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  • Smart Car Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Smart Car Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Smart Car Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Smart Gmbh
Leibnitzstrasse 2
Böblingen, 71032 Germany
Corporate Phone Number: 9 7031 9076200
Customer Service Number USA: 1-800-762-7887


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  1. Is the smart car a bart transit issue going to Bucharest romania? Bart is also in the bay area in california, and your silly instruments are out in solano county, and being used as an automotive . The device needs to not be a problem or we will lose a lot. Also the BMW i3 instrument is here. We have all kinds of nonsense. Fairfield does not have bart, and is not the bay area.
    Even some material for Japan's bullet train is here. And idiots are driving dirt bikes on the interstate.

  2. We have owned 2 Smart Cars. The first one was in 2009.  Then 3 years later we upgrade to a convertible.  We have enjoyed the vehicles.  We drive from Gardnerville, NV to Sacramento, CA each time it needed servicing, which is a 2.5 hour drive one way. Our 90,000 mile service was coming due and was told it would cost about $200.00-$300.00 but at 88,500 the engine light came on. We called the call center to make an appointment and Brittney told us to bring the car in on Saturday, January 27,2018. We drove up and the girl who greeted us was rude she did not say hi just are you here for servicing even though we said hi to her. We let that go. When we sat down with Mike the service writer he said the normal service fee was going to be about $480.00. There was nothing on his notes about a "engine light on" issue. Mike told us the guy who works on engine lights was not scheduled for  today. But they will see what they could find out and that will be an extra $180.00 plus what ever they find wrong, that additional cost will be. We pulled in about 10:30 am, was given an an update 11:50. No other word for 2.5 hours later, 1:30 pm.

     In the meantime we were watching the channel they had on in their lobby (HGTV), but another customer decided she wanted to watch golf and they just switched channels with even asking if we did not mind. We had been patient up to this point. Soo I said we were watching that station. The sales men said she asked to have it changed, I said we were not even asked if we did not mind. I guess we don't matter although we had been there hours. I moved away from the viewing area. Also we wete not asked once if ee wanyed water but nee car buyers ee asked. Then I went to the ladies room fpr a quick moment and my husband was surrounded by 3 sales men who were saying he was being rude to everyone and was told to leave. All he said was that we were watching that program.  My husband was not talking when I came out, just being ganged up on and one was in his face. I told them to leave him alone and lets all be quiet and move on. The one who was in my husband face said he was going to have our car put together so we could get off the premises with the service completed. One of the other salesman pulled the guy away.

     We continued to sit waiting with no word with 2 calls made in a 30 min time frame to the service writer Mike, with still no word as to what is wrong. It is now 2.30 and Mike told us since he can't get approval from the extended warranty people until Monday and the valve issue does not effect the drivable of the car and we can drive it back to Gardnerville then come back on another date to get it fix since it's a $500.00 cost. We were already at $598.00 for today's visit. Now waiting for the car to be washed so we can drive 2.5 hours home. Left at 3:45 pm.

    Over all this was such a bad experience and such a shock since we have had nothing but great service in the past. We did not recognize anyone from past visits. We were in their new car waiting room as the service waiting room are had a fire a couple weeks ago and that building was under repair.

  3. I have had 3 smart cars which I love but the one I have at the moment is just 4 years old and the mileage is 17000 miles BUT the radio comes on and off and I have been told by Mercedes in Exeter that it will cost me £700 pounds to repair or renew this is this correct Please let me know what else I can do How do I get a reply from you if I cannot LEAVE MY E MAIL

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