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Reach Out To Stop and Shop Corporate Office – Complaints 

Stop & Shop, a household name in the supermarket industry, is renowned for its quality offerings and unparalleled customer service. The bedrock of its operations and expansive network lies at its Stop & Shop Headquarters in Quincy, MA.

Stop and Shop Corporate Office Details

Steering the brand’s mission and vision, the Stop & Shop Corporate Office orchestrates a harmonious collaboration between different branches, ensuring that every store offers consistent service and product availability.

Stop & Shop Corporate Address:
The Stop & Shop Supermarket Company
1385 Hancock St. Quincy, MA 02169 USA

Contacting Stop & Shop HQ

Whether it’s feedback, inquiries, or collaborative opportunities, the Stop and Shop Corporate team is just a call away.

Stop & Shop Corporate Phone Number: 800-453-7467
Customer Service Number: 1-800-767-7772
Stop & Shop Corporate Fax Number: Not available

Stop and Shop Corporate Office

Maps and Directions To Stop & Shop Corporate Office

Stop and Shop Corporate Human Resources

The strength of Stop & Shop lies in its dedicated team of professionals. The Stop & Shop Corporate Human Resources department at the headquarters ensures that the company attracts, nurtures, and retains the best talent to meet its overarching objectives and serve its clientele efficiently.

Online Portal: Stop and Shop Corporate Website

While the details provided here offer a brief overview, the Stop and Shop Corporate Website provides a deeper dive into the company’s values, initiatives, and operations. Whether you’re looking to explore career opportunities, understand the brand’s sustainability initiatives, or have a glance at its investor relations, the corporate website is your go-to platform.

Website: www.stopandshop.com

Understanding Stop & Shop’s Market Rivals

Navigating the competitive grocery market, Stop & Shop faces challenges from several established chains. Notable competitors include giants such as Walmart, Kroger, Giant Food Stores and Aldi. Additionally, regional players like Hannaford, Shaw’s, and Wegmans also vie for market share in certain locales. Despite the intense competition, Stop & Shop continues to differentiate itself through customer-centric services, a vast product range, and strong community ties.

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Stop and Shop Money Order Issue

Rated 1.0 out of 5
January 28, 2024

Bad money order! I have gone to Stop and Shop in Phillipsburg, NJ for many years. I travel 25 minutes from PA to the store, one way. I could shop in PA but choose to make the trip for the prices and customer service. This weekend I bought a $500 money order so that I could deposit the money into my online banking account. When I got home and tried to deposit the money order, it was unsuccessful due to the print on the money order being too light. I went back to the Stop and Shop and asked if they would please cash it for me or void it out and give me a new one. I was told the policy was no and that I would have to TRY and cash it at a check cashing store. Really? So, I gave you $500 cash and paid for the money order that now cannot be used and now I have to pay more money to cash it. Not only did I spend 2 hours driving and using a lot of expensive fuel, but now I have to pay to get access to this money. The cherry on top is how completely rude, disrespectful, and uncaring the manager on duty treated me. She accused me of trying already depositing the money order and trying to get another $500. I offered to show her my phone and see that the money order was unreadable. As I left the store upset, I turned around and she was laughing! I find it disgusting that this manager thought it was funny that I was out $500 dollars. Unbelievable. I let my daughter know that I would be longer than expected as that I needed to find a place to cash this money order. She then called the same Stop and Shop and tried to speak the the manager and was hung up on simply because she asked what the money order policy was at that store. Shame on you Shop and Stop!


Stop and Shop Price Increase

Rated 2.0 out of 5
January 24, 2024

Well, let me say this I used to love Stop and Shop! It’s a great big big shame how they have become unbelievable the prices are totally off the wall and way out in left field how is it legal to charge $4 to $5 dollars more on an item I can’t get over this people have too eat!


Stop & Shop In Decline

Rated 1.0 out of 5
January 9, 2024

I rarely shop there but yesterday I stopped at the one in Dartmouth MA. What I noticed was. there were very few customers and only 2 cashiers who also had to bag, I noticed an overweight female manager floating around doing nothing. My advice would be to go to a Market Basket and notice virtually all registers open with a bagger at each. shelves fully stocked and hundreds of customers. Your prices are too high like 50% higher than MB. You are a company in decline that can’t even hire quality people never mind attract customers.


Stop and Shop Out Of Stock Of Sale Priced Items

Rated 2.0 out of 5
January 9, 2024

Southington CT store always running out of sale priced items by the weekend of sale. Happens too often. Employees state was a busy sale. The store parking lot is never even close to being full. You’re told to get a rain check. One would think a week after the sale they would restock items they ran out of. We call multiple times to find out if they restocked the items we get rain checks on. A week after sale, still no restock


Stop N Shop -Self-Checkout

Rated 1.0 out of 5
December 28, 2023

Today I was at one of your locations on Truman Highway and had an unpleasant experience at the self-check out. Let me start by saying that I frequent this store because it’s in my neighborhood of Milton, MA, and is my first to go due to its proximity. However, after today I will be taking a break from the establishment because of the conduct of one employee. his employee at the self-checkout was very overbearing, to say the least. After I finished checking out my groceries the employee proceeded to immediately swipe a card and let me know that she was checking for ‘spyware.’ I felt a little perplexed as to why she would check right after I had finished and broadcast her actions aloud. I have always paid at this location and am a frequent patron of the store. It was irritating to be subjected to a check of this nature after so many years of shopping at this Stop & Shop. I believe this employee needs better training and must learn to acknowledge recurring customers. I understand the need to protect your customers and merchandise, but there should also be an emphasis on respect towards customers.

12/27/23 1:59 pm

Corporate Office Headquarters