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Stop and Shop Headquarters Corporate Office Headquarters HQ 

Stop & Shop, a household name in the supermarket industry, is renowned for its quality offerings and unparalleled customer service. The bedrock of its operations and expansive network lies at its Stop & Shop Headquarters in Quincy, MA.

Stop and Shop Corporate Office Details

Steering the brand’s mission and vision, the Stop & Shop Corporate Office orchestrates a harmonious collaboration between different branches, ensuring that every store offers consistent service and product availability.

Stop & Shop Corporate Address:
The Stop & Shop Supermarket Company
1385 Hancock St. Quincy, MA 02169 USA

Contacting Stop & Shop HQ

Whether it’s feedback, inquiries, or collaborative opportunities, the Stop and Shop Corporate team is just a call away.

Stop & Shop Corporate Phone Number: 800-453-7467
Customer Service Number: 1-800-767-7772
Stop & Shop Corporate Fax Number: Not available

Stop and Shop Corporate Human Resources

The strength of Stop & Shop lies in its dedicated team of professionals. The Stop & Shop Corporate Human Resources department at the headquarters ensures that the company attracts, nurtures, and retains the best talent to meet its overarching objectives and serve its clientele efficiently.

Online Portal: Stop and Shop Corporate Website

While the details provided here offer a brief overview, the Stop and Shop Corporate Website provides a deeper dive into the company’s values, initiatives, and operations. Whether you’re looking to explore career opportunities, understand the brand’s sustainability initiatives, or have a glance at its investor relations, the corporate website is your go-to platform.

Website: www.stopandshop.com

Understanding Stop & Shop’s Market Rivals

Navigating the competitive grocery market, Stop & Shop faces challenges from several established chains. Notable competitors include giants such as Walmart, Kroger, Giant Food Stores and Aldi. Additionally, regional players like Hannaford, Shaw’s, and Wegmans also vie for market share in certain locales. Despite the intense competition, Stop & Shop continues to differentiate itself through customer-centric services, a vast product range, and strong community ties.

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Stop and Shop closed the customer service desk and customers couldn't buy lotto tickets

Rated 1 out of 5
August 8, 2023

Stop and Shop closed the customer service desk between 7 and 8pm and a lot of people were mad cause they wanted to buy lotto tics. They should have never closed the customer service desk especially when there are a lotto mega millions going on?

geraldine walerysiak

Attn Stop and Shop Complaint Department

Rated 3 out of 5
December 16, 2022

Stop and Shop on Springfield Blvd & Merrick Blvd has only one person in the deli meat department. As much revenue as this store earns, it’s disgusting that you’re working with one person like they’re nothing. I will keep complaining until you put more associates in the deli department. Customers should not be 6 to 7 deep in a line because you as a company don’t care.

Patricia Worthy
Corporate Office Headquarters