SteinMart Corporate Office Headquarters

SteinMart Corporate Office Headquarters 
Stein Mart, Inc.
1200 Riverplace Blvd.
Jacksonville, FL 32207
Corporate Phone Number: 1-904-346-1500
Fax Number: 1-904-398-4341
Customer Service Number: 1-888-783-4662

  • The Asheville, NC store has gone down hill since the new store manager has took over. Honestly, you would be better off getting rid of her. I have seen her make employees upset. Screaming at the top of her lungs in the store. Her poor cashiers and staff are so embarrassed. This is redicolus. Someone needs to do something about this lady before you lose anymore business than you already have. I miss the old employees shes ran most of them off. The new ones are amazing but you can tell she has ran them down after a month or so as well. Please get rid of this lady before We have to find somewhere else to go. I would rather pay full price then deal with this woman. The store manager I am talking about I believe her name is Marcy

  • I've worked at the Midlothian Virginia Steinmart store for about 4 years and can say it is a stressful place to work. I've worked in retail all my life and have never dealt with the growing demands of the needs like at this job. Now I love providing great customer service to customers and making sure they are happy, but trying to finish work on the floor while ALWAYS being called for cashier, makes it hard to not be stressed out and keep a smile on my face. And when I jump on the help cashiers, customers ask who works on the floor, which is usually me being the only person so they can't be helped until my line ends and vice versa which makes them upset. The store manager stays in the back all day and never comes to help when needed. And it seems we are always short-staffed everyday because he doesn't want to hire people or schedule anyone because he doesn't care or deal with customers face to face. And it's so upsetting because I really like what I do because I've learned so much but it's hard to be at a place where you feel like less than a person. I just don't think it's ok for a hard working part time employee to be more stressed out than the managers. And I get during holiday season it can be more stressful, but this occurs throughout the year. But anytime he KNOWS there's a visit from the district director, it seems only THEN he cares about his employees and acted like everything's perfect. And sometimes those days when I do ask him for help (like for a register) he doesn't seem to know what to do, like for paid outs, till pulls, and even gift receipts. I understand customers come first but it seems like he give each of them without any hesitation like coupons and price overrides, and some are petty so whenever those customers come in again they expect you to give what you gave them the time before. But I already know nothing will be solved because it keeps happening all the time but few ever say anything and just deal with the stress. I just know when you deal with retail these demands in a retail like this, it really turns you into a different person and look at people in a different way.

  • So happy there is somewhere to voice my opinion of working at Steinmart in Corpus Christi, TX. I have worked for Steinmart for 5 years and in those 5 years we have had 4 different managers. The first one was stealing from the store, the second was not happy in CC, TX., the third left to be closer to her sick mom in Austin, TX, and the fourth manager, Rick is VERY inexperienced in retail and with employees. Since he has come on board we have lost great people/workers and hires individuals that stay 2 maybe 3 months on end. He often bad mouths his employees which eventually gets back to said employee. Moral is very low to say the least. I'm not sure how long I will stay. I work for Steinmart because I love the clothes and the store in general but its "manager" in Corpus Christi, TX is not good for Steinmart.

  • I was shopping at the Hattiesburg, Turtle Creek Mall Location on Monday May 23rd, 2015. I was looking at some House ware items. The display had been moved around a good bit by other patrons, so I could not tell what the prices were on the items I was looking at. I went to the register and asked the cashier if she could call someone to that department to assist me as I had not been able to locate any associates on the floor anywhere. She looked startled and said uuuhhhh let me see. She looked around for a few seconds and I saw when she recognized someone. She picked up the intercom and paged Brittany to the register. I at that time assumed that Brittany was a young lady standing in the corner behind a rack of clothes in the Boutique department as that was the area she was looking in. The young lady I assumed to be Brittany made eye contact with the cashier, turned back around and began talking to her friend again. I assuming she was wrapping up a conversation would be right over. The cashier went back to checking out customers. When she had checked a few more out she noticed I was still standing there waiting. She picked up the phone and paged Brittany again. The same young lady still in the corner carrying on a lengthy conversation made eye contact with her again and I could see on her face she was frustrated at being interrupted. She turned back to the other lady that she was in conversation with said a few more sentences and then said in a frustrated voice "Girl I got to go!" she, Brittany came over to the register and the cashier told her I had been waiting for some assistance in Housewares. Brittany was nice enough when she assisted me. She even walked me back to the register with my purchase and checked me out. She was in a big hurry and made me feel as if I had been a bother to her time. Being nice was a plus, but, making me wait while she had a personal conversation with her girlfriend was unacceptable. Then, making me feel as if I had imposed on her. Her job is to help customers and make the sale when possible along with whatever other duties she hired on for. I later found out she is the assistant manager of that store. WOW! And corporate offices put these people in these positions. Must not take much to become assistant manager at Stein Mart. I called the store to talk with the manager to report this incident and guess what, the only person available to talk to was (you got it) Brittany…. Imagine!

  • I went to store in Amarillo, Tx on Wednesday august 20, 2014 to make payment for my sister that is working late and could not take care of it. She gave me a check for $200.00 and her credit card. the cashier asked for my DL, I said this is my sister check and don't have her DL, she said I can not except and process this check. she asked to use my DL, I refused because did not want her to scan my DL. she said I can not process the check. Remember last month my sister mad payment with check and never was asked for DL. She paged her boss, boss comes in and said same thing. Again I explained the situation and she asked me if I can call her, I said I can not because she is at work and can not take personal call. She said I can not process this check w/o DL,i told her I must make a payment today because is due today. She did not care about my problem. She right away assumed this check is hot, she said to cashier you can process and if is no fund we can put lock on card. Then changed her mind and asked for DL again, I said do you understand English, i don't have DL and I must make payment{this was before processing the check to see if is hot or not}. I asked to speak with the person in charge of the store, she said is out t.o lunch and will be back in one hour, I told her I can not come back in one hour. She said I can not open register w/o DL #. This is a lie, because I have worked diff businesses and I know how it is run. Then she said I am calling police, I said you are calling police for this? She said yes because you are holding the line,(no one is in line at while I am there). Asked for her name she said my name is Becky Payne. I said your name represent you well. My sister paid her bill with same check on the phone with no problem.

  • If someone can give me the e-mail to the district manager or someone in corporate. I used to shop at the Savannah store but its junky with merchandise in aisles and boxes on floor the store is an absolute mess(I have pics) & the store manager is rude & not about Customer service.

  • COMPLAINT!! On Monday,3/18/13, I made several purchases at Jackson, MS Store # 00006. While there, I asked if any coupons would apply. The sales associate said that they did not have any at that time. After arriving home, I found Stein Mart coupons in the mail that would apply Friday & Saturday. I called and asked if I could return my items, then turn around and re-purchase using my coupons. The associate said she didn't see why not. On Saturday 03/23/13 @ 12:34 p.m., I arrived at the same location, which I love more than any other locations and frequent often. I took my unbagged merchandise in and proceeded to tell the clerk at Customer Service what I wanted to do. She wasn't sure how to handle, so she asked what looked to be a Supervisor overseeing the transactions. That lady approached me and said that it was against policy to credit the difference of the purchased merchandise by using the coupons. I said, that's fine. I want to return it then and turn around and purchase back using them. That made her mad and she said using a harsh tone, that "that was really against their policy too." I told her that I was a Preferred Customer and I didn't see where the big deal was…I save $, only to turn around and purchase more. At that point, the associate was uneasy with the exchange of words…being, I told who turned out to be "Brenda, the Area Sales Manager who used to be at the Madison, MS location. Brenda was VERY rude with her actions, snatching the clothes out of my hand and proceeding to hover over me, being VERY intimidating to myself and the Associate that was completing the transaction. I told "Brenda" that I didn't appreciate the way I was being treated. I asked if she was new (@ that point not knowing who she was) and she said in a VERY SMART reply "VERY". She didn't try to explain anything and did not apologize when I told her I had never been treated there like I was being treated by her. I don't appreciate her actions and have never had to file a complaint. After walking my merchandise out to my car, I walked back in the store, determined to find out who she was. I asked a Boutique associate who has been with your company 16+ years. She proceeded to tell me her name & where she had moved from. She also said that Brenda treats employees the very same way. How sad it is that this person is allowed to get away with actions like this!! I think it's only fair that I report this and hopefully, Brenda's actions will be monitored a little closer, before you start losing preferred customers, like myself! With her arrogance and attitude, she does NOT need to be in retail!!


  • I worked for them for almost 10 years. During that time I had really good area managers until I went to open and then transferred to that store upon it's opening. A very bad move for me. It was a living Hell for us all. The Manager there now is awful and I have sent a long letter to HR but will anything be done to remove this man, NO. Many of us have left and there are two others that still hang in there. They are anti older worker, they do not believe in anyone having a life outside of work. I am so glad I left. It was making me sick. I even gave them a docotor's note but they did not care. This manager and his boss are bad news ! I wish more poeple would go on line with their veiws. I will not ever step back into that sotre again !!!!

  • I got 2 pairs of shoes from there store. A wekk later I wore 1 pair, and they hurted so bad I had to buy a pair to chnge in to. After that I went in with the shoes and proof of buying the shoes and the astman… acted as if I was trash. I would never buy anything from this store in Frisco on Preston ever again.

  • i feel your pain its the same way in nashville how about this one oh all hourly employees take the day off 12/28/2012 with no pay so the Dm and regal manager can get there bonus for the year i feel no more shopping at that store very unfair to workers

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