Spencers Gifts Corporate Office Headquarters

Spencers Gifts Corporate Office Headquarters
6826 Black Horse Pike
Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey 08234-4132 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-609-645-3300
Fax Number: 1-609-645-5633
Customer Service Number: 1-609-645-330

  • Good Evening, to whom this email may concern I have a complaint about the service that I received at your Ithaca NY store. On Monday may 3 2021, My son and I were in your store shopping, while we were shopping I noticed the two of your employees were following us. The were a young male with a tattoo on his lower right light slim build and then there was this short blond head slim young lady. They kept watching my son and I while we were looking at merchandise that he was asking questions about. Neither one of the two employee that I described asked me nor my son if we needed help with anything. Instead, they were pretending to straighten up in the area of which my son and I were looking at merchandise to purchase. I felt uncomfortable to the point where I just purchased the things that I had in my hand. I do not like being profiled because I'm a person of color why did you employees find it necessary to profile my son and I instead of helping us. As I was leaving the store I could not quite hear what the two employees and the cashier were saying, but I do know it was a comment about us after we left your store. I worked had to enjoy spending my money in places that I like to shop at but If I need to be profile as if I was trying to steal that would a person feel very uncomfortable. Therefore, I will not be shopping in your store any more due to the profiling that was not necessary. I hope that this company can give their employees some kind of diversity training because all people of color do not steal we are honest hard working people. Thank your two employees and your cashier

  • Im writting to you, because a few months ago I bout an outfit with one of my good friends that I was visiting from out of town. When i got home the following day I pulled out the items I purchased and realized that the security lock was still on it. Today i tried taking it back to one of my nearest stores and well I know for a fact I bought the item and still cant wear it. I would like to see something in return about this. Please contact me asap. My name is cheyenne please contact me viva email. Cheyennefish97@gmail.com. I am not a happy customer and if this doesnt get resolved I will take nessesary action. Please understand my position.

  • I have an idea for a gag gift/novelty item that is right up Spencers alley. I was just looking to find a way of contacting Spencers to submit this item to them. I imagine gag gifts are not big money makers…but I thought a little is better than none. After reading through these comments I've changed my mind. I choose not to be affiliated with such a company. My item will simply remain mine…

  • I want to start off with a complaint but then end with a gem of an employee. First, I contacted the Chat online which I've never had such horrible customer service online as I did today. "Rebecca" was very short, rude, and did not want to go out of her way to answer or help me. I won't go into detail but wow it was a painful conversation. AFter quite a long time for a chat, she did give a store location but said they don't ship. I told her I would pay that I desperately wanted this item for my daughter. She said "they don't ship". So yes, I called New York to see if this information was correct and it was. However, after speaking with Dan at the Niagara Falls store and him finding out where I was located he offered shipping to my local Spencer store. This was never offered from Rebecca she just said no shipping. Anyhow, Dan offered to send the backpack to my closest store and not only asked for the closest one to me, but called them to get everything set for me. This was way beyond what was asked or expected. Dan is definitely an asset to Spencer Gifts! The customer service that I received was absolutely phenomenal!


  • I am writing this to inform you of the rude member of management in you Central Mall location in Texarkana, TX. I did not get the young lady's name however, I did get pictures of her as she was yelling at me and then one of her when I asked her to bring her voice down when speaking to me. This employee was extremely rude to customers and her fellow employee. I asked to see some body jewelry in a locked case and this request seemed to anger her. After unlocking the case, she refused to allow me to touch in of the packages inside of the case. I was attempting to purchase my first ever replacement lip ring and was unsure of what size I needed, etc. When I explained that because it was dark in the store and I was having trouble reading the product titles and sizes of jewelry, she stated, "Well, too bad. It is our policy that you are not allowed to touch anything in the case." I then asked if she could hand me two different item in order for me to compare the products and she told me, "No. You can only look at one item at a time." I then asked for another employee to help me in which she replied, "I am the manager and he isn't allowed to touch my keys!" The other employee, Thomas, looked embarrassed and apologized. I then asked for the manager and was stunned to find out that this woman was indeed the manager! I then asked her what her issue was and why she was being so rude to me and received the response, "It doesn't matter. I have a broken foot!" I am still stunned at how I was treated and will no longer shop at Spencers.

  • Spencers: this is a Facebook post by one of your managers in Michigan. She advertises her employment with you. Seriously?! This kind of advertising makes me want to stay clear of your store entrances even!

    Tamyth Skowron
    5 hrs ·
    When you see a retail worker (like myself) folding shirts and organizing an area, please, PLEASE, DO NOT come up and unfold said shirts. It makes me very angry and I want to punch you in the face. Multiple times, until you are dead.
    That is all

  • Are you kidding? You and your 13 yr old would be appalled with the love section Spencers has. Every kind of SEX TOY you can imagine. Spencers IS NOT Toys r us!! Spencers has been in business since the 40's. Apparently you haven't done much shopping at Spencers. Do your research and if it offends you, keep your 13 yr old out as well as yourself.

  • Their not allowed to keep your vacation pay or any pay for that matter. Contact your local legal aid office. Every county has one, in every state.

  • This is the worst company ever to work for. I have been here for 6 years, got approval from my manager to get a second job and had her tell me what days she wanted me to work in the store and now I have been told to quit my second job or I can't work here and am loosing 86 hours of paid vacation time. They won't let me use it even though I am doing what was approved by my manager.

    • Heeeeaaard look I lost two weeks vacation time two years previous due to low staff no manager etc. Kickeri lost my two weeks paid EARNED over past year busting my ass for that Stoe mother F,er's.. so I'm now so badly injured I was gonna take my two weeks Putin my two weeks notice I can't hardly stand or walk, that's not allowed so I was allowed put 2week notice in but they kept my hard earned vacation, here i sit still broken no money no help nojob THANKS SPENCERS !!!!

  • I would like to applaud the Spencer's in Fort Smith Arkansas. They have hired a girl of special needs and she truly does great at what she does. It's nice to see that Spencer's is for equal opportunity you don't see that often enough!

  • Working for Spencer's is the worst thing I've ever done! You may have handed me a promotion and more money, but I'm super unhappy in the workplace because my manager is a slave driving psychopath… And when I or anyone else call on her to my DSM he calls her and tells on us like a child, she doesn't what she wants and no one has stopped her, I can't help but hate this company for not taking any action against her for what she's done to us. She may be losing her whole team because of the person she is and how no one tried to fix it, we're all very unhappy and she makes us this way…

  • Your Spirit Halloween store carries a "Caitlyn Set" which as my daughter showed me, and said " they're making fun of a person who went through so much, like bullying them." Exactly. Regardless of what your stance is with Trans people, glorifying bullying is BS. That costume should be taken off the shelves, what the hell is wrong with you people? Kids run through like crazy, nice message you're giving them. Think I'll shop somewhere else.

  • I was shopping in Spirit Halloween at Century III Mall a few weeks ago and the employees were very unprofessional. They were goofing off and acting like teenagers. One of the employees was swearing and being extremely loud and obnoxious. The one taller male, I'm assuming he was the manager was acting just as bad as the other employees. I think his nametag said his name was Brandon. Your company needs to hire better managers and associates. I can go anywhere to get costumes for my kids but I came to your store but from now on I will go to another costume store that actually has employees that are somewhat professional.

  • This is the WORST company to be employed by or be a consumer of. Seemingly, nobody is running this company. It is a collegiate of rude, uneducated, ignorant people who know how to do absolutely nothing more then make your life hard and ruin your day. This company should be forced out of business due to the many, many state policies and laws that it violates on an almost every day basis. It is completely unacceptable to treat people (both employee and consumer) the way that this company does. The hostility and harassment in each store is at a level that should make them close their doors alone. This company is a COMPLETE FAILURE.

    • Been harassed inside people, been taken three to n es now on my two weeks vacation time.. was injured sooooo badly more once, and now .k we ft injured, no money no job nothing I gave my store my everything I also am educated tho have gone to school for cosmetology, was trying get back in study but nope no good can't be interested in anyanything but Spencers, and then they rather hire from with out than from promoting with in wtf!!! Sincerely over the abuse!!

  • Hi, I'm writing about your Roosevelt field store in NY. I have been in there so many times & I am always been approached & helped by 1 person. That person is Peggy Sue, She is a warm, witty, happy very friendly kind person. She helped me out so much, I ended up spending over $200 in there that day. You guy's need more employee's like her. I never ever see anyone else helping any other customers besides her. She's what you would call a team player. But it seems like she's the only 1 on the team. I also want to say 1 of the store manager's is really mean & nasty to her employee's. Her name is Dalia, If I were you, I'd fire that fat lady & put Peggy Sue in her place. Who wants a mean nasty manager??? So it be said, That you guy's should feel honored & grateful having someone like that on your staff. Thank's Peggy Sue, Way to go girl, keep up the great work!

  • You would probably like to know that your employees at your Quakerbridge Mall location have been dating each other, pretty funny how people getting promoted there are couples which are based on who is dating who. Wonder how long it is untill you get sued by current or previous employees onc3 they find out that they were turned down for raises and or promotions so that others who are dating each can recommend each other. Dont say you werent warned

    • If the employees are dating each other, then they should keep it quiet and to themselves. Unless it's changed employees aren't suppose to date each other, which I think is stupid. And Spencers are not allowed to hire anyone who is dating an employee. As long as it doesn't affect their job, I see nothing wrong with it. But every business has their rules.

  • I am writing to let you know about your Dayton Mall location. Every time I am in there, the same employees are there and treat us absolutely HORRIBLE! We get no help when asking for it and they have horrible attitudes. I went in this weekend to buy black lights and they did not work and one actally starting smoking and burnt me and when I informed the manager, she responds, "That is why you don't touch hot bulbs" DUH! I am not retarded. So then I exchanged them for better ones and they still did not work and my party was cancelled anyway. So I go to return them and she starts accusing me of lying as to why I am returning them and claims I used them for my party and then wanted my money back. I then responded, actually my party was cancelled because of the 6 inches of snow we got. IF I AM RETURNING SOMETHING UNOPENED, EXCUSE YOURSELF! I will NEVER NEVER NEVER return to another spencers, I do not care how far out of the way I have to drive. You really need to figure your employment situation out because it is HORRIBLE.

  • I order a pair of damn socks and they ripped the first day I got them sent an email with my contact info and haven't heard a damn thing

  • Hello my names Dave. I'm contacting you about my store. I own freaky furniture store and we are a handcrafted coffin home décor company. We make coffin coffee tables, mirrors, wall art, doorables, chalkboards, pic frames, jewelry boxes, carpeting, coasters, and so much more. check us out etsy.com/shop/freakyfurniturestore. If your company is interested in any of our products please email me at freakyfurniturestore@hotmail.com

    • I agree with Anonymous. The Spencer Gifts in Downey, California is also a trashy store. I guess it is hard to stay in business selling tasteful merchandise.
      They are off my list for future purchases.

  • The clackamas town center spencers store is very un professional and are very rude one of the managers smelled alot like weed and the associates were talking about sex in front of my kids this is a very bad store to go to do not recommend for anyone to shop there.

  • I'm writing on behalf of your north wales location in the Montgomery mall, Pennsylvania.
    I've been in this store several times. The manager Rachel has been very unpleasent every time I've been in there. She has one of the worse attitudes I've ever encountered. Not only is she rude to customers but the things I've heard her say to her staff members and the way she's talked to them is just a shame. It's very unprofessional and as a customer it's almost embarrassing to see. I can only imagine how her staff feels. It seems like I see a new face in there every time I shop. I won't be coming back. Your store screams fun, but underneath the facad it seems like a miserable place. You should let your managers treat their staff like they're less then human.
    Concerned ex-customer

  • I am writing you this letter to help you better staff your oak ridge mall store.I was in there not to long ago and was walking around and had some items to pay for but I stood at the counter for at least 30min before anybody bothered to give me any kind of service at all…A worker was coming in for the night shift named Alex Ramos finally help me,and when I asked if she was the only person there she said that NO her manager and the asst.manager was there.So I asked what their names were and she kindly said that their names are Jasmine Hatch and Anthony Gonzales and I thanked her for the information.I will be letting all of my friends and family know about the LACK of customer service your management staff has at this store.And if my money is no good here I will have to find else ware to spend it.I also would like to Thank Alex Ramos for being so helpful and taking expedient care of me.

    Than You.
    Martha Betanourt

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