Straight Talk Wireless Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Straight Talk Wireless Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Official Address:

9700 NW 112th Avenue

Miami, FL 33178

Corporate Phone Number: 1-877-430-2355

Fax Number: n/a

Email Address:

Straight Talk is famous for pay as you go cell and smart phone service. The phone service and phones are sold exclusively at WalMart Stores.

Straight Talk’s toll-free customer service number is 1-877-430-2355. The company does encourage users to use their technical support system and help forums on their website.

straight talk wireless corporate office headquarters hq


  • On Monday, February 21, 2022, My wife brought a Straighttalk SIM card kit for Wal-Mart in Natchez, MS. She was on the phone with Straighttalk trying to get the cellphone SIM activated for 5 hours. They refused to activate the SIM card and refused to refund her money. She could not take it back to Wal-Mart. Tech Support of Straighttalk kept on hanging up on her several times.
    She calls back on Tuesday, February 22, 2022, and had the same outcome as Monday but they did send out a new SIM card.
    On Wednesday, February 23, 2022, I chatted with Straighttalk tech support to try to get the SIM and the phone working. Both Techs that I talked to did not know how to do anything. They put me on the line with someone else. I called with at least 3 techs on the phone and none of them knew anything about cellphones or SIM calls. I guess when they couldn't fix my problem they hung up on me twice. They refused to fix my problem and refused to give me a refund. I have attached a copy of the chats.

  • I bought a phone, service plan, and sim card through a Customer Service Representative. He asked me what my shipping address was and I told him 3 times what it was. He repeated it back to me, and he read it back to me correctly. When I checked my account, he entered it correctly on the shipping address, but when he asked me if my shipping address and billing address were the same, I told him that yes it was the same. However, looking at my account, he entered the billing address without the apartment number that I had given him. Through incompetency of the shipping department, they inaccurately shipped my phone, etc., to the inaccurate address that Straight Talk's CSR had entered. FedEx could not deliver my package, because of the inept CSR's foul up of not entering my full address appropriately. So now, I have to wait for my package to be sent back to Straight Talk, get my refund, (I hope), and I was given the option of starting all over. I shouldn't have to start over. They should have called FedEx and given them the right address, since they were at fault. Knowing that FedEx would charge them a reroute fee, for delivering it to the right address, that is the only reason I can think of for Straight Talk not calling them to correct their mistake. This frustrates me sincerely, and I want to sue them for unethical business practices. I now have to use the piece of garbage that I got from them the first time, that takes forever to make my phone calls, doesn't hang up when I want it to, and doesn't allow me to access my text messages. If there is a lawyer reading this, please advise me of my rights, and whether a class action is feasible. I will never use Straight Talk again!!!

  • Straight Talk are liars. Period. I have had several SIM cards sent to me and then they tell me I will receive a replacement phone, but first I would have to send the defective phone back. Then was told a phone was in shipment and that once I got it, to put my defective hone in it and return it. Neither has happened. This company does not care about customers at all and you can never talk to anyone inside the United States. Screw this company and the panzy people the work for them.


    NOTE 8 ***** $899 but if you buy it through SMART PAY, it goes to $1,785.00 ***** Of course, they make you believe the service plan fee is included in this number.

    Stay away from SMART PAY. Straight Talk ripped me off by leasing me a phone through SMART PAY. When leasing the phone, I was told the service fee for my plan was included in the monthly fee. Then after 2 payments, Straight Talk was taking out my service plan fee and SMART PAY was also taking out the fee.

    After talking to a manager at SMART PAY, I found out that not only am I paying $119/month for the phone I bought through Straight Talk, they are charging me another $55/month for the service plan. So if I continued with Straight Talk, my phone would cost $1,785 by using SMART PAY. That apparently DOESN'T include the service plan fee. WHY would I want to pay $1,785 for a Note 8 phone? I'm also forwarding my complaint to the attorney generals in California and Washington state.

    STRAIGHT TALK, You will be losing a customer over this issue unless you fix it. Was the SMART PAY manager incorrect in telling me that the service plan fee is not part of the monthly payment through SMART PAY?

  • This phone provider is the most unprofessional.. Of all providers.. Disrespectful.. Inconsiderate people me or my wife have ever talked to on the phone hung up on not once three times. Because.. They (straight talk) didn't want to do their jobs like professionals..who hangs up on people kids that's who not cool … You get three text messages every month renew your plan.. Hire people who are more professional (straight talk) me and my wife are cancelling our services on Feb 1st do to neglect of straight talk services..


  • I just spent 2 1/2 hours on the phone with Heidy Johana trying to get a manager on the phone. When I got a new straight talk phone and transferred my minutes they did not transfer them correctly and instead of over 1000 minutes I got just over 100. When I called to resolve the problem the manager never got on the phone. I think they are lying about a manager all together.gonna dispute the charge on my credit card

  • After sending me 3 new sim cards your company finally had me send in my phone. It took 7 weeks to get the new phone back from your warehouse. I have had my new phone for 4 days and now I am getting the same error that I had with the old phone “invalid Sim Card”. I want to talk to someone in the USA and I want my money back.

  • These folks obviously have a real problem. Both mine and my wife's I phone s only show one or two bars most of the time in my home. They tell me to remove and reinstall my sim card. Really two sim cards both have the same problem but work well in other areas. Perhaps I will go back to Verizon.

  • I am about to speak with a lawyer tomorrow on suing straight talk does anyone want to get in on this suit….my email address is I say we do a class action suit. Anybody interested email me. I am so irittated

  • I have been with them for over 8 years had good phone service till the last 4 months. They gave my phone number to sumone els here in Alabama it tuck me 2 tow weeks to get my phone back and now they after buying the $50 card they cut my phone down so low that I can not tex much less get on the internet I have called them so much in the past 4 months that all they will tell me to add more air time with in 2 days of me putting it on there. If everyone will help me please let's put them out of BIESSNESS I do understand they Owen a neither sell phone. Company as well page plus too

  • I have been trying to get my phone unlocked so I can move to a different carrier that has reliable coverage in my area. After being told in SEPTEMBER that I only had to have 12 consecutive months of service, I called back in November to have my phones unlocked. I was then told I could not get my phone unlocked and that they would buy back my Samsung Galaxy S3s for $56 each. I paid almost $300 each a year ago. I do not understand how Straight Talk and TracFone can have such a blatant disregard for the FCC laws. I get hung up on pretty much every time I call and they tell me that there is no supervisor after being transferred from department to department. I have had Straight Talk for 6 years now and used to be a huge fan. Now I warn people away from them. After being lied to and treated like an idiot, I am contacting the Better Business Bureau. For anyone else wanting to contact the BBB, the Miami branch is the one that covers the area TracFone is supposedly based from. Please please please DO NOT get this service if you have to travel regularly or have children since the phones regularly lose data and service.

  • I woke this morning to find out my phone was deactivated, mind you that my phone was set for auto-refill with a $2.50 discount. My first charge was 8/1 and it went through. I called customer service and the guy said there was no record of that charge last month after he said my phone was active for 30 days then deactivated today. Does that make any since? I was furious at this point. He was suppose to transfer me to a supervisor but only transferred me to another sales rep. and she did the same exact thing. I never spoke with a supervisor after 4 tries. I contacted my credit card company to find out Straighttalk entered the wrong expiration date for this month's bill so it got declined. The sales rep. would not reapply my discount at this point and refuse to give me the expiration date they had on file even after I supplied him with the last 4 digits of my credit card, expiration and security question. I have been with this company over 5 years and this is the treatment I receive? I will be shopping for another cellular company ASAP!

  • Never dealt with a company so rude. First I sent my Zte quartz which quit working to you & was told it would take up to a month to receive replacement. So I had to go buy another new phone because I'm disabled having a cell phones critical. Now They can't locate my zte I sent 2 be replaced & I the Huawei I bought well I'm now on my 4th week without a working cell phone & On my 3rd Raven this month..the 1st two worked great for a few days than they quit working. It Took 3 weeks to finally receive my replacement Huawei Raven phone (which I was promised I'd have it in 3 days) Now I'm going into 4th day with this unusable replacement Huawei Raven. When activating it they changed my number so it will not work & ever since I've spent countless hours of calling Straight talk & they still haven't gotten # onto this phone. All I get is in & out of either 1 bar or just an X I CAN'T USE IT AT ALL!! Each time Ive called STRAIGHT TALK first they'll say my number will be on phone & phone will be working in 15 min to an hour, I call back & then they said the activations still pending could take 24 hours, called back they said could take 48 hours. For last 2 days now each time Im promised they'll fix it right then while I'm on phone with them… . I've called 3, 4 even 5 times a day for last 3 days Each call lasts 1-2 hours each time I'm put on hold every few mins for long periods of time Then 98% of time I'm hung up on after being on call with them over an hour, only to have to call Straight Talk back & re explain everything to new rep since u never get same one over & over & over. I tell them everything & They even promise if the calls disconnected they'll call back. THEY NEVER DO nope not once.

  • How can I get these people to turn on or reactivate my phone.  My number is 870 317 7681. I have been trying to work with these folk for the past three days to no avail. The only thing that I have is no service and no phone number.  I don't think that it is fair that they would not give me the service that I paid for and then take my phone number which I have had for the past 10 years.  They must be drinking crazy from the gauntlet of stupid mixed with more silly . I have given numbers and dial *#06# more times than I care to remember so will you please turn on my phone. It has been turned on and off for the past three days.  The service is lousy and worse than anything that I have ever heard of.  
             PLEASE TURN ON MY PHONE THE NUMBER IS (870)317-7681 MY SERVICE PIN IS 834 891 986 593 038        THE MEID IS a000003461d9be
    Now what is to keep you from providing the service that I have paid for.  What more am I to do.  Is this a race thing or maybe a cultural.  But either way you should provide the services paid for. You people have hung up on me more times than I can count what is wrong with you. Hanging up on a customer is not good customer service.  TURN ON MY PHONE!!! Your customer service people are sitting up laughing, to me this is not funny I am a senior citizen and rely on reliable cell phone service. Did I mention that I have paid for two activation cards and I still have no PHONE SERVICE AND NO PHONE NUMBER
    Michael Y. Jeffers
    no phone number but I will call you if you can help.

  • This is a getto scam company! I was threatened on the phone after two hours of them trying to fix my phone. My phone is still not working and no Manager got on the phone at all! I will help anyone going after this company!

  • I'll give my damn name…. Twila Hull. Straight talk has the most rude, customer reps I have ever dealt with. It took over an hour of dealing with two idiots from a foreign country to put minutes on my phone? Trac phone owns trac phone, straight talk, and net 10. Why can't they get their act together and provide decent phone service. IT'S NONE OF YER BUSINESS WHAT MY EMAIL ADDRESS IS OR HAVING SOMEONE ELSES PHONE NUMBER "IN CASE OF AN EMERGENCY".

  • Yesterday my daughter's phone suddenly stopped working and when people called her phone, it said the # was disconnected or not in service. Her service date is in effect until mid June, so that wasn't the issue. She called me from a friend's phone after school to inform me. I called straight talk and spoke to an employee who said the # didn't show up as a straight talk #, and that I would need to activate the phone. I explained I had already activated the phone and it was working until today. He didn't seem to understand what the issue was and since I had purchased the phone less than 30 days ago, he told me to return the phone to the store. I called Walmart and they said they didn't accept any returns over 15 days from purchase. So I called Straight Talk again and spoke to a manager named Dexter. He was very rude and he kept putting me on hold, and if I said anything while I was on hold, he would yell at me not to talk. After going around & around w/ him for about an hour, he said he couldn't do anything unless I had the phone with me (even though I had the phone # and the serial #). I asked if I could call my daughter on her friend's phone, since she had the phone. I put my daughter on a 3 way call so he could speak to her, but if I tried to speak (even to my daughter), he would yell at me to not talk. Finally I ended the call and later I went over to my daughter's dad's house (where she had the phone) and called Straight Talk again. I got lucky that time. I spoke to a very polite lady who had the problem fixed in about 15 minutes, and she said she did not need me to have access to the phone to fix it!

  • I've had Straightalk for over a year and have been very pleased with it until yesterday. I went online to load a card as usual (with no prior problems). I waited the suggested 15 minutes before making a call…no service. Kept trying and finally I called the number on the card and FINALLY got to talk to a real person. She kept telling me I did it all wrong and asking what steps I had had done. I told her I followed all the steps exactly as usual. She kept saying I did it wrong…Okay fine I said, I will go back online to my account and check it out. When I did there was a photo of a phone that was totally different than mine and a phone number that wasn't mine. I called back saying that I found the problem. I said the wrong phone is on my account…can you change it and give me a refund on the card I had "loaded." She said no I would have to buy another since it was my mistake. Ughhh….so I told her her to put her Superior on the phone….that went on for 2 more people. They kept telling me that phone and that number was mine lol (i have to laugh) I said I have never had a phone like that and the number IS NOT MINE and I HAVE NEVER HAD THAT NUMBER!!!! The last lady I talked to was getting a little rude so I told her to put the highest ranking person on the phone…that's me she said…. I LOST IT!!! (and i am a nice, quite grandma) So my daughter and I wrote a lengthy email about everything that happened, included a screen shot of the phone they were saying is mine. Got an email back saying they would contact me within 12 hours. 12 hours later, no email so I added a few things in ALL CAPS to my email, including pasting their email to me about the 12 hour thing and sent it. Now 12 hours later….NO RESPONSE!! My husband gave me $45 and said just go get another one….Nope…I am NOT gonna LET THIS GO! Somewhere someone is ecstatic that they have a mysterious month added to their phone….I'm gonna get my money back and I will bug them til they do……

  • I ordered a phone from straight talk to replace my very old phone. when it arrived at my house not all the buttons worked on it, so I called and the lady said she would send us a replacement then we can send the old phone back, Ive waited for 2 weeks and called to find out where phone was, it was not on its way because I was misinformed by the 1st lady and was told I must send back the phone 1st then they will send me the replacement of the new phone with a new phone. I do business to pay bill with this phone and now I will loose out on a min. of 7 business day worth of money with this number. Straight talk is owned by one of the richest men in the world and i cant be refunded any of the money I will loose due to there error.
    Carlos Slim if you can read this my little bit of money I make to pay my very large bills could had been fixed in other ways. Thank you

  • Went to Walmart paid for a 45$ plan called and got automated service entered pin number and it went to someone's phone not mine called straight talk talked to someone who can't speak a word of English and basically told me to piss off they can't help me this has to stop this is the third time they have taken my money and will not refund it when they make the mistake or they are just ripping people off

  • I have been through hell and back with this company. My phone stopped working almost3 months ago and it took over a month just to get my physical airmail package and now they send my phone to the wrong address and wont send me a new one. Awful customer service. I dont recommend straight talk to anyone!!!

  • DO NOT HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH THESE EVIL DIRTY PEOPLE (straighttalk)!!!,they are absolutely horrabile! avoid like a bad disease!.

  • My wife and I have been straight talk customers for years and we buy year plans. Well last December 2013 as uausl we bought our plans and it worked up untl 2 weeks ago when straight talk allowed someone to transfer our time to another number. I called and got it straightened out after 4 days. Then again last sunday they did it again and still do not have t straightened out. I have talked to i think everry person and so called supervisor they have and they all say they have to talk to a mysterious department with still no results. I have even faxed them a copy of the card i purchased and a letter explainng what happened and all i get is there is no one that can fix it. The customer service is the worst i have ever seen of any company and they don't seem to care! As of today I have filed a complaint with the FCC, Better Business Bureau, Their company and Walmart that sells the phone. My next step is to contace my attorney and file a law suite and the states attorney! This treatment s crazy and stupid! Really!!!!

  • Just got off the phone (landline) with a very nice Lady at Straight talk in Miami Fl. the corp. office . 305-640-2000,she took care of my problem, right away, she also set my straight talk account. THANK YOU I pray that anyone having problems their phone this can help.

  • I have never seem a company give you the runaround like Straight Talk…they will not give you a manager to speak to they transfer you to someone else who is incompitent to tell you the same bull policy that is ridiculous. Wal-Mart should be embarassed to endorse these phones but I guess they dont care because they outsource for there product as well. I've been waiting for an air bill for over a week and when i call the customer service line it states its been sent and allow 2 to 3 bus days to recieve, although it gives no specific day nor a tracking number. I called for them to say your phone should be there Wednesday. Well i knew that was a lie because I hadn't recieved the air bill yet. So I asked her when was it sent and she stated it would be sent the next day. Needless to say when I asked what happened to the ticket from a week ago she idiot said since I'm creating a new ticket the old one will be deleted. HUH? Am I stupid…so you telling me I have to wait another week for a got damned air bill that clearly is somewhere in the air but it aint coming this way…so then i get on here to get this corporate number and the S.O.B e-mailed me the freaking air bill ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME. I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR FED EX TO SEND ME SOMETHING THAT YOU COULD HAVE E-MAILED ME. This is still inconvenient because now i have to follow all the damn instructions and go to library and print it and take to somewhere to be sent…we could have shaved off a weeks worth of time had they done that before. All they want to do is credit you some days. Oh Yeah well what about all the time (2 1/2 weeks nos) that i've been without a phone. How dare you take advantage of customers and not help in the best possible way. They could at least hand you some lube if they are going to screw you over, now i got hemmerhoids.

  • I don't like straight talk once my phone stopped working the day after I added my minutes and I couldn't figure out why so I called and they told me well we gave your phone number away and I wasn't late on adding my minutes so they gave me a different number and never gave me my minutes back and it was the unlimited plan so I think they should refund me my 45 dollars back and my daughter has a phone and she can't receive pictures on her smart phone and she can't send pictures either it's irritating

  • Do not transfer your service to this phone company. **YOU WILL BE SORRY**. They say 24-48 hrs for Porting your number from a different carrier to Straight Talk. Well, I'm on my 13th Day of waiting for my new phone to be Activated. I spent over $40.00 to keep my old acct. active while the transfer is in process but when Page Plus released the rights of my phone # to Straight Talk Wireless they Deactivated my service. (I'VE BEEN WITHOUT CELL PHONE SERVICE FOR 3 DAYS, NOW) still waiting on Striaght Talk to activate my new phone. Since June 26th, 2014 I've talked to over 20 different people. I've been promised multiple times that my service was going to be ON w/in 24hrs & it still hasn't happended yet ! WHEN WILL STRAIGHT TALK Wireless start taking Responsibility for the Mistakes they make & Compensate their Potential Customers properly for all the B.S. they've had to put up with ? ? ?

  • it's time to do something no more crap from walmart and straight talk every dam thing is run by walmartif dont' think it's true try to buy a sim card any were eles

  • This month will be my last month with Straight Talk. I've had it six but will not have it seven. I don't think they have any humans working there because all I ever get in touch with is some stupid machine. Reminds me of trying to get a honest answer from the government, NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

  • I wish I would have did my research before I got ST because if I
    would have seen this first I would have never consider straight talk you know to good to be true its too late now if I coulder woulder shoulder it just to late now I been on the phone three days trying to get to see what's going on with my phone the volume, finally after being on the phone three days they agree to send me out a replacement phone, but trip this I got to send them the defective phone first before they can send the replacement out. yes of course I was upset because I am on call everyday after 4:30pm so I can't go with out a phone. ST customer service sucks their rude and nasty and your the customer. ST don't care and it don't matter to them because they no nothing can be did to them. It's ok without phone, But God sit high and look low.

  • I have never ever experienced customer service that I received when I called your company! For four days I have spoken with numerous people and spent hours on the phone just trying to get service activated after purchasing a phone and service plan on the straight talk website. Absolutely the worst experience ever. I first called after the phone arrived to transfer a Tmobile number to the new straight talk phone. The representative told me it was done and after testing the phone it didn't work. I didn't have service. I called back spoke with someone else who told me it took 24 hrs. I waited 3 days….still no service. After dealing with this for 4 days I called to cancel the service and request a refund on the phone as well as the service plan, which were two separate transactions. Three people told me it was against policy so I requested to speak with management. I finally spoke with senior manager Alexander (513895). Several times he told me it was against policy to which I replied I refused to take no for an answer because I have paid $80 for service I never received due to no fault of my own. After about 45 minutes of Alexander being difficult, rude, and no help whatsoever he decided he could issue a refund on the service plan but needed the exact amount I paid with my debit card. I told him the only charge was the $45 dollar plan plus tax. He stated I would have to call my band and get the EXACT amount or he wouldn't issue the refund. During hte conversation I had become so dismayed by him that I advised him I would be recording the conversation. He stated he would hang up if I recorded the call because it was against policy. I was in law enforcement I know better. I told him I would look up the exact amount on the internet and he stated he would hold for 3 minutes and would hang up if it took longer than that. I ran to the computer and ran back and he did in fact hang up on me. I was not gone for longer than 3 minutes! I called back spoke to another representative who transferred me to another representative. She stated she could issue the refund and did just that with no issues. I also asked senior manager Alexander for a phone number to the coorperate office and he advised me you guys didn't have a phone number…only an email address. If this is how a company runs I hope no other company models themselves after you because I would never shop again. I am the most patient and understand person there is but this experience was beyond ridiculous. I was told I would receive the refund within 24 hrs so we shall see. Seriously though, I know many people in the business community and have never seen anything like this. Especially Alexander who you chose as a senior manager. I am actually disgusted with the service I received and not once have I ever said that about any company.

  • All I can say is WOW 2 pending charges through my bank and 2 pending charges on a credit card I was adding time which I always have gotten the 3 month plan and I have always called never had a problem until now. Used my bank card to renew they denied it on there end 2 times now I have 2 pending charges which is showing on my bank account that it minus it out. Used another credit card denied through straight talk I have money in both accounts. Called the corporate office that is if it is the corporate office asked why are they denying my cards. Or declining my cards, tried blaming it on the bank and the credit card company which I had talked to and both of the companies have told me it is on the merchants side. They still cannot give me an answer why the charges are showing as pending charges told me I gave the wrong information but if that was so they would not be showing up on the accounts. 2 people have told me 7 to 10 days that the money would show back up in my account the last person from corporate told me 24 to 48 hours. I asked them to cancel they could not cancel these transaction's and told me I was not listening right I finally said if my money is not back into my account's within 24 hours I will get an attorney and I will sue straight talk. They have lost my business and I would not recommend them to anyone. Something needs to be done with this company. Everyone you talk to is foreign cannot understand them and they never give an answer WHY. I have always used a credit card and have never had a problem why now? STRAIGHT TALK NEEDS TO BE SUED FOR ALL THE HEADACHES AND ALL THE MONEY THAT THEY HAVE TAKEN FOR BAD SERVICE AND BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE AND I DON'T THINK CORPORATE IS A CORPORATE OFFICE THEY ARE JUST CUSTOMER SERVICE REPS.

  • WARNING….WARNING>>>AVOID straight talk warraty it is a SCAM…The whole company and TRACFONE are a scam designed to RIP YOU OFF….Warranty is run as a bait n switch. 218-576-4645 I purchased the warranty and Easy Exchange plus or Straight talk will not honor due to a bait n switch scam. AVOID ALL BUYERS WARNING…….

  • Wow I guess everyone is having the same trouble with a company that over charges the customer who is loyal and uses their cc to pay and they do it every 30 days. They now owe me a lot of money in tax they are charging me because I pay faithfully each month. While the drug dealers and the pimps and people who bomb our country are able to use their phones and not even have to register their names or give addresses and can be completely anonymous so they can circumvent the law. I am pretty mad about this type of dealings this company supports the people sneaking into our country against the law as well as drug dealers pimps and people who steal your money or possessions.

  • Last week my phone began overheating and draining my battery power completely within an hour. This is the fourth phone I've had problems with and had to transfer since last November. Every time I've had problems with the transfer. Each time its taken several phone calls and hours of my time to resolve. This time has been by far the worst.

    Four days ago I attempted to transfer my phone number and minutes from one straight talk phone to another. My original phone immediately stopped working but my new phone didn't start working. It took 3 calls speaking to five agents over the course of 2 hours just to get my number transferred. The next day I found that straight talk had assigned me a new number.. My original number which I've had for almost ten years was stolen from me by straight talk. I called customer service, spoke to another 4 people, was accused of this being my fault and told that my old number couldn't be retrieved. Eventually I made another call to a different number, and was told I would get my old number back (so the first 3 agents lied). After that call I waited an hour as the rep told me but my number didn't revert back to the original. I then called again and was told I actually needed to wait 24 hours.

    It's been about 16 hours from the time I was told this issue was resolved and I still don't have my old number back. I'm about to graduate from collage have resumes out to perspective employers with my now defunct number. Stay away from Straight Talk if you know what's good for you

  • STRAIGHT TALK CALL CENTER REP TO ME: "Since this issue is taking so long to resolve my supervisor will be taking over the phone call so we can resolve your issue quickly but since my supervisor is no available to help you I will actually be staying on the phone to resolve your issue"

  • Post complaints and social media. Not private message. They don't like their bad business posted in public. Had to do that with MetroPCS.

  • After contacting straight several times regarding transfering my sprint galaxy phine to straight talke and being reassured repeatly that their servive would work with my phone and having two phones I was going to change I purcased two of the byop packets from wal mart. Going online anf folling the instructions orovided i received a error message instructing me to contact the support department, i was thwn told that now I could nit use mt galaxy phone but since the cards were already scratched off i could not return them to wal mart for a refund. So niw after over 120.00 invested i was told that i would not receive a refund for up to 60 days. Bull, how can this type of practice be legal?

  • Can't find any number that actually gets thru to corporate. All numbers I've tried go into the same message system. It appears that Straight Talk customer abuse [sic] spends the majority of their time hiding from, rather than helping customers. Who has contact info for the Walmart exec who oversees this contract? S/he needs some feedback!

  • I have decided to make it my life long goal to tell others how Piss poor straight talk is. I've had 3 HTC savvy's tear up . 150 bucks for those phones is a joke. you can't understand any of the idiots in customer service, nor do they know how to fix anything. I will neve buy another straight talk phone again. I may even walk by their phones everyrime I go in Walmart just to talk others out of buying.them. The ceo is probably the laughing stock amongst other companies.

  • this is NOT accurate info!!! The contact information this site lists for ST is simply the info any person can get off of straight talk's website. It is NOT CORPORATE contact info at all!!!!

  • I have had the same number for 10yrs. I have been with straight for over 2 years. I purchased a new phone and I had my number transferred. Three days later my phone was deactivated. So I call customer service which I hate more than getting a wax job. They tell me that my phone number is no longer mine it has been taken back by the phone company?, I was using my phone all day and now I don't have service or my phone number. To top it off they tell me I can't use the sim card that came with my new straight talk phone that I purchased from Walmart. I was on the phone with this dummy who did not understand what I was saying and I didn't understand him. I was switched to 2 other people none of them spoke clear English. I was one the phone with them for over 2 hrs. and I was not a happy camper. I have been without my phone for 4 days. ALL I WANT IS MY NUMBER BACK. I now have to to get a new number and contact all my phone contacts and tell them I have a new number. This sucks. I really wish we could speak to people who spoke English.

  • I have been had by straight talk! I wish I had read these reviews before I started. The stole my money and made up a no refund policy. When I confronted them about the policy and read them what the policy actually says, they said "oh well, customers try everyday, but no one is successful with getting a refund." Something must be done. They told me my phone was compatible and so I spent $60 trying to get it activated. It didn't work, then they told me "sorry, it wasn't compatible after all!" but still no refund. SMH! Robbery!

  • I can not believe the worst service I can amagine no wonder the people in the forin contries are stavin and have no jobs you by a phone and the customer service is non existing they just don't give a f#### This is by far the worst phone company arownd Im going to T-Mobile or someone else anyone but straight talk

  • I have been a straight talk customer for 4 years at least and love the coverage and the phones are just good as anyone else. I just hate the customer service they are rude, they take forever to get on the phone. My son is deaf so he set up an online account, now it keeps telling him his info is wrong, even though he knows what it is. We tried getting through to someone to get it taken care of have been cut off 2 times, after waiting almost fifteen minutes each time. The coverage is great but, the customer service is horrible!!!!!!

  • Straight Talk is such a bad name for this company, Run Around or Complete Lies would be way more accurate.Purchased a Samsung Galaxy II and after about 3 months it stop recognizing the charge. On 12/20/13 I sent my phone back and was told it would be 7-10 days before I received my replacement phone. Maybe longer because of the holiday. The customer service was non-existent. Same complaints as the other writers above. No one spoke English, got allot of assurances, but no follow through. On 1/3/14 I began my calling odyssey. My phone was received by them on 12/26/13. It took until 1/23/14 for me to actually get my phone. It was calling every other day, asking for and waiting for over an hour, for a supervisor. Got allot of double talk and promises. It wasn't until I spoke with one supervisor around the 4th week.did I get an apology. This is the worst company that I have ever dealt with. It's fine if your phone works, but from this page and from the hold times and never being able to get ahold of a supervisor, I'd say they sell crap phones and then provide crap customer service. BEWARE ANYONE WHO BUYS INTO THIS PLAN! ALSO BE AWARE THAT THE COMPANY THAT OWNS STRAIGHT TALK ALSO OWNS THE FOLLOWING: TracFone, NET10 Wireless, SIMPLE Mobile and Telcel América. The name of the parent company is América Móvil S.A.B. de C.V and is run out of Mexico, Brazil and South America. Stay Away from them all

  • Absolutely the worst customer service I've ever experienced! I called tech support to find out if there was a network problem as I have 2 brand new Samsung Galaxy S3's both had the same problem. Tech support assured there weren't any network problems in my area & insisted that I must perform multiple erroneous functions including removing the battery while the phone was turned on. Huge mistake my brand new $400 phone would no longer turn on unless it was plugged in to the charger. After 10+ hours on the phone trying to resolve the problems I learned there was a problem with Verizon's network & my phone had to be replaced. I was assured I'd be sent a brand new phone w/in 3-5 business days, therefore I chose to accept the Straighttalk warranty replacement opposed to going through my replacement plan … BIG MISTAKE!! I have now been waiting TWO WEEKS & STILL have not received my replacement phone. Every time I call I've been given the run around & the same bogus excuses it's being processed. Today is the 2nd week & I was told the delay is now due to the fact the warehouse initially tried to resend out a REFURBISHED phone & it was rejected! I've tried contacting corporate & the #800-876-5753 is NOT the # for the Miami office however the reps lie & claim they are corporate managers when in fact they are from Guatemala City or the Philippines & everyone seems to be managers &/or supervisors! They are rude disrespectful inappropriate & couldn't careless about satisfying the customer. They've even BLAMED ME for CALLING tech support & following their direction which created the problem! Every time I call for an update I've been told "it will take 3-5 days it is being processed". It has been TWO WEEKS! I've demanded them to expedite my replacement over night express & I was told "It must go through the process, that is our policy" Straighttalk wireless is the WORST mistake I've ever made the price is very tempting but you ABSOLUTELY get what you pay for & I sincerely regret cancelling my service with AT&T. I intend to switch to a plan with Verizon if I ever get my replacement phone & I strongly advise against anyone considering purchasing a Straighttalk phone/service! Despite the allure of the $45 unlimited everything it IS NOT worth it & rest assured you WILL REGRET IT! If I ever get my replacement phone I fully intend to pay the extra money & get a Verizon plan. I will also file a complaint w/the state of Florida's Dept of Ag & Consumer affairs as well as the BBB & FLORIDA'S Public Service Commission & every other government entity. I would recommend the same for everyone else that's experienced the fraudulent nightmare called Staighttalk Wireless!

  • Absolutely the worst customer service I've ever experienced! I called tech support to find out if there was a network problem as I have 2 brand new Samsung Galaxy S3's both had the same problem. Tech support assured there weren't any network problems in my area & insisted that I must perform multiple erroneous functions including removing the battery while the phone was turned on. Huge mistake my brand new $400 phone would no longer turn on unless it was plugged in to the charger. After 10+ hours on the phone trying to resolve the problems I learned there was a problem with Verizon's network & my phone had to be replaced. I was assured I'd be sent a brand new phone w/in 3-5 business days, therefore I chose to accept the Straighttalk warranty replacement opposed to going through my replacement plan … BIG MISTAKE!! I have now been waiting TWO WEEKS & STILL have not received my replacement phone. Every time I call I've been given the run around & the same bogus excuses it's being processed. Today is the 2nd week & I was told the delay is now due to the fact the warehouse initially tried to resend out a REFURBISHED phone & it was rejected! I've tried contacting corporate & the #800-876-5753 is NOT the # for the Miami office however the reps lie & claim they are corporate managers when in fact they are from Guatemala City or the Philippines & everyone seems to be managers &/or supervisors! They are rude disrespectful inappropriate & couldn't careless about satisfying the customer. They've even BLAMED ME for CALLING tech support & following their direction which created the problem! Every time I call for an update I've been told "it will take 3-5 days it is being processed". It has been TWO WEEKS! I've demanded them to expedite my replacement over night express & I was told "It must go through the process, that is our policy" Straighttalk wireless is the WORST mistake I've ever made the price is very tempting but you ABSOLUTELY get what you pay for & I sincerely regret cancelling my service with AT&T. I intend to switch to a plan with Verizon if I ever get my replacement phone & I strongly advise against anyone considering purchasing a Straighttalk phone/service! Despite the allure of the $45 unlimited everything it IS NOT worth it & rest assured you WILL REGRET IT! If I ever get my replacement phone I fully intend to pay the extra money & get a Verizon plan. I will also file a complaint w/the state of Florida's Dept of Ag & Consumer affairs as well as the BBB & FLORIDA'S Public Service Commission & every other government entity. I would recommend the same for everyone else that's experienced the fraudulent nightmare called Staighttalk Wireless!

  • someone hacked in my account they wont turn my phone back on intell i get a new phone card and i asked for the CEO they kept saying that he is not in i think they r rip offs

  • I have made repeated phone calls totaling more than 9 hours to get my money back on a phone that has been without service since Dec. 27th Your customer service is incompetent at best and impossible to explain this situation where one phone was turned off but billed anyway and another was supposed to be given credit for service not used. You can refer to your phone call log as I am forced to seek legal action to recover my money. I plan to let ALL of my friends and family know that VERIZON is a much safer and easier service to live with. The reviews I had read online are much like my problems and I will NEVER buy another straight talk phone. When the class action lawsuit is filed I will be first in line to file suit. Back to Verizon forever!

  • I have made repeated phone calls totaling more than 9 hours to get my money back on a phone that has been without service since Dec. 27th Your customer service is incompetent at best and impossible to explain this situation where one phone was turned off but billed anyway and another was supposed to be given credit for service not used. You can refer to your phone call log as I am forced to seek legal action to recover my money. I plan to let ALL of my friends and family know that VERIZON is a much safer and easier service to live with. The reviews I had read online are much like my problems and I will NEVER buy another straight talk phone. When the class action lawsuit is filed I will be first in line to file suit. Back to Verizon forever!

  • I have spent a total of 5 to 6 hours in the last two days to get a phone activated and the phone number transferred to the new phone. I have spoken to at least 5 people. They have given me 3 different phone numbers and I'm still waiting to see if the last attempt has worked. In the mean time I have been trying to talk to someone in the corporate office that help all of the people that are having to deal with customer service in the Philippines. I talked to Al at the corporate office and he was American by the way he said that you can request to speak to the corporate office while speaking to the customer service by telling them to transfer you to ext 3324 or call 305-640-2000. You can ask to speak to someone you can understand.

  • I have a problem with them not wanting to replace a brand new ZTE majesty phone that I purchased from them. They want me to send in my phone with active time on it and wait up to 10 days before i get, get this a REFURBISHED phone in return. I have called their customer service number many times, been jerked around with non english speaking agents who have told me many different things. Bottom line 4 weeks after me calling, I still don't have a phone that works properly, and this multi million dollar company is worried about a 180.00 defective phone and me sending it back than to satisfy a customer who has been with them for years, ((can be verified in their records). I have contacted the office in Florida, nothing yet and I have filed a complaint with BBB. They will rectify this situation .

  • Twice now, I have tried to upgrade my phone. Twice, those people you talk to promise that my new phone will work. Twice now, my phone won't activate. Then they can't transfer my number back to my old phone. I am stuck without a phone. I have waited for over 30 hours. Still not working. This is the most inept group of people I have ever had to deal with. It is totally bull**** that they keep saying, "you have to wait 24 hours". Put some damn America's in charge and I'll bet you get it done right the first time!!!!!

  • 10-16-13 I called StraightTalk to update a new debit card acct # for my automatic monthly payment of $42.50.
    10-22-13 service was disconnected due to non-payment, I call StraightTalk back to see what happened and they said, "oh, see where you called but the information didn't get into system correctly AND your monthly bill will now go up to $45.00 because we disconnected you". I'm like, due to a screw up on our side, My bill goes up? I spoke with supervisor which could speak English a little better and he was very nice. He ask what he could do to make it up to me. I jokingly say say 1 of month free service and he said OK, which I said no, that's too much, just half off my next bill, to which he replied they were unable to do that it had to be all or nothing. So I was suppose to get from 11-21-13 through 12-21-13 free. 11-23-13 Guess what…StraightTalk took $50.68 out of my acct and next service date is 12-21-13. I call them again and speak first to Alexander(speak poor Englis) and he said there is no record of anyone promising a month of service at no charge. Then I speak to the "floor supervisor", Carlo(English is worse than Alexanders).
    Carlo also confirms that the customer representative didn't make note of any note of no charge service to make up for the mistake StraightTalk made. Carlo also stated that the customer conversation are NOT ever recorded so there is no way to go back and listen to the broke promise made on 10-22-13. Basically StraightTalk is making it out as if I'm trying to get something for nothing and I'm the one fabricating lies??? Carlo goes on to tell me there is also "no way" for me to make sure this is reported to the "upper management". I just want insure this doesn't happen to anyone else. Carlo also said that I could not even receive an email to confirm any action had be taken. I'm like WTcrappola???? Oh well. Have a blessed rest of the weekend.


  • It is a cheap month to month phone with no contract…….but is it worth it? Why not try some of the other companies that are doing no contract now? Straight talk has had plenty of time to fix their customer service problems *(the main one being that they need people in their call centers that actually SPEAK english if they are going to be "helping" english-speaking customers. You notice I put that in quotation marks since help is the last thing that you ever get from those people. It is nothing more than an exercise in frustration, aggrevation, and (after a while) how many F words you can fit into one sentence.

  • I wish I had read these postings before buying a StraightTalk phone and multiple months of service. This has to be the worst customer service I have ever experienced!!!!!!!!!!!. After 3 weeks, the phone stopped working. We have spent hours on the customer care"less"/service line with no resolution. Last time we called, we were told to turn on and off the phone repeatedly (that was their troubleshooting). Our phone still doesn't work. When I asked about getting a credit for the service time I bought, the customer service rep. (which I could barely understand) read me the terms and conditions. STAY AWAY FROM STAIGHTTALK.

    • Amen,..similar situation here. or they tell you to send them the phone you purchased new with active minutes on it so they can send you a refurbished one. so bogus…I have straighttalk..

  • My wife Kim was today treated with contempt by a ST CSR.

    My wife was phoning from Walmart with a Walmart Associate listening to
    the conversation; the ST CSR refused to give my wife her name, refused
    to transfer her to a manager, and refused to accept her payment in order
    to keep our phone number.

    We gave a payment on time that we were told was accepted; we phoned back today and was told that while the payment was accepted, it was accepted for $0 – apparently a systems issues. We gave another payment and was advised that the system was having trouble and the CSR I spoke with provided a ticket # and
    told to call back in 24-48 hrs.

    The ST woman my wife spoke with (call was made from a Walmart store) was rude, unkind,
    unhelpful, and (frankly) cruel to my wife.

    My wife advised the woman that we have a war-wounded son who is trying
    to reach us – she advised my wife "that's not her problem, we should
    have paid our bill on time, and we will never have our (ST) (cell)
    number again". My wife had requested that we retain our number.

    Suggest file a formal complaint with the FCC as no person / customer
    should ever be treated in this manner. Also, CONTACT WALMART and advise them how Straight Talk is treating their customers.

    Best to you all.

  • And now they are trying to refuse me a refund for the unusable phone that they insisted on sending me. They claim the rules say I cannot email them my FedEx receipt for when I returned the unusable phone.

  • I had a very simple request. In my area Verizon service does not work so i ordered a phone from Straight Talk that works on a AT&T service line. Yet they kept saying its not the service its the phone. And kept sending me phones on the Verizon service and none of them worked in my area. They worked fine when I traveled 25 miles away but that is not what I needed. Are your customer service managers commissioned more on selling Verizon phones? Because I cannot see any other reason why they insist on not helping the customer!

  • I've spoken to several manager and senior managers at customer service and they are the worst! They do not understand the concept of customer service. They are not servicing the customer, instead they only spit out rules and say no to everything the customer says. And they never admit their mistakes. They are only interested in getting commissions for selling new phones. So they will keep send customers phones that do not work in order to get their commissions. They still have not resolved the mistakes they made with me!

  • This company is full of lies. They lie and cheat thier customers. You call for support and you get someone who can't even talk english! I bought my android phone in Jan.13. 5 days after I bought it. It died. They gave me another one. It lasted 6 months. I sent it in for it to be replaced. Get this. They sent me a replacement that was reconditionrd and it was a model that was out 2 years ago. They screwed me. Big time. I need a phone that works. The last time it went down was right in the middle of us trying to arrange a funeral for my son. We had no phone service and they didn't give a damn. Now they want me to send this phone in. So they can replace it. Why? So they can send me another broke down phone. They even had the gall to suggest that maybe I should buy another phone. I was promised a new phone when I sent the last one in. called and asked they why I didn't get a new phone their reply was "WHY WOULD WE SEND YOU A NEW PHONE FOR A USED ONE." IHAVE ENOUGH TO DEAL WITH WITHOUT PUTTING UP WITH THIS CRAP. ALL I WANT IS A PHONE THAT WORKS. And going to Wal-Mart is a joke. They don't care either. Money is all that matters to them. Money. Money. Money….

  • THIS SERVICE SUCKS AND ALL PEOPLE IN CUSTOMER SERVICE ARE TOTAL IDIOTS. I activated my straight talk micro sims and $45 service plan 09/06/13. I still have no service and have called customer service,(too many times to count)spoke to managers, superviors and no resolution. I received the runaround everyday since the 6th. pat answer is tower issues in northeast when I live in southeast and supervisors have the exact same answer. straight talk sucks, should not be allowed to sell and promote their service anywhere in the US. bad business for all I am all in for calling BBB in my area and reporting them. I hope someone takes note and files lawsuit. the service is ridiculous.

  • Straight Talk is a big a problem for me now, I send in one of my straight talk phone cause it was not working correctly on August 11 2013 and now here it is September 10 2013. For a whole month I have been calling and calling the 18774302355 number and still nothing they told me that my phone will be shipped out three to five business days and still nothing, first they told me they could'nt find my phone so I give them the FedEx shipping number and told them who received it and sign for it, then they told me that there was no phone like the one I send them and they was going to send me out another phone but did I get it no!!!!!!!!, now we are in September 10 2013 I call to see where the phone was at they tell me that my phone was shipped to me on the 4th of September and the fedex man delieved I told them I was not at home for two days last week so how did fedex man delieved it who sign for it the Straight talk manager told me he can't give me that information but it was delieved to my address and I am just SOL cause in they system it said I received my phone but straight talk man can't tell me where the phone was activated and who activated. So now I am out of 100.00 bucks. Straight talk was a good phone company until you start send they broken phone back.

  • I have had straight talk for about 4 years now. I have the original model flip phone that they first came out with and I have never had a problem with it. Its gotta have something to do with the high tech phones. I even had a problem three months ago back or so where I went to add time to my phone and the website said it couldn't complete my transaction due to internet problem so I decided to call and add it over the phone. The time got added to my phone when I called to do it and little did i know until later that day when i checked my bank account that the internet transaction ended up going through as well. So i called straight talk and explained what had happened, the agent was able to see the error and I had a refund deposited into my bank account the next day.. I must be one of the lucky ones because my girlfriend bought a straight talk and has had tons of problems with hers as well.

  • Tell everyone you know not to use this company. I even tried to call my credit card company to cancel my transaction but cannot. I am out $250 for an I Phone 4 that they dont have a sim card for. Of course they tell me that after I already bought the plan and sim card that is non refundable. Just horrible. I will try the bbb and the corporate office tomorrow.

  • I just bought a new android phone on the 15th of July. The phone could not be activated. When I called the company they told me there was a tower failure in my area and to call back in 24 hours. This went on for several days until I threw a fit and they told me my phone is defective. Now I have been waiting 5 days for an e-mail with the air bill in it so that I can send the phone back. Again, lies. They never sent it after telling me every stupid day to wait 24 hours before contacting them. Now I have to wait 3 to 5 business days for an air bill to be sent to my home. I am so sick and tired of the lies and their inability to speak to me in a form of English that remotely is understandable. The sorry part is that we pay them to treat us this way. If I do not have that stupid air bill in 3 to 5 business days I am calling my states attorney office and the BBB. Shame on you Straighttalk. You can do better than this with all the money you make. And how about bringing your customer service to America so that we can at least understand when we are being lied to.

  • Most of their managers are trained to lie and give you fake names. This company should be banned from doing business anywhere.

  • i think straight talk really sucks. i live in ohio and i am moving to kentucky , in ky they sale the exact same phone and they told me first all i had to do was have my number changed when i get there. now they are telling me i have to buy a new phone i cant afford to buy a new phone everytime i turn around. i advise everyone not to go with straight talk they really suck and always give you the run around.

  • They not only do NOT speak English, but do NOT Comprehend English. I have a webpage from Straight Talk and knew I had some money left on my Global pay as you go plan when it originally started a few years back. The amount turned out to be $7.63, which they said I did NOT have! I had to buy a new phone and am starting up a business here on my property, because of being disabled. I am hiring and training 4 different people with experience in Animal Behavior Training from 3 different companies, they will be working once the Visitors Visa are approved and w/ill receive housing and meals. After over a year and a half I had no webpage to view my bill or make payments online. My phone died and I purchased a new phone recently about 2 months ago and the webpage finally worked after the complaint in September 2012 on the date of May 23 or 24th, 2013. I tried getting the $10.00 plus tax of 85 cents transferred to my Global Pay As You Go Plan that originally had $7.63 from TWO YEARS AGO, NOW I HAVE A BALANCE OF $4.34 ON THE PAY AS YOU GO PLAN, WHEN IT SHOULD HAVE $14.34, BUT THE SUPERVISOR FROM JULY 3RD, 2013 PUT IT ON THE UNLIMITED CALLING I HAVE HERE FOR THE U.S. CALLING AND I FOUND THIS OUT AFTER I RECEIVED A TEXT MESSAGE THAT MY SERVICE END DATE FOR MY UNLIMITED U.S.CALLING WAS CHANGED FROM 7/29/2013 TO 8/02/2013 BECAUSE THE SUPERVISOR PUT IT ON THAT, RATHER THAN MY GLOBAL PAY AS YOU GO PLAN!!! I am taking them into small claims court and have already reported them to the NY State Attorney General's Office…

  • for some reason i just got ripped off saying i violated my data internet plan and i did not do anything godbless



  • Get the FBI involve folks ! this company turn out to be a scam .
    i am not able to check my email despite taking money out of my account ($48.80)

  • Straight talk took my data service away from me despite me paying for unlimited service. Those bunch liars sit there drinking tea in India and do not even care about their customers. The girl lied to me that when i load my phone the next my data service (internet) will come back up to now i have not had the service back

  • I have been a straighttalk customer for almost a year, and more and more realize that saving money isn't always a option. they just 'reduced' my data for hi usage by shutting it off without notice. prior to this it took over a month to get replacement phone that crashed and wouldn't work. customer service is a joke, I will try to get refunded my 3 months of service I just paid back. and I still get to throw a phone away that isn't even 5 months old. corp office will continue to get my emails and calls until I am satisfied.

  • Straight Talk took my number and I have been trying for 5 days to get it back. This is my number and they gave it to TMOBILE. WARNING…do not go with Straight Talk. Walmart should cancel their contract with this HORRIBLE company.

    I have called them about over 50 times and they said it would take 24 to 48 hours to retrieve from TMOBILE But it hasn't been moved back yet. Every time I call they say they have to open another ticket to get my number back to Straight Talk and I have to wait another 24 to 48 hours. This is CRAZY!!!!

    They are the worst company that I have ever dealt with. I have called and left messages for their BBB Resolution Manager in Miami 3 times…No call back. I am going to call TMOBILE today to get back my number since they should have never been given my number to begin with…We will see how that goes…Day 6 and counting without my phone number that I have had for 15 years.

    Next call is to Walmart…Already filed a complaint with the FCC…What else can I do to get MY number back?

    • jan. 4, 2016 did you ever get your number back?? i am fighting with them now. My number of several years was given to a sprint customer. this is the first incident we have had with them.

    • jan. 4, 2016 did you ever get your number back?? i am fighting with them now. My number of several years was given to a sprint customer. this is the first incident we have had with them.

  • I was promised a different phone from the one I have now because Straight talk is having so much problems with the phone I have now. I called tonight to get them to re-email me the information that I have to print myself to send the phone back and the manager Darwin with the ID# 230 is telling me I can't get another phone after being told by ID# DMG1JEDRIAL that I could. I spent 2 hours on the phone with the lady being rude and telling me the same thing over and over again! I asked for a refund and of course they are going to tell me no. I was promised a new phone with the model # being LG38C. I tried looking this phone up and couldn't find it. I have my email confirmation number and everything to send my phone back but now I am being asked to wait 48 for someone to get in touch with me about this issue. I would love to be able to go over Senior Managements head over this issue!! Now I have to wait another 2 days to be told whatever they decide, then it's going to take up to 3 weeks to get a phone back. I will never deal with Straight Talk again after I get this issue resolved! If anyone knows a number to call please email me at…Thank you!!

  • this went from being the perfect phone to the biggest piece of crap on the market. like the previous person, i suggest we all call our congressment, the BBB, complain to corporate office. maybe we can get some money back. wouldn't help for the high blood pressure i have developed for dealing with this company. i do think it is illegal to steal minutes you have paid for and to not give anything in return. even kmart was made to give you not only back the price of the item, but 10% more when caught charging a higher price than adverstised. calling corporate office was as useless as calling the 800 number, same run around, i am being polite, but i don't really care and i wish you would go away. i told one operater i would not hang up till she fixed my phone, so she hung up on me. outrageous. put low ratings every where you find them. hit them where it hurts till we get some justice for this outrage.

  • here is a number and everyone can call her and get lie's like i did her name is pearline phone 305-715-6526.she is a supervisor she said

    • Call the corporate offices. You get to speak to someone who speaks American English.305-640-2000. That is what we had to do and the problem was solved in 8 minutes.

    • I got the same story when asking for a manager….they were helping other people. I waited for two hours when they realized I wasn't going to give up. All I got was another set of lies.

  • My parents'phones and my phone have the same problem. After fighting with customer service for nearly half an hour the girl I am speaking with keeps repeating the same statement. She asked me to do a hard reset even AFTER I told her it would not solve the problem. After I did it she tells me to call back in 24 HOURS if the problem persists. For them to do what????!!! When I ask to speak with a manager she puts me on hold for an hour. I keep asking him the same thing. If my phone and their phones are having the same problem how can you say this one specific problem is because of one thing when it CLEARLY does not apply to the aspect of the situation. Then on top of that I ask for corporate's number. He lies and when I call him on it he tries to tell me that I don't know what I am talking about. If only these people knew how close they came to being unconscious if I could just reach through the phone. Anyone have Frederick J Pollak's email? I am TRULY sick of all the bull and believe that the CEO should know what is going on with his company. I am SERIOUSLY going to another company!!!!

  • In brief- they charged my account 2 times without an authorization to do so. When I requested a refund, they fought me on it and then forgot to disconnect my service. I reminded them 2 times they needed to disconnect my service but they didn't do so until a month later. After it disconnected, I bought a service card to refill my service and they told me that I could not do so until I paid for the previous month that they forgot to connect my service for. That means I had to buy TWO service cards. After fighting with them, I agreed and when I called to have the 1st card applied to the "past balance", they "accidentally" applied MY minutes to another person's account. When I told them what they did, they refused to give me a refund. They said they could not verify that I actually bought the minutes. They could not verify that they made a mistake. I told them I could send them the receipts AND the service cards. Finally they agreed they made a mistake but there was nothing they could do because the service was used. The guy I talked to said, "If you go ahead and buy the 2nd service card, I can go ahead and fully reactivate your account- Don't worry. I can authorize it because I am a manager and I guarantee this will work out for you." Finally after 10 mins of me expressing that I didn't trust them, I went in walmart and bought another card. The guy tried applying the 2nd card to my account and said "Sorry ma'am. I wan unable to get it approved". I was livid. He let me speak to his Sr. Manager who said "There is nothing we can you. You have to go buy a 3rd card" I refused to. He said, "Fine, I will give you this deal. You buy another service card and I will add 2 months of service to your account. Ma'am, I GUARANTEE that this will work. I am a SR manager and I can authorize it." I told him he was lying. Finally I talked to the previous guy and I told him what the Sr manager told me and he said, "Actually, ma'am, we would have to get that approved, but go ahead and buy a 3rd card and once we get your account current, we can give you a 1 time courtesy for your troubles." I was SO done at that point. Straight Talk is a joke. They out source their work to the Philippines and you speak with men named EDWARD who have poor English. I was on the phone for 3 1/2 hrs. I am against American businesses outsourcing their work to international countries so they can save money. We need jobs here….. and yes- that was in brief.

    • EXACT SAME circumstances for me. Only on the 1st Airtime card though and it WILL end there. I asked a "Manger" yesterday if he cared at all about the customer and he did not waste any time in flatly stating NO. I'm a heading back to Verizon. Attorney General will be called.

  • I am submitti g a claim to the attorney generals office. We got this pho for my disabled and very close friend, and they cut his service calls and data bc he was using too much of the stuff. Now they say on the box that its unlimited everything he uses this pho for drs who r long distance and data to get on and submit refills for his medications. We called 800 njmber listed and they told us thimgs r subject to change without notice ! Asked for the cooporate number and we get the run around call the number we finally got from them and its another customer service line ! Wtf people? Wasted over 100 dollars for them to pull this crap. I see a huge lawsuit comming after i write the letter to attorney general. Anyone reading this submit your claim as well to them plz !

  • To the anonymous person above me. That is sooo crazy but at least they were able to give you your number back. They told me that mine is just gone. I have some very important situations and people connected to me through that phone number and it's just gone. Sorry for whoever gets that number because they will be getting lots of phone calls from lots of people.

  • I called in this month to add minutes, and 1st she changes my number w/o telling me. Then after 2 days, I finally find someone who can restore my number. A few days later, i find out that the original girl had double charged me. good luck ever getting that money back because all i get is transferred to a dept that says they are busy and call back later.

  • On March 20 I called Straighttalk to have my sim card activated and have my phone number transferred from AT&T to my new Straighttalk account. The straighttalk associate activated my sim card and charged my credit card for the 45.00 dollar a month plan and told me when my current phone stopped working then I could put the straighttalk sim card in it and it would work fine. Well about 4 hours later my phone stopped working and I put the straightalk sim card in it, only to find my iphone was not working at all. I called straighttalk again and was told that the sim card they had activated was a TMobile sim not an AT&T sim and would not work in my phone. If I had known this before they activated the sim I would not have had it activated only to have a non working phone. I would like my 45.00 dollars back for the month of service that I cannot use. I feel as if the associate should have informed me of what kind of sim it was before she activated it and charged my card. Straighttalk customer service associates are rude and not helpful at all.

  • Wow I wished I looked this prior to switching over to straight talk. I took am being taken by this Greedy company. Purchased a SIM Card and activated online and put my info in just as the website instructed so i could keep the number i had for years. After talking to a person that spoke broken english and having to be on the phone for 45 minutes tell me to hold every 2 min to tell me to wait he is opening his tools. Just for him to tell me he cant do anything that he will send me a replacement SIM Card. Which also took 10 days to recieve. He also told me when i recieved my replacement sim card that i would have to call to have the number switched. Well I called and after being on hold now over an hour. I know an hour is excessive time to wait but I paid for services that the only service they provide is garbage.

  • i am a long time customer of straight talk, i have never had issues till NOW, and i think they will be loosing me and my family as customers. they lie cheat and steal for there customers and i dont like any of it. they are getting worse and worse as the months go by and i am tired of the headache. i was told i cold call corp office to receive help and all i got was a run around and then put in writing…its bull and once i would have told ppl to change to straight talk but NO longer

  • I want people to rally with me, straight talk cancelled my son's phone for iternet use, I want to know if we have people out there who want to fight this kinda of rip off to their customers. Please contact me at E-msil me at