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Smokey Bones Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Smokey Bones Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

8529 S. Park Circle, Ste. 410
Orlando, FL 32810
Corporate Phone Number: 1-407-355-5800
Website: Smokey Bones
Gift Card Balance: 1-877-610-3705

  • we went to Greensburg pa location
    My son ordered the Pulled Pork Sammy, and i just feel like it should be served on a semi hard or hard roll type bun. or a sub bun. not on what I consider just a hamburger bun. The reason being, it's difficult to keep the sandwich intact and it makes for a down right wimpy sandwich like as of you purchased a fast food sandwich. And for the price, I was expecting a more high quality bun.

  • I did send this online in the feedback link but it didn't show being delivered. This is the YORK, PA location. On July 27th I came in and ordered take out with a $5 off coupon of $15. I ordered a pound of beef brisket and a baked potato total with discount $12.80 I paid with my credit card. Today I checked my online banking and was CHARGED $14.80! NEEDLESS TO SAY I AM NOT A HAPPY CUSTOMER this really upsets me that SOMEONE would give themselves a tip without my knowledge (albeit $2)

    This should go without saying that I WILL no longer be coming to Smoky Bones if this is the way LOYAL customers get treated. In no way was this just an ERROR someone tried to tip themselves $2 plain and simple, even though it's ONLY $2………it's the PRINCIPAL!

  • It's pathetic how difficult smokey bones makes it for a former employee to get a w2. It's almost through June and yet I have never recieved my w2. I have gone in to the store and spoke with the gm I have called the corporate office number numerous times I have emailed the stupid w2@smokeybones.com link to request my w2 over ten times now with no response. They literally will not give me my w2 I'm being fined on taxes and have no hope of ever getting my w2 because nobody can help me the only way to get a w2 now is through email request. It's sad aggravating pathetic and illegal not to mention for an employer not to have the w2 sent out so what the hell am I supposed to do now of being ignored consistently every time I reach out for a request. Nothing I guess. Just wait and keep being screwed. The York pa location is just terrible

  • The Bar Manager of the Johnson City, TN location, Chris Cochran is extremely rude and arrogant. He is losing customers for your company because of his arrogance and unreasonable attitude.

  • I purchased a gift card on Dec. 11, 2015 and as of today, Dec. 21, 2015 I haven't received it. Called 3 different numbers and left messages. Been calling and leaving messages and no one is returning my calls. Bought the gift card for my son for Christmas. Now he won't be getting it and I'm out $50.00. I won't be doing business with Smokey Bones again.

  • Since they've made table top computer system operational; have you noticed that when you leave a % tip that the percentage not only is based on your food/beverage bill but also INCLUDES STATE TAX.

    Extremely dishonest and definitely illegal !!!

  • Hello, I would like to send this to the managers at Smokey Bones in Stoughton, MA. This is first directed to the managers whom handle the schedule. Hear a thought, the schedule should be posted two weeks in advance just like most food service companies do. If you need help I could stop by and lend a hand. Also, those who work in your kitchen choose to and knew what the hour were when they applied, making accomodations for one or two thing but the "I cant close because I have a kid" or "I cant close at night any more" does not cut it. Maybe its time to sit down the your prima donna cooks and stop giving all closing shifts to those few other cooks. And to the managers whom handle the bartenders. The Bar Lady's are going to the bar serving customs without Bar Cert and most with no TIPS cert until after, why? This is wrong!!! Do you know how many of your customs are over feed alcohol? Of course you do because of the police presents and arrests. I hope this will be shared with the Pres/CEO.

  • I would like to recant the previous message I sent about the Smokey Bones in Reynoldsburg, Ohio. After sending the message I went to the Smokey Bones website and noticed it does state "Endless Wings with a beverage purchase" I was surprised because it hadn't happened to me before nor has it been an issue. Lesson learned—Never make a complaint without doing the research…

  • Very disappointed about last night's experience at the Smokey Bones in Reynoldsburg, Ohio (Taylor Road location. My husband and I love the Endless Wings after 9 p.m. We actually extend our dinner time so that we can enjoy the wings (we've invited family to meet us there also). Well, last night I had an awful experience. When I arrived, I told the hostess where I want to sit- she told me she would meet me at the table–she didn't show up. Later the waiter came to my table, I immediately told him I wanted lemon water (water with lemon on the side) and the wings. He told me I had to purchase a beverage. I told him I didn't want a beverage I wanted lemon water. He replied, we're going to still charge you for a beverage. I said, I always get water and I've never been charged for it.

    My husband and I have been going to Smokey Bones for years and I always request water with the endless wings, this was first time I've ever been charged for water. I asked a waitress and she was shocked they were going to charge me for a glass of water. She was oblivious to the policy. The manager came to my table and said yes, you're supposed to pay for a beverage. I asked him when did the change happened, he couldn't give me a valid answer. I told him I was there the previous week and I wasn't charged. I left the restaurant really upset and disappointed. There was no signage about the policy.
    We've gone there for dinner and desserts and etc… Upset Customer—

    • I am recanting the previous message—I tried to delete the complaint but realized I couldn't. After doing more research it does state on the website Endless Wings with a beverage purchase. It was shock to me and it had never been explained to me before. I usually buy a dessert afterwards (apple pie minis), but I was caught off guard with the request… Lesson Learned— Ask the right questions and do the research before posting a complaint…

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