State Farm Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

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State Farm Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company
1 State Farm Plaza
Bloomington, IL 61710-0001 USA
Phone Numbers:
Corporate Phone Number: 1-309-766-2311
Fax Number: 1-309-766-3621
Customer Service Number: 1-800-440-0998
Claims: 1-800-782-8332
Payments: 1-800-440-0998
State Farm Bank: 1-877-734-2265
State Farm Credit Card: 1-877-734-8472
Mutual Funds: 1-800-447-4930
Tech Support: 1-888-559-1922

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I had a State Farm investigator come out to check out a leak in my roof. He told us that the leak is coming from the eave of our roof. Had someone come out to fix the missing shingles on our eave that very same week.
I got up this morning and my computer room was flooded. I had to use 10 large bath towels to try to soak up the water. Fixing the eave had nothing to do with my roof leak. The man that they had sent out to investigate my claim did not know what he was doing or talking about. They must have hired him from a catalogue. Now my area rugs, laminate flooring and walls in my computer room are all damaged. I am thinking about suing them for their negligence. I am not rich and can't afford to pay for all the damage caused by the water leak from my roof. This is why I have house insurance. For emergencies like this. What kind of insurance company are they? Where do they get their investigators for claims from? I am so angry right now.
They owe me for all the damage I now have from the roof leak.

I am so mad after 25 years with STATE FARM they have just throw me to the wolfs. All car and homeowners policies have been messed up they keep throwing me to different agents that promise the world n then nothing I have no idea how you could mess up so bad as to have my fiancé as widowed on his life insurance( don't you have to get married first?) Second off yes auto pay does work but not when I keep getting refund checks because you are rewriting the policy and im losing my points great job!!! I was told today that as the agent she is no loneger making money off of me so she can no longer help me. I really hope that STATE FARM really gets it together because right now they are the worst and a complaint will be filed with the BBB. The level of disrespect and incompetence is no excuse for any of this.
Tiffany Bustos

I am appalled by the treatment my 84 year old mother has had at the hands of State Farm following the death of my father. There are errors on his credit card, due to State Farm recharging a credit and not posting a check payment, and they will not discuss these with her as they say she doesn't have the authority to discuss the errors, though they were made after talking with her on the phone. They have been provided with a copy of the will, death certificate, nothing matters. This wonderful lady has had enough with the death of her lifelong spouse not to have to deal with this level of incompetence and disregard.

Dixie Faries

I had a very pleasant experience with a State Farm office in Carrollton GA
at 899 stripling chapel road you can look up the address to find the Agent
I was a long time customer with State Farm i came to the Carrollton area, and figured i would just keep state farm, so called this office and explained what i wanted to do and it was no problem and they stated they would call back in about an hour to get things done. weeks later i went into the office to see what the hold up was and had to make numerous calls and i kept getting excuses and the run around. i was getting post cards from another agent and office that i had never contacted, finally after continued calls the agent she called me back and gave me a ridiculous rate that was double of what i was currently paying, and she gave the excuse that insurance rates have gone through the ceiling, and pretty much take it or leave it.
It was made very clear that she did not want to insure me for what ever the reason, and if i insisted then i would pay double, she referred my policy off to another agent and office, and basically blew off my calls.
it seems that this agent picks and chooses who she wants to insure, after doing some research of her back ground its very clear of the group of people who she will and wont do business with, and if you are not in that class your simply not good enough for her to do business with. I have a different insurance company now and WILL NOT EVER do business with State Farm again due to this agents biased business practices

We have new car, while travelling at an intersection a senior citizen run a red light so we collided. The senior has the same insurance, now state farm refused to pay for our new car repair by using genuine parts, original Japanese!!! all they insist is by repairing using after market part. I understand the deal is to make as much money as you can but is that legal?>>>>>> that's is why a lot time companies get legal problems>

Myself, wife, and two sons have been with State Farm for the past 10 years. During that time, my son was hit from behind by a drunk driver. The drunk was arrested and charged, my son who was judged "NOT AT FAULT" had this accident listed against our policy. Same son accidently bumped a car in a parking lot and reported it to State Farm but no claim was ever put against State farm by the other owner. This went against our policy.

I was hit from behind when I was stopped for a child crossing a street, the car owner that hit me was judged "AT FAULT" and State Farm listed this against my record. Like my son I also bumped a car in a parking lot causing a dent the size of a quarter. The owner of that car never filed a claim but I was charged against my record.

So, after ten years, paying approximately $12,000 in premiums to State Farm and State Farm never paying a cent on claims, they told me that they were not renewing my insurance. I have been telling all my relatives and friends about the lousy coverage and rude agents I have had to deal with regarding this situation and advised them to NEVER DEAL WITH STATE FARM again and to find insurance elsewhere.

This company is worse than being mugged on the street. We dropped them like a ton of &))%# and will never say another nice word about them.

I am really mad! I've been a State Farm customer for over 40 years and have had multiple cars insured by them. In May, I was rear-ended by an uninsured driver. He was distracted with his new iPhone coming off the ramp of the interstate and used me to stop his pick up truck. He could have swerved onto the shoulder and completely avoided me if his lies were true. He said the cell phone box fell off the front passenger seat and got wedged under his brake pedal and he was standing on the brake trying to get the truck to stop before he hit me. Well, that box was completely intact, not damaged at all and how would it have fallen off the seat, hopped over the center console and ended up under the brake pedal? Sounds like a load of crap to me, he was playing with the phone and not paying attention! Anyway, I ended up having to pay my $500.00 deductible to have my SUV repaired and also 20% of the rental I needed to get to and from work while my SUV was in the shop for a week. Now I'm out over $800.00 while State Farm "tries" to get the money from him to reimburse me and they said that could take up to a year! I am a widow, living on a single pay check and can't afford to wait that long. As if that wasn't bad enough, now State Farm has increased my monthly premium payments because of the accident! It was NOT my fault, I was at a complete stop at a red light with 3 cars in front of me. I am not a happy customer right now, why am I being punished for something that was not my fault? So wrong that the honest party is the one to always suffer!!

I've read dozens of comments and they all seem to have the same theme. We have also been given very poor treatment by them, aftet sending them money for 46 years. They want to "non-renew" our policy bevause of whay they perceive as loss dangers. Their local agent is totally worthless.
They have 93 million policies. Evidently they do not want or need OUR business any more. We've gone with Travelers Insurance.

I am sorry we all suffer from an uncaring staff nationwide. Rather than put my complaint here, which I strongly believe warrants a lawsuit. (I don't know what the next level above small claims is called.) So, DOES ANYONE KNOW OF A LAWYER WHO IS DOING A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT? I'm in California and I don't know if that matters – if each United State has different rules and regulations regarding lawsuits against such companiea. Please consider….and respond if you know of a great and willing lawyer. Thank you

Jack English state farm agency was initially a great company, until I tried to cancel the policy. They took $406. from my account without me knowing my policy had gone up and them taking extra money each month trying to make up for incorrect amounts they were taking monthly. therefore there is no refund due to me. after paying $406 to them and $300 to a new insurance how is it I am not due a refund??????????

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