Stop & Shop Corporate Office Headquarters

Stop & Shop Corporate Office Headquarters
The Stop & Shop Supermarket Company
1385 Hancock St.
Quincy, MA 02169 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-800-453-7467
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-800-767-7772

  • Just need to know that when a customer doesn’t have their card for scanning does the store use a “Store Card” to scan as I’ve been told by customer service at store#544 in Ronkonkoma. The reason I ask is because when I DID give my card for scanning and later after I got home I noticed that the customer number at the bottom of my receipt was not the same as my number on my card. So therefore I didn’t receive my points savings. I immediately called customer service and explained the situation and she said that if I come up to the store I would get my points. She also told me that the number on the receipt was a “Store Card”. I wonder how many people have lost their points due to this kind of mishap. Could it possibly be that a card was scanned for my order before my card was given to the employee to scan. If this is so then what happens to all those points that are not being redeemed by the customer. Is this an honest mistake, could it be a sort of scam that some employee would use those points not redeemed. Well I think Stop n Shop should look into this just in case someone is trying to get something for free. And then again if it is a store card that is acceptable by your standards I wouldstilllike to know what happens to those points and where do they go.

  • don't worry stop and shop robot followed me as a white person as well. its an annoyance to EVERYONE so not a race issue

  • Our local Stop & Shop (Jackson NJ) has replaced the self-check out machines and added new ones set up in a new format. The new machines are AWFUL!!!! They constantly tell me that there is an unscanned item in the bagging area when there isnt. There isnt enough room for us to use our own bags, there's 3 plastic bag holders in the way and no room for the larger re-usable bags that I bought from YOU!, NJ is going to have a plastic bag ban in less than 6 months and its a hassle to use my own bags. The whole thing is just bad. You should never have replaced the machines. ALl too often there is only 1 or 2 cashiers and theres always long lines and I prefer to do self check out as I usually dont have a lot. Im really considering shopping elsewhere. Today I was there and it should have taken 5 minutes to check out, it ended up taking 15 as literally every item was called into question and the poor girl had to keep coming over to input her number to tell the machine that there isnt a problem. If it aint broke- dont fix it.

  • Serious KUDOS to the Florist Manager and her team at Stop & Shop Store #611 in Granby, CT for their spectacular Valentines display for 2021. I have never seen a more creative, beautiful and happy Valentines display in ANY grocery store ever. At 63 and having worked at the Simsbury CT florist department when I was 18, I can say this with a true heart. My adult nephew and I stood in awe of it as we entered the store and again on the way out. A young lady was taking a photo because it was so beautiful. Store #611 truly deserves a corporate commendation or at the very least acknowledgment for their spectacular efforts.

  • I have been going to the local Stop and Shop for over 30 years, with complete satisfaction. Along came gas rewards–Nice! It was easy to log onto my account if I needed. Then came GO Awards and everything went down hill. Eight calls to customer service, several with over 1 hour wait. Problems: I can't log on, it doesn't say "hi Joyce any more," I have to transfer my points to gas (even though one of the reps said she made it automatic, it didn't recognize my account at all and rep game me a new password. And today, we went for gas and it said there were 0 points (despite my call to a rep yesterday who confirmed there were 580 points). Called your rep today who went on line, said the points were there and helped me transfer 500 to gas. I couldn't see the 500 points, only the 80 that were remaining. She said wait a couple hours and try again. She said when she logged, it said 'hi, Joyce' and she could see the 580 points. She then said to wait a couple hours and try again. NOTHING again for me. Just the 80 points that weren't transferred to gas. 0 points in gas. Frustrating isn't the word. All since GO AWARDS came on.

  • I just wanted to let you guys know as I sat and waited for my wife to shop, the person that supposedly was to be rounding up carts stood in a corner in front of the store out of camera range, he must do this regularly to know the blind spots, this was at the newburgh ny store on rt 300, his name tag said "ian" and he was there all of the 25 minutes I was, to talk to the store manager jay is a waste of time . . just thought you should know . .

  • Bring back Fischer gluten free nuts. You have all nice gluten free baking ingredients but now no nuts. If I have to shop elsewhere for nuts might as well get everything there

  • Grrr… make it so difficult to order online for delivery. Cannot get 60% of what I want. I just wanted to get store brand margarine. But, no, all I can get is the more expensive JU.S.A margarine. Shopping elsewhere, from now on. I am practically homebound and you have to make it even more difficult. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

  • Went to your store in Hyde Park this morning for the Birds eye frozen vegetables at 88 cents each. There were none, no surprise there. Only 3 days to get them? well I wasted enough time in your over priced store. I am contacting the Attorney General for false advertising. And then you only give 3 days to get the item. I only go to your store once in awhile, I save and get more for my money at other stores. Not only that, you have never replied to any of my complaints. WORST STORE EVER AND HIGH PRICED TO BOOT. Can't wait to contact the attorney general on you

  • somebody really should do something about a worker named Ian in your route 300 newburgh ny store, I asked him a simple question while shopping there the other day and his answer was "do I look like the f*****g answer man to you, this is totally uncalled for and I and my family will never shop your store againand I will advise my family and friends to do likewise, this person should be terminated, not just spoke to, he surely doesn't have your companys interest in mind . .

  • Stop & Shop (the company)allows theft in their stores I heard. That is why they have lost a lot of money because of these thefts. They have no security guards in the stores that watch the doors & are willing to catch the thieves red handed. Meat from the meat dept. has been stolen a lot & management will not prosecute against them. There should be security guards at both doors inside & out checking for receipts to make sure the customer bought the products. Shop lifters do come into produce & try to steal fruits & vegetables but they get away with it because management lets them get away with it. This is not right. There is no justice in Stop & Shop! Why do you think that loyal customers go to other stores where store security exists?! If this keeps up, Stop & Shop will go out of business just like A&P & ACME did! This must be what management wants.

  • I was checking out Amityville,NY last night when I witnessed a elderly female manager (I think her name is Fran), bullying the cashier next to me. She was yelling and making sarcastic comments to her in front of all the customers. I am a teacher and teach a bullying program to preschoolers and this manager is in need of this program. The cashier ignored her and continued to work but looked totally embarrassed. I had to leave this store because I was shaken and wanted to confront this nasty manager. I met with another customer in this store in the parking lot and she told me this manager was nasty to her at the customer service center…We both agreed never to shop at this location and go to Best Market instead.

  • What kind of Stop n Shop manager threatens to write someup because they called in during the middle of a blizzard? I tryuely wish I could give my name and the name of the person who was threatened but they do not want to be screamed at again. The so called manager…Regina…doesn't deserve that position. I always thought it was safety first. You don't risk your life for a job in a gas station.

  • Stop and shop in Glen cove,ny store number 542 needs to get a better store manager then Alan hidalgo,he is not fit to be a store manager,he is rude and inconsiderate,has no idea how to be a manager,writes people up for things that are stupid, he is harassing everyone, cursing at a lot of people. He needs and should be removed as manager

  • store 657 in watertown ct is a joke , they never stock shelves , store is filthy , most of the employees are lazy and don't help customers , been shopping there 14 yrs , today was the last …i feel my blood pressure rise every time walk in there, the night manager and general manager need to be fired , i mean do your job , take a little pride in your store , no wonder our country is in shambles , people are not even capable of keeping a decent store operational . BIG Y gets my $ from here on out

  • I am currently employed by Stop & Shop in Bayonne, NJ. This is one of the WORST places to HAVE to work. Managers Don & Melissa should not be allowed to run stores. The employees have no respect for either of these managers. Don, who is the actual store manager has been overheard by customers telling other managers that the store SUCKS!! Melissa is just not a very nice person and treats everyone like she is better they are. Even the customers have made the comments that those two managers need to go!!!!! It is bad when the employees don't like you but it is even worse when the customers don't like you. The moral in the store sucks due to poor management

  • My father was hired as a porter at stop and shop Staten island NY on Amboy road. They let him go after three days but we're rude and dismissive to him within that time frame. He did nothing wrong . He never got trained or even given a schedule. They called him and told him different times to come in and then yelled at him for coming at the new time. He asked questions about things he should do and the manager ignored him and walked away. I'm assuming it's because he is 79 and she didn't want to bother with him. My father worked at his last job for 50 years for 7 days a week . That place is a disgrace. You hire a person and let him go for no reason. He might be 79 but the hardest working man out there . Horrible company treating him like he is old and worthless.

  • My family, friends and I been customers of Shop & Stopin Amityville, Long Island for many years. We all love the organic section and how it's growing saving a trip to Trader Joes. But the past few months we noticed a change since you put those you do your own cashier and bagging section and not enough registers open for people like us with large loads of food. the last few times I been at this store I waited over 45 minutes twice on line and over 30 minutes at the customer service area. I see staff in groups talking to each other and maybe on break but either way you need more cashiers and help at the customer service counter. I even asked a manager (older woman) to help this young lady at the counter and she was in an unfriendly tone said, " She is the only one" and walked away. My son and friend was with me and we now decided to make the Trader Joe's trip.

  • I recently brought my aunt to the Peoples Bank in Trumbull, CT in your store and was shocked to see the quick check outs had turned into such a disaster. The people that were using the system were all disgusted and leaving stuff in the cubicle. I then went on to your store in Monroe, CT and talked to the manager there…she said the same system in Trumbull would be going in her store…..ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!! I do not want anyone to see what I bought or how much I spent and, with this system, they can all see the information. I then went to Big-Y in Monroe, where they employ mostly senior citizens, and told them to not change what they're doing because you are going to see people not using your store, but using Big-Y. GREED IN AMERICAN is certainly depicted in your store…SHAME ON ALL OF YOU…and I won't shop in your store anymore, so how did you win???????????????????????????????????

  • I am a very upset customer of Stop & Shop. This evening I experienced behavior from an African American so-called manager named Ann Mari Allen at the Watchung store 1511 US-22, Watchung, NJ 07069. This person was extremely rude and aggressive while I was in the check out line and even went so far as to shoulder/push me in order to pick up some baskets near the conveyor belt. I did every thing to hold back from becoming aggressive physically towards her myself. I did have a few choice words afterwards which she ignored while quickly walking away. I asked the cashier (Kevin) for the store manager, who apparently left for the night. Is this the type persons Stop and Shop hires or keeps on their payroll? I am new to the area from NYC. In my more than 30 years shopping at various supermarkets, I have never ever witnessed or been privy to a manager acting in such a way, especially towards paying and repeat customers. I am still annoyed by this. I intend to call and speak with the store manager. Such a person should be fired!


    Upset Customer

  • I have been a customer at Giant supermarket in Maryland for 20 years. Recently I have purchases a house on Cape Cod. I travel back and forth from Maryland to Massachusetts. My Giant card will not work at Stop and Shop even though they are the same company. What a stupid set up. I was not able to even use my phone number when setting up a new stop & Shop card because it is already in use at Giant.
    Exactly how stupid is this company. It would be like Macy's card only working in Maryland and not Massachusetts.
    Get with the program Giant/Stop & Shop. I can always shop at Wegmans or Market Basket or Shaws or Safeway.
    You are not the only show in town…but you are indeed the dumbest

  • Hello, I really do not want to remain anonymous; My name is Indi, this afternoon (16/12/17) at approx 12:50 I walked into your Danbury CT (Newton Rd Super Stop & Shop #0659) facility and requested a sandwich be made for me I was told by one of the 2 deli workers there that "she" was on break and that I can wait. I asked again if someone could make my sandwich and again the young man stated "she" was on break and would be back soon.
    In all honesty do not understand why anyone would even be allowed to say that let alone what happened next. I walked over to the solutions/customer center and requested a manager the nice lady there told me they only have assistant managers so said that would be fine. 10mins later the assistant manager had not shown up so I began to leave, as I was walking to the doors he showed up and I left anyway.
    My question to corporate is: Is this how much you value your customers?

    Cordially and Disappointingly,

  • your policy of not wanting to offend customers who go on the express line with many items to remain on the line, is offensive to the rest of us who actually have 12 or fewer items—

  • I had asked the Piscataway NJ Stop & Shop (Stelton Rd) manager awhile ago about getting those smaller shopping carts & he said he would look into it. The store still doesn't have them. I have muscle problems & the large carts & hand baskets are too hard for me to handle. The smaller carts are perfect. All the other supermarkets have them, why not this store? I would think you would get them in order to help your customers. Thank you.

  • How is it that this company can allow for managers to constantly change the schedules (without enough notice to properly attain a babysitter) of employees who are single parents and can only work certain times? one particular employee has a set schedule that she has her children and only has child care available in the mornings (only restrictions are wednesday, thursday and friday cant work past 2 but works in the bakery so is usually in at 6am) while her second child is at school (only has shared custody so can work plenty of other hours). recently she has had her schedule changed to late shifts when child care is unavailable to her so now she has to inconvenience others around her to watch her kids for her. she doesn't even get paid enough to support her self and children (and has to live with her parents and her parents help financially) and does the work of three employees. I find this completely wrong, that this mother has to stress week from week not knowing if she is going to have someone to watch her children for her, knowing she cant take off of work because like everyone else she needs the money but she has to find someone because they keep changing her schedule, why cant they give her a set schedule? she works 6-7 days a week and only asks that three of them shes done by 2 pm considering she usually works 5 hour shifts i don't see how its too difficult to accommodate her needs too difficult.

  • While shopping today I was shocked to hear the store manager Dave Skoglund rudely ordering his staff around in a loud offensive manner. Finding fault with every little thing and never a bit of praise for any work well done. I couldn't believe he didn't take the staff aside out of ear shot of customers to do his ranting. I have shopped this store for many years and have always found what I needed and if I couldn't find something the staff always helped with a smile and a kind word.
    After reading some of the previous comments on other store managers I see his behavior is quite similar to others who berate staff in front of customers. THEY need to attend classes on People Skills. How they ever get promoted to store manager with attitudes like these is beyond me. If the store has a high employee turnover look to your store manager, I certainly wouldn't work for him.

  • So as an employee for months now I have been trying to log into my hr express to view my paystub and it is always down preforming maintenance??

  • Michelle Mankin is the worst stop and shop manager ever! She is nasty to her employees as well as customers.She has no business being manager of anything!Not a team player very nasty,rude,no care at all,condesending and most of all has a huge temper that stops at nothing! I will never shop at the amboy road stop and shop in staten island ever again.I cannot watch her yell at her employees ,make fun of them or customers!I will however share my exoperiance and make sure everyone I know stops shopping there so they are not treated in a harsh manner.Something needs to be done about this manager!!!

    • THANK YOU. about time that Miserable WITCH was exposed! she treats decent, respectible employees like dirt, gives her brown nosing ''teachers pets'' all the hours they want for grovelling at her feet & cuts employee hours to save on payroll, so she can get a big fat bonus at the end of the year! payroll money is for the workers, not stop & shop management! she should drop dead! hell is waiting! 😉

  • The management at Shelton stop and shop in CT is horrible. I came into to the store around 10pm to grab groceries and Im checking out and there was a manager on the front yelling very loudly at one of his employees looked like a cart pusher because he had a vest on but that was something you just don't do you take your employee upstairs and talk to them not embarrass them on the floor in front of customers and other employees. I strongly believe this store needs a new management staff the store is ran horrible. there is one cashier after 9pm it seems like and across the street you have shop rite with two to three cashiers at night. Something has to give in this store. There is no help!!!!!! you go to the store on villa ave they have two people behind the customer service desk this place is despicable.

  • I patronize your store in Monroe, NY. The manager Andy Abromowitz and the entire staff are always terrirfic. Love them all!
    I recently noticed that you are selling a Protien Bar under your own brand and it is great. You should be promoting it as an aide to diabetics. It has 10 grams of protein and only 6 grams of sugar. Yes it's 180 calories and has 16 grams of carbs, but that is not bad as bars go and it has chocolate on it to boot. Doesn't get much better than that at this price. Please don't stop selling it. That's what usually happens after I find something I like.

  • I have some lovely pictures of mouldy bread in the deli dept of swampscott ma store. This has been there for over 3 days, even though we informed an assoc about it last Sunday. I have the pics showing how this mould is growing by the day , while assoc walk around with shirts stating they are focused on freshness! I have posted this to social media and tweeted stop n shop directly, apparently nobody cares!! Maybe corporate reviews this page? I just don't get it. With the cost of the products, I may as well shop at whole foods.

  • I shop at the Avenue Y, Brooklyn store and am very happy with it except for one recent event…the deli discontinued carrying Mun-chee cheese. I used to buy it every week and there is no substitute. The last time this happened it was brought back. Please bring it back again. If anyone else has same issue please let the company know.

  • My disgusting encounter with extremely inappropriate actions taken at Stop and Shop, East Main Street, Stratford CT
    Several weeks ago (three or more now) I went to return deposit bottles in the bottle room there. It was after 6 PM at night. I had a cart full, rolled into the bottle room and was starting to put into the recycler. Employee of the bottle room started loudly telling me I could not have a cart in the room. I explained that I have MS, and need the cart for balance—Cannot hold onto a bag of deposits with one hand, and put bottles or cans in with the other. He refused to listen, continued to harangue me that with his statement that I could not be there with a cart.I again explained my need, and mentioned the American with Disabilities Act—He said he was going to get the manager. Meanwhile, my boyfriend joined me with another cart of deposits and started recycling. He asked why I was upset, since I was muttering to myself at this point, and I explained what had happened. (This has happened before there, and one manager has told his employees to back off, but apparently the message is not delivered to everyone else. "No carts" is posted as a sign, but it is NOT Stop and Shop policy. No problems at other stores.) An asssistant manager came out—Yelling "How dare you swear at my employee!" (No one swore at him. No one even yelled at him–he was the one who was yelling.) Again, I tried to explain my reason, but this woman did nothing but yell "You need to get out of here!". My boyfriend said "Listen, we are almost done, no harm, no foul, let us finish." She screamed back "You can't tell me what to do!" and he replied "Well, you can't tell ME what to do!" at which point she yelled she was getting the manager. He comes out, also yelling, "How dare you curse and threaten my employees!" and once again, I attempted to explain the situation, to no avail. He just kept screaming, and threatened to call the police—-Even though I once again said "MS, Disability, etc. " He never let up…He then went back into the store, ostensibly to call the police! At this point, I was so upset, humilated and angry, that I said "Lets just leave! At no point did we threaten or curse out any of them, though by the end of this debacle, I wanted to! I have never experienced anything so profoundly disturbing as this scene, and especially disturbing is that managers engaged in this behavior. As a manager myself, I know it is always the managers role to defuse tensions, and try to satisfy customers. Not abuse them. The next day, my boyfriend called the corporate office, and filed a complaint about the incident. No one ever replied or got back to us about it. Needless to say, I will NEVER go to that store again. Since we spent a couple of hundred dollars a week there, I will go to stores that appreciate me as a customer, and not put myself through the trauma. It was very upsetting, to the point that I was shaken for days by this—Since as I person with a disability this should NEVER happen! I feel sorry for anyone else they bully there, and worry that some elderly disabled person will be singled out for the type of behavior I experienced. They are loathesome, and do not deserve to have jobs, and the entire store needs sensitivity training, and information about disability rights, before they open their ignorant mouths to anyone again. Disgraceful, shameful AND ILLEGAL!

  • The married meat manager from Agawam, Ma was recently transferred the the Westfield, Ma store for having an affair with the seafood clerk. He still carries on with this woman while married and living with his wife and child.FYI- This guy is an abusive alcoholic.He comes into work still drunk from the night before.As a customer I have smelt it on him many times. His behavior is extremely unethical. I know about his affair because the seafood clerk has no problem sharing stories about their illicit behavior. I think it's disgusting that this is the kind of people you employee and you allow this behavior.

  • I have a 18 year old granddaughter who is an honor student attending college and has been working part time at the Stop and Shop on Route 202 in Pomona, NY 10970. She has been working there approximately 2-3 months. When she started she told management that she could not work certain days due to her college schedule. For the most part they were accommodating her. This past Saturday she was scheduled to work from 7:00 am to 1:30 PM. She had been sick the day before and still was not feeling well but got up and went to work stating to me that she had to go in because she was the only cashier on at the time. Unfortunately, she was 5 minutes late. When she had received her schedule for this upcoming week there was a conflict in her hours and with a doctor's appointment that she had to keep. Without going into specifics of her medical condition it was quite an important test and this was the only time she could make it and it conflicted with her hours for that day. She told them that she would be in as soon as the doctor's appointment was over. Well, when the head Manager arrived she was called into the office and told that they were not going to write her up this time for lateness but the were not pleased with the way things were going and seemed to be quite upset about her keeping he doctor's appointment. Since I am a Human Resources Manager and having been working as a Human Resources Manager for almost 30 years, I find this in conflict with the ADA and cause for discrimination against her to do her medical condition. She was never told previously that they were unhappy with her performance r lateness. The termination was mutual. However, the situation was not handled correctly and management should be trained in how to deal with conflict resolutions. Thank you.

    • My Autistic son worked for stop&shop for 3 months. 4 weeks before he was to be in the union, the initiation fee and dues were taken out. The day before he was to be in the union he was fired. Just a week before the manager told me personally, that my son was doing great and he loved having him work there. All of a sudden he was the worst worker ever and the lies I was told about him.(hmmm the day before he had union protection). To make matters worse, for 4 weeks he was working and getting $0.00 for a paycheck because it was going to union dues for a union he was never part of. According to Stop and Shop and the Union he is not entitled to receive a refund for any money paid to the union. So basically, Stop&Shop has a disabled person working for free for them. Way to go – take advantage of the least fortunate of society. The ones who trully can't do for themselves. He has no money and all he had was the little he earned making minimum wage and then they rip him off of over $100. They may not seem like a lot of money, but it is to an Autistic Adult who is in a class of the disabled that has the lowest levels of employment of all disabilities. Stop and Shop basically fired him for being Autistic and stole from him as well. Shame on you Stop & Shop.

  • Over a month ago I began experiencing frustration when going to your Danvers Ma store in the evening for what used to be a "quick errand". Maybe pick up a loaf of bread for the kids lunches or gallon of milk for breakfast. Go through one of the "self scan" registers and on my way! All of a sudden I started finding 2 or 3 of these registers closed with lines at all of the remaining ones that were open. People using the registers had large orders and one seemed totally "unfamiliar" with how it worked and was probably in that register because there was only ONE regular one open. It was not even 9 pm! Your store IS open till 11 is it not? Yes, all retail businesses have lulls and rushes. Many companies get out of work at 9 and employees want pick up a few things on their way home!

    I became extremely frustrated because I was staring at 3 registers that "could be" being used, with NO MORE payroll involved but they were CLOSED! When even one is open there is someone watching it. If all five are open that same person is responsible for watching them! I understand that only one regular register open may be due to payroll issues in what is probably a slow time for you between the holidays and start of summer but eliminating the convenience option of the "self scan" registers in return to me is a lack of concern for the customer. Why are they closed? For the "convenience" of the person watching them? I found out last week that that is EXACTLY the case!

    I became so frustrated after this situation happened to me repeatedly that I filled out your online form and sent it. Received an email from one of the store managers and within a week the problem was resolved. All 5 were kept open again and I could get in and out quickly!

    Guess what? Same old thing is happening again! I saw it coming. First noticed one register closed regularly. Then heard one "purple shirt" say to the other, "close two before you leave". Maybe she had to watch them now? Last Thursday I overhead the person watching them responding to another customers comment about closing down two of the registers. "If I close these two now and clean them I only have to do three later". Both these comments told me it's for employee convenience that these registers are closed so early!

    Last nights experience prompted this letter. Three "self scan" registers open. Three people in line at each. One regular register open with a line of full carriages. Again staring at 2 closed registers that "could" be open. Due to the lack of concern for customer convenience I'm now driving 5 more minutes to my local convenience store which is still faster than going to Stop and Shop once again.

    Hopefully sending this to corporate rather than using you "online form" will solve this problem for your "remaining" customers who are just as frustrated, (spoke to some while in line).

  • I have heard about ,Joseph Mansi, from people who work with him. People mistaken him for his dad because they have the same name. I worked with his New Haven great guy can't say the same for his son. Always trying to flurt with the girl employees, not very patient with costumers or fellow employees.

  • Joseph mansi
    Is trying to resume a job at ,STOP&SHOP.Where he is currently working there had been complaints of his work habits and how he communicates with costumers and fellow employees. He is not a team player!

  • I have been shopping at the Malden, MA store for 10+ years. I would like to recognize this store's Meat Department. There are 2 particular employees that are assets to Stop and Shop. Mr.Bob Stuart and Mr.Kevin Santos always show extreme professionalism and I can tell really care about the customers they serve each and every day. They always seem to have smiles on their faces making them very approachable. For every occasion that I have to host I go out of the way to see them so I know that everything is under control as far as the delicious piece of meat I asked for. It is very rare for me to ever go on a company site and compliment an employee or employees but these 2 gentlemen deserve this and much much more. I honestly hope that someone takes the time to thank these guys for giving it their all every day.
    Thank you Bob and Kevin!

    Mrs. Antonucci
    Everett, MA

  • I shop at the store on Atlantic Avenue in Oceanside NY. The store is LEED Certified and is to be commended for that. It is usually a comfortable temperature to shop and there are other benefits. I suppose it is difficult to control management as I would like. I have seen the store lose some of its best advantages. For example, the hand wipes at the door and near the bathrooms. At the door it is barely there and there is nothing in the bathrooms which now usually looks dirty. The beautiful store is going downhill in terms of care.
    I'm writing because what was good was that the registers were always up to date with sales and pricing. Thought that was wonderful. You could almost always know what product WAS on sale. NO LONGER. Now, this store is becoming like all others. You get to the register and the one item you bought is not included in the sale. The signage is not there to clarify, the exceptions are too great, and even the managers don't know and have to go to the aisle to try to figure it out. This is what did NOT happen at this store but did at others. In the last 3 weeks several of the items I purchased were "not quite what was on sale" There was no indication in the aisle. Which special Del Monte corn is on sale? Which Smart Ones are on sale? The classic? Which are the classic? Oh there are none? This is the second week I returned these Smart One items because they rang up higher than I expected. Definitely not at the sale price
    I don't appreciate having to wait more time on a customer service line to return the items.
    This is what is wrong with OTHER supermarkets. It is why I started shopping here and now after several years, as long as it is open, I am finding the same frustrating problems.
    FYI The management I see is courteous, and tries to be helpful but definitely overwhelmed. There is just so much one person can do.
    Sherry R

  • So who runs this train wreck they call Stop and Shop? 4 to 6 months ago they redesigned the local store, just one of them put in "natural food" isles and moved everything around to the most confusing layout I've ever seen they just eliminated many products I buy. I STILL have problems finding thing I buy every week.

    Now here is the TOPPER today I find out the Stop and Shop is eliminating from ALL (39) stores in CT EVERY HOOD product, milk(s), cream(s), Ice Cream, Cheese what ever is sold by HOOD you will not find in CT after they run out of of it this week. Dairy manager was kind enough to tell me they received their last shipment today and once it's gone that's it.

    What's next, close stores?

  • To the critic about sentence structure of this complaint. Downgrading another for faults is a display of one's self loathing. You must really hate yourself sentence critic.

  • Why can't I find "care one" Underwear for women, size , small/medium, I've been told the warehouse doesn't have any. I have been buying them for 3 Years. Is this discontinued. Hope not

  • As a loyal customer and resident in Tarrytown I have never seen such a poorly run and disgusting store! I am mortified by your managment team, maybe you need to retrain your management staff back to the beginning on how to speak and take care of their customers. I literally had to wait 20 minutes for a manager to come downstairs just so I can put in a good word for the customer service clerk. This is how you treat your customers and staff you ignore them and then brush them off like nothing. She didn't even look me in the eyes when I was talking to her mind you your assistant manager jus walked passed me and the service desk rep when the associate tried to talk to him. All the assistant manager said was call Diana. I have never seen such disgust in my life, something needs to be done!! Or I will continue to write on every site how poorly your store is!

  • Stop and Shop needs to start using thicker plastic bags! They are so thin they break right at the register, and are no good for re-use! I stopped shopping there since they are too cheap to provide adequate bags. Instead of "Stop and Shop", I call them "Stopped Shopping There" due to how little they care about quality control in this matter. (From Teaneck, NJ store area)

  • I am an employee at store 689 Manchester ct. I've worked in this store for many years now and the moral of the store is at an all time low!!! from store management to dept management it is just horrible!! the way the store manager speaks to his employees as if they are the scum of the earth. since his arrival in this store ive seen a lot of good veteran employees leave the company do to his ways. I really hope you guys look into this and not just brush it under the rug. manchester stop and shop used to be a pleasant place to work and shop and now its a depressing dump!!! DAVE SKOGLUND HAS TO GOOOOO!!!!!

  • Is there a problem with managers, not recognizeing there wonderful employees? i have two people id like to commend, one is this lady here name is
    Andrea,she goes above and beyond, she has helped me a number of times off duty and on duty, she has a wonderful seance of humour, that woman never has a problem helping me and others,
    Ive bin shopping in your store for 4 years and see Andrea everyday,
    I strongly feel like she should receive some sort of recognition for keeping customers happy ,and doing a fantastic job. Id also like to let you know about Dee she is also great, excellent job in customer service.

  • Has corporate read the comments on Yelp about the Malden Ma store? The place is filthy. The employees all seem miserable. I stopped going there and have gone to the Medford Wellington store. That store is clean and well run but the location is not convenient for me. I have had interaction with one of the managers in Malden and he didn't even pretend like he cared. I did my Thanksgiving shopping at Market Basket and Shaws this year. I wish I could go to the Malden store but it is just to gross. Why not get it cleaned up and get better management?

  • I would like to compliment Debbie and Heidi in the bakery at Stop and Shop, Enfield, CT.
    They are always friendly, efficient and talented. They are an asset to the company and I order cakes from their bakery for work events. I am never disappointed.
    Donna O'Neill


  • Stop&Shop in West Haven CT has the worst bottle redemption room ever. There are so many bags being brought in by people most of whom don't even shop there. The bottle redemption room is very small, and bags are piled up both inside and outside of the bottle room. The managers are aware of the problems, but they do nothing about it. They will come in and look, and then walk away. Management is useless when it comes to enforcing their store policy. I hope corporate headquarters can make the bottle room accessible for customers. There are many dirty bottles and cans that make the bottle room smell horrible. It is a health hazard for most of the regular customers. There is a redemption center in town, but some people make it literally impossible for regular customers to redeem there small amounts. I hope this situation will be resolved.

  • I would like to commend the staff at the Chelmsford St location for their excellent customer service and persistent teamwork. You guys were awesome in assuring I received my order in a timely manner. Last week I had placed a large bulk order for some noodles and I was almost certain I sounded crazy. To my surprise, I received a courtesy call from Sara confirming that my order had arrived. Upon picking them up, I had brought some concerns to her attention and she kindly addressed them. After nearly an hour of checkout performed by Sienna, I was greeted by another associate who helped me wheel it out and load it into my truck. You guys are wonderful and are prime examples of what customer service means. From the minute I placed my order to the minute I drove off, your team assisted me in every way possible. Thank you Sara, Ed, and Sienna along with the rest of the staff for making this a stress free trip. You guys have played a huge role in feeding many families. Keep up the good work and thanks again.

  • I was in your Fairfield CT store last week and I could not believe how dirty it was. My girlfiend and I left and went to Shop Rite on Black Rock Turnpike. Your prices are high and now your store is dirty. You need to do something to fix this problem.

  • I am very upset with Stop & Shop I bought a 24 package Arcadia bottle water yesterday just to find out today that is part of the contaminated water that's up for a recall today why would you have that on special knowing that it's contaminated why would you not know what you sell you don't care about your customers you only care about selling contaminated stuff pay attention be informed

  • tenant rd manalapan nj nasty manager alice yelling at employee's wtf bring Mike back this new management stinks

  • Yesterday, my 4 tires were slashed while parking my minivan on the roof of the parking lot on top of the supermarket. I made a police report and requested the police to watch the survallian tape on the premises and the manager told the police that there was no security on duty for the police to watch the video. I was told by the police to get the police report the next day and give to the manager of Stop and Shop and he/she will allow me to watch the video as to indentify and suspicious person/persons that did a very melicious crime on my van. But when I approached the manager with the police report number, the manager, Mark, told me that he can't show me the video as the video tapes are the property of Stop and Shop, and he refused to help me at all. I find it heart droppping and very disappointing to know that. Someone could slashed 4 of my tires in the parking lot on a bright day light, I am worried for my safety and that the person/persons may do some other serious harm to me. Please advise.

  • Call Al Sharpton: he might help, unless they contribute heavily to his organization, then he will protest elsewhere.

  • I recently visited your Meriden,Ct store. I will never go there again. I lost $400. When I realized what happened I called there and was told that .74 cents as handed in and I could have it. You see that to your company $400 in't a lot of money. I' on social security disability and it i a lot. Your employees need to be more empathic to other people. I have scleroderma and have close ulcers on my hands. Some of you employee at the Cheshire store are very rude too. When handing my change they will put it on the counter and it takes me a while to pic it up. I try not to shop at Stop and Shop stores any more. I start using the stores as a convience instead of main grocery store. I will be shopping at Shop Rite until these matters are addressed.


  • Why has Stop and Shop at 460 Blue Hill Ave, Dorchester MA blocked one of their entrances? One way in and one way out. God forbid something terrible happen and everyone cannot get out of the store safely. They need to unblock their doors for safety reasons.

    • They are too cheap to fix the doors properly so they ultimately keep breaking… every store has the same problem

  • This is in reference to your Bayonne NJ Stop and Shop on 12/12/14 around 12:30P. I was packing my groceries at the self check. There were paper and plastic bags available. I used one of each as my groceries were heavy and the attendant(female) grabbed the paper bags from me without a word. This is the first time I have had an experience like this with Stop and Shop since they have opened.

    • The Bayonne store is the worst i will not even shop there anymore till they get there act together everytime i go in there there always out of stuff i get the run around constantly if you are always out of stock on certain items they should use there brains and order double the hormel sliced turkey dinners n the fancy feast appetizer cat food there always out of common sense is lost on these people n the cashiers are the worst last time i shopped there i went to bag my own stuff and the idiot cashier named renolds his name was wouldnt turn the belt on to let the items come down to me he wanted to bag everything himself n he bagged everything wrong making the bags so heavy that the handles were breaking n he didn't even double bag it he was so dumb n the worst he held up the whole line just cause he wanted to bag himself i rather go to shop rite to deal with compitent people

  • As a result of a mistake on the invoice Number 52634 dated of 06/27/14, The Company that I work for, Tarrytown Bakery, deducted from my paycheck the amount of $94.40 ref. the Invoice above mentioned.
    The receiver from The Stop & Shop Store# 0674 (Willimantic, CT), Mr. Wayne involuntarily inverted the invoice numbers making it unpayable or undetected on my company paying system and I am being charged for the honest mistake from your employee.
    I would like to know if the ref invoice # 52634 was paid to Tarrytown Bakery, and if so I would like to know the date of the payment so I can show my supervisor. If still not paid I wanted you to review the situation and get back to me if you need further documentation or information regarding the issue.
    Attached are the Invoice and the list showing that the invoice #52634 was skipped on the invoice report provided to Tarrytown Bakery.
    Please let me know if any assistance or additional information is needed to resolve the matter.
    Natanael Martins

    Tarrytown Bakery
    150 Wildey St.
    Tarrytown, NY

  • Why is Stop & Shop anti-recycling? The Stop & Shop located at 301 Centre Street in Jamaica Plain, MA is handing out "No On 2" propaganda at the cash registers. These fliers are misinforming my community's citizens with blatant lies about the proposed law.

  • To whom it may concern: I was so happy with the floral arrangements that I had made by Charlene Bernard (C.B.) at the Middletown, CT store #623 location. They were beautiful! C.B. is always so polite and helpful whenever I need something and the florist dept. is always so neat and beautifully decorated. Store #623 is lucky to have someone like C.B. working for them!

  • To whom it may concern,Stoughton stop & shop has the worst management!Very poor skills handling their staff,I was walking near the bake shop & heard a man screaming in the back room! Turned out to be the store manager,then I see an employee crying her heart out trying to work! A complete mess she was,what ever happened to employee privacy? Where I work that would've been handled behind closed doors!! That's poor business I don't need that after a days work & my heart went out to this poor lady crying trying to work! This bakery has gone down hill since The other manager left! New manager does what she wants gets rid of whatever she wants,I've been buying scones in the case since the store opened now new manager doesn't want?Now no more glazing of Danish I was told she got rid of the glazing table?I may be overweight but that's my business! You have too many nasty people in the bakery the baker the bakery manager it's terrible! Hope this brings some attention I've complained before but nothing gets done!This store is starting to suck!Think it's time to make a trip to market basket! They seem to know how to treat their employees!All the people walked out because of Artie T can you say your employes would walk out for anyone? I doubt it all I see is mistreated employees & BAD employees rewarded!!

  • I the founder of Ryan Woods Autism Foundation. We provide services to children and youth on the autism spectrum and with other special needs yearlong. For years, Nestle Water Corporation, Stamford, CT donated water to our organization so that the children would have bottled water to drink and understand the need to drink water. Nestle Water unfortunately changed administration and new management stopped this donation. My request is to your corporation to consider donating to our Summer program that currently in progress directly followed by After-School Program that begins September 8 throughout the school year. We are 501(c)(3), nonprofit charitable organization and our FEIN # is 27-0447274. It would our pleasure to add you to our website as a supporter. If you require any questions or need more details, please contact Brenda Wilson, Founder, Ryan Woods Autism Foundation at 860.346.8777.

    Thank you.

    Brenda Wilson
    Founder & CEO
    Ryan Woods Autism Foundation (RWAF

  • I am an employee and have been for almost 14 years, I have been working really hard and I take pride in my job, I alway smile and have a positive attitude, til today when I was informed I cant do my job so now I am being taken from a department I love to clean a store. Who can I contact to hlp me settle my dispute. Bcause I hav been made out by my manager that I am incompetent, and of course as a part timer no one wants to or is willing to listen to me. All because the manager has their job on the line because the person cant do the job.

  • Iam so sick of not getting my peapod orders late from the Riverhead new york. Then when I finally do get my order there are things missing out of my order things damage or I have someone else's order. This needs to be fixed. I complain to the store management &I still have the same issues. For example yesterday I placed my order should have gotten it this morning by 10 am where I live in Hamptonbays. It is now 6:30pm & I have still not received my order. Have a dinner party@9 &I had send my husband by car to riverhead to see where our $962.43 order is he gets there &the store manager has no idea. Sad & very unprofessional. So the store refunded our money back to our platinum visa. Now iam @the king kullen in Hampton bays doing my own shopping. This is not the first time I've endured these issues & will be my last time. You need to open a peapod service 8 the Hampton bays Stop&Shop.

    • Peapod is usually a separate entity from the stores, not so shocked when you blitz a store manager out of blue about your large order. How is he or she supposed to know? Get off you lazy butt and fill the order yourself. Peapod basic concept is not for your type of use. don't see the point in hearing the exact dollar amount of the order and the exact type of credit card, get a life

    • i would work for you and do your grocery shopping if i lived near you. you would get what you want not damaged and the right groceries, and i don't even work for stop and shop {but used to}

  • There is drug use drug transactions drinking items being stolen @your Riverhead NY Long Island store by your peapods employees during the Thursday Friday & Saturday night, overnight shifts. I have contacted local &state police & also the Union for grocery stores.

  • There is a new bottled water company, Alkaline Water Co. It's water is alkaline,
    very important for physical health. And its bottles do not contain highly toxic BPA, as do so many plastic bottles. It also comes is something like 1/2 gallon and gallon jugs. I think this would be a great product for Stop & Shop to start carrying.

  • Stop and shop does not also care that their employees harrass customers and do nothing about….response is to go to the police

    • It's probably a store issue. My store was extremely tight, and if any worker did anything they were usually suspended on the spot. No one would ever harass a customer for fear of their job. Using your phone on the job would often result in a scolding and if they caught you twice? Forget about it.

  • What happened to the DELICIOUS chicken pot pies
    that were available in the prepared food section? They have been substituted for another, inferior product! (H— & Kissel?). My family and I loved the original pie and I was
    buying one every week for over a year! Why can't you ever leave well enough alone??? The
    original pie had no brand name, just that they
    were from Landover, MD. The crust was excellent. Where can I purchase these pies?

    Vicki Mastrogiovanni (


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