakeys go by the ''customers are always right'' same thing would happen because I don't agree with it as well. so heres the second complaint!

  • Taking care of customers? Today around 4:00 pm, I see an email from Shakey's giving my a coupon for bunch a lunch. 'TODAY ONLY"!! I see it's 4:00, and wonder – what time did I receive this? I receive the notice at 12:21 TODAY! Bunch a Lunch starts at 11:00, ends at 2:00 ! LOL Thanks a lot Shakey's! Why don't you just send it to me tomorrow, or next week? If you don't want people to use them, just don't send them.

  • Went to shakeys in Redlands ca off Tennessee exit cross streets Colton.. horrible MANAGER LOINA!!! ordered food to go paid over $30 for them to give me incorrect order and then when i call to complain she said the cook remembered my order and it was supposedly ^CORRECT ^ ha ha what a F'in joke ! You remembered one order out of so many people ordering food yeah jerks as much food as you make and take orders im going to lie about my order. Yeah cause im sooo bored and i want to hear myself complain right!!!! Let me work a shakeys as a MANAGER! ILL SHOW YOU HOW TO REALLY RUN A PLACE AND SHOW U CUSTOMER SERVICE .. clearly you are a AIR HEAD —-FIRE YOUR MANAGER maybe even more then her by the looks of the reviews . Few problems there

  • Shakeys pizza parlor in Redlands ca off of Colton ave has been our to go place for all our kids birthdays. As we do with each child, we went yesterday 1/23/16 around 5pm, as we ordered the cashier gave us the wrong amount of change, she was actually giving us too much until we said something. Later we get our food and decide to get some beer while the kids play, and the lady serving us our beer decides it's completely ok to tell my husband "oh my god aren't you one sexy piece of meat" who says that? Is that how shakeys trains employees to treat customers? Shakeys employees have been one of the least trained crew I have seen in one night and we will never be returning again. Please take the time to re train your employees as that is no way to talk to a customer.

  • Your New Shakeys parlor in Balanga, Philippines makes a great pizza but one cannot sit and relax to enjoy it because the entire place is full of flies. Yesterday was my 3rd time there with the same problem. Won't go back until something is done.

  • I went to Shakeys Pizza today..the Sylmar location 13701 Foothill Blvd Sylmar, CA. 91342..and I will not be coming back to this location!! I have 2 complaints about this location…I usually come here at least once a month sometimes two..and i always love the service and the food, today when I went I asked for a glass of water for my % year old daughter and I asked that it has a lid so she doesn't spill on accident…the cashier which was the manager on shift today.. said that he would have to charge me for the glass of water if I wanted a lid on…what? they have never not gave me a glass without a lid for water for my daughter before…terrible!!! Second, we always order the same family meal..the combo 2…that comes with a medium pizza, He charged me for the medium pizza combo..and gave me a small pizza!!! I know the sizes because we are there so often! I feel like they robbed me!! I did not pay for a small pizza but yet that's what I received even though I PAID for a medium!! I asked who he manager was on shift because I wanted my money back or for a medium pizza like I ordered but as it turned out the Cashier was the manager…terrible!!!! Plus no one there was wearing name tags!! I will not be returning to that location for a good while..I also called and left a voicemail on the cooperate office complaint hopefully I get something resolved from this terrible experience!!! I am also going to send a e-mail as well with the details of this terrible experience!!

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    I am extremely disappointed with my experience at this particular shakeys 791 E. Foothill Blvd upland ca, the reason being the unprofessional actions I witnessed of the General manager named Kelly. I was appalled to see her not only disrespect her employees but to go as far cursing and yelling at a child in front of myself and my children! This situation must be handled at once until then I refuse to come back to this shakeys and will not be recommending it to anyone!

  • No one has answered the take-out phone at the Subic bay Freeport Zone, Philippines Shakeys outlet for the last 45 days. As a Shakeys Supercard holder, I'm unable to get home delivery here on the freeport.

  • It's evident that Shake Pizza does not offer any additional managerial training beyond the initial hire date….The Paramount location level of customer service is inadequate.

  • Shakeys is one of my favorite places to eat and now I'll never eat there again because of the employees that you have working for your company at your Covina ca. Location on 5/06/14 at 9:30pm I walked in to order food my plan was to dine in until your employee told me that I can order but it had to be a to go order when the place was flooded with customers who were enjoying the NBA game which I guess I couldn't do! If your gonna rush your customers out when you are still open for business you might wanna escort EVERYONE out not just one customer. because of this all my banquets which I have year around for several different sports teams will no longer be held at shakeys and you can thank your employees for that!!!

  • ON 3/23/2013 SATURDAY APROX-6:49 PM THEIR WAS MAJOR INCIDENT YOUR RESTAURANT LOCATED AT 2023-Cesar Chaves Los Angeles,CA 90033,3-males subject and a female screaming for help in the parking lote and the manager didn't call for police ontill the custumers like my self call the result end it with a baby (female)was left with a lady-stranger she was only about a year old LAPD took here,one suspect was taken into arrest but the mom of the child was taken by force , need to do something camaras in the parking lot and hold the manager responsible for not taking action fast,I WILL NOT COME BACK TO THE SAME LOCATION I WILL GO ALHAMBRA LOCATION SAFER.

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