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  • Staybridge Suites Corporate Office Headquarters

Staybridge Suites Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Staybridge Suites Corporate Office Headquarters

InterContinental Hotels Group
3 Ravinia Drive Suite 100
Atlanta, GA 30346-2149 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-770-604-2000
Fax Number: 1-801-975-1846
Customer Service Number: 1-800-621-0555
Reservations: 1-877-238-8889


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  1. Staybridge in Las Cruces made false accusations against me and I have proof sewing these people with pleasure…

  2. We lost our home last May to a fire. To say we were overwhelmed is a complete understatement. You are never so humble as when you realize you are wearing the only underwear you own. State Farm Insurance arranged for us to stay at the Staybridge Suites in Rockford, Illinois. The staff could not be more helpful or sympathetic. We were among 8 other families displaced by fire staying at the hotel. During the worst time of our lives, our stay made us feel like celebrity guests. We stayed for about 6 weeks. The bed was so comfortable, we bought the exact same mattress for our new home several months later. Because of the excellent experience we had last year, when we went on vacation this year we booked a room at the Staybridge Suites in Jacksonville, NC. Again, all the staff was very friendly and accommodating. The breakfast buffet is always wonderful. We will be staying with Staybridge again any time we travel. We can't thank you enough! Please feel free to pass this on to both locations we stayed at.

  3. Please read feed back left on 7/1/2016 due to an incident that happened on Thursday 6/30/2016 with the staff between the hours of 9:00pm and 10:40pm. You're staff was very rude and unprofessional. We were harrased by the male staff and including the other female staff telling us to leave when we were sitting outside the front door waiting to get a room. But yet we were told it was private property and we had to leave. Male staff also said to us there were 97 more hotels to stay at. Also was harrassing us as we were walking towards the car. Cops werw called due to something going on male staff said to police we didn't want to leave male staff almost got me arrested for that. Which was not true. We were walking to the car slow due to my daughter's sprained ankle. Staff needs to be re trained on customer service.

  4. Had reservations that were booked through priceline. Got to the the San Antonio Staybridge Inn at about 11 and they said it was too early to check in but they could hold our bags. Choose not to and went out to enjoy the city. When we got back at 4:15, we were told we didn't have a room. Now sitting on the 18th floor of a Holiday Inn with no "free drinks", etc. RESERVATIONS MEAN NOTHING TO THIS COMPANY. I was told by corporate that company policy was followed they comped a room and parking at HI. (Keep in mind this room was paid for on the credit card over 6 weeks ago.) We had checked 2 weeks ago on our reservations and had them, so STAY AWAY. RUN. RUN FAST.

  5. Fleas Fleas Fleas in more Fleas I ask for a pet free room because i had no pets duh. They gave me a infested room i was bitten so bad i ended up going to the hospital the manager told me sorry in that she hope i feel better in put us into another room that smell like smoke i ended up leaving in going to antoher hotel I will never go there again
    Staybridge Suites 1 Market point,Greenville,SC location STAY STAY STAY FARRRR AWAYYYYYYYYYYYY…..

  6. Nasty dirty stealing housekeepers. I stayed at the Greenville,SC location only to have my tablet stolen out my room. A housekeeper came to me in told me another housekeeper stole it i spoke to front desk in a manager in they told me they was going to look into it well they fire the housekeeper that told me in then gone tell me there sorry for my loss like wth sorry for my loss I will never stay at this hotel again

  7. Oh how I wish I would have read all of these comments before booking rooms in this hotel!!! We have booked a room for Thanksgiving night and the following night and something has come up and so I had to cancel the reservation. Well they said that they told me there was no refund and I don't remember them telling me that (frankly the person that I talked with could not speak very) but at the end of the confirmation in very small print it tells you the cancellation policy. Now I can understand that if we made the reservation a long time ahead and they had to turn away a lot of people that wanted that room, that would be one thing but I tried to cancel 3 days prior to our arrival!!! Now the manager told me that these rooms were in high demand because they are close to the football stadium! well does that mean that they can rent this room out????? for two night we will have to pay $399.24 so if they are in such HIGH DEMAND that means that they will rent this out and make $798.48 for that room!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ROBBERY Is clear in this instance!!! This is a SEC college in this town and if this is the treatment that you get from the hotels there we won't be going back…….ever!!! my husband called the corporate office and told the person there that he spoke with that she was basically "STEALING OUR MONEY" she said no sir don't think of it that way????????????? what other way do YOU see it? I am not thru with this I will right to everyone I can think of to get some satisfaction out of my $399.24…. SEC will be the First, Attorney General both my state and Arkansas, US attorney General and while I am on a roll how about one of the national news channels that will investigate for people who are ripped off!!!!!

  8. Yes the ( Staybridge Suites In Bowling Green, Kentucky) has terrible Managers working the front desk…… Specifically upper management Mrs Zoey and Mrs Ashlynn – who would not give their last names but very rude & foul at the mouth!!! I highly recommend not staying at this unprofessionally ran by upper management establishment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This Corporation needs to send their employees through training AT LEAST once a MONTH…….????

  9. Terrible attitude of upper Management – General Manager Mark Kerry- very rude, not professional in Edmonton Staybridge Suites on the West of the city

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