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Spectrum Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How to Contact Spectrum Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Spectrum Official Corporate Address:

Spectrum – Charter Communications, Inc.
Main Office
400 Washington Boulevard
Stamford, CT 06902 USA
Email:  PriorityEscalationTeam@chartercom.com

Spectrum Corporate Office Phone Number: 1-203-905-7801

Fax Number: 1-864-297-2236
Customer Care Phone Number: 1-833-780-1880
Accessible Products: 1-844-762-1301
Stock Symbol: CHTR

Spectrum Mailing Address:
Charter Communications
2 Digital Place
Simpsonville, SC 29681 USA

Have you been trying to contact Spectrum’s corporate office? Perhaps you have a question about your bill, or maybe you want to voice a complaint. Whatever the reason, getting in touch with a company’s corporate office can sometimes be a challenge. Here are some tips on how to contact Spectrum’s corporate office.

The best way to contact Spectrum’s corporate office is by phone. The customer service number is 1-833-780-1880. When you call this number, you will be asked to enter your account number and zip code. After that, you will be transferred to a customer service representative who can assist you with your inquiry.

If you would prefer to send a Chat, you can do so with the chat box on Spectrum’s website. To get more help got to Spectrum’s contact us page and scroll down to see FAQ, chat options, phone numbers, and accessibility solutions.

You can also reach out to Spectrum’s corporate office via social media. The company has active Twitter and Facebook accounts, and you can expect a response within 24 hours if you reach out via one of those platforms.

Conclusion: If you need to get in touch with Spectrum’s corporate office, the best way to do so is by calling the customer support number at 1-833-780-1880. You can also fill out the contact form on the website or reach out via social media. Whichever method you choose, a representative will be able to assist you with your inquiry.

Some of Spectrum’s largest competitors are Xfinity, DirecTv, Dish and Cox.

Spectrum Corporate Office

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  1. I just got off of the phone for the third time trying to get a set top box replaced. Since your company decided to remove the local office from our town, we now have the choice to drive 50 miles to the closest store, or pay a 'tech' $50.00 to come in and install the box. That is because our area does not support the company sending boxes out for me to install. Funny, I can pick it up and install it, but you cannot ship it. I will be researching other options to replace your services.

  2. I spent over 25 hours on the phone trying to get my service transferred from a house we are moving out of to our new house. It cost me over $700.00, because of your company's incompetence, to do a simple transfer. Since I had to spend so much time on the phone trying to get it scheduled I had to hire a moving company at $450.00, to do work I could have done myself, and had to pay an extra $250.00 in mortgage payment because I was not moved out of the house when I wanted to. I took a week off from work, plenty of time to move myself, but because of the phone calling I couldn't do it. Then because the work which should have been done on Thursday August 13, wasn't done until today at 10 am I haven't been able to contact anyone or connect to the internet. The work order wasn't placed properly, customer service representatives couldn't provide me information that I needed, phone calls were constantly disconnected because of the extended wait times, waiting for calls back, and even your supervisors couldn't get the issues resolved. Now I have to call back to get credits and deal with more waiting on the phone and most likely dealing with customer service people who don't know what they are doing. It is unacceptable and I want to be compensated for the extra money your company has cost me for something as simple as transferring my service from one location to another that was just 4 miles down the road. Who do I speak to about that?

  3. I was Threatened by a technician and made an attempt to assault me in my home. I filed a complaint and it appears that Spectrum is sweeping it under the carpet refusing to address the issue.

  4. I have had spectrum cable for over 7 years, in May of 2020 I moved to the above listed address
    since that time all I have had is problems with the cable. Every day/night it is the same thing
    buffering or no signal at all, I even purchased a new top of the line TV just to make sure it was
    not my system malfunction. The local cable company has been called multiple times several tech
    have come out to my place I ask for a supervisor to be sent and it was refused. One tech said
    there is signal leakage but he can not fix it. Another tech put on a filter in the cable to router wire
    to slow it down. I pay extra for the higher end, 400 mbps signal speed. In fact right now it is 1:30
    pm and my speed is 35.6 I am unable to watch my TV .. no signal.
    As I stated above since may 15th I have been having constant problems to no end. None of the
    repairmen know what to do. when I call it in and request a prorated or discount for the problem
    times I get sorry we cant do that.
    I’m at the point of switching service to another provider like AT&T or Dish. I would rather not
    but if this issue continues I will have no other choice.
    Please rectify this matter as fast as possible

  5. Unable to unblock a family members number after 2 weeks of trying. Also I had an "INHANCED" cable box for the last 5 years,it died recently.I want the same box but after many phone calls to Spectrum and visiting the "outlet" Spectrum stores was told 2 different things.1- Can't find any 2) not available 3) available, put your name on a list 5)Have a service technician replace the "newer" box you do not want with the "inhanced " box.I called to have it replaced with another of the same type,technician came out empty handed and wanted to know why he was at my house.I explained to him how after many phone calls I was told that the technician would be able to solve that problem by giving me the Box type I had and wanted instead of the newer box which we are NOT happy with and he told me he had none of those and I was told I cancelled the appointment,which I did not! The LEFT hand at SPECTRUM seems to not know what the RIGHT hand is doing.Very disappointed with this newer type cable box and hoping somebody wakes up really fast and offers customers the product they want and are paying for?!! Most likely this will go on deaf ears.

  6. After being with this lying deceitful company for five years as a customer and giving them the benefit of the doubt, I am done. We relocated to Manchester, GA on January 1st of 2o2o and have had nothing but problems with the router, and the modem since day one. Each and every time they have sent a so called technician out here it has been the same old song and dance, it's not our equipment it must be yours, however the office tells us they see a problem on their end where the modem drops off or loses connection.
    However, they say they will communicate what they see to their clown techs and they do not because it's the same story. After speaking with Ricardo in Tech Services who said he was a supervisor he said he was sending a tech out on Sunday and he was making notes of what has happened and noted all that has taken place, and he would call us on Monday on our landline. Well Monday came, Sunday the tech came out at 10:14 am and walked up to our front porch and stated its your equipment not ours, at which point my wife and I told him to get the freak back in his van and get down the road, he only looked at his phone did nothing to check the equipment and did not test the lines and on Monday Ricardo never called.
    I tried to call Spectrum Corporate in New York and the phone rang and rang no one answered which tells me they do not give a rat’s behind about their customers only their money unless they are minorities. I am done with Spectrum and their mistreatment of their customers. I am moving on to a new provider.

  7. I have been with Spectrum for five years and when we moved to Manchester GA the quality of service dropped to zero. There modem continues to reboot, or drop sporadically and being that we work from home and I take college courses from home this causes problems for my wife and I. Spectrum and their clown technicians come out and every time they blame our equ[pment, saying things like it is our Ethernet cables so on the safe side I replaced all of them. I am A+ and Network+ certified and have been for 20 years and have tested all our computers and laptops and it is not our equipment but you can't tell these clowns nothing because they think they know it all. The think that decided it for me yesterday was the technician showed up yesterday 7-5-2020 and gets out of his van and gets to our porch and immediately states it's your equipment, not ours at that point we told the idiot to get the hell off our property. We are switching to Windstream.

  8. Had a phone number for over 20 years (land line) and had it ported over to spectrum in feb. and in april it went back to at@t and no one can tell me how this happened and I lost the number had to get new one but still got charged for the number i didnt have for two months still get no answers as to how this could happen could some one explain?

  9. I had been with Spectrum for years. Never late on a bill. They raised my bill by 30 percent and the discount they offered was more than I was previously paying. I cancelled my service and als0 sent a message twice through their site making sure they got the message. I called today and was sent to three different people, first of all the lady said oh yes I see where you called but their are no notes in the
    system. I was then transferred to where the first lady said I would get a refund on the last two months. so I was transferred to a cocky guy named Branden in billing and was told that I would not be getting a refund. That is one company that has no idea how to handle business. Stay away from them.

  10. you should learn how to be a real company that has a standard operating procedure manual for all the call centers. Also each call center should have the same equipment so they can resolve the customers issues without having to be transferred throughout the U.S. until you reach the center with the proper equipment. This novel idea to you II suspect will actually cutdown of the customers wait time from say 1 1/2 hours to possibly 30 minutes depending on the competency of the staff.

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