Southern Wine & Spirits Corporate Office Headquarters

Southern Wine & Spirits Corporate Office Headquarters

Stock Symbol: Private Company


1600 NW 163rd St.

Miami, FL 33169

Corporate Phone Number: 1-305-625-4171

Fax Number: 1-305-625-4720

Customer Service Number: 1-305-625-4171

  • I really don't understand how a company can discriminate against their employees we just had a hurricane that hit us we had a meeting at work being advised that we would all be given a $200 Publix gift card for coming in and working hard after the hurricane some people still without power the next day it was a different story full-time employees got $200 and temp people got a $25 gift card to Publix now tell me how that is right for a hard-working temp person that is working the same exact hours as a full-time employee working just as hard or maybe more than a full-time employee could be discriminated against and treated so unfairly when you go home to your family and you tell them that you work for a great company that cares about their employees that you're going to be bringing a $200 gift card home to possibly replace the food that you could have lost if you still have no power don't you think that's discrimination temp people work just as hard as your full-time employees which should make it equal it's very disappointing

  • I am really trying to understand how a corporate Corporation can treat their employees so horrible it is basically discrimination we had a hurricane that hit us you advised us that you were going to give every employee a $200 gift card to Publix the next day it was a different story you did the full-time employees $200 and you give temp to hire employees that work the same hours and do the same jobs and works just as hard as a full-time employees a $25 gift card to Publix don't you find that that's a little messed up I think it's discrimination especially some of the families that our temps that could be possibly without power still that $200 can replace food that they lost but instead you want to treat your full-time employees above and beyond making attempt person feel like they don't belong as part of the company that is discrimination a hundred percent

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