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Steak Escape Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

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Steak Escape Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
222 Neilston Street
Columbus, OH  43215
Corporate Phone Number: 1-614-224-0300
Corporate Fax Number: 1-614-224-6460

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The Steak Escape in flowood, MS needs to be shut down. Charlie Robinson and his entire family works there and needs to be tested. Greg is so desperate to keep his store running he made a 15 year old boy Bryan a manager. He people working there. Hosea his daughter, Rosie and several more paying them less than $9. That place is terrible. He has 4 businesses. Gluckstadt, Northpark, Brandon, flowood . Then he has them working with no type of health insurance

Today December 9, 2021 I decided against my better judgment to eat what my coworker wanted instead of going somewhere else. I was very understanding to the Hispanic woman who struggled to take the couple in from of me order, she asked the mam to take my order. I had 2 separate orders. I placed my coworkers order first. There was a older white man who walked in during my first order who didn't get immediately in line. After he walked up right as I'm finishing my first order. The man literally told me he needed to take that mans order before he took my second order.I reiterated i had a second order.I really wanted turkey today instead of beef. I wanted to order what I normally get with a substitution but he seemed that it wasn't possible; so I decided to change it all together and got a triple cheese; just the sandwich. At the point I'm feeling like I'm not as important as this man whose behind me. I asked to speak to the owner after he asked was I ok. I tried telling him what my issue is and how I'm understanding because I know he's short handed. I wasn't able to explain myself because deep down he was giving ne the I could care less about what I was saying. Needless to say that white man behind me received his food before my 2 orders were ready. I've never felt so disrespected, so little, never have I ever felt like my skin color was an issue. It was like because he's a older white man whose dining in he's more important than you, your complaint and your food. Untill I pointed out he had received his food before me after placing his order after mines did the owner seem to try and care. It's disheartening because the owner owns at least 2 locations in which I use to eat at frequently and I have NEVER felt the way I did today by his locations. As a customer, he totally made me feel unappreciated. This happened today between 1:40 and 2:00pm, I lost total appetite and has yet to eat the sandwich I paid for. I can not return. It's stores like his that make a company such as yours look bad. The steak escape in flowood ms and Northpark, ridgeland ms have the worst owner. Your employees are only as good or bad as their leadership and they deserve better.

I'm at the steak escape in flowood ms, just left the steak escape in Northpark bcse the manager closed it at 4pm, came to flowood this manager tells me there is no more room in this restaurant to eat n I asked then why do these customers get to sit down n enjoy their meals and then he preceeded to say they close the lobby at a certain time and I said what time is that and he looked at his watch and said now! What HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE PEOPLE DNT REALIZE WHAT THEY GOT UNTILL ITS GONE ONLY IN MISSISSIPPI

I visited Steak Escape in Mayfair Mall in Milwaukee, WI. The mall closes at 9pm. I went to the counter to place and order at 8:45pm and was told they are only serving fries and drinks because they shut down their grill. I think closing at 9pm should mean I can place an order til 9pm.

Store #1108 OliveBranch, Ms.
Do Not visit this location!!!!
@ 11:31 am on today Saturday 9/7/19 I visited this location and the place was practically empty. Two customer sitting at tables on their phones.
The young lady took my order when….the two young guys prepare my order. However, when I got to my location (work) just a few feet from their location, open my bag and my order was NOT correct uuuuugh I proceed to call the store. No one would sneer my call. I then put my order back in the bag pulled up to the location and call the store, again they refuse to answer my call, I proceed to go inside and the phone ringing and the young adults inside was Joking and horse playing.
Another lousy example as to why this is a lousy, poor customer service, not paying attention to details and why business or not striving. First off I did not receive what I ordered, second young people does not take their jobs serious and Ofer the customer service that the public deserves.
I will not return to this location.
O! And the store is not clean to say the least! I am sure the health department will pay them a cost soon as I am reporting them ASAP!

I visited this Steak Escape on May 6, 2015 at the Denver Airport. The place was a mess. There were no customers when I went. I ordered the Philly Cheesesteak Regular Combo. There was a lady that was fixing the sandwich and one on fires. I asked the lady doing the fries if they were hot and she said yes. After getting my food, I tasted the fries, they were cold. I proceeded back to the counter and the lady was getting me more fries. I saw her dump fries in what I thought was a garbage bag, but it wasn't. In the meantime, there was a gentleman behind me saying he received fries that he didn't order. The girl took his fries and dumped them in what I thought was a garbage bag. But…what she was doing was dumping the fries that we both had back in the hopper to serve to the next customer. Nasty and filthy! I said to her, "I hope that's not what I think you're doing". She said no and took the basket of fries out of the grease. This makes me think they do this all the time. I will never patron this establishment again.

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