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  1. Shopko in Tioga ND
    There seems to be major problems with headquarters who staffs this store , I was finally able to make it in to my local shopko store when my son John and his wife came to visit for Mother's Day , I have seen a lot of different businesses in this location I have raised my 4 children here and watched 7 grand children become adults and in all my years I have never seen or heard so much negativity as I have heard about the manager with very dark hair Jody, over this last year she has almost destroyed my grandsons marriage , while she has also had realations in our same family with his cousin while this ast. Manager at shopko Friend of Jody is also been not only drinking with my other grandson as I hear having relations with as well , I was able to finally meet this person the day I went in to get flowers she should be ashamed of her self she is older then my grandsons mother , we have seen to much negativity with the latest oil boom we thought most of the trash had left .. I'm very disappointed in this lady's who Have left bad taste in our mouths . This has not been a resent event in our family it's been a issue my family for 8 months of prayer and faith to not separate with trust now gone . Let this be .

  2. I am very upset and dissatisfied at the service that has been provided to me regarding my online order, order number 719102. When I placed the order online it was for 2 items an xbox game and a VR headset. Both items that my children were wanting very badly for christmas. The first issue came when I received a package in the mail from you with only the xbox game and not the headset because I check my order and it said that the headset would be sent to the store which it was not supposed to be, it was to be shipped also. Then as of today I have yet to be notified that my item was ready for pick up and so I called customer service and I am told they dont know what is going on and there is nothing they can do I need to call the store. So, I then call the store and talk to the manager who tells me they do not have my shipment or any of the items in stock and they don't know what to tell me except for to call online customer service since the order was placed online. So I again call customer service and am told they dont know why I have not got it yet and they can not tell me when I will ever get the item. NOTHING NO INFORMATION AT ALL. I am very upset that it is 5 days till christmas and I now dont have a gift that I ordered a month ago that my child really wanted. I have been an avid weekly shopper at my local Shopko Hometown since the day it opened its doors and I can not believe the fact that I can not get help with this at all. I can not believe that I ordered an item and it has been a month with out getting it and with out getting even an email update on the status.

  3. I have a rant. I have been a very loyal customer of your stores for years. I have your card and when I got it, I was told it was for savings on some items and coupons. Great!First of all, I have NEVER gotten a penny from that card during a purchase. Second they send a flyer with a coupon attached for 10-15 dollars-great. EVERY stinking time I go to use those coupons they say this doesn't count, that doesn't count-so I can't use them!The last one I tried to use yesterday was $15off of $75 purchase. It was my grandsons birthday-got him that Dream Vision which was in your TOY Circular-so I spent a good hour trying to find things to add up to $75 so I could use that coupon-get up to counter-BUT OH NO(again) the Dream Vision is "Electronics" which doesn't count! WTF??!! I heard the same conversation in the isle next to me with another lady on another purchase! A friend said the same thing happened to her too another day!It has happened so many times to me and I for one am sick of it!The lady says well it says so on the back of the coupon-well who knows how you decide to departmentalize products??!! EITHER WE ARE "VALUED " CUSTOMERS OR WE ARE NOT!I can shop anywhere honeys-I was trying to help the smaller chain but I am tired of being screwed over!AND, if you think I am the only one who feels this way-you had better think again!Why can't you do like Kohl's does and give $10 cash coupon-period. I am so tired of it that I don't think I'm going to shop there anymore and I might move our prescription's too! END OF RANT

    1. That is EXACTLEY the same problem I encounter, I agree with the post dated Nov.5 2016 by Anonymous !
      There is always a catch when I try to use a coupon at Shopko so what is the point of receiving coupons if I along with many, many customers CAN'T use a coupon ? That's ok because here in our small town the chamber slogan is support your local small town, but I won't be shopping at our SHOPKO or any Shopko in any town or city in the future.

  4. I need to make a complaint about a store manager in the Mountain View Wyoming store # 756.
    The complaints include that the store manger does not treat her employees right at all. I have personally witnessed that she is very critical of everything. Im not meaning the important work things that need to be done, but she rides everyone so badly and the employees are afraid to even call in if it is really needed. The employees with children have to call in at times when their kids are sick and then she treats you like crap over it. She also talks badly about some of the employees behind they backs which is not right. She even is trying to find an excuse to fire one of the male employees who does his job & is very beneficial to the store and is a very helpful person. She gets mad if you ask her too many questions and/or she thinks they are less than smart questions. Her employees feel like they are walking on egg shells when she is there. When she is gone, the whole feeling of the store is lighter but the employees still do their jobs if she is there or not. She has cussed at employees who have called in before as well.
    She does not treat the lower employees well at all and has a big turn over because of this. The higher up employees such as the supervisors don't seem to be as affected as much however I have talked to a couple of the supervisors and they feel the same way as I do.

    I would highly suggest someone looks into the way she treats the employees please.

  5. A supervisor in the Lewistown Montana store threatened me on 12/12/15 while I worked there. The assistant manager I reported it to, did NOTHING. The store manager did not take appropriate action either, according to the EEOC law. The store manager tried to blame this incident upon me, despite the fact that the security tape shows the supervisor approaching me at the time of the incident.
    Three to four days after the threat, the supervisor again harassed me, in front of a witness. The store manager denied it occurred.

    Shopko improperly and illegally tolerates supervisor's threatening employees.

  6. I ordered a boombox online for my 93 year old Mother. When I sent a copy of it to my sister, she said it was too big for my Mother, as my sister had in mind something Mother could carry around to listen to cd's. When I went to pick up the boombox at the store, I told the clerk that I didn't want it. She said I had to have the email they sent me to return it. I was shocked. I told her that she knew I just bought it but she insisted. So I went home, printed out the email and returned to the store a day or so later. Well, I received my credit card statement and there is no refund on it. I called the Shopko 800 number and was told someone would get back to me within 2 days. Five days later I still hadn't heard from anyone. I called today and after about 20 minutes on the phone, the customer service rep said I would now have to go back to the store where I returned it. Please advise. This is ridiculous. The item was only $21 but it is the principle that counts. I feel like I have been robbed!

  7. As a former employee of Shopko in a different town, I found it to be easy to go to the local Shopko if my new location and apply. I got the job, I was very happy about it, but first the starting pay is the same in 2015 as it was in 2009, with no options for raises, what gives?
    Also, the local store has an assistant manager is the rudest most verbally abuse person I have ever had the displeasure of working with. The turn over rate at this store is insane, not many stay beyond a couple of months. Most of it is due to the one person.
    I love Shopko, but I was very appalled to learned the such behavior is considered to be acceptable. I now have to drive almost an hour to find a store with friendly employees.

  8. Went to the Shopko in Worthington MN on wed April 29th at 3pm to buy plants found the outside checkout building all closed up no one was anywhere to be found sign on tent said"we are sorry our team member is sick please bring purchases to the main store" I can not believe a week and a half before mothers day and you want customers to drag their merchandise inside your store,other people have told me this lawn and garden has been closing in the early afternoon all week I believe your advertising says its open 9am to 7pm closing at 3 pm seems like you really don't care if you lose business I think alot of customers will head over to Walmart don't you?

  9. Shopko needs to rethink their "no raises for employees this year". We are going through employees like a baby in training panties. I don't know who thought this was a good idea but shopko employees already make less than competitors. Good luck

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