Skype USA Corporate Office Headquarters

Skype USA Corporate Office Headquarters
Skype Inc. North America
3210 Porter Drive
Palo Alto, California 94304, USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-650-493-7900
Customer Service Number: Online Only

  • Skype Officials: I cancelled my subscription to Skype, some 5 weeks ago. Today, January 2, I have a charge, to my bank account, here, in Bradenton, Florida, for $6.50. This action, puts my account, into arrears. I have to go to my bank, in the morning, deposit cash, just to cover, this charge. This interferes, with, my entire day plans, for tomorrow. All things came, to a screeching halt, for me today, when I saw this charge, to my account. I know, that your computer, charged my account. That means, that my account, was not removed, by your personnel, after, I cancelled, my account. You owe me, BIG TIME!! You figure out, how you are going, to fix, this situation.

  • I have been trying endlessly to unsubscribe to SKYPE and your company makes it absolutely impossible; though, your wording makes it sound as if I can can cancel the subscription.

    Is your corporation that GREEDY that it does not give your customer easy access to cancel the subscription?

    I am using this message as a legal document for you to cancel my subscription since you make impossible to cancel the subscription in any other way.

  • NOw even the comments are being deleted from this site. They have a problem and are refusing to deal with it.
    To bad as it is costing you money and loyalty. Does anyone know how to bypass this problem or which company is accountable in the USA for allowing the system to be
    hacked. Anything with Skype in its name should be banned other than only Skype.

  • turns out some scam has accessed cell phone versions of Skype and attempt to extort either 200 or 15.99 its all a scam. I hope attorney generals in ohio and California
    track these cheats down. d. Heil – Ohio

  • Did any of you resolve your problem? They are charging me 13.99 a month for services I thought were for one month. I am being charged again after I got emails telling me it was cancelled. I called my credit card to dispute the charges. LLBean VISA. They are sending me a letter with their decision. I tried to cancel online, no luck. I may cancel my credit card. What a hassle. I've called SKYPE corporate 3 times and the phone just rings and rings

  • Wow. Well, my issue is small; I'm being charged for services/calls/whatever by Skype with no information provided as to why and what for. Example, I paid $25.00 U.S. online on two separate occasions, and monies were extracted, yet I've yet to use the service. Not even once. How can this be? Skype is slippery, so does anyone have an answer?

  • I cancelled my account back on 8/30/15, an automatic mail replied with acknowledgement of cancellation, yet my credit card got charged on 11/7/15. whÿ???? I am trying to get in touch either by e-mail or a chat line with no luck. How can Skype get away with these practices.

    Does any body have a suggestion.

    Thanks, Nelly

  • I have the same problem. since june they charge my credit card and we do not have access to the account. filled out email support. spend hours in the support chat and willed out there required forms already 3 times. it is just a joke. rude and unethical. please call me at 954-643-1609 est. stefan

  • Skype's customer service by email is a joke. After numerous attempts to gain access to credit that I bought from Skype, I'm done. Filed a complaint with BBB and will be moving away from Skype / Microsoft as a customer.

  • lets see what the attorney generals office has to say about this in texas not to mention my readio show with its 2.5 million strong/smart alumni base

  • I am trapped in an apartment by the cold weather without my Skype working. Would you please call me @ 315 823 7102 to help. Thank you. Thank you again. Philip

  • That's all well and good, however just wait until you try and unsubscribe to Skype. you will find you cannot do so with their convoluted non-sensical, ring-around-the-rosebush set of instructions, especially since you can no longer remember your password from a year ago. I may have to file a lawsuit just to get this service unsubscribed….

  • THANK YOU, SKYPE…..Last night, my 96-year-old mother passed away in her nursing home in New Zealand. My brother in California and I in Texas were able to "be there" with her in her final 2 hours of life, via group Skype, to speak to her about our love and respect for her; and to also be able to visit with my two brothers who were there in her room with her. We were able to be together as a family, though many miles separated us, because of Skype technology. The grieving process will be so much easier, knowing we were all together, speaking peace and love over our Mother as she drew her final breaths. What a sweet family gathering we had.

  • I have had my account suspended due to suspicious activity. I have been working with Skype for about a month. I filled out their verification form (3rd or 4th time) they finally verified my account information (which their questions are ridiculous, how do I know what month and year I signed up in Skype). Now that my account has been verified and released, I log in and find that my account is limited; therefore I cannot make phone calls and I notice I have a bunch of SMS charges I didn't make (looks like my account really was hacked). So I have to fill out another form to request a refund. They email me back stating I need to fill it out again.

    In conclusion, I have sent 6 emails and the majority of them keep telling me to fill out the verification form again. Their chat customer service is terrible. One person even tried to end the chat box on me as fast as possible and they even ended the chat themselves.

  • please stop billing me 10.00 every two weeks. I do not do international Skype calls and how in the hell did you get my bank information without my consent.. Stop billing me !C!!#

  • I called a Skype Customer Service number (888 505-0786) to inquire about web conference calls, and they scanned my computer and claimed I had nearly 25,000 virus infections and tried to sell me 3 years service to "fix it all" for $399, when I said it was too expensive, they said I could have 2 yrs. service for $299, then they came down to 1 yrs. service for $199 — I checked with Skype and they don't even have such a service, and no employee by that name (Bob), who said they were in Texas, but when asked where the capitol of Texas is, he said "Dallas". It's not Skype — it's a Scam.

  • I have attempted to get my Skype name to work again for 2 weeks and now I am unable to get correct answer from customer service. I think you hide behind the worst customer service of any agency in this country.

  • I have been trying to get customer support from them for over two hours.

    They are horrible, I even called there Corporate office in the states with no answer

    • I've been trying to find Skype Customer Support Options for 3 days now. I cannot find a record of the $7.99 I paid to sign up for a monthly account that was advertised as $2.99 mo. Also, the advertised Free "Skype-to-Skype" phone calls are seemingly inaccessible. I cannot get my payment history to show and there is ABSOLUTELY NO CUSTOMER SUPPORT AVAILABLE THAT I CAN FIND. SO, what is my account status and who the heck do you contact to find out.

    • How they can get away with that, same happen to me try to log in an I can't skype send me my information to log in 3 times and still can't log in then they say you are allow only 3 times to log on in, try costumer support can't find my problem

    • i will be contacting the attorney generals office in texas we have to many people with the same billing problems please let me here from you i also have a radio show with a texas longhorn alumni of 2.5 million please contact me at to help expose these crooks

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