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  • Shaw’s Corporate Office Headquarters

Shaw’s Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Shaw’s Corporate Office Headquarters

Shaw’s Supermarkets, Inc.
750 W. Center St.
West Bridgewater, MA 02379 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-508-313-4000
Fax Number: 1-508-313-3112
Customer Service Number: 1-877-932-7948


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  1. I want the maple walnut muffins back, I go to your Hooksett NH store, last year they stopped making them, why? They tell me to write to corporate and ask why. They say they have many customers asking the same thing. Bring them back.

  2. I shop at the North providence store. I play the Monopoly game. I went to redeem my free items,however they were not available. My husband went to the manager to complain and his answer was basically who cares. All they care about is themselves not the customer. Manager was EXTREMELY rude and walked away. I left the store and went somewhere else.

  3. i went into my shaws store yesturday to pick up my free item of ice cream and was told that they r out of stock.i ask if i could get a substitute for it and was told no i could not.i sign up for just for you for that reason and for discounts and rewards.i was thinking of getting a few more things this week,but i dont know if i want to after that experience.i guess i will have to go to wal-mart instead.

  4. It is the second Friday in a row that the Just For U Rewards site is down, & rewards can not be used at the local store unless you printed out a list with your prices. Guess Shaws doesn't really want to give people their discounts.

  5. I am an employee in Warwick RI. I have worked for this company for almost 18 yrs.
    I recently had a customer who claimed to be in a hurry.. This customer was purchasing (marked down candy). Said customer came to my register. I was helping a coworker bag due to the fact that I didn't have any customers. This customer came to my line waiting MAYBE 20 seconds. I noticed the customer & was heading towards my register. The customer turned & walked out of line to the register that I was helping bag. Very rudely asked if my register was open. I said yes I was on my way over & you were walking away so I came back to help bag. The customer then went back to my register. I scanned her candy after the customer took off the marked down tags off of them. I asked "Do you want me to use those coupons"?. The customer then said not yet the candy is supposed to be buy 1 get 1 free. So I checked the flyer nothing in the flyer. Because it was early we didn't have many people on yet. So I went to check the shelf. This customer followed me ranting about being in a hurry.. The candy the customer had wasn't what the shelf item was. There were numerous amounts of candy bars in the wrong spot… I was going to change the price for what the shelf price was. BUT this customer wouldn't stop barrating me about waiting. I then walked away from my register & let my supervisor take over. This customer was "in a hurry" but choose to speak to a manager. Needless to say about 20 mins went by before the customer got to talk to a manager. (So much for being in a hurry). After the customer talked to the manager I told the customer to "have a nice day". The customer started to yell "don't talk to me" at me.
    I felt I gave that customer good customer service but I STILL got written up.
    NO checking the camera's or asking other employees that witnessed the ENTIRE thing. Just sided with the customer & gave the customer a gift card..
    REALLY!!!! I know I work in customer service but to just DISREGARD how I was treated isn't right..

  6. I shop at star market brighton, ma. I went there Tuesday to get pizza cooked to take with me. I was informed that oven was broke, the pizzas in case were cooked in small oven. The tops were perfect and underneath raw. I asked the women how could they sell raw,pizza and she said "by the time they go to eat it, it's too late to return. I found that awful. Why would they sell half raw pizza? If the pizza oven is broken. They shouldn't sell any pizza. Just to make money? Disgusting! The only time this store is,acceptable is when the suits visit.

  7. Littleton NH store , which a manager boasted was the highest grossing store in NH. Well from someone who moved North from Ma. believe me its only because your the only game in town. Between having to bag my groceries every time Im in the store, you moving everything around every two weeks to try and keep people in the store,and having to search out a carry basket every time I need one , and what do you know , there's 40 of them right at the registers , where no one will take the initiative to bring them to the door. Oh did I forget , the most ridiculous prices , I buy everything I can at Walmart and save 50 cents to a dollar on every item. Not to mention some of the rudest department people Ive seen. God forbid I need deli meats. I wont get into the time I deli meat shaved with the plastic wrapper still on it. So Shaws enjoy it while it last , because when Super Walmart comes , or Market Basket , your Stay in Littleton NH will be over, It can only be BAD MANAGEMENT. gotta run off to make the trip to Tilton NH Market Basket

  8. I believe someone should check the largest freezer at the Shaws in Waterville, ME…perhaps the management has been locked in and is helpless to escape? This store has always been one of my favorites, and at about $200/week, I would say I help keep it in business. Lately it seems to be on a rapid decline. Produce is old and wilted or moldy. Items I buy weekly are non-existent (for weeks on end, with DAILY checking on my part!), shelves are bare in many spots and a total mess in most of the store while employees stand around talking. I have alerted customer service to missing products and intend to place bright sticky notes on the shelves IF I return! Truly disappointing. Hopefully a Trader Joe's or something comes here soon! I'll take my business to Hannafords now as much as possible! Lauren

  9. Shaws on Commonwealth Ave Boston Ma…….Can not find an email for the corp. office. Totally disgusted with this store. I purchased 2 large packages of ground beef, took it home and was going to make hamburgers from it. As I separated some beef from the rest the size of a large hamburger and went to form it …well, it was DISGUSTING!!! No odor but the meat itself was slimy and pinkish……..WTF!!!! What the hell are they selling as ground beef?? Never in my life have I ever seen such garbage….of course I threw it out. Well, I still haven't learned my lesson. I purchased a package of frozen shrimp took that home and went to was them to cook and found a crusty white looking thick layer on the shrimp! WTF is this store selling???? Stop and Shop will see me from now on hoping I will find better quality there, after all, the prices are pretty ridiculous and to pay that amount for low grade food is absurd. I am telling everyone about this …….!

  10. Matt in your Beverly store went above and beyond in customer service. Last Saturday 2 half gallons of ice cream did not make it into my carriage so I called the store and the head cashier kept saying nothing was left behind and I said what are you trying to tell me and she said nothing was left behind-she had no intention of letting get my ice cream. So I called back and got Matt who not only replaced it but gave me and extra ice cream and had someone deliver it to my house. This is by far the best outstanding customer service I have every come across. Give Matt a great big BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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