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Slim-Fast Foods Corporate Office Headquarters

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  1. Had a problem with sharp, red plastic bits in my slimfast keto powder. Contacted SF and was sent the wrong replacement product. Sent another email, and 2 free coupons arrived w/o the gold seal, so could not use. Turns out, he SF QA person actually sent the correct product by Amazon w/o telling me. Three months later he sends an email with a copy of the replacement order, and shows it was "given to a resident"?? Who? Not me!! Have spent 7 hrs trying to straighten this out. Cannot get Amazon order # fron SF QA person, and Amazon shows NO RECORD OF ORDER that was supposedly delivered 10/20/20

  2. Have used Slimfast for more than 20 years. Recently have been unable to use same amount as increased Protein content is causing bowel problems. Do you produce Slimfast with less Protein content?

  3. Slimfast Customer Service has gone downhill since they changed around 2 years ago! I am a loyalty member of over 20 years and when I use to call was always greeted by friendly women usually with accents, now I am greeted by rude always in a hurry unfriendly agents! And I was always sent two coupons which is a big help to me and now they only send one measley $1 off per month! I think I will just switch to Costco brand drinks, they are much more friendly over there and cheaper!

  4. where can I buy the slim fast barbecue tortilla chips in Houston Tx
    and can you make more white chocolate or other flavors other than regular chocolate because of my strong GERD relux disease cant consume chocolate but I am a big fan of slim fast using products now and lost 32 lbs thank you

  5. How come I'm having trouble finding the 20 protein shake powder? Went to Target and it's been replaced with some other kind of stuff I never heard of. Puzzled!

  6. Please bring back the Slimfast bars (cookie dough)I have tried several of the new products, they are horrible. Taking away the products that your loyal customers have purchased for so many years is not a smart move. Adding new products to proven products is a smart move. Oprah's financial interest in Slimfast does not make me feel better wasting money on new products that taste so bad. She has trainers, and chefs to help her with her weight goals.

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Corporate Office Headquarters