Spartan Corporate Office Headquarters

Spartan Corporate Office Headquarters
Spartan Staffing
7001 Pelham Road, Suite K
Greenville, South Carolina 29615 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-888-288-8182
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-888-288-8182

  • The Martins Store in Warsaw IN use to be a pretty good place. They have an area upstairs people can eat from their salad bar and deli. It is so filthy. We girls like to meet there on Mondays but some are not wanting to anymore because of the filth. I know filth is a strong word, but it's the only one that fits. The bathrooms haven't been cleaned in months. Upstairs and downstairs. The windows sills upstairs are full of old food. I have talked personally to the manager with no results at all. I want Martins to stay here, but I can't see it happening unless something changes. The store aisles themselves are so dirty as well. I'm talking about all the flooring in the store. It's disgusting. Most of the girls think it has gotten much worse since your company bought them out Please, please, Help.

  • I am completely disappointed in our Martin's grocery store since it was bought out by Spartan. Bare shelves, boxes of discount items in walkways – its not the higher end grocery we used to have. Its a high priced discount chain and a disgrace. I for one will be doing my shopping at Meijer, Walmart (yes its a step up), Whole Foods and Kroger. Perhaps Spartan should realize they are not the only store in town and go back to the quality Martins once was.

  • I have never had to deal w rudier people than Greensburg Indiana Spartan Staffing Does headquarters know how rude they are?!? If so than who would want to work for them?!?! A lady seriously told me they aren't there for my beck and call which I didn't ask for all I wanted was a job!! You are a temp agency right you are there to place me at a job which is your job

  • 979 Arcade Street Spartan staffing in Saint Paul has disrespectful management. WOW! Is a disease spreading thorough out Spartan Staffing Company? Spartan employees are ignoring, discriminating against, mistreated for employees who are favorite’s employees. Melisa will call employees up for jobs but upon arrival people are told the job is not available any more. However can we as a community and corporate keep this epidemic from spreading and make it vanish before it gets worst.

  • Well this comment is for future employees. Spartan staffing in tampa has a horrible manager that acts childish and inappropriate. Also if you resign and choose to do so, she will not pay you for what you have worked for. Just incase you want to know her name, it is Crystal Davis and they are located off of Adamo Dr In Tampa fl. Choose wisely of who you seek employment with.

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