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Shaw’s Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Shaw’s Corporate Office Headquarters

Shaw’s Supermarkets, Inc.
750 W. Center St.
West Bridgewater, MA 02379 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-508-313-4000
Fax Number: 1-508-313-3112
Customer Service Number: 1-877-932-7948

  • I disagree, I worked or Shaw's for 18 years and I still feel a connection to the stores because I believe everyone is trying to make the company a better place. The produce needs a lot of work in the NH and VT market but once they get the right team in place you will see an influx of customers dying to purchase produce there. When the corporate office improves their front of the store impression I think customers will find a place to shop again.

  • There is no email for Shaw's customer service that is in working order! The website inquiry is down…big shocker. Get it together, Shaw's! No wonder you're almost out of business,

  • My name is John Mayer and I work at Shaws in Sturbridge MA, slipped and fell on a floor that was mopped with no wet floor signs down, was not given first aid by the manager Cathy and was sent home. If I drove I could have been in an accident due to the back injury, if I walked I would not have been able to get out of the way of an on coming car. So much for safety and care of our staff and customers. Injury attorney here I come.

  • At the Shaw's in Hyde Park, the lines are absolutely ridiculous; I am 80 years old and just spent over an hour waiting to buy a newspaper and one other item. The reason for this, I was told is that the manager has cut hours and never wants more than two registers open. This has been going on for weeks, and trust me when I tell you all the folks who waited n those long lines with me will now be going somewhere else. Is there any reason WHY an express lane can't be opened? Sincerely, a NEW Stop & Shop customer…

    • go to the customer service counter for small item purchases. You may have to wait for ridiculous lottery customers, but its better than waiting in line at the registers.

  • I have not had a great experience with the Shaw StainMaster carpeting I purchased back in 2010. The carpeting had some discoloration in the landing upstairs, and Shaw is not willing to stand behind their product. I will never buy Shaw carpeting again and recommend you look very carefully at their warranty. I was never actually given a copy of the warranty when I purchased the carpeting but was told that it would cover pet stains. I was mislead.

  • store 7579 In Hyde Park, MA
    I have been shopping at this store for quite some time.
    The people that bag for customer don’t know how to bag.
    If you buy a cake they put it sideways in the bag.
    Also they just throw the groceries in the bag.
    The store manager I believe does care.
    Also they don’t take off the old items with have a expired date on them.
    The store always looks dirty and the people that work there don’t care.
    Also the plants that they have there are always dead. I would not buy any of the plants in that store.
    I believe that someone needs to check out that store.
    They was a manager at one time which was a great person because he was always around and very helpful I believe he told me
    at his name was Ryan

    • Who ever is the seafood manager needs to retrain the staff regarding properly dispose of the gloves you used never just rinse in cold water the large knife you say your co worker cut fish heads with it and never place bloody fish on bare scale again rinse with cold water and wiped with paper towel

  • Just called Jeaninne Jenny at Corp. was calling about the Night Manager at the Shaw's in Mansfield, Mass. His Name is Steve ( did NOT get his last name) He is a Very Valueable Employee for Shaw's. I had a Problem getting a product at his store. (shelf was empty too many times) So He took care of the Problem. Next time I came in the store;The shelf was FULL! He is a Great man of Intergrity;Careing; and above all else; Action. He is truely working to Help the Customers and make us Happy ! So I hope they take this oppritunity to Recognize his Value as a Great Manager !!-Thank-You.

  • I was always a Stop N Shop shopper but since I went into the Franklin Shaws I will not shop anywhere else. The employees are outstanding and the prices are good. Thanks for such a wonderful job.

    • That was then. Have you been in that store recently? New managers in there are completely rude. The ones that wear a button down shirt. I rather shop at the more expensive Big Y across the street and not see how that young guy manager talks to people. Wish I got his name I would post it on here to tell you all to stay away.

  • Shaw's is still in business?! How is this possible with such terrible management…I know they were bought out one time too many, and closed many stores: leading to so many lay-offs–undoubtedly because of the deplorable strategy and layout of this corporation–but, it's amazing how there are still stores left. Prices must be ludicrous…I mean, they always have been: but, really ludicrous.

    • Yes I agree I used to work there and they did not pay a employee today I know very well …because she cancelled her direct deposit last week so now she has to wait?Fenway Shaws has a bunch of weirdos in there take it from a former employee .

  • I would like to acknowledge the "outstanding" Shaw's in Clinton MA. The employees are friendly, hardworking and very helpful. I have seen a great change in the prices and now make Shaw's Clinton my #1 choice for purchasing groceries. Congratulations and Great Job to all the employees there!

    • you must totally don't know how to shop. I shopped at Shaw's for years until I figured out they were ripping me off big time. I bought a Coronado ham for Easter at Market Basket 1.99 a pound. Checked the prices at Shaw's $ 3.49 a pound why? If you look at there new signage never more than than 3 customer's 3at a register it's because nobody shops there there a total rip off

    • This is a complaint for the Williston, VT store. My wife is a longtime employee of yours. Since the employee lounge upstairs is filthy, not stocked with paper towels or napkins she is forced to eat outside at the picnic table. When was the last time you looked at that area or even upstairs? The only time the outside is cleaned is when there is a corporate visit quarterly. The ground is disgusting and needs power washing monthly. The picnic table needs to be power washed monthly. I have complained to management and the complaint goes unnoticed. It is extremely apparent that you do not care about your employees. You pay them at such a low rate and their eating areas are deplorable. I am sure corporate eats in a nicer environment. Did you ever wonder why you cannot keep your staff? Maybe if you give them a clean environment, it may show that you care. Your local management staff certainly does not.

    • The quincy mass store is like being at a contest for who can be the rudest employee!!! I believe they dont get fired because the managers are even ruder.

    • I agree with the comments on the Clinton store. Everybody is always very helpful and friendly. I feel very comfortable there and enjoy shopping.

    • I totally disagree with the comment at the Clinton store. The Shaws that I shop at is in North Providence, RI , the worst one of all! Some of the cashier has the worst customer service ever, they are extremely rude and unfriendly! Unfortunately, I shop there because it's the closest market around. Shaws is extremely expensive and say over priced!

    • Why on the 3 day sale do customer have to spend $25.00?!!! I might as well go to Stop & Shop. Outrageous. When I get there via email have always thrown stop & Shop flyer out & kept Shaws.I am now going cancel Share flyers. Market Basket & Aldi. Is much better.

    • I was one of the first customers in your first NH store in Derry. All these years later and I find I must complain about the Shaws in Gilford. First why when the store opens at 7am the sea food dept is not yet ready to serve and the person that works it is doping their best to set up the case? Then the most aggravating is when the sale items are sold out when I get there at 7 am of the first day of the sale. Yesterday I went to buy the ice cream on sale in the afternoon and the space looked like a bag of french fries in a McDonalds parking lot when the seagulls picked it over so I went back at 7:30 this morning and it was even worse. Then I went back at 9:30 and no change. If your going to have a sale how about making the sale items first on the restockers list?

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