SpringHill Suites Corporate Office Headquarters

SpringHill Suites Corporate Office Headquarters
Marriott International, Inc.
10400 Fernwood Road
Bethesda, Maryland 20817 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-301-380-3000
Hotel Reservations: 1-888-236-2427
Customer Service Number: 1-800-721-7033

  • We stayed at the Springhill Suites in Gaithersburg, Maryland May 19-22 and wanted to commend a young man ( Mr. Ayala ) at the front desk. We stayed there as part of a wedding party and after everyone had left we needed help getting to the airport. We are in our 70's and not always familiar with phone apps, namely Uber. We tried reserving a ride but had considerable trouble getting it booked. Mr. Ayala came to our rescue, not only taking care of guests at the front desk, answering phones but also helping us in our distress. He was friendly, courteous, patient and so helpful. We were definitely distressed travelers. He finally had to get us a taxi to the airport as the Uber app was not accepting my payment method. When we left I told him that I was going to report his skill and kindness to the corporate office. What a fantastic employee!

  • I am so angry, disappointed and traumatized after staying at the Springhill Suites by Marriot in Newark, Delaware. Me and my children are itching have bite marks on my arms and legs from the dirty sheets on the bed. the towels were dirty, and this has been such a traumatizing situation.

  • The Anchorage, AK Midtown Staff were very unprofessional during my stay, I do not recommend. The room was dirty during check-in too.

  • I, too, was overbilled for a stay that DID NOT TAKE PLACE at the Atlanta/Alpharetta location.  We cancelled our reservation after we got the "bait and switch" on the rates posted for Marriott Bonvoy members. The front desk proceeded to make several contradictory statements and argue with me that "your bank is mistaken" when I confirmed with my bank that I was indeed charged when I shouldn't have been.  I took my concerns to both the area's General Manager and Corporate Customer Relations VP and got a letter acknowledging that Marriott was responsible for restoring funds to my account.  It has been six calendar days and at last check with my bank over the past 24 hours, I still haven't received my refund.  My bank told me the corporation has acted atypically by not reversing the charges immediately when the matter was first brought to their attention.  It is even more atypical to not correct charges within a 24-72 hour window after a customer has placed his/her request in writing.

    In addition, I stayed at a different Springhill location (Metro Detroit), a few weeks back, and was placed in a room that was improperly prepped for a new customer. Stains and hairs on the linen, heavily soiled desk and night table and dried food on the room phone among other distasteful discoveries.  I have yet to be acknowledged by that location's General Manager, although I requested he reach out to me.  I thought the poor performance was limited to that one location, but it appears there is a corporate culture of disregard for customers.

    Marriott has permanently damaged its reputation with me.  This is why more and more of my associates have expressed to me that they only use AirBnB and VRBO for  business and personal travel and have dropped hotel lodging from their travel options altogether.  They report the alternative lodging is usually cleaner, competitively priced and most satisfactory than what is experienced at many hotels.  Clearly after these experiences, I will be joining their ranks. 

  • I just spent 6 nights at Springhill Suites oceanfront in Virginia Beach. The breakfast was great and the employees were nice. Our maid Sophia was outstanding.
    What I did not like was the room and storage size. We booked a queen suite with a pullout. This was suppose to accommodate 6 people. We had 3 adults and 2 kids. The only place to unpack your clothes was a small closet and an ever smaller 3 drawer chest of draws, hardly enough for 3 people. The design made it ever worse, we needed a cop to keep us for running into each other. I was told that my full beds were queen. Don't insult me, I know the difference. I booked queens not full. I have been going to Va beach oceanfront for 30 years and this is by far the worst room I have ever stayed in. We spent an extra 600.00 for this so called suite. the Hampton Inn next door was cheaper and we would have had more room with a cart then in this so called suite. I for one will never stay her again. If you like messy room for lack of closet space and storage, this is the place for you

  • JAMES LALANNE is the General Manager at Springhill Suites Jacksonville Fl. During my stay, he modeled wonderful customer service. From the moment I walked in and he introduced himself, he set the tone for a warm and friendly environment. He remembered my name the next morning when he saw me, asked how everything was going and if I needed anything, allowed me to leave my vehicle there while I flew out for a few days, and again remembered my name when I came back and continued my stay. I noticed his staff was the same way and recognized that this was true leadership. Hats off to James and his staff for making this such a pleasant stay. I travel all over the US and very rarely find good old fashioned customer service and care. Thanks!

    yep today all day I have listened to this….

  • Dear Corporate:

    I wanted to give praise and thanks to Gabby and Natalie who work at the Springhill Suites in Yuma, Arizona. They have gone way out of their way to make our stay and my son, wife and new baby's stay an amazing experience. They were kind and generous with their time and talents. They both have winning personalities and helped us so much when we were in need while my son's wife was in the hospital having an emergency c-sec and baby was in NICU for over a month. I was very thankful for their help.
    Thanks ladies!
    Laura (Co Co Bean's mom:)

  • We checked out of the SpringHill Suites in Lake Charles, LA on Tuesday, February 27th after a two-night stay. We have stayed at this location frequently while on personal business in Lake Charles over the last few years since the hotel opened.
    Several hours after check-out while driving to our next destination I realized that I had left an expensive sweater and other items in the room in the chest of draws. I am positive that is where they were. I immediately called the front desk and asked them to check the room and let me know if they had found them. After not hearing for a couple of hours, I called back and was told they were not there. I was also told that no new guest had checked into the room. I asked to speak to the head of house-keeping who did not answer or return several of my calls. Next, I asked to speak to the manager of the hotel who also did not answer or return several of my calls. Next, I asked who the owner of the hotel franchise was and how to get in touch with them. I was not given that information but that they would contact the owner and have them call us. After 7 calls we have not received any calls back now from anyone at the hotel.
    The only persons having access to the room from the time we left to the time we first called would have been house keeping or hotel personnel.
    I don’t think this is the way to run a hotel. Guests should be helped and at least responded to after numerous calls. I think it is obvious we will not stay here again.

  • With no doubt I will never choose this hotel again. I had a terrible experience with springhill suites next to IAH. I left my luggage 5 pieces 250 Ibs worth a lot of money during Harvey hurricane 25 Aug 17 and I couldn't go back to Houston rather I left from Dallas to Kuwait. It took me almost a month 20th Sep to pickup my luggage by FedEx. the dealing with hotel staff was so bad, I use to make international calls every day I gave them my name, address, credit card, commotional invoice. they don't respond to my email. it took me a week to get the FedEx tracking number from the staff. they just don't care, specially the guy name Terry Traylor.
    My name is Lafi Alazemi my contact is lafi1977@hotmail.com

  • Part 2
    5. One night we come back to the room after a good night out, and what greets us at the door? What appeared to be a tampered with door lock! I took a picture, and called to inform the front desk. A guy comes up to take a look, pops the plastic part back on the door, and says "oh that's just the little plastic part as if the doors fall apart on a regular basis.

    6.Construction: When the hotel sent me the confirmation they did mention that because the hotel was undergoing renovations they would be serving grab and go breakfast instead of the regular full breakfast. What they failed to mention was that at 8am in the morning there would be full on banging over my head each morning that would last all day. Construction in a lobby, okay. Construction in the room above me, not okay. They should have never gave anyone that room without explaining in detail that construction would be directly over their head.

    7. At 3am one of the night shift workers  knocks on our door to slide the final bill in the room. My roomie happened to be awake and talked to the person about a discount for the poor service. The representative told her "we can give you $50 off, but anymore than that you will need to speak with he manager who will be here at 8am."

    8. Check out:
    We go down for check out to speak to the manager about discounted services.  He tells us "You got this room at a discounted rate already, so I'm not giving you any money off. I can offer a few complementary drinks at the bar for you all. (We payed the same rate that was listed online with a deposit, and "lower price " shouldn't amount to poor service.) We let him know that the previous person told us we will get at least  $50, and he then reluctantly agreed to refund that much.

    If your hotel is unable to offer standard appropriate service, because it is under renovation,  then shut down those rooms you know are not in shape to be used. As a customer I should never have to pay for half done service. I went to the city of New Orleans for a much need vacation, not to be stressed about my hotel room. I am disappointed.

  • Part 1:
    I am disappointed. I stayed at the Springhill Suites-New Orleans. From start to finish the service was bad. The only reason I stayed is because I didn't want to lose my deposit.

    1. When we walked into our room the smell of feet was overwhelming. My friend had to use the restroom, and when she went to take the hand soap out of the box it had been used already. We look out the window, and the side walk and dumpster is less than a foot away from the window. We look down at the sheets, and there's what looks like makeup on the comforter, sheets, and pillows. As we look further we find more stains. The guy at the front desk changes our room.

    2. We walk into the second room, and the smell wasn't quite fresh there either, but it didn't smell like dirty smelly feet so that's a plus. We check out the sheets, and had to ask for a replacement comforter, as one of ours had makeup on it.

    3. We leave thinking oh they'll take care of that simple request of bringing a sheet by the time we're back (hours later). They didn't, we had to ask once again. I walk up to the room door and see that it is cracked open. Apparently all those hours we were gone the door was open with our personal items in the room. We asked the young man who brought the blanket up if it was him, and he said no as he struggled to get the door to unjam, and close properly.
    4. Housekeeping… my oh my. She came very late the first day, and the second day she came early. So when she stopped by early I asked nicely if she could return later,  because we were both not ready for the day, and she shook her head, yes. We come back hours later, and her cart is still sitting there in the middle of the walkway, but our room is untouched. When we were headed back out the room for the second time I asked her if she was going back to our room number,  and she said, "okay". Not to mention the shower always had a slight slip to it as if it wasn't cleaned properly.

  • Anonymous

    I stayed four nights at the Springhill Suites in Rexburg, Idaho. I have stayed here in the past and was not compelled to write until this last stay. We stayed for three nights and I am unsure why I was given such bad service. The first morning the maid did not do a good or bad job, Just incomplete. My family has always been very respectful with keeping the room clean. We gave her a complement and felt this would be motivation to do a better job. We pile all of our used towels in a corner in the bathroom, put away all of our belongings so nothing was on the floor, beds or countertops, for easy cleaning. With four people in the room we went through the normal amount of towels. The second day when we returned the soiled pile of towels were still on the bathroom floor. We requested the maids return and retrieve them, but they did not return. On the morning we checked out we were told by Heidi that we used too many towels and the maids did not have time to clean up our messes.
    During our stay I was relaxing in the lounge and I heard Heidi chastise someone that may or may not have been an employee. This was not something I wanted to overhear.
    My overall stay was unpleasant due to the maids and front desk person Heidi.

  • I Never post comments. But, I feel this should be. I stayed at the Springhill Suites in Naples, fla. During my stay I had the room near the lobby. I was awaken twice during the night by conversations in the lobby,the lobby TV, and the night manager preparing the morning buffet.I responded to the review sent by the hotel,stating the above. I received an email back from the from the general manager, Tracy Arman, stating she reviewed the lobby video, and there was no activity from employees or guests in the the lobby the entire night. also, the TV was on mute?? I will be forwarding my cell phone video and recording of the incident to corporate headquarters.

  • I had a reservation at the Prescott Arizona location on Saturday, September 24th and 25th. After driving 12 hours from Northern California I arrived at the hotel around 9:00 pm and was advised that the hotel had overbooked and that I did not have a room. The hotels in town were booked. I was then advised that they found a room for me at the Motel 6 (another 20 minute drive). If I had wanted to stay at a Motel 6 I would have booked a room at that hotel. This is unacceptable and I would like a response as tho why this practice is allowed.

  • I stayed at your Napa Valley location in June 2016.It was for our company and we are a large group coming in from all over the country within about an hour.When my group of 4 arrived we were told at the time around 2:30." too early to check you in and we don't have all the confirmation numbers" I explained that they wwere going to be slammed soon..These young ladies did not car. I saw Mr Dinno Perez and explained,in 5 min he stepped in the back got info and minutes later he got us all our rooms.He was so kind and helpful.you should have more people like that working for you.Such a nice place to stay,we love staying in Napa with Springhill suites.

  • I stayed at location in Baton Rouge,LA ( Essen Lane)…Please DO NOT book here! Worst stay, Worst customer service EVER!! Room was HOT as the Arizona dessert! Front desk manager is Rude, and very DISHONEST. Room was NOT properly cleaned. My stay lasted approx. 5 hours and I had to go book at another local hotel!NO manager on site!!

  • I stayed at the location in Kissimmee Fl and me and my kids room were nice but the beds were very dirty and me and my kids ended up getting Scabies due to the poor cleanliness of the maid service. Very disappointed and filing a complaint. Very bad vacation for us.

  • Ur management really sucks and the way they treat their employees is awful ya need to do better be for u have a law suite I've seen and heard comment's that's not suitable for a work environment Ive heard conversation a guest shouldn't even hear and the gm seems like he doesn't seem to care I will never AND I MEAN NEVER VISIT SPRINGHILL SUITES DOWNTOWN BIRMINGHAM AGAIN….. I VISIT THERE BOUT 3 TIMES A WEEK AND FOUND OUT THE HOUSEKEEPERS THAT WERE KEEPING ME COMING ALWAYS SMILING AND GREETING ME WITH GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE IS NO LONGER THERE SO MY SERVICE IS NO LONGER THERE…u no longer have my service

  • I stayed at your hotel from 3 June and checked out Monday 6th of June..my card was charged 420.72..and then 45.00 dollar then 90 dollars. I called to ask why I was charged these amounts..I called three times and each time I called the clerk would say can I tell them what this is about..I told the clerk and she then sent me to voice mail…my card this made me go over my limit..noone as of yet has contacted me..I trief to get this resolved but it doesn't seem to have any success..I am calling the BBB to let them know about this HOTEL..

  • Stay as far away Marriott as you can. If you are not sure, check out their corporate rating with the Better Business Bureau in Bethesda MD. Their rating is an "F". They don't care about customer service, as you will see when you read all of the problems they don't address. I will never stay at a Marriott again. The comments here are the same at the BBB. I am amazed they don't care about the consumer and their concerns. Too bad, they just lost another customer.

  • I had prepaid my room and when I got to the location in Houston, they did not have the room saved for me.. They gave us another room and said they would give us a discount and they charged more than they had told us. I have stayed here 3 times and my last time. This hotel needs help. I also contacted them and they said someone would call me back but no one has it/s been 3 weeks.

  • I stayed at Marriott Springhill Suites in Statesboro, Georgia December 17, 2015. My husband and I checked in they told us the rate would be 89.00 then a few minutes later stated we would need a $25.00 deposit in which we would get upon checkout. Ok 89+25=114. I received $6 one's back. They also "needed" my debit card to be "on file". Just to have "on file". went down to checkout and was don't we "did not have a deposit because it was "taxes". Haven't seen my debit card acct yet to see how they covered stealing the $25.00 cash deposit. We also asked for a wake-up call in which we did not get. My husband is an expert witness and was supposed to be in Bullock County Superior Court at 8:30am; the lack of wake-up call could have been a contempt of court charge on my husband solely due to the front desk error he could have been jailed, then we would have sued Springhill Suites for inconvenience and income lost for how ever long he would have been jailed. The morning front desk clerk really didn't care about the implications they could cause guest of the hotel. Let me recap; first we had no wake-up call second we find out out deposit was stolen by one of the two night clerks. We not that stupid you don't pay in full by cash, then pay the deposit which was asked for well after the transaction was completed in cash, and by check out the deposit suddenly becomes $25.00 work of taxes which we though were paid in the bill paid in full at check-in. I have been staying at Marriott Hotels since 1994 and have never had this occur.

  • On October 3, 2015 I made reservations for October 29 and 30th through Expedia to stay at the Springhill Suites North in Charleston, SC to go to my grandsons graduation at the Navy Power School. At the time, preparing my car for the long trip from Louisiana to South Carolina, I found that the cost of preparations will cost way more than our fixed income will allow for both the trip and transportation. I realize that I am asking for understanding on your company's behalf to be able to cancel the reservations and be refunded but it would help my husband and I tremendously if I could get help on this. I have called the Springhill Suites North several times and left messages for the Manager, Radu Moldovan, spoken to the assistant manager to no avail. I was told that Mr. Moldovan is the only one that would be able to do anything for me. I feel that we are getting put off because no one will return my call. I was told that he would call or email me and he has done neither. My husband and I are older seniors and we would really appreciate any help and for someone to contact us. Thank you in advance for any help on this matter.

  • Had a wonderful stay at the SpringHill Suites in Orlando. Everyone was so helpful and friendly. Room was large and clean. Will stay here again. Laurent one of the housekeepers always had a smile on her face and was very friendly. She always brightened my day when I would see her. Thanks for a great stay.

  • I am at the Springhill Suites Marriott 2701 Westlake Avenue, Peoria, IL. I am here for a conference and I observed after sleeping in the bed that there was debris and hair follicles and I am saying that to keep from grossing you out, in the bed the next morning. I called the front desk to report my findings and the young lady (who was very nice and professional) connected me with the so called hotel general manager who was so argumentative, unprofessional and totally defensive. I merely wanted my sheets changed but his behavior led to an argument after I asked what did he mean by saying "unfortunately there is nothing I can do" before I could tell him what would be pleasing to me to rectify this situation. I am a stickler for customer service. I wasn't seeking a refund or anything, but when a General Manager shows no compassion for the individual who is the reason he has a job and totally disrespects them makes me wonder how he became a general manager in the first place. I contacted Corporate and I told him I would do so. His response was "go ahead". After speaking with Corporate, they connected me to the General Manager and it was amazing how nice and sweet he was while Corporate was on the phone and as I explained to him, I want an apology from him for his behavior not about the inconvenience of the bed being dirty. His behavior is what took this thing to a whole other level. I will not recommend this hotel ever again, because my spirit right now is tainted.

  • Spring hill in corpus Christi hires their employees as independent contractors. This allows dead beat moms to not pay their child support or the proper taxes. Good job guys!

  • I Had a fantastic time with springhill suites flagstaff…it was during graduating weekend from NAU…we needed a way to transport a cake from flagstaff to Lake Havasu..Rachel Coombs was so very helpful..she found a box after many attempts to fit this special cake…she succeeded also with help from other staff..everyone was very helpful in many ways… thank you to the staff at Flagstaff & especially to Rachel Coombs…DonnaPerlman Kauai Hi

  • I stayed in your Arlington, Texas location May 1st paying months in advance via credit card for a good rate of 118 dollars and change. I get home from my trip and see that a ten dollar charge was charged to my credit card should we leave with out paying for incidentals which we were told there were none at check out. I called the hotel in Arlington directly and they said the charge should drop off in about ten days. Ten days …….. the charge should have never been charged to my account in the first place! I was told I might want to contact my credit card company to assure the charge drops off. Damn right I will. So let me get this right. I need to spend time to make sure a charge that Springhill Suites illegally charged to my account drops off in ten days. I have been through the same scenario with Wingate, Hyatt Place and others in the past. This is a scam by hotel chains that is ran everyday. Its to their advantage because if the customer doesn't do the leg work to get the charge removed the chain makes an ten extra bucks on your stay. They purposely hope you won't follow through. Here is an idea. If there are no incidentals then don't scam the honest customers which don't try to run off without paying. Anytime a hotel does this we do finally get the charge removed and just do not stay with that hotel chain again. Its the only way justice is served. One hotel chain that HAS NEVER scammed us with this sort of thing is IHG (Holiday Inn, Crown Plaza, etc.). And IHG 's points do not expire like other chains!

  • We went to the Cleveland area on March 20 and 21 for a weekend vacation with our son and grandson. We asked our AAA agent to book the Homewood Suites in Solon OH. She informed us that they did not have a hot tub which was the reason I was going. I wanted to make use of the hot tub and pool while the guy saw the sights. She said there was a nearby Springhill Suites that had a hot tub and booked us there. We liked the hotel and the staff who were friendly. Almost immediately I went down to the hot tub and only immersed myself for a few minutes as it seemed quite hot. I sat on the side with my legs and feet in front of the jets but again could only tolerate the heat for a few minutes. My legs especially were burning so I got in the pool to cool down. It didn't take long before blisters started to appear on my legs. I looked like I had a sunburn all over my body and I had small burns on my arms. I reported this to the front desk and they said it was probably a sensitivity issue. When we left on Sunday, I again brought this up to the front desk and the manager Pam took pictures and a report.I have heard nothing from Springhill Suites and really feel slighted. My legs are now scarring and my vacation was ruined. I would think I would have heard something.

  • I was charged $100 because a maid "determined the room smelled of smoke" when no one smoked in the room or even smokes at all. I will not stay at SpringHill again.

    • That happened at the Modesto ca SpringHill to me also. It was a good price until an extra $ 100 was added to my card.

  • On the night of Monday the 9th 2014, my family and I stayed at one of your properties in NY LGA area, the springhill suites 112-15 Northern Boulevard Corona New York 11368 . There was a young lady who called her self Sandra, a manager of the property. That night I was having a late dinner with my family in the lobby area while the young lady was bar tending. Sandra happened to be extremely loud and vulgar. After approaching her I noticed that she was also consuming alcohol with a few gentlemen that evening and her vocabulary was highly unprofessional. She was using profanity through out her conversation with the fellow guest and drinking. Sandra made our evening and stay at the spring hill very unpleasant and after careful consideration and being a Marriot Reward member, my family, friends and myself will no longer be conducting any more businesses with ant marriot property. I will spread the word about this unprofessional behavior and will make sure that this gets to the highest level of your company and dealt with.


  • My mother works for the springhill marriott, and i have to say that she does a great job there. But the new supervisor in charge has been a real pain with her and the others that works under him. I think that everyone one should be treated fairly and stop being so selective about a person. Treat the employee with respect and not like a slave. Because in the end they are the ones doing the job to make the supervisor look good.

  • I can't say enough great things about the staff at the Springhill Suites at the Forest Park location in Cincinnati. My mom has not been well and the Springhill Suites has been my home away from home, while caring for her, the past eight months.
    Matthew has gone out of his way every single time I have been there to inquire about her and to make sure that I have everything I need while I am there. Marie and Zander have also been so very helpful and so very kind during my stays.

    I have been very fortunate to have stayed at many five star hotels during my travels over the years. But I must say, that the staff that you have at the Springhill Suites at your Forest Park location have been the kindest I have ever encountered. Thank you for having such great individuals taking care of us while we are away from home!!

  • I totally understand the frustrations of anonymous writer Sept 1, 2013. I have a similar situation I am still trying to get resolved since June 2013. I was charged $113.00 which I shouldn't have been charged. I thought it had been resolved before I left from my stay. A manager on 2 occasions was suppose to be taking care of it and instead charged my card an ADDITIONAL $365.00!!!!!This also occurred at a Springhill suites airport location. Errors do sometimes occur, but because it has taken so much effort to resolve, like the last writer I am also beginning to think something dishonest is going on.

  • I just checked in to the Spring Hills Airport location that you are the manager of. I have a reservation for Sat and Sunday PM. I used a free voucher for tonight (Saturday) and the man at the front desked scanned my credit card to hold the reservation for the second pm (Sunday). I just looked at my bank account and see changes by Spring Hills to my account in a row. One is $70 and 2 are $80.00. There should be no charges. I used a voucher. And Sunday should not be charged yet. I went back to front desk and showed the man my bank account on my laptop. He told me to callo my bank…but it is not a bank error or they would not be various amounts. Someone ran my card three time. He said he did not do it. And that there was no manager of any kind in the building. I am furious. That is alot of money for a family on vacation to have missing. Could you please resolve this with the man at the front desk. This never should have happened and I am unbelievable upset and beginning to think there is some dishhonesty going on.

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