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  • StubHub Corporate Office Headquarters

StubHub Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact StubHub Corporate Office Headquarters

199 Fremont Street, Floor 4
San Francisco, CA 94105 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-415-222-8400
Fax Number: 1-415-222-8552
Customer Service Number: 1-866-788-2482


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  1. Worst service i posted tickets took them down after they wouldnt sale and sold to personnoff the website 2 says later i was sent a letter saying they were sold and the people couldnt gt in the game so they deducted the tix monwy and 114 extra fees from my account havent got a call bavk in a week everyone just keeps saying im sorry they will call in 48 hrs

  2. Beware! Do not ever buy tickets from Stub Hub. Ebay to save a few bucks sent all the American Jobs to India and now you get the absolute worst customer service. I called Stub Hub to buy 2 high priced tickets to Rod Stewart on August 17 when I would be in Las Vegas. The customer service man barely spoke english. I was told I would receive an email confirmation and my tickets via email. After 2 days I called
    and asked where my tickets were. I was told that the show was over and I bought tickets for the same day I called and ordered them. I asked them to listen to the recording as when I placed the order they said it was recorded. I am an intelligent person and I am 65 and have bought many tickets in my life. I call on everyone to boycott Stub Hub. Stand up for all the Americans they put out of work.
    Russ Chaney pres.

  3. I am attempting to "list" tickets for sale and need to take the paper tickets to the LMS in Las Vegas – it would be VERY nice if the list of LMS offices offices had the HOURS posted along with the address. After reading comments above, I'm wondering if this was a good idea!?

  4. I completely agree with all the above comments. Was sent tickets that had already been used twice and spent 69 minutes on the phone trying to solve the issue with Customer Service all the while missing Copa America due to their incompetence.

  5. Worst customer service ever. I put an issue in over a week ago and was promised I would be contacted within 48 hours and I wasn't… Each time I contacted support again they just said "I'm sorry" and "promised" I would be contacted within 24 hour but I was not. It has been 9 days with no contact and no resolution. I deserve a refund as I was charged for tickets I did not purchase. The trust and safety team has been working on it apparently. But I shouldn't have to wait over a week to find out where my $300 went. Very upset.

  6. Couldn't agree more. Awful service and ripping people off. Told us one week before an event that our tickets were no longer available. We had VIP front row tickets which we spent good money on and they said. Oh sorry…. Will NEVER use this service again. Such a sham

    1. This site is nothing more than a scam! It takes advantage of innocent people and makes them look like the bad guy. It's a joke that their corporate number pushes you to the customer service number. Will NEVER do business again with this site.

  7. The corporate number for Stubhub casts you into their customer service "hell loop" were every phone rep is coached to repeatedly say "I'm sorry". I don't want sorry I want resolution to the posting of a sale. I'd like to talk with Raji Arasu the Chief architect of this mess and ask if she'd be willing to spend two hours in a phone loop with a customer service that either doesn't have the know how or the authority to solve an issue. They should rename the company Snubhub!

  8. THE WORST customer service , I have EVER experienced in MY ENTIRE life, tried to post tickets would not allow debit , then they listed them any way and REFUSED to explain how this was possible and what my method of getting paid was, had me on hold FOR decades, Then some smart ass gets on the phone and tells me I'm an idiot and I WILL NOT yell at him even though I was simply asking how they could list MY tickets without my approval, and failed to contact me regarding how I would be paid AFTER I was told the listing was no good. Then as I TRIED to ask questions I was CONTINUALLY talked over until eventually I asked for a transfer to someone who was willing to explain , and I was HUNG UP ON …..TERRIBLE SITE, TERRIBLE BUSINESS, OVERALL fishy operations and THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I have EVER received

  9. Cannot download tickets even though many tries could only get call center 5year customer now get tickets from vivid took 2 minutes way it should be

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