Stage Stores Corporate Office Headquarters

Stage Stores Corporate Office Headquarters
10201 Main Street
Houston, Texas 77025 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-800-324-3244
Customer Service Number: 1-800743-8730

  • my heart has been strongly urging me to contact you in regards to your store in Poteau Oklahoma. I need you to be aware of the employees you have, that need a caring corporate boss. Between a manager with family medical bills, to regular employees needing help with school to further her education, to even helping one who is trying to adopt foster kids and they all have trouble making ends meet. You have an amazing crew working there, and I know its minimum wage. Maybe I have too much faith in the world, but if any one could help I know you can. Your employees go above and beyond, and sometimes they need to be shows that they are appreciated. They are amazing and friendly and THEY ARE WHAT MAKES THIS STORE. Please if you can find it in your heart, they need some blessings. And please if you arent who they need, please pass the message to the right person. Thank you

  • I called the customer service number listed on my packing slip. I was transferred to corporate somehow. The woman that answered the phone at corporate was ghetto. She talked to me like I was an idiot. I am now on the phone with customer service AGAIN as number 82 in the que. I had already gone through 61 in the que.

  • Stage stores needs to be awarded the worst company in history award. The regional and district managers for this company are a bad joke. Top management really needs to evaluate what's going on within its districts. The company treats their loyal employees awful. Since the company is made up of mostly trash and alcoholics I guess you can not expect much out of the company. This company will go out of business very soon. You can not get a way with treating good people the way you do and not pay for it. The company has allowed greed to take over and all they care about is their bottom line. The company could care less about it's customers or employees.

  • I want to complain on the Stage store located in Idabel, Ok. This store is very junky, nasty and you can never get anyone to help you, the only employees you see are sitting behind the checkout counter and you have to stand there forever to get help at the cologne counter or to even check out… I'm very disappointed in this store it is always so nasty…I was in the store yesterday and it was in terrible shape so I just walked out.. I would like to see these problems taken care of..

  • I am a customer that frequently comes into Palais Royal at Deerbrook Mall in Humble, Tx. I was with my family shopping when 2 Caucasian females (managers) of the store approached me and my mother in the dressing room. One of the females identified herself as an off suty police officer. She told me that one of the employees accused my mother of possible shoplifting. We were told to open our purses and our pockets. I did not see any type of badge or uniform that would identify her as a police officer. I asked her to call the police, because we were not shoplifting. After she saw that we had nothing in our purses or pockets, we were told that we would have to leave. I felt offended, and asked to speak with a manager, and this is when she told me that she was a manager as well as the other woman. This happened on 01/07/2018. After we left the store, I saw mall security and told them that I wanted to make a complaint. I did write a complaint statement and left it with the mall.

  • The store at Central Mall Port Arthur, TX seems very well run! Always impeccably neat racks and displays. Employees seem to want to help and general cheerful and professional atmosphere. I will keep shopping here!

  • I tried to order on-line, and my credit card did not go through. I checked i9f I entered it correctly, and it was denied again. Your people there did not know why it was rejected, so I called my bank. Your system had sent the transaction to my bank as if I were making the purchase IN PERSON! Since I live in Michigan, the bank thought it was possible fraud, and would not authorize it. Your IT people need to fix this before they lose MORWE business for you!

  • Pecos Texas Bealls store needs a new store manager!!! I don't see how Martha & everyone walks in there, sees the store (how ugly it is) & still give her so many chances. Customers & employees complain so much about her & nothing gets done. I guess Coorprate doesn't care about their business as much as they should!!!!

  • District Manager of 105 was the absolute worst manager I have ever dealt with in my many years of retail. He gave no credit to where it was due, I am pretty sure he is sexist due to the fact that he treated the male workers like they were his best friends and the female workers like slaves…unless they came from the store he started at before he became a DM. Everybody at that store is a God to him. Some may think he has good leadership skills because he commands things to be done instead of asking, but his management style does not make workers want to work. It makes them want to quit. He has no respect for anyone except for himself. He never acknowledged any of the employees unless they had a manager rank. I have even heard him talking to the Regional Manager like he was lower than him.

  • The Management at the Goody's Store in St. Marys, GA needs to be looked into. I was in the store on 2/28/17 and the Manager there acted like a crazy person. I overheard her telling the only employee I like to deal with, she is taking her off the schedule and to leave the store, over a day off, this employee is polite to the customers, always so helpful and I have even seen this lady working when she was hurt, I asked her what was wrong and she said she fell in the store, but she didn't want any lost time so she wanted to work. Now I hear that the manager Sara Michelle Lyle has let her go because she needed a day for medical testing, Something is wrong with that picture. The manager there is the rudest person I have ever met, she is the most non-helpful person I have ever tried to deal with. If what I heard is true I will be taking my business to Belk and Bealls Outlet…Goodys will not be my go to store anymore…EVER.

  • In
    Alamo Texas my granddaughter put in an application for Bealls and according to the email she received her start date was to be Nov. 7, 2016. So far she has not been called in for training and it is almost Black Friday. It looks like the manager of the store is holding off her actually starting work so that she can be set up for failure.
    In the corporate world this is a classic example of incompetence in the extreme.

  • I would like to know who trained Lynn at the Stage Department store in Thibodaux, la 70301??? She really need more training on professionalism AND how to speak to her associates on the job that are adults, I've shopped at stage for years, I hate to stop because of this , I can't stand to pass by her and she speaking to grown adults like they are her children!!!!!!! I will complain until she is gone out of there. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!!! Something needs to be done and will be done immediately

  • You can tell alot about a business by how it treats its employees! I am a former Goody's associate in Alabama, I was harassed and discriminated against by my store manager, I was employed at Goody's for over 4 years, hard worker, never laid out, long story short, filed a complaint with HR, did no good. I am jobless at no fault of my own, will be filing a complaint with the state.Not all store managers are good truthful people!!!

  • I shop at my local Stage store located in La Place LA. Recently they added a home dept to the store. As a result the clothing dept has had to give up about 1/3 of its space. The racks of clothing have been pushed together so close you can barely walk among them and they are so jam packed with clothes you can't shuffle through them. Today I was shopping for a nice dress for a wedding but at times I felt like I was shopping at a Salvation Army store. Stage used to have nice dresses and they used to be well kept and nicely hung but that has all changed. Maybe it's a new buyer or maybe its a new manager I'm unsure but if things don't change back to the way they were, I am considering cutting up my credit card and shopping elsewhere.

  • Stage store in Jacksonville, Arkansas use to be really good with their stock and employees waiting on you. Now new Manager- No Clothes, No employees to wait on you and only one checker at lunch time so makes it impossible to buy anything then. This store could be back really good if you could make the changes. We need clothes and employees to check you out- maybe the new manager could work. The old one did–ALL THE TIME!!!


    • I hate the fact that coupons can't be used unless
      the item price ends in 99 cents, most items end in 98 cents
      so I just throw them away and shop elseware

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