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Southern Dental Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Southern Dental Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Southern Dental Associates
P.O. Box 924049
Houston, TX 77292
Corporate Phone Number: 1-713-777-2777
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-713-777-2777

  • I took my son for a check up today and a sign states that there is a $25 charge for a special sanitation fee. Do you not make sure your facilities already sanitized? Why in the world would a dentist office NOT be cleaned properly? Your sign sends a really poor message to your clients about your business.

  • Don't go to this chair dentist. They wasted one of my cleaning and only did a polish. Told both my wife and I we each have 5 cavaties that need to be filled that day though we've never heard about the cavaties before. I'm contacting the BBB

  • TERRIBLE customer service. Took my 8 yr daughter for checkup and Dr. Marmentini suggested some palatal expander for which we would be contacted by the Willowbrook location manager in a couple of days with the price. Since we never were contacted as told, after 2 weeks we called and we have continued to call almost every month 5 times just to be told that the person that can provide us with the quote is not available and assuring us that she (I believe Ruby) has been notified by email with all our information and we will be getting a call that as of today 5 months later we are still waiting. I've been place on hold, got disconnected and last time transferred to another patient that was also on hold. on every call I handled myself courteously but needless to say that the incompetence of Southern Dental has proven bigger than my patience.

  • Good Evening:

    Before I file a formal complaint with the Texas Dental Board, American Dental Association and the Attorney General as well as seek legal counsel against your organization; namely Southern Dental Willowbrook, I thought it would only be fair if I bring my concerns to your attention first.

    In July of this year, I went to your Willowbrook location and saw Dr. White who examined my teeth and gave me a synopsis of what needed to be done. One particular thing Dr. White mentioned was replacing my upper left bridge. I was given a quote and told my responsibility would be roughly $1900 at which time I made a payment and set up a payment plan for $100 to be taken out of my account bi-weekly. Dr. White removed my bridge and replaced it with a temporary until my permanent bridge arrives. Of course Hurricane Harvey hit and a couple of months had passed. I contacted Southern Dental Willowbrook last week to make an appointment to get my permanent bridge. However, I was told that my insurance would not be paying for the bridge and that my responsibility is now approximately $2800.00 instead of 1900. This should have been cleared before Dr. White removed my bridge and replaced it with a temporary. Nevertheless, I was told that my account was in collections and I would not be able to receive my permanent bridge until I satisfied the $2800.00. Had I have known that this would be the case, I would have never allowed Dr. White to remove the permanent bridge that I already had in my mouth, since Dr. White is the one that said it needed replacing. I trusted her word as my dentist. I am now having to wear a temporary bridge, and I am experiencing pain and sensitivity where the temporary bridge is located. Dr. White has altered my teeth refuse to restore my mouth as it was when I walked into the Willowbrook establishment. As far as collections, why would they send my account to collections when I never received my permanent bridge? Additionally, I have already made approximately 3-4 payments towards the $1900 that Southern Dental quoted me. I signed the contract that they drew up and quoted to me, which means they are breaching a contract. I am stuck with a temporary bridge and being denied my permanent ones because Southern Dental Willowbrook employees did not do their homework. They should have already known what portion would be paid by my insurance before they even touched my mouth. The irony of it all is that after she removed my permanent bridge, I seen her twice afterwards, and was never informed my insurance would not be paying a portion for the bridge. They lead me to believe that I would only be responsible for the $1900 and that my insurance would pay the rest. I am asking that you rectify this big error that is on Southern Dental's part so that I may have my permanent bridge replace.

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