Staples Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Staples Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
Five Hundred Staples Drive
Framingham, MA 01702 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-508-253-5000
Fax Number: 1-508-253-8989
Customer Service Number: 1-800-333-3330

  • Without my permission or any contact with me Staples has sent a Staples VISA DEBIT card- which I have chopped into small pieces. Staples has no right to establish such a card or account without my consent SHAME on Staples

  • Make your CEO's email public, so that the public can write to them, without the censorship of assistants, and partisan workers.

  • Have been ordering from Staples Advantage about once a or twice a week for almost a year and have received a packing slip maybe 3 times. How can a business not include some sort of evidence that something was delivered? And how are we supposed to pay our account with no proof of delivery, no place to sign for it, no price, no paperwork whatsoever. Have contacted "customer support" many times and they have offered to print me one and send it to me. I end up printing an email that is actually not a receipt of goods to our accounts payable person. I have been promised many, many times that they would "fix this issue" and have yet to receive any.

  • Staples: East Windsor, Route 130- 1/31/16 Business Account customer since 1995 and normally pleasant experiences each time. Today did not get that warm and fuzzy feeling! Could not find what I was looking for in the normal aisle, when I asked the cashier where the item was, she ignored me. I asked a 2nd time and she didn't reply, just stared into space. Then did not reply to any small talk I made, never said Thank You! Her ID I think is 1727271 Tech Support/Store Manager I believe Stacey P., rude as well. No Hello, no warm and fuzzy feeling there as well. All business and does not know everything either. You CAN boot from a disc to use as a virus protection program which I have done several times, but she insisted it no it wouldn't work! She sunk me for $159.99 plus SHE SPELLED MY NAME AND EMAIL ADDRESS WRONG! Inspite of my giving her my name, and business account information! All she was more interested in doing was answering her little ear-bud phone!!!! over and over and over during our conversation! Downright RUDE! I want an apology and something in return for this obnoxious behavior on the part of your store manager/tech person and cashier. As a long time customer of your company I was insulted today!!!!!

  • I purchased a Memorex 8X Externa (as posted on my receipt), 034707982512, CD burner. Its brand new, package never opened. My son told me I didn't need it for my computer. I brought it back to the Fairhaven, MA store and was told I could not return it as it was after 14 days according to store policy. I wasn't told at the time of purchase that there was a 14 day policy! The clerk called the manager, Christopher, who came out, looked at my receipt and pointed to the back of the receipt telling me its posted there! I insisted on the return being taken, the item was in tact with its original packaging, I had my receipt, there shouldn't be a problem at all. I asked for the return to be processed and he told me that he could only give me a store credit and it wouldn't be for the total amount that I paid for it! What do you do when its a gift and the recipient gets the item after 14 days? This is very poor. Needless to say, I will NEVER SHOP AT THIS STORE AGAIN!

  • Corporate should be ashamed of themselves!!! Definitely discrimination not to credit people their $2.00 per cartridge UNLESS they purchased $30 worth of ink in the STORE. NOT FAIR!!!!!!!! Why would anyone go to the store?? To wait in line? In the Northeast with all the SNOW and ICE from the previous 6 months of winter, most of us were homebound, working from home. SO NOT FAIR. Not buying from Staples anymore.

  • Just found out that Staples will ONLY credit your used print cartridges $2.00 each the next month IF YOU BOUGHT ink IN THE STORE ONLY over the previous six months!!!! What about handicapped people that CAN"T get to the store???? Hence the reason we buy ONLINE!!! Discrimination!!!!!!!!!

  • To Corporate

    It is amazingly unfair, how your rewards program has treated me over the past few years, I was fist asked my phone umber to get rewards back, without never having been told to get an account, so I could never know what rewards I was getting or when the they accumulated to or when they expired.

    Every time I asked a manger at either Berlin NJ store or the one in Turnersville NJ and they simply gave me a number to call and nothing was ever resolved. It seems I have been getting rewards without being notified.

    Well I am pissed and will take my business elsewhere because in the past 5 years I have purchased a new computer, over $1000 and screen, a HP 4500 and 6700 series printer both totaling $450 and approx $500 worth of supplies that your system hasn't acknowledged and cartridges for the new 6700 printer.

    I have tried in vane to resolve this matter at least 3 times including the present, either you Want my bossiness or you don't, additionally I am opening a new consulting business next month and my plans were to open a business account with staples, but unless something is done to credit me for my previous purchases, I will gladly take my business elsewhere.

    As of today finally registered started an account with Staples after 5 years in which no one ever told me to do, with this e-mail, the old account was something some one created for obvious reasons, which is why I never knew it existed.

    I have purchased over $2000 worth of items in the last 5 years and all from Staples.

    If you do not value me as a loyal and faithful customer, in the future I won't be.

    Robert mad as hell McCann 86 540 5922

  • As I type this, I have been on hold 1/2 hour…with the Staples in Grass Valley Ca. Staples just answered the phone, asked me what I needed, I explained I need color copy machine, she said "I will transfer you" I asked if I was going to be on hold for a long time, she looked over to the counter I was to get help from, she told me there are 3 people in line…I told her "No, don't transfer me, I will buy what I need elsewhere" The so called customer service at Staples sucks…this is not the first time, but it was the last I will deal with them.

  • Stay away from the Mount Vernon Staples. The General Manager and Jenn are very unprofessional and they practice discrimination against those with disabilities. I for one will never shop at a Staples again Wow is all I can say..

  • I went to Milford, Pa store to have picture calendars made up for the new year. The young man in print/copy area was helping a customer. I stood behind her for about10 minutes. When he was done, he turned and walked away. I had to call him back.I had a disk with my 12 pics, listed by month. He put them up on the screen and walked away to talk to a UPS driver at the othe end of counter. I waited another 15 minutes and he did not return. I asked another associate to remove my disk and return it to me. I left the store and told the associate that gave me my disk that it was no way to treat a customer. I then went to another Staples in Wayne, N.J. They took my order and had the calendars in two days. I took them home, sent one to my son's family in N.C. The other three were for relatives up here. One of my nephews was browsing through looking at the pics and noticed that there was no Dec., 2015. The next day, I returned to the Milford store and asked if they could add the Dec. page and was told no, I had to go to the store that I had made the calendars. I returned to the Wayne store and was told that this was the way that Staples was doing the calendars this year. WHO IS THE ROCKET SCIENTIST THAT MADE THAT DECISION, A CALENDAR WITH ONLY 11 MONTHS. And why didn't the associate in the Milford store know that , if it is even true, that Staples was selling an 11 month calendar.Staples, appears, looking at these complaints, that their service had really gone down hill. By the way, I went to Office Depot and had my calendars made without any problems, and a full 12 months.

  • Hey I work at TCP SEDC. I know all of y'all's problems because we get treated the same. The biggest problem is the show major favortism between the shifts. Day will kill there selfs just so night can get paid a dollar more then day just to go home and enjoy there family time. Me if they offer us to go I more then likely will stay but there is people who love to go home and be with there families or take care of other business. The supervisors don't care what you have to say and HR don't care either because if you go complain to HR they always act like they don't care and send you on you way. I recommend no body go work at TCP SEDC.

  • On the 25th, I was informed by the manager on duty at Store#1145 in Newport, Oregon. That I had to wait for a "Check" to arrive in the mail, for my refund of the returned item, because the store doesn't have that kind of money at anytime. I returned a computer which I paid "Cash" for in the amount of 649.99, yet I have to wait 14 "business days" for my money. And I don't have the system in my possession anymore, the store has it. This I feel is wrong, if a person pays by card, I can understand a little bit of waiting; if a person pays by check, I can also understand a little bit of waiting; but I can not understand a person having to wait at all when they had paid cash. Oh, yeah the excuse given, "We don't have that kind of money here at the store because we don't want to get robbed!", Ok, will then the store should be able to produce the check, or go to the bank and get the money. Meaning, Cash = Cash, Check = Check or refunded amount to account, Credit card = check or refunded amount to card, there should not be lengthy waiting on any of it. Cash does not equal Check and 14 business days wait.

  • Do NOT ever purchase the extended warranty that is offered! I am in Muncie, IN purchased 3 computers with 3 warranties. It has been over a month now on one of the computers being replaced. I have called daily and all I can be told is someone will call you in 24-48 hours. No one ever calls me back. My local Staples is also working on this problem but they can only leave messages and wait on a call back as well. So I am now a week into school and NO computer to do my online classes! This is a JOKE and I will NOT be back to Staples once my replacement is handled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous, January 13, 2014 at 1:07 am
    I purchase a shredder and need to return it but because of a 14 day return policy I can could not get my money back or get a store credit. I do not feel as though that is right. I spent cash and I have my receipt. So before you spent your money with any company may sure you can return it with your receipt.

  • I am about to enter a complaint against General Manager Scott from the E. Springfield Staples store. This person tonight called my daughter a name. He called her 'sly', I do not know what this is suppose to mean by calling her such a condescending word. I feel no general manager should call an employee ANY name. This GM has been giving my daughter a hard time for a while now. She is considering putting in her 2 weeks notice. I explained to her because of her education Staples is 'employee cleansing' by eradicating all the threatening employees because of the GM's minuscule education.

  • It said it would invest in its online operations to expand its offerings online, funding that by cutting $250 million a year in costs by the end of 2015.

    The costs will come from closing 30 stores and cutting the size of 30 more in the U.S. during this fiscal year, as well as closing 45 stores in Europe. Total U.S. store square footage is being cut by 15%.

    The company said it would continue buying back stock.

  • I went to Staples store in Grove City, Ohio and the poor girl working in the copy and print center was so nice but she had so many customers in line, and the manager just sitting at a computer in the Tech center,
    The associate provided great customer service, but the management at the store must not be very responsible.

  • I went to the Staples store #1148 at South Lake Tahoe at 10a.m on July, 11th to make a purchase of the product needed. The one opened clerk at the register was helping a guest, who was returning bunch of used ink catridges. I was next in line and the transaction was taking a long time. There was another customer behind me. After waiting for quite some time, noticing that other store personel walking around and chattering with each other (not even work related as I heard), I left the store without the purchase. I will never return to this Staples store location, as the customer service is poor and obviously not a store priority. I am very disappointed with the customer service and is hoping the it will be improved in the nearest future to make shopping experience enjoyable and respected for its customers.

  • The staples on elton ave in chicago is extremly unprofessional. We just left there with a handicapped person and a child with spe ial needs. I would like the opportuniy to speak to a supervisor revuarding the disrespect of the manager. Jeessica is to be commeded but you need to be aware of how they treat persin with disabilities.

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