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Sharis Berries Corporate Office Headquarters

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  1. Perhaps the worst ordering experience I've ever had. We have a number of Facebook Contacts…they will be informed of this organizations absolute incompetence. I only hope I can cost them more money then they cost me. If you read this spread the eord Sherri's Berries is not worth the agony.

  2. I am having the terrible experience with Shari’s Berries yet again. Last Mother’s Day I experienced a major issue with 5 orders I placed where all 5 orders were wrong. Shari’s Berries customer service resolved the issue last Mother’s Day by refunding me for my orders. Because of how their customer service reacted and made good with my 5 incorrect orders I decided to give their company another try by placing 2 orders for Valentines Day however I have been trying to place an order online since 7:00am this morning. It is now 10:13am and I have not been able to complete my order online. To make matters worse, I called their customer service department thinking I would be able to get this taken care of. Nope the woman from their call center was not able to understand me and asked me the same questions 5 times each as I gave her the same answer each time. She was very pleasant and trying to help me the best when she could but she didn’t understand what I was saying so I asked to be transferred to a supervisor and she refused. Desperate to talk to someone who could understand me, I even asked her to transfer my call to someone else in her department who could understand me and further assist me. She kept me on the phone, did not transfer me to anyone and continued to say that she was trying to help me. I was forced to disconnect the call from their call center because I wasn’t getting the help I needed and deserved. She said there was no bad connection and that she could hear me just fine yet she kept asking me the same questions over and over again. I was very polite and I tried reasoning with her explaining to her that she is being very helpful but she’s just not understanding me and I don’t mind repeating my self 2 times but I literally repeated the same answers 5 times. Asking the same questions over and over again as she did is not acceptable unless there is a clear issue with the connection of the actual call. I want to place my order today with a represenative I can trust to take my small simple order, who will understand what I’m ordering, read back exactly what I want to order and process my order with confidence. I’m sorry if this review is coming across as rude, that is not my intention. I am just trying to give feedback and get my order taken care of. I have lost my patience with Shari’s Berries and I’m baffled that a company as large as this operates in such a way.

  3. Not that anything will come of it: I must agree with the above..how are you people still in business? Order came 2 days late and what a mess..Strawberry's were mush…choc was almost melted…what a waste of money..Never again will we ever get Sherrie's berry's and I will certainly tell everyone in my church and clubs…not good orders go to the Philippines…and it was 2 dozen…and they make it so you have to put anonymous so they won't have to compensate anyone…

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