Sovereign Bank Corporate Office Headquarters

Sovereign Bank Corporate Office Headquarters
Santander Holdings USA, Inc.
75 State Street
Boston, Massachusetts 02109 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-617-346-7200
TTY/TDD: 1-800-428-9121
International Customer Service: 1-401-824-3400
Customer Service Number: 1-877-768-2265

  • The Customer Service at your branch on Macdade Blvd. in Pennsylvania is absolutely the worse! The Tellers work extremely slow and are often questioning other tellers about how to perform their jobs. The customers in the drive-thru are totally ignored and sit in the lane between 10-15 minutes while the customers who are inside the bank take first preference regardless of the fact they enter the bank after the customers who are outside waiting to be serviced. The Manager doesn't appear to encourage staff members to work in a manner that shows respect for the customer's time. This is totally unnecessary, because this hasn't been my experience at other branches. This will certainly discourage new customers!

  • I put a hold on my accounts on Dec 16th, after my computer was hijacked. I called the bank and the fraud department was notified by me that I had brain damage, and I ask If I was protected and I was informed by there representative the I correctly reported and there was a clear hold on my account and they where frozen. a total of $805.24 was paid out to best by at 8:30 that morning after my account was
    locked I got the money back then there was another $5ooo.oo taken out on18th two days after my account had been locked and they released the money any way. I know the said it my fault the money was released. here is a billion dollar Corporation had to rob me for $5000.00 after the fact that the $805.24 was recovered by the bank and placed back in my bank account. but now there telling me the loss of the $ 5000.00 was my problem how can that be if the account was locked and the fund were given out two day after it was lock out. they are such theives and I also received a call right they flat out accused me of stealing my own money. That sounds like we do not care what really happened and we will tell you what we want. and take what ever we want and can blame you for it.

  • You can no longer get a passbook savings account here. If you already have one, then it's grandfathered in, but you cannot open a new one. What a mistake! There are some people, like myself, who like a passbook.I like to be able to see what transactions are made into my account immediately, and not have to wait for the statement at the end of the month. I know there's online banking, but with all that is going on, I'd rather not use it. Also, when I made my deposit yesterday into my passbook, the print is now half the size of what it was a month ago. I could hardly make out the amount. I asked the girl why was it that tiny, and she said that it's the new system. Well, my big question here is: Who's money is it anyway?! Why are the depositors being put at a disadvantage here? Aren't we supposed to be able to see what transactions were made into our passbook without using a magnifying glass?! Also, what is the point of making the numbers so tiny? These new changes do not benefit the depositors.. Don't ever forget that you are not doing us a favor by keeping our money in your banks. We are doing you the favor of choosing to put our money into your bank! Without the depositors, there is no bank. So, bring back the passbook and make the print larger! To be honest, if these changes keep working against the depositors, I may just bring my business elsewhere!

  • AGREE with ALL posts! I have had an account with them for over 5 years and have ran into small annoying problems since opening an account and have just ignored it for some reason, I don't know why. However today was the tipping point! customer service BLOWS and when you get passwords in the mail for "Bill Pay" nothing works, kind of like how all their ATM's suck! Absolutely terrible bank! Peace Sovereign, just lost another banker!!

  • I agree with all. Horrible bank. Frightened that the change to Santander will make it even worse. Do you know that they cannot email customers who have a or email address? This has been an issue with their systems for a long time and no one cared about getting it resolved. What a joke. I haven't been able to access my on-line account for months to get a new password.

  • Absolutely worst bank in America. Can not get a loan payoff without going through hell. Only bank that will not give a payoff without a written request and taking 3 to 4 days to provide an answer.

  • Worst customer service I have ever seen. The bank is holding up a mortgage refinancing for $.19 for which they never bothered to send the bill. I had a customer service supervisor Doreen Leppert give me a fake phone number at which to reach her. Now the woman at that phone number thinks I am stalking her. I have filed a complain with Consumer Protection. I will be speaking to a lawyer unfortunately my lawyer is pretty good and says you can always sue but the only thing that matters is damages. I'm stuck with them for another year or two as I am trying to comply now with a divorce decree but I would not recommend this bank for anything. You can't even get the name of a higher up to speak to at the bank; they all hide. I would love to speak to their head of customer service. I always write down who I speak with. The rocket scientist underwriter who held up my refinancing for .19 is a guy named Christopher Basile but he refuses to take any calls since he is so important and so busy.

  • I am having a terrible time dealing with incompetent customer service reps as well as their supervisor in the tax department that dispensing payment of real estate taxes. They continually make errors and my RE taxes still are not paid. The supervisor was not consumer friendly. If this is not resolved, I will have to hire a RE attorney to ensure that they make timely payment of my RE taxes.

  • piss poor customer service, everyone needs to cancel any accounts with this bank. Soon as my problem is resolved. I am closing all my accounts!

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