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  • Skype Corporate Office Headquarters

Skype Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Skype Corporate Office Headquarters

22/24 Boulevard Royal, 6e étage
Luxembourg, L-2449
Corporate Phone Number: 352-2663-9130
Skype Support/ Customer Service: Online Only
Skype Inc. North America

3210 Porter Drive
Palo Alto, California 94304, USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-650-493-7900


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  1. Why can't I get this ridiculous notice about an "Update that is ready to install. Skype is trying to add a new helper tool." EXCEPT there is no tool, nothing but this irritating form that CONSTANTLY pops up on my monitor…that CAN'T be trashed, that can't be deleted…Are you trying to convince me to abandon Skype for Face Time? You're doing a great job.

  2. I need to use Skype for a job interview and eventually for work. I just tried to log in so that I could check the microphone. I was told that my account was "suspended". I am tryng to get some answer how to get a Skype name and fix the problem. I am only getting a notice that the " community" has logged my question. I need to resolve this issue NOW!

  3. Anonymous
    APRIL 6, 2016 AT 2:50 p.m.

    Like the gentleman above, I completed multiple verification forms with all the information I/we can remember. Having had the account for over 10 years (without problems), my account is now blocked, and no matter what I do, say or write, the so-called customer service peole wil not budge from whatever their standar5ds are for account verification. I/we cannot remember the information Isigned in with originally but I confirmed all the information that I believe would substantiate my owbership of the account. I tried completing yet another form but thisds remains unacknowledged. Emails that I have sent to the customer support reps that I dealt with and a supervisor remain unanswered. The only advice I was given was to open a new account (and lose the credits on my existing account and, as a result, also having to get all of my contacts having to re-acknowledge their communicationing with me.)

    I sent a letter describing my frustrations with this situation to the Manager of Customer Service, if there is one, but hopefully it would find its way to the right person. I did this well over a week ago and I have received no correspondence from them—and my account is still blocked. Is it unreasonable to expect someone in Skype to be courteous enough to reply my letter? I don't think so.

    Also worthy of note: calling the corporate telephone number is a waste of time: no one answers!!

    I hope this gets resolved satisfactorily or I, too, will join in those demeaning the Skype organization for its total lack of sensitivity to their customer's needs and problems.

    1. Well, they, whomever "they" are, did not respond to my letter. Another attempt at verification produced an email that essentially stated that since I failed to verify my account several times, they are done dealing with me and to open a new account! Their telephone # in the US goes unanswered. THESE PEOPLE SUCK!!!!

  4. Do you not understand plain English . I HAVE COMPLETED 3 or 4 verification forms with all the information I/we can remember. Having had the account for over 15 years (without problems) I/we cannot remember the information we signed in with originally but we have confirmed to you all the information that enabled you to draw funds from our debit card every month to pay for the international subscription we had with you. I do not see any point in completing yet another form for you to come back yet again to say you are unable to verify our account.

    Please don’t concern yourselves any longer a letter of complaint is on its way to your Operations Director together with a copy of every E-mail I have received from Skype Customer Service. I have also enclosed all my responses, perhaps then someone higher in Skype might be courteous enough to reply to the questions contained within that letter.

    (What a yoke to call a department Customer Service when it cannot do anything to help Customers. Perhaps you in The Customer Frustration Dept. should always remember that at the end of the day it is CUSTOMERS that help pay your salaries.

    Please be advised that there is no point in attempting to put any future requests for payments through from my debit card they will simply be refused by my Bank.

    Thank you for doing nothing to help this CUSTOMER.

  5. You can't even leave a message with the corporate #'s above & then, with the alleged customer support #'s (3 altogether) that I found on a different web page, no one picks up to answer!!! And as for the email or text approach, one might as well do it USPS mail given how long it takes!

  6. Why does Skype not honor its obligations to customers? I have this number +41-22-575-42-19 which I acquired from Skype. Friends cal me & this account is always busy. I am unable to get the right answer from customer services because there is no customer services. Perhaps I can start a class action in Delaware or have Brussels investigate Skype for not providing services which customers. Or worst case scenario>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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