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  • Sharis Berries Corporate Office Headquarters

Sharis Berries Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Sharis Berries Corporate Office Headquarters

Provide Commerce
4840 Eastgate Mall
San Diego, California 92121
Corporate Phone Number: 1-858-729-2800 
Email: wecare@customercare.Berries.com
Customer Service Number: 1-877-237-7437

  • I also had a BAD experience with Sharis Berries . . . . I am on hold right now – already for 5 min after a discussion with Ashley Low who clearly does not care about keeping me as a customer.

    James Smith finally came on the line – and after about 45 minutes of wrangling with him about helping me determine if MY orders that I PAID for arrived at the destinations to which I asked that they be shipped . . . because Sharis Berries is protecting ME FROM ME . . ..

    BTW I use the "Guest" process so as to NOT have to have accounts and PW's and to give private info to strangers . . . . All my orders ARE in the S.B. data base . . . and it is and was very very clear that they did and do know it is me – but I was told repeatedly – they are not "willing" to provide the info. Mr James Smith and Ms Ashley Low before him – were only too happy to accept my no longer buying fro SB . . . rather than assist a long time – ongoing – repeat customer. . . . . .

    I'd add my name here – BUT then I MUST again provide private info . . . so I must sign as Anonymous . .. ..


  • This company has been the worse of the worse. I ordered a perishable item on 7-20-17 for a Sat delivery. The shipment went out per an email confirmation and then it went no where on Sat. NO one can tell me why it was not delivered. Then when you call customer service with the order number along with the incident number they ask you for everything except your blood type and DNA.
    They hang up on you, had to call back 3 times. I wanted my entire amount back credited and they had the nerve to ask if I wanted to re-order the same thing. SERIOUSLY?? I will never ever ever use this horrible company again

  • I'm trying to call the corporate office to find out if the chocolate they use to dip the berries is Gluten Free. The receptionist desk is unavailable and the mail box is full. I called customer service and they can't tell me an answer. Would someone please respond?

  • I have ordered with this company for YEARS and have never had so many problems with an order or customer service! I called this evening 2/11/17 to see what time I could expect my surprise delivery to be made at my husbands office ( have done this for quite some time now) the women I spoke with was so unprofessional and unhelpful I became frustrated and asked to speak to a manager- she then proceeded to tell me that I did not need to speak to a manager…. she then said there was an error in processing and it either had to do with my credit card or shipping address… then I was even more upset because didn't call to check on times??? No one contacted me with ANY concern of something being wrong with the order, I was under the assumption that it was fine considering I got a confirmation email with an order number and the address to my husband office.

    The customer service rep was continuously asking to review my credit card information and verification on the account and what could be wrong when I was asking why I wasn't informed of this "problem" before… so either way my package was going to be delivered between 9am-6pm on Valentines Day??? I explained to her that my husband leaves at 3pm so why would i have it delivered somewhere when there is no set time frame and risk him not getting it? She was stuck on the credit card information and kept avoiding the original question, then proceeded to tell me again that there is no need for me to speak to a manager- I hope this call was recorded to ensure this is fixed because it was horrible- I was then placed on hold for 5-10 minutes- she came back on the line and stated the manager is engaged at the moment and "if" she becomes available she will connect me… NO it should be WHEN she becomes available.

    Not even 1 minute after placing me back on hold "Giselle" the supervisor gets on the phone, sounds EXACTLY like the rep, i asked if this was the manager and she stated NO, she was the supervisor and continually responded to my questions with an attitude and "ya's" "well this is how it is" "well I don't know's"… most UNPROFESSIONAL representation I have encountered through this company yet. She was rude and very short in explanations and again was on the topic of my credit card for the refund yet she stated I wasn't charged yet since the card used would be charged once shipping has completed. There was no urge to keep me as a customer or no helpfulness, just "well this is the time frame" and "well do you want to cancel?"

    I cancelled my order and kept asking for a confirmation email to which her response was "ya you'll get an email in hours"; you would think considering this is a MAJOR holiday for your company and there are MANY people who are interested in surprising there loved one with something special the customer service alone would be supportive and nice at least!!!>??

    This experience was so bad I am done with Sherries Berries and you better believe I will be reviewing and spreading the word about this horrible experience! 2/11/17 7:30 pm pacific standard time was the time of the call and I hope you hear this conversation for training purposes. Considering the disgusting service the nice surprise I had planned for my husband is now ruined, thanks.

  • Worse company ever I ordered product and fees almost cost the amount of the product I call them to confirm my order 5 minutes later come to find out they can't deliver to my requested location now my money is held up waiting for a refund said 3 to 5 days this suppose to be for just maybe longer they also ask me to do a survey after my order I said this survey should come after I receive my product I'm glad I didn't give positive feedback because of this situation so please don't do give them a positive rating until you receive your product u will be sorry i recommend from my experience NOT to use them trust me you will have some problems.no customer service and sound like all foreigners.

  • I totally agree with the comments above. Your customer service needs to be 100% better! Your shipping costs are a joke! And I also waited to talk to a supervisor because I could not understand what the man was saying! Doubtful I will order again. Will be mailing a letter to Corporate tomorrow. Let's see if I hear back from you!

  • I'm right there with Lynn; worst customer service experience ever! Bar none! It's a long story and I'll spare you the details, but at the bottom is a dozen berries that were rotten within a day of receipt. After three emails to customer services reps who clearly were sending canned responses and unable to understand English, I called the customer service number and spoke to someone (clearly English is not his native tongue). He had me read to him the email I had received from customer service promising free shipping on a future order. The email failed to give me a code to claim it. He told me they could do nothing because I had paid for the purchase with PayPal and that I should give him a credit card number. When I asked to speak to his supervisor I was put on hold and after an extended period of time, I hung up. Sheri, you have made me resolve to never again do business with companies who outsource their customer service to foreigners. From now on I am only going to buy American, and I'm checking customer service before I do.

  • They advertise free shipping and upon checkout charge $32 for two shipments, Customer service the worst ever experienced, Barley speak english and offer no sugestions, They are not allowed to give out corp Phone number and held for 25 minutes for customerserice Superviosr finally jusrt gave up.

  • The worse customer service experience ever. I placed an order online and paid for it with your option of paypal. I called your toll free number to change date of delivery and the representative canceled my order without telling me and because I paid with paypal they could not just reorder my Mother's day items. It would take 28 days for the payment to be returned and after speaking with the manager (Janet) she pretty much told me "too bad". There is nothing they can do about the mistakenly cancelled order. I could pay for another order over the phone. Why would I do that if I already paid for the first item and nothing is being delivered. This company was recommended to me by a friend, I should have stuck with my traditional edible arrangements. I will be sure to pass this information along to other consumers.

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