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  • Sleep Number Corporate Office Headquarters

Sleep Number Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Sleep Number Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Select Comfort Corporate Office Address:
9800 59th Avenue North
Minneapolis, MN 55442 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-763-551-7000
Sales: 1-888-411-2188
Fax Number: 1-763-694-3300
Customer Service Number: 1-888-484-9263


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  1. I see a lot of attacks against Laura Ingram also. Please know, this is not honest. They are likely not customers; but, are pretending to be for the purpose of trying to influence you by posing as a customer.

  2. I purchased a sleep number bed 10 years ago and was just getting ready to purchase another one but I see that you are an advertiser of the Laura Ingrahms show on Fox news. I won't be purchasing a new bed from you any longer. It's Sad you help sponsor this type of ridicule of Children and promote FAKE NEWS

  3. I was considering a Sleep Number mattress until I was made aware that you advertise on the Laura Ingram Show on FOX. I completely disagree with her attacking children and disagree that your company supports such hatred. I only support ethical companies and apparently you are not one of them. I'm no longer considering purchasing your product and I intend to share my concerns with others who think like I do. You should think about who you support when budgeting your ad dollars. Have a good day.

    1. I feel just the opposite. I'll not buy a Sleep Number because they dropped support for the Laura Ingraham show. This kind of intimidation is what happens in third world countries, not America.

  4. As long as you support Laura Ingraham on Fox TV, we will no longer purchase your products (we currently sleep on your bed) and we will actively encourage others to boycott you also. Please respond to this.
    zip code 33458

  5. Had been happy with the King bed we purchased several years ago, but one of the air chambers developed a leak and under warranty still cost me $ 155.00. Product received in a dirty box, not too concerned but opening the box I found the plastic bag containing the replacement ripped completely open and a tag stating that this is a refurbished product NOT new. Never told that replacement was refurbished and did not expect one since I bought new and expect new. Also only carries a 30 day warranty. Long chat with their representative and you may as hire a monkey to press response buttons. Absolutely no help and very poor customer service – BUYER BEWARE- no referrals from me and will not search for a more reputable company and product.

  6. Just before reading about families with no food, no water and certainly no comfortable bed to sleep in,in Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria, I was subjected to a glorious-looking Sleep Number video ad. It was a completely crass juxtaposition. And if you do not know what articles on CNN will correspond with your advertising, that is a potential problem for you.

  7. If I were Sleep Number, I would be ashamed and appalled of the comments that seem to be endless at your website. I have also posted the account of my unsuccessful and highly frustrating exchange with your C/S department on Yelp.com in the effort to shake you into reality and warn other unsuspecting customers that would be caught in your web. Plunking down thousands of dollars, then only to realize that there's no "THEY'RE, THERE". Shame on you!

  8. Made the $9,800 purchase in January 2017, the bed arrived damaged in February 2017 and am still waiting for the bed at the end of march 2017, with absolutely no follow up from anyone at Sleep Number. ALL the other replies above are NEGATIVE. There are NO POSITIVE reviews at all. I may decide to reverse the purchase and simply replace the existing mattress with another similar one.

  9. BOY OH BOY!!!! This Is the worst innovations that was ever developed. I purchase a king bed spent some serious money. This bed took over a month to get when I paid to have a faster delivery time. When I received this bed I did my own installation and saved some money. My problem was they sent the wrong padding to my zip on top and I spent 2 days trying to get a hold of customer service to get a correct one shipped to me. I can tell you that when I finally got a hold of a representative the select number they give you is actually their I'Q number not their sleep number. They stated that they would expedite this new Zip top and I would get it in 2 days once the order is shipped this was back on December 7 and the date is 1/9/17 and still no new zip top. I finally sent the bed back and I want to let others know that this company should not be in business at all.I highly would not recommend this to anyone on this planet.

  10. I have just spent thirty three (33) minutes on the phone listening to an interminable advertisement and have not yet been able to speak to anyone about the problem with the remote to our bed. I spent 20 minutes at the store listening to the same damn recording before I walked out. This company must be bankrupt, as there is no one at the switch to answer customer inquiries.

    1. I think this whole bed concept that they think will change the way people sleep is the most ridiculous thing to hit the market. I was stupid enough to get a bed from this comany and I had it for a week and it went back quicker than they shipped it to me. The customer service is a joke they just want your money and it took 3 weeks to get this bed that I ordered and when I got it, I had problems with the top zipping up so the stated that we will expedite a new cover and I would have it in a couple of days. a week went by and not having a bed to sleep on. I just knew this bed had to be returned

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