Simple Mobile Corporate Office Headquarters

Simple Mobile Corporate Office Headquarters
111 Pacifica Suite 160
Irvine, California 92618 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-949-748-6464
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-949-748-6464

  • Concern with customer service after my debit card number was stolen and used as the first transaction to put minutes on a simplemobile phone. then the buying started. I have called the number and got no where with the 3 agents. I have used the online chat, only to be told they do not do transactions like that. I posted on simplemobile facebook page and I got a message back to please use the link. which i did, only to be told they do not do transactions like that. to me all it would take would use my cancelled debit card number and search who used it to add minutes and then start ordering, but i get no where. I am just frustrated and each time i was told you have to contact your bank. I've told each one I did that first. this is my experience with simplemobile

  • Really disappointed with simple mobile service .
    I called today to active new simcard to my old phone number that ends with last 4 digit 9015; but I was not happy at all with the service of the 2 agent that help me over the phone, 1-(Joan / employee ID 51114) 2- (Amephil /
    011514343) I recently came back from a trip overseas , I lost my old phone iPhone 5 including the old sim card and all the information on the phone, so I called simple mobile customer service for help, the 2 agents asked me to verify the old sim number or zip code, I then told her I lost my phone over seas so I don't have the SIM card number, then she asked me to tell her Zipcode , I told her about 5 zipcodes , she said oh it's not correct, I really don't remember the zip code because I opened my Simple mobile service long time ago, about 8 years ago, so I don't remember where exactly I activated my service. Anyways I didn't get the help I needed and I am really disappointed with the service I got from the 2 agents, I didn't like their voice tone, sounded mean to me because I kept telling them to help me activate my line, so unfortunately I am going to change my service into another company, because I didn't get the help I needed and I didn't like the service at all . Thank you.

  • This company sucks I paid a month ahead all the time I paid this past month January for February they tried to tell me I didn't pay it after I have a receipt anyone I said that the girl had no idea what to say these people are ridiculous all they want to do is rip you off but they are the largest company I've ever met other than go smart

  • I purchased a $40 plan online and was told that I purchased a data only plan. I read it before confirming it and it stated unlimited talk, text and 4gb. I went back into my account to confirm it and it showed that I had a pending transaction. Called customer service and eventually got threw to the supervisor. Out of all people I would not think he would be as rude as he was. He told me that I had to purchase another plan and wait 3-5 days for a refund. Why in the hell would someone purchase all data from simple mobile at that? Needless to say he stated that he did not care that I had to wait 3-5 days for a refund and that I am not the only one who said they know what they read. I think that maybe Simple Mobile need to get into their web page and make sure that the product offered is the same product advertised. All I know is that I better get my money back, and I am sure you dont care that you lost a customer. At least offer some English and customer services classes if you are going to employ foreigners. PISSED!

  • Today I been on face book all day just trying to transfer my number to a new sim due to a lost phone the old sim was a preloaded sim I got from ebay , at frist I was making headway the Rep was helping me then she had a error and told me to try again in 2 hr I did this and got a message saying to call and give this PIN 032700 I have no way to call and now no one will reply to me at all so if you can't not talk to me fine I go tomorrow to cricket wireless and get a phone with them and be happy to tell other how bad simple mobile service is


  • Absolute worst customer service I have ever received. Supervisors are clearly not properly trained. horrible customer service just lost me! will never reup with simple mobile again .

  • They are THE WORST company EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You cant understand their customer service people. They barely speak English and are incapable of helping you with even the simplest problem.

  • I had simple mobile for about two years and NOW THEY SUCK… they stold money from my account and now I am trying to get in touch with Corporate and NOBODY I can't get in touch with I will NEVER deal with them again …. stay away from simple mobile ….

  • horrible service. they charged my credit card twice every month I complaint with them and they decided to close my account, but they still charging me… now is only once month… Please stay away and DO NOT SET UP AUTO PAY.

  • I have a corner location for sale or lease in voorhees nj i have been useing you service for almost 1 year and i find it the best specialy the price i dont know if you have locations in nj but iam sure you would do fantastic in this spot if you have any interest call me or email me 443-425-6392

  • I agree with the posting above I'm having the same problem. I paid for the service August 3,2013 and customer service still haven't turn my phone on. Just took my money. FCC need to step in and see what's going on here. Phone off all weekend yes I'm agree miss out on a job, that is going to cost my.

  • I totally agree with this post, the customer service is the worst. They can't help me in any logical fashion. Their processes are convoluted and they don't even work when you go through the process of spending an hour on the phone working your way through it. The next month, everything's back to the way it was before the call. There's no escalation point, and the customer support people are just powerless robots. It's totally frustrating. The phone service has been good for me. I don't want to switch providers, but SimpleMobile can't seem to switch my plan, and their customer service is so bad that it's forcing me to go to a new provider.

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